Unique and uncommon baby girl names


Having a girl? Congratulations!
I’m sure that from the moment you first heard the news, you instantly started daydreaming about a name for your precious girl.
Choosing a name for your baby is a large responsibility, because the name is the first gift from parent to their baby.
Some parent prefer giving their baby a common name, others prefering a unique.
If you are thinking of a unique name for your little girl, make sure to know the meaning of that name. You’ll definitely be asked ( what’s the meaning of this name?), and your daughter will be asked the same question when she grows.
So, I’ll give you some inspiration for your girl’s name, it’s unique and unusual baby girl names and its meaning.

135+ unique and unusual baby girl names

Unique baby girl names and meaning

unique baby girl names start with A:

1- Abeer

Meaning: fragrance

2- Acantha

Meaning: flower name

3- Afia

Meaning: born on friday

4- Aglae

Meaning: beautiful

5- Amae

Meaning: loved

6- Amjad

Meaning: the glories

7- Anya

Meaning: graceful & Inexhaustible

8- Apolline

Meaning: strength

9- Aria

Meaning: air, symbolises freedom, song.

10- Aurelia

Meaning: golden

11- Aurora

Meaning: the dawn

12- Aya

Meaning: miracle

13- Azariah

Meaning: God’s help

14- Azalea

Meaning: a delicious flowering shrub with clusters of brightly coloured.

Unique baby girl names start with B:

15- Belinda

Meaning: pretty one, very beautiful

16- Bibiana

Meaning: lively

17- Blayke

Meaning: bright, shining

18- Bridgette

Meaning: strength

Unique baby girl names start with C:

19- Cahaya

Meaning: rays of light from the sun.

20- Cer

Meaning: love

21- Cherry

Meaning: sweet fruit with lovely pink blossoms.

22- Chiara

Meaning: bright light

23- Colette

Meaning: Victorious

Unique baby girl names start with D:

24- Damaris

Meaning: gentle

25- Dalal

Meaning: fondness, passion, partiality.

26- Dawn

Meaning: the appearance of daybreak

27- Delilah

Meaning: delicate

Unique baby girl names start with E:

28- Eilidh

Meaning: sun

29- Elodie

Meaning: foreign riches

30- Elora

Meaning: God gives the laural, the crown of victory

31- Evangeline

Meaning: good news, bringer of good news

Unique baby girl names start with F:

32- Fae

Meaning: confidence, trust, belief.

33- Farah

Meaning: happiness

34- Febe

Meaning: the name of Artemis, the Goddess of the moon.

35- Felicity

Meaning: happiness

36- Fionnuala

Meaning: white shoulder

Unique baby girl names start with G:

37- Genevieve

Meaning: white wave.

38- Giselle

Meaning: hostage

39- Gracelyn

Meaning: God’s grace.

40- Gunjan

Meaning: musical sound

Unique baby girl names start with H:

41- Hadley

Meaning: field of heather

42- Hanan

Meaning: Tenderness

43- Haura

Meaning: A lady with beautiful eyes

44- Hiba

Meaning: gift from God

45- Huda

Meaning: guidance

46- Hyacinth

Meaning:  A flower that sprouted from the blood of Hyacinthus who was accidentally killed by Apollo (in greek culture).

Unique baby girl names start with I:

47- Iman

Meaning: faith

48- Inez

Meaning: pure

49- Isra

Meaning: walking in the night

50- Ivory

Meaning: pure

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Unique baby girl names start with J:

51- Janah

Meaning: paradise

52- Jordyn

Meaning: name deprived from the river Jordan.

53- Joy

Meaning: joy

54- Juhi

Meaning: jasmen flower

55- Justice

Meaning: just, upright, righteous

Unique baby girl names start with k:

56- Kaya

Meaning: ability, strength, power

57- Kahli

Meaning: modren

58- Keturah

Meaning: incense

59- Kusum

Meaning: flower

Unique baby girl names start with L:

60- Layla

Meaning: the night, and it is the object of romantic poems that was written by the 7th century poat days.

61- Leah

Meaning: bearer of good news.

