407 Latin boy names with meanings

If you are looking for Latin male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 407 ) Latin boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Latin baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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407 Latin boy names with meanings

Latin boy names that start with A:

1. Abban: white
2. Ace: at one with humankind; unity
3. Acucio: sharp
4. Adeodatus: given by God
5. Adiran: of the adriatic sea
6. Adrian: dark one
7. Agrippa: born feet first
8. Alban: white 
9. Albion: white
10. Aleron: with wings
11. Alvern: spring
12. Amadeus: loved by God
13. Amory: love
14. Ancel: servant
15. Angel: heavenly messenger
16. Anthony: priceless; praiseworthy
17. Aquila: eagle
18. Ardell: eager
19. Arden: fiery
20. Aries: ram; the first sign of the zodiac
21. Armand: warrior
22. August: venerable; the exalted one
23. Augustine: venerable; the exalted one
24. Augustus: venerable; the exalted one
25. Aurelius: golden
26. Austin: venerable; the exalted one
27. Axel: axe

Latin boy names that start with B:

1. Balbo: indistinct speaker; stammerer
2. Basil: royal; like a king
3. Bastiano: revered
4. Bastien: revered
5. Beattie: bestower of blessings
6. Bemus: platform
7. Benedict: blessed
8. Bevis: ox
9. Blaise: stammerer
10. Bland: gentle
11. Blaze: stammerer
12. Bonar: good; kind; gentle
13. Boniface: one who does well for mankind; handsome face
14. Bono: good
15. Boone: good
16. Branch: tree branch
17. Brutus: brute; coarse

Latin boy names that start with C:

1. Caesar: long-haired; emperor
2. Callis: cup; chalice
3. Calvin: bald
4. Camilo: child born to freedom
5. Canute: white-haired
6. Canyon: grand craggy Valley
7. Carmine: song
8. Cash: vain
9. Cassius: vain
10. Cato: knowledgeable; wise
11. Caton: knowledgeable
12. Celerino: fast
13. Celestine: heavenly one; little moon
14. Cephas: rock
15. Cesar: emperor; long-haired
16. Chancellor: record keeper
17. Chauncey: chancellor; Church official
18. Cicero: chickpea
19. Clarence: clear; bright; illustrious
20. Claude: lame
21. Clement: gentle; merciful
22. Colbert: brilliant seafarer
23. Colon: dove
24. Columba: dove
25. Constantine: constant; firm
26. Corbett: raven
27. Cornelius: horn colour; cornel tree
28. Creed: I believe
29. Crispin: curly-haired
30. Cyrano: from Cyrene

Latin boy names that start with D:

1. Dacey: a man drom Dacia
2. Damon: spirit
3. Dante: an enduring man; everlasting
4. Dean: religious leader
5. Dein: religious leader
6. Delaney: of the elder tree Grove
7. Delano: of the elder tree Grove
8. Delmar: of the sea
9. Dene: religious leader
10. Desiderio: one who is desired; hoped for
11. Dexter: a right-handed man; one who is skillfull
12. Diamond: precious jewel
13. Dom: belonging to God
14. Domenico: belonging to God
15. Dominic: a lord
16. Donato: gift from God
17. Durand: enduring; steadfast
18. Durant: enduring; steadfast
19. Dyfan: spirit

Latin boy names that start with E:

1. Egidio: a shield bearer
2. Egidius: a youthful and mature individual
3. Elio: one who has the power of the sun
4. Eloy: chosen one
5. Elroy: royal; like a king
6. Elvio: blond; fair
7. Emil: one who is eager; an industrious man
8. Emilio: flatterer
9. Enda: bird
10. Errol: wanderer
11. Eustace: calm
12. Evandro: good man

Latin boy names that start with F:

1. Fabian: bean grower
2. Falco: resembling a falcon; one who works with falcons
3. Faroh: ruler
4. Faust: having good luck
5. Favian: understanding
6. Februus: a pagan god
7. Felix: one who is happy and prosperous
8. Festus: joyful; happy
9. Fidel: faithful
10. Flavian: yellow-haired
11. Flavio: yellow-haired
12. Floranz: flowering
13. Florian: blooming
14. Francis: free; from France
15. Franco: free; from France
16. Frank: a man from France; one who is free

Latin boy names that start with G:

1. Gabino: a man coming from Gabium
2. Gaidar: one who expresses joy
3. Gaius: one who rejoices; celebrated
4. Gallus: rooster
5. Garnet: dark red gem
6. Gemini: twin
7. Genaro: a dedicated man
8. Germain: one who is brotherly
9. Gregory: watchful; vigilant
10. Griffin: having a hooked nose

Latin boy names that start with I:

1. Iago: supplanter
2. Iber: native of Iberia
3. Iggy: only son
4. Ignac: ardent; burning; fire; fiery
5. Ignatius: fiery man; one who is ardent
6. Ignatz: ardent; burning
7. Ilari: cheerful
8. Ilario: cheerful; happy
9. Ilarion: cheerful
10. Ilias: the lord is my God
11. Illan: youth
12. Illian: youth
13. Ince: innocent
14. Inigo: ardent; burning
15. Innocent: harmless; innocent
16. Isaias: salvation of Jehovah
17. Isidor: gift of isis
18. Iti: end
19. Iulian: youthful
20. Ivory: hard

Latin boy names that start with J:

1. Janus: gate; born in January
2. Jarlath: in control
3. Jay: resembling a jaybird
4. Jermaine: one who is brotherly
5. Jet: to throw
6. Jovan: majestic
7. Jovi: happy
8. Joyce: joyful
9. Jude: one who praises God; right with the law
10. Julian: young
11. Julius: youthful with a beard
12. Junior: young
13. Justin: one who is just and upright
14. Justinian: an upright ruler
15. Juvenal: young

Latin boy names that start with K:

1. Kaaj: to rejoice
2. Kaius: to rejoice
3. Kalem: dove
4. Kallum: dove
5. Kalvin: bald
6. Kasen: head protected with a helmet
7. Klaudius: lame
8. Kliment: merciful and mild
9. Knute: white-haired
10. Kornel: horn colour; cornel tree
11. Kritolaos: the chosen of people
12. Kruz: cross

Latin boy names that start with L:

1. Lall: one who has been crowned with a laurel
2. Lawrence: man from Laurentum; crowned with laurel
3. Leo: having the strength of a lion
4. Leor: one who listens well
5. Lerato: the song of the soul
6. Lester: chosen camp
7. Levant: rising
8. Lombard: one who has a long beard
9. Loretto: one who has been crowned with a laurel
10. Lorimer: one who makes harnesses
11. Lorne: one who has been crowned with a laurel
12. Lucian: surrounded by light
13. Luck: bringer of light
14. Lupus: as fierce as a wolf
15. Luthando: one who is dearly loved
16. Lux: a man of the light

Latin boy names that start with M:

1. Magnus: great
2. Magus: a sorcerer
3. Major: great
4. Marcel: warrior; warlike
5. Marcellus: warrior; warlike
6. Marcus: dedicated to Mars
7. Mario: a manly man
8. Marius: warrior; warlike
9. Mark: dedicated to Mars
10. Martin: dedicated to Mars
11. Marvell: miracle; wondrous
12. Mason: Stone worker
13. Mauli: dark skinned man from the moor
14. Maurice: a dark-skinned man
15. Maximilian: the greatest
16. Mayer: a great man
17. Mercer: merchant
18. Milan: an eager and hardworking man
19. Miles: a soldier
20. Milo: soldier
21. Miner: one who works in the mines
22. Minor: youngest; smallest
23. Modesto: modest
24. Modesty: one who is without conceit
25. Modred: to consume
26. Monte: mountain
27. Mordred: pain; painful
28. Myles: soldier

Latin boy names that start with N:

1. Nahilus: noble
2. Nardo: strong; hardy
3. Narius: cheerful
4. Natalicio: day of birth
5. Naval: wonder
6. Neci: fiery; ardent
7. Neel: blue; sky; cloud
8. Nemesio: justice
9. Nemorio: of the sacred forest
10. Neptune: in mythology, god of the sea
11. Nereus: a lamp
12. Nigel: dark-haired; black
13. Nigellus: champion; victory of the people
14. Niro: strong; powerful
15. Nito: blessed
16. Noble: noble
17. Noll: olive tree
18. Nollie: olive tree
19. Nonni: the ninth-born child
20. Novah: new

Latin boy names that start with O:

1. Octavius: eighth-born child
2. Oliver: from the olive tree
3. Oratio: timekeeper
4. Ordell: of the beginning
5. Orel: listener
6. Orien: visitor from the east
7. Orleans: the golden child
8. Orris: one who is inventive
9. Orry: oriental
10. Orsino: bear
11. Orson: resembling a bear; raised by a bear
12. Ossian: fawn 
13. Ostin: venerable
14. Ovid: a shepherd

Latin boy names that start with P:

1. Pagan: of the country
2. Paine: man from the country; a peasant
3. Painter: artist; painter
4. Palani: free man
5. Palmiro: born on palm Sunday
6. Parnell: Stone
7. Parrish: man of the Church
8. Parson: minister
9. Pascal: born during Easter
10. Pascha: born at Easter
11. Pastor: spiritual leader
12. Patrick: a nobleman
13. Paul: a small or humble man
14. Pax: peaceful
15. Paxton: town of peace
16. Payne: rustic man
17. Peli: happy
18. Penn: pen; enclosure
19. Peregrine: one who travels; a wanderer
20. Pervis: passage
21. Pharaoh: ruler
22. Phelix: fortunate; happy
23. Pio: a pious man
24. Pius: holy
25. Placidus: peaceful
26. Pons: from the bridge
27. Porter: gatekeeper
28. Primo: first-born child
29. Proctor: agent; official
30. Prosper: a fortunate man
31. Pryor: head of the monastery
32. Purvis: supplier
33. Pyralis: of fire

Latin boy names that start with Q:

1. Quade: the fourth-born child
2. Quent: fifth
3. Quentin: the fifth-born child
4. Quinn: fifth
5. Quintin: fifth-born child
6. Quirinus: one who wields a spear
7. Qwentin: born in fifth month

Latin boy names that start with R:

1. Reggie: the king’s advisor
2. Reginald: the king’s advisor
3. Regis: regal
4. Remus: fast; according to legend, one of the brothers who founded Rome
5. Renato: born again
6. Renzo: one who has been crowned with a laurel
7. Rex: a king
8. Rhett: a well-spoken man
9. Roman: a citizen of Rome
10. Romel: citizen of Rome
11. Romeo: man from Rome
12. Romero: man from Rome
13. Romulus: citizen of Rome
14. Rufus: a red-haired man
15. Rule: ruler

Latin boy names that start with S:

1. Sabastian: revered
2. Saturn: in mythology, the god of agriculture
3. Scipio: walking stick
4. Scorpio: eighth sign of the zodiac; dangerous
5. Scribe: writer
6. Sebastian: revered
7. Secundus: second-born child
8. Septimus: the seventh-born child
9. Sereno: calm; tranquil
10. Sergio: an attendant; a servant
11. Severin: severe
12. Sextus: sixth-born child
13. Silas: a woodland dweller
14. Silvanus: from the forest
15. Silvester: of the forest
16. Spark: to scatter
17. Sylvester: man from the forest

Latin boy names that start with T:

1. Tarquin: name of two early Roman kings
2. Tatius: ruler
3. Taurean: strong; forceful; like a bull
4. Tavey: eighth-born child
5. Tearence: smooth; earthly; tender
6. Temple: sanctuary; holy place
7. Terence: smooth; earthly
8. Terrance: from an ancient Roman clan
9. Terris: son of Terry
10. Tertius: third-born child
11. Theophanus: God has appeared
12. Titus: a great defender
13. Todd: fox
14. Torrance: smooth; earthly; tender
15. Torrey: smooth; earthly; tender
16. Trent: torrent; rapid stream
17. Trini: third; three
18. Trinity: blessed threefold
19. Tristam: sorrowful
20. Tristan: sad; sorrowful
21. Tristram: sorrowful
22. Tristran: sad; sorrowful
23. Tullis: title
24. Tybalt: he who sees the truth

Latin boy names that start with U:

1. Ulisse: the angry one; wrathful
2. Ulysses: the angry one
3. Unity: together in a common cause; oneness
4. Uno: one
5. Urban: belonging to the city; city dweller
6. Ursus: bear
7. Usher: from the mouth of the river

Latin boy names that start with V:

1. Val: strength
2. Valentine: strong; powerful; brave
3. Valerian: strong; healthy
4. Valiant: strong protector; brave; valiant
5. Varian: variable; the changeable one
6. Varius: a versatile man
7. Vedie: sight
8. Ventura: venture
9. Vere: truth
10. Verge: stick; edge
11. Vergil: flourishing; staff bearer
12. Verlin: flourishing; blooming
13. Vern: youthful; spring time
14. Vernon: youthful; spring time
15. Victor: victorious conqueror
16. Vidal: vital; lively; life
17. Vincent: conqueror; victor
18. Virgil: staff bearer
19. Virginius: pure; chaste
20. Vitalis: alive; lively; full of life
21. Vitas: alive; lively
22. Vito: one who gives life
23. Vitus: giver of life
24. Vivian: gracious in life; lively

Latin boy names that start with X:

1. Xanthos: golden-haired; blond
2. Xanthus: yellow; golden-haired
3. Xavier: bright; the helper
4. Xaviero: savior
5. Xeneroso: generous

Latin boy names that start with Z:

1. Zaniel: angel of Mondays
2. Zanthus: golden-haired
3. Zeno: hospitality
4. Zephyrus: west wind
5. Zola: mound of earth
6. Zonar: sound
7. Zonia: belt
8. Zorian: happy
9. Zosimo: one who fights

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