400 boy names that start with P and meanings 2023

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with P, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with P contains ( 400 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key symbolism and personality for names start with P:

According to name echo, people whose names start with P are spiritual, preoccupied with the metaphysical and philosophical.

They want to be highly educated and their approach on life is usually wise.

Having many talents, they have a highly developed artistic sense, so many of them are designers, painters, architects or doing any other job related to the arts.

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400 boy names that start with P and meanings 2022

Finnish boy names that start with P:

1. Paanus: from the city
2. Paaso: small; little
3. Paatsa: little; smallb
4. Paavo: a small or humble man
5. Panu: fire; flame
6. Pasi: king
7. Pate: peacock town
8. Pati: lord; ruler
9. Patro: noble man
10. Patu: wise
11. Paukku: little; small
12. Paulus: small; little
13. Pave: permanent
14. Peenhartti: brave like a bear
15. Pertu: loving; kindness; charity
16. Pehr: rock; Stone
17. Pini: from the pine trees
18. Pirje: to save; to help
19. Pirkka: Stone
20. Pontte: bridge
21. Pontti: sea
22. Potte: sea
23. Prami: sea
24. Pranse: free man
25. Pratu: tall; high
26. Preeti: love; delight
27. Prekti: bright; shinning
28. Pruuno: Brown
29. Puovila: little; small
30. Pyry: snowstorm

228 Finnish boy names with meanings

173 Finnish girl names with meanings

Hebrew boy names that start with P:

1. Pace: refers to passover
2. Pagiel: worships God
3. Palti: God liberates
4. Pazel: God’s gold; treasured by God
5. Penuel: the face of God
6. Perez: to break through
7. Pesach: spared
8. Philemon: a loving man
9. Phineas: Oracle
10. Pinchas: Oracle
11. Porat: a productive man

550 Hebrew boy names with meanings

470 Hebrew girl names with meanings

English boy names that start with P:

1. Pace: a peaceful man
2. Paden: warrior’s Town
3. Palamedes: a knight in Arthurian legend
4. Paley: a small or humble man
5. Palmer: a pilgrim bearing a palm branch
6. Parker: the keeper of the park
7. Parkin: little Peter
8. Parley: speaking
9. Parr: cattle pen; barn
10. Parrish: Church district
11. Parry: son of Harry
12. Pat: noble
13. Patton: from the town of warriors
14. Payton: warrior’s farm
15. Paxton: from the peaceful town
16. Pearce: rock
17. Pearroc: man of the forest
18. Pearson: son of Peter
19. Pelham: from the house of furs; from Peola’s home
20. Pell: a clerk or one who works with Skins
21. Pelton: from the town by the lake
22. Pendle: hill
23. Penley: from the enclosed meadow
24. Percy: pierce the valley
25. Perkin: little Peter
26. Perkinson: the son of Perkin
27. Perry: a form of Peter
28. Perye: from the pear tree
29. Pete: a rock
30. Peterson: son of Peter
31. Peton: warrior’s Town
32. Peyton: from the village of warriors
33. Phelps: Philip’s son
34. Philbert: brilliant; intelligent
35. Pickworth: from the woodcutter’s estate
36. Picton: town by the pointed hill
37. Pierce: as solid and strong as a rock; a rock 
38. Pitney: from the island of the stubborn man
39. Pitt: hollow
40. Pittman: a labourer
41. Pollock: small
42. Prentice: a student; an apprentice
43. Prescott: from the priest’s cottage
44. Preston: from the Priest’s town
45. Price: son of the ardent one
46. Prine: one who surpasses others
47. Pullman: one who works on a train

1076 English boy names with meanings

536 English girl names with meanings

Spanish boy names that start with P:

1. Pablo: small
2. Pacho: an independent man; one who is free
3. Pacifico: peaceful
4. Paco: a man from France; free man
5. Palban: a blond-haired man
6. Panama: from the canal
7. Pancho: a man from France
8. Parmenio: a studious man; one who is intelligent
9. Patricio: noble
10. Paz: peace
11. Pedro: as solid and strong as a rock; a rock 
12. Pelon: filled with joy
13. Pepe: God shall add
14. Picardus: an adventurous man
15. Pilar: pillar; coloum
16. Pirro: flaming hair
17. Ponce: the fifth-born child