62- Leontine

Meaning: lion

63- Lulu

Meaning: famous warrior

Unique baby girl names start with M:

64- Mairead

Meaning: pearl

65- Manoon

Meaning: deeply wanted

66- Marlowe

Meaning: derived from madeline: women from magdala

67- Meadow

Meaning: a piece of low ground near the river.

Unique baby girl names start with N:

68- Narcissus

Meaning: kind of flowers

69- Neve

Meaning: snow

70- Nora

Meaning: honour and also means the light

71- Niamh

Meaning: bright

72- Mohini

Meaning: most beautiful

73- Nolan

Meaning: champion

74- Natasha

Meaning: born on Christmas day

Unique baby girl names start with O:

75- Oaklynn

Meaning: name for strength, peace and beauty.

76- Oda

Meaning: a room or chamber

77- Ohana

Meaning: family

78- Olwen

Meaning: white footprint

79- Omna

Meaning: a virtuous woman

80- Oria

Meaning: light of God

Unique baby girl names start with P:

81- Payden

Meaning: the fighters farm

82- Pearl

Meaning: precious

83- Pembe

Meaning: pink

84- Pixie

Meaning: cheerful, mischievous.

85- Priya

Meaning: beloved

Unique baby girl names start with Q:

86- Quibilah

Meaning: peaceful

87- Quies

Meaning: restful

88- Quinlan

Meaning: graceful, strong.

89- Quinn

Meaning council

Unique baby girl names start with R:

90- Reese

Meaning: ardent, fiery.

91- Remi

Meaning: abbreviation or Remington

92- Rishima

Meaning: moon beam

93- Royce

Meaning: famous

94- Rozlynn

Meaning: gentle horse, rose

95- Ruby

Meaning: red gemstone

96- Rylee

Meaning: courageous

97- Ryleigh

Meaning: lsland meadow

Unique baby girl names start with S:

98- Samara

Meaning: guardian or protected by God.

99- Sawyer

Meaning: cuts timber

100- Seraphina

Meaning: fiery-winged

101- Shahad

Meaning: honey

102- Shona

Meaning: God is gracious

103- Silam

Meaning: the honey syrup from the date fruit.

104- Soleil

Meaning: sun

105- Sunset

Meaning: sunset

Unique baby girl names start with T:

106- Tallulah

Meaning: lady of abundance, or leaping water.

107- Tatum

Meaning: brings joy

108- Teagan

Meaning: poet, attractive, perfect

109- Thea

Meaning: goodness, godly.

110- Tinsley

Meaning: a place in south Yorkshire.

111- Tulip

Meaning: turkish flower name

Unique baby girl names start with U:

112- Ulani

Meaning: light hearted.

113- Umeko

Meaning: plum-blossom child, patient.

114- Unique

Meaning: only one

115- Ursula

Meaning: little bear

Unique baby girl names start with V:

116- Vaida

Meaning: the ghost

117- Valentina

Meaning: strong & healthy

118- Vaylene

Meaning: creativity, charm, cheer and social life

119- Vivian

Meaning: lively

Unique baby girl names start with W:

120- Wallis

Meaning: stranger

121- Willow

Meaning: slender & graceful.

122- Wilmina

Meaning: helmet, protection.

123- Wren

Meaning: small brown songbird

Unique baby girl names start with X:

124- Xaiyla

Meaning: happiness, luck, good fortune.

125- Xana

Meaning: golden haired

126- Xara

Meaning: princess

127- Xia

Meaning: welcoming

Unique baby girl names start with Y:

128- Yaretzi

Meaning: you will always be loved.

129- Yazmin

Meaning: Jasmine flower

130- Yedda

Meaning: beautiful voice

131- Yonah

Meaning: peace dove

Unique baby girl names start with Z:

132- Zephyr

Meaning: west wind

133- Zahra

Meaning: flower

134- Zina

Meaning: shinning

135- Zoey

Meaning: life

136- Zonica

Meaning: thanks

137- Zuri

Meaning:  beautiful, pretty, cute


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135+ unique and unusual baby girl names


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