7 tips to survive a lack of sleep with a newborn


( I can’t sleep).. it is one of the most common sentences new mothers say the first weeks after giving birth. Thats because lack of sleep is one of the most common problems experienced by mothers after childbirth.

New mother stills tense because of her new responsibilities that necessitate the need to stay with her baby, who needs all care and attention and that will reflect negatively on her sleeping.

But how can you survive the sleep deprivation as a new mother?

Of course, the mother will not be able to give care to the new baby if she didn’t get enough sleep.

Then what is the solution?

Well, dear mother, here are some important tips to help you combat new mom’s sleep troubles and get more sleep:

7 tips to help you survive a lack of sleep with a newborn,  new mom sleep deprives


Tips to survive a lack of sleep with a newborn

1- Go to sleep when your baby sleeps:

When your baby sleeps, shut down the phone and go to sleep with him immediately. Delay washing clothes, and ignore dirty dishes.

You can finish all the household when your baby is awake. So take a short nap during your baby’s napping time.


2- Let your husband share with you the evening tasks:

It is important to set a plan between you and your partner, to ensure that you can get more time to sleep and rest.

For example, if you breastfeed your baby, your husband can take care of changing the diaper. And if the baby is bottle feeding, your husband can share the nursing jobs with you.


3- Take care of your sleep:

If you find it difficult to sleep, be sure to make your the bedroom conditions helps you sleep. Make your bedroom dark, quiet and moderately warm.

Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol in the evening. Practice some light exercise that helps you sleep (if you can).

If after all that you still have difficulty sleeping, get up and do something different until you feel sleepy, and then you can go back to your bed.


4- Look out for the signs of sleepiness in your baby:

Rubbing the eyes, crying, yawning, stretching are all signs of sleepiness. Make sure you leave everything and go to your baby to prepare him for sleep.


5- Let your baby know the difference between morning and evening:

Yeap! a baby between 2 and 3 weeks of age can differentiate between morning and evening.

Bath him and make him ready to start his day. The bright atmosphere, the play and the surrounding sounds will all mean to the baby that this is the morning time.

And vice versa, volume down the voices and lights, stop playing with him and wear him the sleep clothes to know that this is the evening time and it is time to sleep.

By the time, the baby will adopt this sleeping routine.


6- Provide your baby with comfortable sleeping atmosphere:

The baby’s bedroom should be dark, comfortable and quiet. Be sure to set the temperature of the room to a moderate degree that allows the baby to sleep without discomfort.


7- Minimize your social relationships:

Do not hesitate to apologize to your guests for not being able to welcome them if their visit will affect your time of rest and sleep.

If it is difficult to avoid this visit, do not feel that you are obliged to welcome them in the same way you do when you were before giving birth.


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7 tips to help you survive a lack of sleep with a newborn,  new mom sleep deprives


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