282 Spanish boy names with meanings

298 Spanish girl names with meanings

Native American boy names that start with P:

1. Pachu’a: resembling a water snake
2. Paco: bald eagle
3. Pallaton: fighter
4. Patamon: resembling a tempest; raging
5. Patwin: a manly man
6. Payat: the boy is on his journey
7. Pilan: supreme essence
8. Pinon: Hunter who become the constellation of Orion
9. Powa: wealthy
10. Powhatan: from the chief’s hill

276 Native American boy names with meanings

360 Native American girl names with meanings

French boy names that start with P:

1. Padgett: one who strives to better himself
2. Paine: country person
3. Paris: from Paris, capital of France
4. Pascal: born at Easter
5. Percival: one who can pierce the vale
6. Peverell: one who plays the pipes
7. Pierre: rock
8. Plantagenet: resembling the broom flower
9. Platte: flat land
10. Pomeroy: apple or orchard
11. Prewitt: a brave young one

350 French boy names with meanings

300 French girl names with meanings

Indian boy names that start with P:

1. Padman: resembling the Lotus
2. Palash: flowery tree
3. Pankaj: resembling the lotus flower
4. Paramesh: another name for god Shiva 
5. Paras: a touchstone
6. Pardeep: mystic light
7. Pashita: cherished
8. Paurush: a courageous man
9. Pavanjit: resembling the wind
10. Pavit: pious; pure
11. Petuel: the Lord’s vision
12. Poornamruth: full of sweetness
13. Poornayu: full of life; blessed with a full life
14. Prabhakar: of the sun
15. Prabhat: born during the morning
16. Pragun: straightforward; honest
17. Pramad: rejoicing; joyful
18. Pramond: a delightful young man
19. Pranit: humble; modest
20. Prasad: a gift from God
21. Prashant: peaceful; calm
22. Pratap: a majestic man
23. Pravin: capable
24. Prem: an affectionate man; love
25. Pumeet: pure
26. Purdy: recluse

463 Indian boy names with meanings

400 Indian girl names with meanings

Scottish boy names that start with P:

1. Paden: bald
2. Padruig: of the royal family
3. Parian: farmer
4. Parley: a reluctant
5. Paton: a royal and humble person
6. Patraig: nobleman
7. Peden: the son of Paidin
8. Perth: thorn-bush thicket
9. Pony: small horse
10. Puspabhusan: a flower made ornament

285 Scottish boy names with meanings

140 Scottish girl names with meanings

Latin boy names that start with P:

1. Pagan: of the country
2. Paine: man from the country; a peasant
3. Painter: artist; painter
4. Palani: free man
5. Palmiro: born on palm Sunday
6. Parnell: Stone
7. Parrish: man of the Church
8. Parson: minister
9. Pascal: born during Easter
10. Pascha: born at Easter
11. Pastor: spiritual leader
12. Patrick: a nobleman
13. Paul: a small or humble man
14. Pax: peaceful
15. Paxton: town of peace
16. Payne: rustic man
17. Peli: happy
18. Penn: pen; enclosure
19. Peregrine: one who travels; a wanderer
20. Pervis: passage
21. Pharaoh: ruler
22. Phelix: fortunate; happy
23. Pio: a pious man
24. Pius: holy
25. Placidus: peaceful
26. Pons: from the bridge
27. Porter: gatekeeper
28. Primo: first-born child
29. Proctor: agent; official
30. Prosper: a fortunate man
31. Pryor: head of the monastery
32. Purvis: supplier
33. Pyralis: of fire

407 Latin boy names with meanings

435 Latin girl names with meanings

Greek boy names that start with P:

