104 Romanian boy names with meanings

If you are looking for Romanian male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 104 ) Romanian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Romanian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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104 Romanian boy names with meanings

Romanian boy names starting with A:

1. Adiel: God’s ornament
2. Alexandru: defender of humankind
3. Alin: to pacify
4. Anatolie: one from the east
5. Andrei: the brave warrior
6. Anghel: an angel
7. Anton: priceless
8. Apostol: advocate
9. Aron: mount of strength
10. Aurel: light-gold tint
11. Avram: father of multitude

Romanian boy names starting with B:

1. Benedikte: blessed
2. Beniamin: the right hand’s son
3. Bogdi: given by God
4. Boian: combat; battle

Romanian boy names starting with C:

1. Caturix: the Helvetie war God
2. Costache: steady
3. Cezar: detached
4. Ciprian: the word Cyprus
5. Codrin: part of nature
6. Constantin: steadfast
7. Cornel: hard and strong as horn
8. Cristofor: follower of God
9. Cosmin: attractiveness
10. Costel: being committed
11. Costica: firm in the decision
12. Cristi: follower of Christ

Romanian boy names starting with D:

1. Danut: justice
2. Decebal: strong as ten
3. Dorin: beginning form Dorian tribe
4. Doru: pine for; wish for
5. Dragomir: valuable
6. Dragos: sanctity which is pricey
7. Dumitru: one who admires and loves Mother earth

Romanian boy names starting with E, F:

1. Elias: the lord is my God
2. Eugen: good birth
3. Fane: the circlet; tiara
4. Ferka: native from France
5. Flaviu: yellow-haired
6. Florin: flora

Romanian boy names starting with G, H:

1. Garridan: the one who keeps secrets within himself
2. Gavril: God’s warrior
3. Geofri: peaceful ruler
4. Ghenadie: honourable
5. Gheorghe: worker of the earth
6. Grigore: being observant or alert
7. Haralamb: the happiness which shines bright
8. Horatiu: an individual having good eyesight

Romanian boy names starting with I:

1. Iancu: Yahweh is gracious
2. Ilie: the lord is God
3. Imre: homeland; power; ruler
4. Ion: God is gracious
5. Ionatan: gift from God
6. Ionel: God is gracious
7. Ionut: God is gracious
8. Iulian: a youthful man
9. Iuliu: descended from Jupiter
10. Ivantie: a glorious gift

Romanian boy names starting with K, L:

1. Kronid: crow
2. Ladinas: warrior chief
3. Laurentu: of Laurentum
4. Liviu: blue-head
5. Lucian: light

Romanian boy names starting with M, N:

1. Marku: belonging to the sea
2. Mihai: gracious
3. Mihal: who is like God
4. Mircea: being in peace
5. Mitica: loving Mother earth
6. Nandru: passionate about peace
7. Necula: vanquisher
8. Nelu: God is gracious
9. Nicolae: conqueror
10. Nicu: the champion of the mass
11. Nicusor: people’s victor

Romanian boy names starting with O, P, R:

1. Ovidiu: the herder of sheep
2. Petre: heavy rock
3. Petrica: a rock; a stone
4. Petru: a rock; a stone
5. Pompiliu: to show
6. Radu: being happy
7. Rasvan: bringer of good news

Romanian boy names starting with S:

1. Sandu: defender of mankind
2. Serban: someone from Serbia
3. Serghei: a sergeant
4. Sergiu: sergeant
5. Siliviu: forest’s part
6. Simion: to listen
7. Skender: defender of mankind
8. Sorin: the sun
9. Spiridon: spirit
10. Stefan: tiara

Romanian boy names starting with T, U:

1. Tiberiu: river part
2. Timotei: a person who honours the God
3. Toma: twin
4. Uta: man who prospers in battle

Romanian boy names starting with V, W, Z:

1. Valeriu: to be healthy; to be strong
2. Vali: healthy; strong
3. Varujan: bird of prey
4. Vasile: king
5. Veaceslav: more glory
6. Viorel: resembling the bluebell
7. Vlad: rule; prince
8. Wadim: to have knowledge about someone
9. Zaharia: moon

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