515 boy names that start with T and meanings 2022

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with T, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with T contains ( 515 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key symbolism and personality for names start with letter T:

According to name echo, people whose names start with letter T love coexisting with others and function very well if being a part of a team.

What makes them the happiness is being in command and ruling.

They also can be very religious, no one can change their mind about what they believe.

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515 boy names that start with T and meanings 2022

Finnish boy names that start with T:

1. Taaveti: beloved
2. Talo: from the homestead
3. Taneli: God is my judge
4. Tapani: crowned
5. Tapio: one who rules the forest
6. Tarmo: one who has a good energy
7. Tarvo: wild aurchs
8. Tauno: a modest man
9. Teemu: people of victory
10. Topias: a precious jewel

German boy names that start with T:

1. Tab: brilliant
2. Tabbart: a brilliant man
3. Tahbert: shinning brilliantly
4. Talbert: bright Valley 
5. Tannon: from the fire tree
6. Tavin: of the staff of the gods
7. Theobald: the people’s prince
8. Theodoric: ruler of the people
9. Tomas: twin
10. Traugott: trust in God
11. Treffen: one who socializes

French boy names that start with T:

1. Tabberner: drummer
2. Taft: from the homestead
3. Talbot: boot maker
4. Talen: claw
5. Talon: claw
6. Tanguy: warrior
7. Telford: iron cutter
8. Tempest: storm
9. Teppo: crowned
10. Thayer: nation’s army
11. Thierry: ruler of the people
12. Thies: gift of God
13. Tiennan: crowned
14. Travers: crossroads
15. Travis: crossroads
16. Tremont: from the three mountains
17. Trent: thirty
18. Troy: curly-haired
19. Tyrone: from Owen’s land
20. Tyson: firebrand; high-spirited; fiery

Turkish boy names that start with T:

1. Tabib: physician
2. Tamraz: a strong dog
3. Taner: dawn
4. Tanju: he who is blessed by Allah
5. Tarkan: bold; strong
6. Tolga: war helmet
7. Truong: meadow
8. Tuncay: moon reflects in bronze colour

Arabic boy names that start with T:

1. Tabor: drum or drummer
2. Tadi: of the wind 
3. Taha: pure; mystic
4. Tahir: pure
5. Tahseen: improve; enhance
6. Talal: nice; admirable
7. Talib: seeking knowledge
8. Tamir: palm tree
9. Tarif: rare; uncommon
10. Tariq: conqueror
11. Tawfiq: successful
12. Tayseer: facilitating
13. Thabit: firm
14. Timin: born near the sea
15. Tyee: chief

Native American boy names that start with T:

1. Tadan: plentiful
2. Tadi: wind
3. Taghee: a chief
4. Taheton: resembling a hawk
5. Tahoe: from the big water
6. Tahoma: from the stowy Mountain peak
7. Taima: loud crash of thunder; born during a thunder storm
8. Tain: new moon
9. Takoda: friend of all
10. Talasi: corn-tassel flower
11. Tammany: a friendly chief
12. Taregan: resembling a crane
13. Tasunke: horse
14. Tate: long-winded talker
15. Tawa: born beneath the sun
16. Teetonka: one who talks too much
17. Teneanhopte: resembling a high-flying bird
18. Tennessee: mighty warrior
19. Tiba: grey
20. Tohon: cougar; one who loves the water
21. Tokala: fox
22. Tse: as solid as a rock
23. Tuketu: resembling a running bear
24. Tupi: pull up

Japanese boy names that start with T:

1. Tadao: satisfied
2. Tadashi: serving faithfully
3. Taishi: an ambitious man
4. Takeo: strong like bamboo; strength
5. Tani: valley
6. Tanjiro: the prized second-born son
7. Taro: first-born child
8. Teiji: righteous
9. Tekeshi: a formidable and brave man
10. Tomi: wealthy; rich
11. Torio: bird’s tail
12. Toru: sea
13. Toshi: mirror reflection
14. Toshiro: a talented and intelligent man
15. Toyo: a man of plenty
16. Tsubasa: a winged being

Welsh boy names that start with T:

1. Tadd: father
2. Taffy: beloved
3. Talfryn: top of the hill
4. Taliesin: radiant brow
5. Tangwyn: blessed peace
6. Tappen: from the top of the cliff 
7. Tarrant: thunder
8. Teagan: beautiful
9. Tecwyn: fair; white-haired friend
10. Teilo: a saintly man
11. Tomos: twin
12. Trahern: strong as iron
13. Trefor: Village home
14. Trevor: Village home
15. Tristan: riot
16. Tristran: riot
17. Tudor: gift from God
18. Twrgadarn: from the strong tower