1. Palladin: filled with wisdom
2. Pan: in mythology, god of the shepherds
3. Pancras: strength
4. Parthenios: pure; chaste
5. Parthick: pure; chaste
6. Pelias: to lead
7. Pello: Stone
8. Perben: Stone
9. Pericles: one who is in excess of glory
10. Perseus: in mythology, son of Zeus
11. Persis: from Persia
12. Peter: as solid and strong as a rock
13. Philander: lover of humankind
14. Philart: lover of virtue
15. Philemon: kiss
16. Philetus: a collector
17. Phillip: one who loves horses
18. Philo: one who loves and is loved; friend
19. Phoebus: a radiant man
20. Pirro: a red-haired man
21. Plato: board; strong shoulders
22. Pollux: one who is crowned
23. Porfirio: refers to purple colour; purple Stone
24. Prometheus: in mythology, he stole fire from the heavens and gave it to man
25. Pyralis: born of fire

354 Greek boy names with meanings

433 Greek girl names with meanings

African boy names that start with P:

1. Paki: witness
2. Panya: resembling a mouse
3. Panyin: the first born of twins
4. Paytah: fire
5. Penda: one who is dearly loved
6. Petiri: here
7. Phomello: a successful man
8. Pili: second-born child
9. Polo: resembling the alligator
10. Poni: the second-born son

445 African boy names with meanings

297 African girl names with meanings

Armenian boy names that start with P:

1. Panos: rock
2. Parounag: one who is thankful; grape vine
3. Paylag: lightening
4. Pertag: small castle
5. Philipp: friend of horses
6. Phineas: Oracle
7. Phyre: one who can burn bright and shine away

120 Armenian boy names with meanings

Welsh boy names that start with P:

1. Parry: the son of Harry
2. Pedr: rock
3. Pembroke: one who lives in headland
4. Penrith: chief Ford
5. Perceval: knight; a hero
6. Peredur: pierce the valley
7. Petroc: rock
8. Pryce: son of the ardent one
9. Pryderi: care for
10. Prydwen: a handsome man

240 Welsh boy names with meanings

185 Welsh girl names with meanings

German boy names that start with P:

1. Packers: a wool packer
2. Paco: Frenchman; free one
3. Parsafal: a hero; a valley piercer
4. Pasak: a companion
5. Paull: a practical and judgemental person
6. Pennsylvania: from the woodland
7. Penrod: a respected commander
8. Penu: son
9. Pepin: he who petitions
10. Percard: from the historical area in France
11. Pertti: bright; noble
12. Philbert: very brilliant
13. Pippin: father
14. Primin: the first born

378 German boy names with meanings

285 German girl names with meanings

Hungarian boy names that start with P:

1. Paizmain: right; man
2. Pellegrin: pilgrim
3. Pentele: a merciful man
4. Peterke: rock; Stone
5. Pista: victorious
6. Pisti: victorious
7. Poldi: patriotic
8. Pongor: a mighty man

183 Hungarian boy names with meanings

137 Hungarian girl names with meanings

Irish boy names that start with P:

1. Paddy: noble
2. Padrig: noble
3. Patterson: Pat’s son
4. Peadar: rock
5. Pembroke: from the headland
6. Perth: from the thorny thicket
7. Pharis: a heroic man
8. Phelan: wolf
9. Phelim: good
10. Piran: prayerful
11. Pol: small
12. Powel: son of Howell
13. Pryderi: son of the sea

446 Irish boy names with meanings

260 Irish girl names with meanings

Thai boy names that start with P:

1. Phet: diamond
2. Phichai: triumphant
3. Phichit: to win
4. Pichai: older brother
5. Pravat: history
6. Prayut: to fight
7. Pricha: clever

130 Thai boy names with meanings

210 Thai girl names with meanings

Italian boy names that start with P:

1. Paco: pack
2. Palmiro: palm tree
3. Pancrazio: all powerful
4. Paolo: small
5. Papa: father
6. Pasquale: born at Easter
7. Patrizio: kind-hearted; noble
8. Piccolo: small; sweet flute
9. Pietro: rock
10. Pino: God shall add
11. Pio: a dutiful person
12. Placido: calm; quiet
13. Plinio: skillfull person
14. Plucca: full of light
15. Pompeo: to show off; showy
16. Proinsias: Frenchman; free one

