514 Boy names that start with K and meanings 2022

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with K, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with K contains ( 514 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key symbolism and personality for names start with letter k:

According to name echo, People whose names starting with letter k usually rely on intuition and give a lot of importance to their relationships.

They’re very inspired and have refreshing mindset and a lot of energy.

They are also versatile and very diverse. If they have set their mind to something, no one can stop them from achieving what they want.

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Boy names that start with K and meanings 2022

Indian boy names that start with K:

1. Kabir: a spiritual leader
2. Kakar: grass
3. Kala: black
4. Kalidas: a poet or musician
5. Kalki: resembling a white horse
6. Kalkin: the tenth-born child
7. Kamal: Lotus
8. Kami: loving
9. Kantrava: resembling a roaring animal
10. Kantu: happy
11. Kapila: ancient prophet
12. Karu: cousin
13. Kashvi: a shinning man
14. Kaushal: one who is skilled
15. Kavi: poet
16. Kedar: mountain lord
17. Kers: plant
18. Kesin: long-haired beggar
19. Khushi: filled with happiness
20. Kiran: ray; beam of light
21. Kiritan: one who wears a crown
22. Kistna: sacred
23. Krishna: delightful; pleasurable
24. Kuleen: a high-born man
25. Kumar: a prince
26. Kushal: a talented man

African boy names that start with K:

1. Kabito: born while dignitaries are visiting
2. Kabonesa: one who is born during difficult times; difficult delivery of the baby
3. Kacancu: the first born child
4. Kafele: worth dying for
5. Kalameli: caramel
6. Kamau: quite warrior
7. Kamuzu: medicine
8. Kanu: wildcat
9. Kasiya: separate
10. Kato: second-born twin
11. Kayin: celebrated; longed-for child
12. Kayode: he brought joy
13. Keb: earth
14. Kehind: second-born twin
15. Kelile: protected
16. Kendi: one who is much loved
17. Kerel: young
18. Kesse: bonnie; chubby baby
19. Khairi: a kingly man
20. Kibo: from the highest mountain beak; wise
21. Kibuuka: brave warrior
22. Kifeda: boy among girls
23. Kiho: born on a foggy day
24. Kimoni: a great man
25. Kione: one who has come from nowhere
26. Kito: precious Child; precious jewel
27. Kitoko: a handsome man
28. Kizza: born after twins
29. Kobe: tortoise
30. Kofi: born on a Friday
31. Kojo: born on a Monday
32. Kokayi: gathered
33. Kondo: war
34. Kontar: only child
35. Koofrey: remember me
36. Kosey; lion
37. Kosumi: spear fisher
38. Kugonza: love
39. Kunle: home of honour
40. Kuron: one who gives thanks
41. Kwabena: born on a Tuesday
42. Kwach: morning
43. Kwaku: born on a Wednesday
44. Kwame: born on a Saturday
45. Kwasi: born on a Sunday
46. Kwayera: dawn
47. Kwende: call to go

Irish boy names that start with K:

1. Kacey: a vigilant man; one who is alert; eagle-eyed
2. Kael: mighty warrior
3. Kaelan: mighty warrior
4. Kagen: a fiery man; a thinker
5. Kallen: mighty warrior
6. Kane: tribute
7. Kasey: brave and honorable
8. Kavan: handsome
9. Kearn: dark-haired
10. Kearney: brave; victorious
11. Keefe: handsome
12. Keegan: small; fairy one
13. Keelan: small; slender
14. Keenan: small; ancient one
15. Keiran: little; dark
16. Keith: forest
17. Kellach: one who suffers strife during battle
18. Kellen: mighty warrior
19. Keller: little companion 
20. Kelley: a warrior
21. Kelvin: narrow stream
22. Kendall: ruler of the valley
23. Kendrick: royal ruler
24. Kennedy: helmeted chief
25. Kenneth: born of the fire; an attractive man; handsome
26. Kentigern: lord
27. Kenyon: blond-haired
28. Keon: young warrior
29. Kermit: free
30. Kerry: dark-haired
31. Kerwin: dark-haired friend
32. Kevin: handsome
33. Kienan: small; ancient one
34. Kieran: little; dark
35. Kincaid: the leader during battle
36. Kinnard: from the tall hill
37. Knox: from the hills
38. Kory: from the hollow; of the churning water
39. Ky: from the strait; from the narrow land
40. Kyan: little king

Native American boy names that start with K:

1. Kachada: a white-skinned man
2. Kaga: writer
3. Kibbe: a nocturnal bird
4. Kijika: walks quietly
5. Kitchi: a brave young man
6. Knoton: wind
7. Kohana: one who is swift
8. Kono: squirrel
9. Kuckunniwi: resembling a little wolf
10. Kuruk: bear
11. Kwam: God is gracious