Italian boy names that start with T:

1. Taddeo: courageous 
2. Taivan: foreigner
3. Teodosio: given by God
4. Terenzio: smooth; earthly
5. Terzo: third
6. Thomaso: he has a twin
7. Tiberio: the river Tiber in Italy
8. Tino: a man of small stature
9. Tito: lord; honorable title
10. Tolliver: one who cut metals
11. Tonio: priceless
12. Tony: priceless
13. Toti: a gift from God
14. Trilby: singer
15. Tulliu: famous King

Greek boy names that start with T:

1. Taddeus: courageous
2. Takis: rock
3. Tanek: immortal
4. Telly: the wisest man
5. Terron: ruler
6. Thad: courageous
7. Thaddeus: courageous
8. Thalmus: flowering
9. Thanos: nobleman
10. Theodore: gift from God
11. Theon: gift from God
12. Theophilus: loved by God
13. Theron: one who hunts
14. Theros: summer
15. Theseus: in mythology, hero who slew the Minotaur
16. Tim: honours God
17. Timeus: honour
18. Timon: honourable
19. Timothy: honours God
20. Titus: lord; honorable title; of the giants
21. Tryphon: small; delicate 
22. Tyrone: ruler; monarch

Spanish boy names that start with T:

1. Tadeo: praise
2. Tajo: born during the daytime
3. Taos: from the city in New Mexico
4. Teb: crowned
5. Teodoro: gift from God
6. Tiago: supplanter
7. Tiburon: resembling a shark
8. Ticho: noble
9. Timoteo: honours God

English boy names that start with T:

1. Tadeo: courageous
2. Tadleigh: poet from the meadow
3. Taft: river
4. Tait: cheerful; happy
5. Talen: claw
6. Taner: leather worker who tans hides
7. Tannin: tan-coloured
8. Tanny: leather worker who tans hides
9. Tanton: by the still river
10. Tarver: tower over the hills
11. Tate: cheerful one
12. Taylor: tailor of clothes
13. Teale: sea-green; water bird
14. Tearle: stern; severe
15. Teasdale: river dweller
16. Ted: a form of Edward; Theodore
17. Tedmund: protector of the land
18. Teller: story teller
19. Telmo: cultivator
20. Templeton: temple Town
21. Tennant: renter
22. Tennyson: son of Denis
23. Terry: smooth; earthly; tender
24. Tex: from Texas
25. Thane: attendant warrior
26. Thatcher: thatcher of roofs
27. Thaw: melting
28. Thel: upper story
29. Thompson: son of Thomas
30. Thorley: Thor’s meadow
31. Thorne: thorn
32. Thornton: Town of thorn bushes
33. Thorpe: Village
34. Thurlow: Thor’s hill
35. Thurston: Thor’s stone
36. Tieler: tile layer
37. Tilden: valley under cultivation
38. Tolman: tax collector
39. Tomkin: little Thomas
40. Topper: hill top
41. Torr: tower
42. Townley: meadow Town
43. Townsend: end of town
44. Trader: skilled worker
45. Tramaine: house of the Rock
46. Trant: clever; cunning
47. Tranter: wagon driver; wagon maker
48. Travell: traveller
49. Trayton: Town of many trees
50. Tremayne: house at the Rocks
51. Trenton: Town by the rapid stream
52. Trevelyan: mill place
53. Trevis: crossroads
54. Trilby: soft hat
55. Trip: traveller
56. Trot: trickling stream
57. Troy: water
58. True: faithful; loyal
59. Truitt: honest; little
60. Truman: faithful; true; trusted man
61. Trustin: able to be trusted
62. Tucker: tucker of the cloth
63. Turner: maker of wooden objects with a lathe
64. Twain: divided in two
65. Twitchell: narrow passage
66. Tyger: Tiger
67. Tyler: tiler or tile maker

Scandinavian boy names that start with T:

1. Tage: day
2. Tamson: son of Thomas
3. Tarn: from the mountain pool
4. Tedorik: gift from God
5. Thor: in mythology, god of thunder
6. Thorbert: the brilliance of Thor
7. Thorbjorn: Thor’s bear
8. Thorburn: Thor’s bear
9. Thorleif: Thor’s beloved
10. Thormond: defended by Thor
11. Tor: thunder
12. Torger: the power of Thor’s spear
13. Tory: Thor; god of thunder
14. Trigg: trustworthy; truthful
15. Trygve: one who wins with bravery
16. Turfeinar: in mythology, the son of Rognvald
17. Turpin: Thor; thunder god