265 Italian boy names with meanings

236 Italian girl names with meanings

Hawaiian boy names that start with P:

1. Pakelika: noble
2. Pakile: royal
3. Palaina: strong; honorable
4. Palani: free man
5. Pazhani: free and independent
6. Pekelo: rock
7. Peleke: peaceful ruler
8. Peni: a loyal and adventurous one
9. Peniamina: son of the right hand
10. Puna: a water spring

170 Hawaiian boy names with meanings

160 Hawaiian girl names with meanings

Scandinavian boy names that start with P:

1. Pal: small
2. Paley: one with the pale eyes
3. Pavel: small; little one
4. Peder: Stone
5. Peer: rock
6. Pekka: rock
7. Per: rock
8. Piper: flute player; a pipe player
9. Pontus: sea; bridge

280 Scandinavian boy names with meanings

300 Scandinavian girl names with meanings

Polish boy names that start with P:

1. Pabian: farmer
2. Pafnucy: the man of the god
3. Pakoslaw: more glory
4. Pan: master; lord
5. Pankracy: mighty
6. Parys: one who born in Paris
7. Paulos: small
8. Piekny: beautiful; lovely
9. Piesek: little dog
10. Pieter: rock
11. Piotyr: rock
12. Placyd: calm; quiet
13. Podarek: gift
14. Poranek: morning
15. Prawny: rightful; legal
16. Prym: first
17. Przebor: one who fights the best
18. Przemek: thought glory
19. Parzysz: son of Paris
20. Patek: noble

235 Polish boy names with meanings

244 Polish girl names with meanings

Russian boy names that start with P:

1. Pabiyan: bean farmer
2. Pashenka: little
3. Pavel: small
4. Pavlpv: little
5. Pavlik: little
6. Petenka: Stone
7. Petrov: a rock
8. Petya: Stone
9. Pyotr: rock

184 Russian boy names with meanings

202 Russian girl names with meanings

Czech boy names that start with P:

1. Pafko: son of Paul
2. Pavlov: son of Paul
3. Pekar: baker
4. Pepa: God shall add
5. Pepik: God shall add
6. Peterka: Stone
7. Petr: rock
8. Petrov: Peterka’s son
9. Polak: someone from Poland
10. Praza: from Prague

172 Czech boy names with meanings

112 Czech girl names with meanings

Cambodian boy names that start with P:

1. Phala: prosperous
2. Pheakdei: loyalty; honesty
3. Phirum: peacefulness
4. Phirun: rain; drizzle
5. Pich: diamond
6. Pisey: little darling; beloved
7. Poeu: youngest one
8. Ponleu: light; illumination
9. Ponlok: dear
10. Prak: silver
11. Pros: man
12. Puthyrith: merciful power

103 Cambodian boy names with meanings

107 Cambodian girl names with meanings

Aboriginal boy names that start with P:

1. Pachomai: grey
2. Padilpa: parrot
3. Padulla: Stone
4. Pallano: new moon
5. Pangari: a shadow; of the soul
6. Parri: stream
7. Patonga: small wallaby
8. Pekeri: dream
9. Pindan: a desert
10. Pindari: from the high ground
11. Pirramurar: shield
12. Pirrin: cave
13. Polona: hawk
14. Prantin: wonder

146 Aboriginal boy names with meanings

152 Aboriginal girl names with meanings

Maori boy names that start with P:

1. Paikea: tame whale
2. Pio: pious
3. Pita: rock
4. Purta: a mythical person
5. Puta: a mythological person

85 Maori boy names with meanings

89 Maori girl names with meanings

Tibetan boy names that start with P:

1. Palden: glorious
2. Passang: good; excellent
3. Pema: lotus
4. Pemba: born on a Saturday
5. Phuntsok: excellence
6. Polo: brave wanderer

104 Tibetan boy names with meanings

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