Hebrew boy names that start with K:

1. Kadmiel: one who stands before God
2. Kaleb: resembling an aggressive dog
3. Kaniel: stalk
4. Karmel: vineyard of the lord
5. Katriel: God is my crown
6. Katzir: the harvester
7. Kayle: faithful
8. Kayne: spear; possession
9. Kedem: ancient 
10. Kefir: resembling a young lion
11. Kenan: to attain; to acquire
12. Kenaz: bright
13. Kenya: animal horn
14. Kershet: of the rainbow
15. Kiva: supplanter
16. Koresh: one who digs in the earth; a farmer

Japanese boy names that start with K:

1. Kado: gateway
2. Kaemon: full of joy; one who is right-handed
3. Kana: powerful
4. Kane: golden
5. Kaori: strong
6. Kazuo: peaceful
7. Keiji: cautious ruler
8. Keitaro: blessed
9. Kenji: second-born son
10. Kentaro: big boy
11. Kin: golden
12. Kioshi: one who is quite
13. Kiyoshi: quite; peaceful
14. Kozue: of the tree branches
15. Kuri: resembling a chestnut

Hawaiian boy names that start with K:

1. Kahale: home
2. Kahana: priest
3. Kahoku: resembling a star
4. Kaholo: runner
5. Kai: of the sea; sea water
6. Kaili: religious deity
7. Kaimi: the seeker
8. Kainoa: special name
9. Kaipo: sweetheart
10. Kalama: a source of light; flaming torch
11. Kalan: heavenly chief
12. Kalani: sky; heavenly chief
13. Kale: strong; courageous; manly
14. Kalea: bright; clear; happy
15. Kamaka: face
16. Kamakani: wind
17. Kamuela: listener
18. Kana: a god
19. Kanaiela: God is my judge
20. Kane: eastern sky
21. Kanoa: free
22. Kapali: cliff
23. Kapono: a righteous man
24. Kawika: beloved
25. Keahi: of the flames
26. Keaka: God is gracious
27. Kealoha: from the bright path; fragrant perfume
28. Keanu: of the mountain breeze
29. Keawe: strand
30. Kekoa: bold; courageous
31. Keoki: farmer
32. Keola: life
33. Keoni: God is gracious
34. Kiele: gardenia; fragrant blossom
35. Kika: forest
36. Kimo: supplanter
37. Kohana: the best
38. Koi: water
39. Koka: a man from Scotland
40. Kona: ruler of the world
41. Konane: bright moonlight
42. Koukalaka: from the dark stream

Welsh boy names that start with K:

1. Kai: the keeper of the keys
2. Kane: beautiful
3. Keith: dweller in the wood
4. Kelli: from the wood
5. Kenn: of the bright waters
6. Kenrick: chief hero
7. Kent: white; bright
8. Kevyn: from the Ridge
9. Kilydd: legendary son of Kelyddon
10. Kimball: warrior chief
11. Kynan: chief
12. Kynlas: legendary son of kynan

Greek boy names that start with K:

1. Kai: of the earth
2. Karey: pure
3. Karsten: blessed; anointed one
4. Kay: rejoice
5. Khristian: carrier of Christ
6. Khristopher: christ-bearer
7. Khristos: christ-bearer
8. Kimbal: hollow vessel
9. Kit: christ-bearer
10. Korudon: helmeted one
11. Krischnan: carrier of Christ
12. Kozma: one who is decorated
13. Kyros: master

English boy names that start with K:

1. Kale: manly and strong
2. Kamden: from the winding valley
3. Karl: strong; courageous; manly
4. Karson: son of Carr
5. Karter: one who drives a cart
6. Kean: one who is sharp
7. Keaton: from the town of hawks
8. Keene: wise
9. Ken: handsome
10. Kendrick: a royal ruler
11. Kenley: from the king’s meadow
12. Kenneth: royal oath
13. Kent: from the edge or border
14. Kenton: from the king’s town
15. Kentrell: king’s estate
16. Kerrick: king’s rule
17. Kester: christ-bearer
18. Krestrel: falcon
19. Kidd: resembling a young goat
20. King: the royal ruler
21. Kingston: from the king’s town
22. Kinsey: the victorious prince
23. Kipp: small pointed hill
24. Kirkland: from the Church’s land
25. Kirkley: from the Church’s meadow
26. Kit: one who bears Christ inside
27. Knight: a noble soldier
28. Knox: from the rounded hill
29. Kody: one who is helpful
30. Konnor: a wolf lover; one who is strong-willed
31. Kordell: one who makes cords
32. Kyrone: from Owen’s land