Irish boy names starting with T:

1. Taggart: son of the priest
2. Tain: stream
3. Teagan: poet; bard
4. Teague: poet; bard
5. Tearlach: strong; courageous
6. Tegan: poet
7. Terron: Owen’s land
8. Teyrnon: a regal man
9. Tibbot: bold
10. Tiernan: lord
11. Tierney: lordly
12. Tobar: fountain
13. Tomey: twin
14. Torian: chief
15. Torin: chief
16. Tormaigh: having the spirit of Thor
17. Tormey: thunder spirit
18. Torrence: small; rocky hills
19. Torrey: small; rocky hills
20. Tracey: warrior
21. Trefor: prudent; cautious
22. Tremain: from the town built of stone
23. Trevor: prudent; cautious
24. Tristan: a sorrowful man
25. Troy: soldier
26. Tully: has the peace of God
27. Tynan: dark
28. Tyrone: Owen’s land

Vietnamese boy names starting with T:

1. Tai: talented; prosperous
2. Tam: having heart
3. Tan: new
4. Teo: twin
5. Tet: born on new year’s eve or day
6. Thai: many; multiple
7. Thang: victorious
8. Thanh: finished; complete; intelligent; sky-blue
9. Thao: one who is courteous
10. Thian: smooth
11. Thinh: a prosperous man
12. Tho: one who will life a long life
13. Thuc: aware
14. Thuong: one who loves tenderly
15. Tin: a great thinker
16. Toan: one who is safe
17. Tong: fragrant
18. Trong: one who is respected
19. Trung: loyal; faithful
20. Tu: twin
21. Tung: dignified person
22. Tuyen: Angelic

Chinese boy names starting with T:

1. Ta: great
2. Tai: tribe
3. Taio: a great and distinguished person
4. Taiwan: island dweller
5. Tao: peach; long life
6. Tien: heaven
7. Tingzhe: may the court be wise
8. Tung: everyone
9. Tusita: one who is heaven-sent
10. Typhoon: of the great wind

African boy names starting with T:

1. Tacari: as strong as a warrior
2. Taiwo: first born of twins
3. Tale: green
4. Taliki: fellow
5. Tambo: vigorous
6. Tano: from the river
7. Tapko: antelope
8. Tau: lion
9. Tefere: seed
10. Tegene: my protector
11. Teka: he has replaced
12. Tekle: plant
13. Tempo: elephant
14. Teremun: with his father’s acceptance
15. Teshi: one who is full of laughter
16. Tessema: one to whom people listen
17. Thabo: filled with happiness
18. Thandiwe: one who is dearly loved
19. Thenga: bringing him
20. Tiassale: it has been forgotten
21. Tiimu: caterpillar living in the ground
22. Tiktu: bird digging for potatoes
23. Tisa: the ninth-born child
24. Tobi: great
25. Tokoni: helper
26. Tombe: northerner
27. Tomi: of the people
28. Tor: royalty
29. Tse: younger twin
30. Tuaco: eleventh-born child
31. Tuari: young eagle
32. Tumaini: one who brings hope; an optimistic
33. Tumu: deer thinking about his food
34. Tunde: one who returns
35. Tupac: a messenger warrior
36. Twia: born after twins

Indian boy names starting with T:

1. Taj: crown
2. Taman: one who is needed
3. Tanay: son
4. Tanish: an ambitious man
5. Tarak: star
6. Taranga: of the waves
7. Tarit: resembling lightning
8. Tarun: youthful
9. Tausiq: one who provides strong backing
10. Tayib: delicate; good
11. Tej: light; lustrous
12. Tejas: sharp
13. Thaman: god-like
14. Timir: born in the darkness
15. Tulsi: a holy man
16. Tushar: of the snow

Hebrew boy names starting with T:

1. Tabbart: a well-behaved boy
2. Tal: dewy rain
3. Talmai: mound; small hill; furrow
4. Talmon: one who is oppressed
5. Tam: one who is truthful
6. Tamar: spice or palm tree
7. Taniel: God is my judge
8. Tapani: a victorious man
9. Tavas: resembling a peacock
10. Telem: furrow; mound
11. Teman: on the right side
12. Teva: child of nature
13. Thaniel: gift of God
14. Thomas: twin
15. Tilon: a generous man
16. Tivon: nature lover
17. Tobi: God is good
18. Tobias: God is good
19. Tobin: God is good
20. Tobit: son of Tobias
21. Toby: God is good
22. Tom: twin
23. Tomer: tall
24. Tommy: twin
25. Tovi: good
26. Toviel: the lord is good
27. Tsidhqiyah: the lord is just
28. Tzadok: righteous

