Things to do during pregnancy so that you will not regret


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in the female life, therefore there are many things you should try during pregnancy so that you will not regret them.

I  asked several women who had tried this experience, about the things they regret not doing during pregnancy.

Their answers differed from woman to woman depending on their interests.

I will show you the answers after I say my personal opinion on this subject.

Things you should try during pregnancy

For me, the most thing I regretted not doing during pregnancy is eating healthy and staying active.

Yes, there are many things it’s better to do during pregnancy:

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Now, I’ll show you the answers of the women:

1-pregnancy photo shoot and recording the birth:

  •  pregnancy photo shoot and I wish I also have a photographer at my birth.
  • Take more photos and embrace my beautiful belly baby’s.
  • Maternity photos and more bump photos.
  • Documenting my growing belly each week, such cool apps out now to do this.
  • More newborn pictures.
  • I wish I printed more of the digital photos I took since a lot have lost or hard to find throughout years of tech/computer upgrades/transfers. With the next bub, I will definitely be printing every month.
  • I regret not getting birthday photos. I was adamant when I was pregnant that I didn’t want to see or have any photos or videos of my labour and the birth, and now when I look back on it I really wish I had.
  • Video of Baby moving at 8 months.



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2- pregnancy massage, yoga and exercise:

3- Relax and enjoy the pregnancy:

  • Sleep..TV..chill..all day..everyday.
  • I wish when I was on maternity leave pre-baby I spent more time doing nothing, days in bed, watching TV shows or reading books.
  • Relax and enjoy my pregnancy instead of stressing ridiculously about how on earth I’m supposed to push this watermelon out! I literally spent my whole pregnancy petrified of childbirth and didn’t let my self-enjoy the experience.
  • Enjoy it! I was so unwell with both my kids that I just didn’t let myself enjoy pregnancy.
  • Sleep 24 hours a day uninterrupted!!

4– prepare for labour:

  • I regret that I did nothing to prepare for labour and I’ve done nothing post-baby.
  • plan and get baby room ready.

5- Eat right and be more active:

  • Eat right with my first pregnancy and keep active, now finding it hard to lose weight.
  • I ate too much and should have done some exercises.
  • Left my bed and remained active.
  • Keeping weight under control.

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6- Using compression belt:

  • I regret not using compression belt Compression belt after babies were born.

7- Spending more time with the partner is one of the things you’ll regret not doing during pregnancy:

  • Enjoy the time I got to myself, do more with just me and my partner like dinner, movies, a little holiday, enjoy each other.
  • Enjoying more time with my partner and really cherishing that time.
  • Going on a little gateway with my husband for a couple of days.

8- Gender reveal party and baby shower:

  • I didn’t have a baby shower, I wish I had a little celebration dinner.
  • Should have planned my own baby shower instead of waiting for someone to offer.
  • Gender reveal party, really regret not doing that.

9- Appreciate the baby inside my belly:

  • I didn’t take enough time to appreciate the baby inside my belly. The second he was born I mean asked him inside of me. Having another chance I would have set a reminder in my phone and took 5 minutes a day to still and love that baby in there. Towards the end, I would have talked more to him also.

10- Belly cast:

  • I really regret not doing belly cast for my pregnancy.
  • After birth, I wish I had done the hand feet/casting.

Another thing they regret not doing during pregnancy:

  • Not having pregnancy vitamins.
  • 3D and 4D ultrasound.
  • Finish work earlier.
  • Save money.
  • Freezer meals.
  • Not going to a Metallica concert.
  • Not having a body pillow and maternity clothes.

Now, if you lived this experience before, what are the things you are for doing during pregnancy, and what the things you regret not doing?

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Things you should try during pregnancy


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  1. This are must-dos for expectant moms and for sure,I agree that women should pray to God for a health baby, proper delivery and pregnancy. Anyway, I also love how many women are appreciating their pregnancy period and even going for photo shoots.

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