Scottish boy names that start with K:

1. Kade: wetlands
2. Kameron: crooked nose
3. Kane: the little warrior
4. Karman: the lord of the manor
5. Karson: son of the marsh dweller
6. Kean: a warrior
7. Keegan: a small and fiery man
8. Keeley: handsome; beautiful
9. Keir: small, dark child
10. Keith: man from the forest
11. Kellen: one who is slender
12. Kelley: one who defends
13. Kendrick: the champion
14. Kennan: little ken
15. Kennedy: a helmeted chief
16. Kenyon: a blond-haired man
17. Kenzie: wise leader
18. Kevin: a beloved and handsome man
19. Kieran: having dark features; the little dark one
20. Kincaid: battle chief
21. Kraig: from the rocky place; as solid as a rock
22. Kyle: from the narrow channel
23. Kylemore: from the great wood

Korean boy names that start with K:

1. Kang: a healthy man
2. Kang Dae: mighty and strong
3. Ki: one who has Arisen
4. Korain: luminous and glorious
5. Kyung: view; respect
6. Kwan: of a bold character; strong
7. Kyong: brightness

French boy names that start with K:

1. Kaarlo: strong and manly
2. Kado: gateway
3. Kalle: strong and manly
4. Kalman: strong and Masculine
5. Karcsi: strong and manly
6. Karlis: strong; Masculine
7. Korbin: bird raven
8. Kota: river bank

German boy names that start with K:

1. Kaiser: long-haired
2. Karl: free man; strong
3. Kass: blackbird
4. Kaufman: merchant
5. Kay: fort
6. Keene: bold; sharp
7. Kelby: farm near the spring
8. Kellen: from the swamp
9. Kepler: one who makes hats
10. Kiefer: one who makes barrels
11. Klaus: victory of the people
12. Koen: an honest advisor
13. Kohler: one who mines coal
14. Korb: basket
15. Kramer: a shop-keeper
16. Kurt: a brave counselor

Arabic boy names that start with K:

1. Kadar: powerful
2. Kadin: friend; companion
3. Kadir: spring
4. Kahlil: young
5. Kalil: good friend
6. Kamal: perfect one
7. Kamil: perfect one
8. Kardal: mustard seed
9. Kareem: noble; exalted
10. Karif: autumn
11. Karim: generous; noble
12. Kasib: one who is fertile
13. Kasim: one who is divided
14. Kateb: writer
15. Kazim: an even tempered man
16. Kedar: a powerful man
17. Khaldun: forever
18. Khalid: eternal
19. Khalil: friend
20. Khayri: one who is charitable
21. Khouri: a spiritual man

Chinese boy names starting with k:

1. Kang: well-being
2. Kee: to allow; to permit; to promise
3. Keung: a universal spirit
4. Kheong: stubborn
5. Kong: glorious sky
6. Kuan: mountain pass; to close; to shut
7. Kueng: universe

Vietnamese boy names starting with K:

1. Khan: leader; ruler
2. Khoi: the one who is not available
3. Khuong: to offer help
4. Khuyen: to give advice
5. Kim: as precious as gold
6. Kiri: resembling the mountains

Scandinavian boy names starting with k:

1. Kalevi: hero
2. Kalle: strong; courageous; manly
3. Kalmin: manly
4. Kare: large; enormous
5. Kelham: Ridge
6. Kell: from the well
7. Kelsey: Island of ships
8. Kerr: from the marsh
9. Kirk: a man of the Church
10. Kjell: strong; courageous
11. Kleng: claw
12. Knute: knot
13. Kristian: an annointed Christian
14. Kristopher: a follower of Christ

Finnish boy names starting with k:

1. Kal: the strong one
2. Kalervo: gold
3. Kali: bud river
4. Kalkko: free man
5. Kasi: shinning in life
6. Kaspo: Persian stone
7. Kalva: heroine
8. Keijo: elf
9. Kelevi: hero
10. Kesa: summer
11. Kimmo: raised by God
12. Kivi: as solid as stone; stone 
13. Kosti: staff of the Goths

Danish boy names starting with k:

1. Kaj: earth
2. Karl: manly
3. Klaus: victory of people
4. Knud: a kind man
5. Knut: kindness
6. Kolinkar: born to the conquering people
7. Kristian: Christian

Hungarian boy names starting with k:

1. Kaba: a bird of prey
2. Kadocsa: errant
3. Kadosa: soldier
4. Karoly: strong man
5. Kartal: an eagle
6. Kato: pure; unsullied
7. Keleman: gentle
8. Kiss: small
9. Klaudiusz: the cripple
10. Kobe: he who supplants

Czech boy names starting with k:

1. Kalal: woodcutter
2. Karel: strong; courageous; manly
3. Karlik: strong and manly
4. Klaudie: the lame and crippled one
5. Kolar: Cartwright
6. Konrad: wise counsel
7. Kovar: Smith
8. Krany: a man of short stature
9. Krasomila: lover of beauty
10. Kuba: supplanter

Armenian boy names starting with k:

1. Kachig: brave and young
2. Kaloosh: blessed event
3. Karayan: dark
4. Kasabian: son of the butcher
5. Kevork: farmer
6. Khajag: blue-eyed
7. Kirkan: watchful
8. Kolb: from kolb
9. Korian: a historian
10. Krikor: a vigilant watchman

Polish boy names starting with k:

1. Kacper: treasure bearer
2. Kaczka: duck
3. Kajetan: from Gaeta
4. Kazimierz: famous destroyer
5. Koby: supplanter
6. Krzysztof: christ-bearer
7. Kuba: he who supplants
8. Kwintyn: the fifth-born child

Turkish boy names starting with k:

1. Kaan: king of kings
2. Kabil: spear gatherer
3. Kahil: young
4. Kahraman: hero
5. Kemal: highest honour
6. Kerem: kind
7. Khan: prince
8. Kiral: supreme leader; king

Aboriginal boy names starting with k:

1. Kalti: spear
2. Kanya: rock
3. Kari: smoke
4. Kembla: blessings
5. Killara: permanent
6. Kolet: dove; young child
7. Kolya: winter
8. Konol: sky
9. Koora: day
10. Koorong: canoe
11. Kulan: possum

Latin boy names starting with k:

1. Kaaj: to rejoice
2. Kaius: to rejoice
3. Kalem: dove
4. Kallum: dove
5. Kalvin: bald
6. Kasen: head protected with a helmet
7. Klaudius: lame
8. Kliment: merciful and mild
9. Knute: white-haired
10. Kornel: horn colour; cornel tree
11. Kritolaos: the chosen of people
12. Kruz: cross

Thai boy names starting with k:

1. Kamnan: Village headman
2. Kasem: happiness
3. Khemkhaeng: strong
4. Kiet: honour
5. Kit: business
6. Kittichai: famous victory
7. Kla Han: very brave
8. Kob Khun: full of thanks
9. Kovit: expert
10. Kraisee: lion

Persian boy names starting with k:

1. Kadun: real
2. Kaleem: speaker
3. Kambaujiya: handsome king
4. Kamran: successful; fortunate
5. Kamshad: desire; happy wish
6. Kamyar: successful
7. Kaspar: treasurer
8. Kasra: lion
9. Kaveh: hero
10. Kayhan: world
11. Kayvon: saturn; a star
12. Khorshed: sun; sun shinning
13. Khoshdel: happy heart
14. Kurush: like the sun

Indonesian boy names starting with k:

1. Kabul: fulfilled wish; prayer
2. Kadek: younger sibling
3. Kasih: love
4. Kersen: cherry
5. Kulon: the west
6. Kusuma: flower

Russian boy names starting with k:

1. Karik: ever powerful ruler
2. Karol: strong; manly
3. Kazimir: he who destroys the world
4. Kervyn: ruler
5. Kharald: mighty spearman
6. Kiril: ruler
7. Kolenka: of the conquering people
8. Kostenka: constant

Spanish boy names starting with k:

1. Karlos: farmer
2. Keiman: strong
3. Kemen: strong
4. Kiki: ruler of the house
5. Kristian: Christian

Bulgarian boy names starting with k:

1. Kaloyan: handsome John
2. Kamen: Stone
3. Karliman: man
4. Khristo: Christian
5. Kir: sun
6. Kiril: lord
7. Kosta: constant
8. Kostadin: constant
9. Krasimir: beautiful peace
10. Krastio: cross

Cambodian boy names starting with k:

1. Khean: panpipe
2. Khemera: one from Cambodia
3. Kiri: mountain peek
4. Kong Kea: the big water
5. Kosal: clever; magical
6. Kravann: a tiny golden brown flower

Dutch boy names starting with k:

1. Karel: strong
2. Karsten: Christian
3. Katja: pure
4. Kay: rejoiced
5. Kees: horn
6. Kenneth: handsome
7. Kleef: cliff
8. Koenraad: bold
9. Krisoijn: curly-haired
10. Kyler: archer

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