Persian boy names starting with T:

1. Tahmaseb: a character in Shahnameh
2. Tahsin: pure; improvement
3. Taieb: kind; sweet
4. Talat: prayer
5. Tallis: wise
6. Tamim: complete; strong; brave
7. Tamjeed: praise; glorification
8. Taslim: accept; submission
9. Taymour: iron; self controller
10. Taz: decorative cub; goblet
11. Tooraj: a character in shahnameh
12. Tuhin: snow; cold

Maori boy names starting with T:

1. Tama: sun
2. Tane: husband
3. Tanemahuta: man
4. Tangaroa: god of fire
5. Tawera: a morning star
6. Tayn: god of light
7. Tipene: crowned
8. Tui: a honey eater bird

Hungarian boy names starting with T:

1. Tabor: camp
2. Taksony: one who is content
3. Tamas: twin
4. Tardos: bald
5. Tas: well fed; stone
6. Teteny: a chieftain
7. Tibor: holy place
8. Tihamér: one who likes silence
9. Titusz: dove; honoured
10. Tivadar: gift of God
11. Todor: gift from God
12. Tomaj: name of a clan

Burmese boy names starting with T:

1. Tan: million
2. Thagyamin: change; transfer
3. Than: million
4. Thant: clean
5. Thaung: ten thousand
6. Thein: a hundred thousands
7. Theingi: gold
8. Therein: the sun
9. Thuta: know
10. Thuya: the sun

Aboriginal boy names starting with T:

1. Tabulum: my home
2. Taree: fig tree
3. Taworri: an evening breeze
4. Thoar: Sunrise
5. Thomar: little River
6. Togar: smoke
7. Toolan: wattle
8. Tuki: bullfrog

Latin boy names starting with T:

1. Tarquin: name of two early Roman kings
2. Tatius: ruler
3. Taurean: strong; forceful; like a bull
4. Tavey: eighth-born child
5. Tearence: smooth; earthly; tender
6. Temple: sanctuary; holy place
7. Terence: smooth; earthly
8. Terrance: from an ancient Roman clan
9. Terris: son of Terry
10. Tertius: third-born child
11. Theophanus: God has appeared
12. Titus: a great defender
13. Todd: fox
14. Torrance: smooth; earthly; tender
15. Torrey: smooth; earthly; tender
16. Trent: torrent; rapid stream
17. Trini: third; three
18. Trinity: blessed threefold
19. Tristam: sorrowful
20. Tristan: sad; sorrowful
21. Tristram: sorrowful
22. Tristran: sad; sorrowful
23. Tullis: title
24. Tybalt: he who sees the truth

Scottish boy names starting with T:

1. Taggart: son of a priest
2. Taran: of the thunder
3. Tavis: son of David
4. Tavish: twin
5. Tay: from the river
6. Teagan: a handsome man
7. Tevis: twin
8. Tiernan: lord of the manor
9. Tormod: North
10. Torquil: Thor’s kettle
11. Torrence: from the little hills
12. Torry: from the little hills
13. Tracy: one who is warlike
14. Troy: son of a foot-soldier
15. Tyree: island dweller

Polish boy names starting with T:

1. Tadeusuz: one who is worthy of praise
2. Tadzi: one who is praised
3. Tanek: immortal
4. Telek: iron worker
5. Tolek: the prized gift from God
6. Tolla: prosperity
7. Tomasz: a twin
8. Tomek: twin

Russian boy names starting with T:

1. Tamryn: palm tree
2. Tanis: serpent lady
3. Taras: to cross
4. Tasher: born at Christmas; energetic
5. Terenti: rub
6. Tikhon: hitting the mark
7. Timofei: the honour of God
8. Timur: conqueror
9. Tisha: honours God
10. Tit: fire

Tibetan boy names starting with T:

1. Talaia: ocean
2. Tashi: one who is prosperous
3. Tenzing: protector of Dharma
4. Thekchen: Mahayana
5. Thokmay: unobstructed
6. Tinley: enlightened activity
7. Tsering: long life
8. Tseten: stable life
9. Tsewang: life empowerment

Bulgarian boy names starting with T:

1. Tase: immortal
2. Teodor: gift from God
3. Tihomir: quiet
4. Timotei: a person who honoured by God
5. Todor: a gift from God
6. Toma: twin
7. Tsvetan: floret

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