About me

I’m Bushra Alasadi, the creator of ( To Be The Perfect Mother) blog.

Being a woman and most importantly, a mother, I have with time acquired an uninhibited zeal for everything I put my mind and heart to.

My life has taken me from having years of skilled and expert experience in the field of computer engineering to currently running a blog on motherhood. My life achievements have certainly become the definition of who I am.

My courage, resilience, love and discipline have greatly attributed to the woman, mother and blogger that I am today. Other than being an impactful member of society, I have also dedicated my life to serving and providing for my children, which is something I never shy away from being extremely proud of.

I have certainly dedicated my energy and passion towards providing my readers with the best and most captivating content. My passion for all my motherhood experiences  ( having two children) alongside my zeal for blogging on my motherhood journey enable me to effectively capture all my readers needs and interests. It goes without saying that I can indeed be described in numerous ways but at the core of it all, I am a mother and a writer by heart, soul and profession.

When I am not busy creating captivating and inspiring content for my readers, I enjoy spending time with my two precious children, who are my world. My family and community are indeed very dear to me. I equally enjoy keeping both physically and mentally fit through taking part in healthy activities such as cooking, reading, writing and crocheting.