How to raise a happy child


If you want to raise a happy child, then keep reading, please.

You Always as a mother making sure that your child is in good health and you give him enough love and attention, and that he(she) has many stimulating activities to fill his(her) time during the day.
But have you ever found yourself wondering if your child is happy or not??

How to raise a happy child


How can I know that my child is happy?

During the first six months of his life, your child will be able to express his feelings when there is something that makes him happy or upset.
He will have a beautiful smile on his face when you enter the room, and if someone takes his favourite toy away, his expressions will move from smiling to crying.
Try not to worry if your baby spends more time crying than laughing because children experience discomfort at an early stage compared to feeling happy. His facial expressions that indicate unhappiness and dissatisfaction are the only means your child has to communicate with you. They alert you that he is hungry, suffering or his diaper becomes dirty.
As your baby grows up he will be able to express his feelings more easily using words and body language.

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How can I make sure that my baby is happy?

You may see your baby’s beautiful smile as he watches the movement of the mobile toys in his cot. Do you know what makes him happier? The answer is you. Playing with your baby will make him the happiest kid in the world.
Playing is also a great way to develop your child’s skills that will be necessary to achieve happiness in the future. As he grows older, free playing will help you anticipate what your child wants to be when he grows up.


How to raise a happy child by helping him express his feelings:

Crying is the only way newborn know how to express his feelings. But as your child grows older, you can encourage him to describe his feelings to you and express them in words because young children pick up words that indicate a passion very quickly such as (happy) or (angry).
Even before he can speak, you can show him a picture of some faces and ask him about the face that describes what he felt.
Keep in mind that it is normal for your baby to become very sensitive, related to you or sometimes nervous. This may be the result of a change in his routine or because he is frustrated by something.
This may happen again and again as you get older.
When you find your child sitting silently in a corner or during a birthday party, or crying because he is not invited to something, do not ignore those feelings. He needs to know that it is not a problem to be unhappy sometimes, it is simply a part of life.

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How to protect my child when he is unhappy?

During the first year of his life, your child learns many things like how to sit, crawl, hold things, walk and talk. These skills take time to develop. It is important that you allow him to make mistakes during the stages of his development, while at the same time encouraging him to continue trying.
At the first, his feelings will vary, sometimes he will feel frustrated and even angry.
And another time he will test the feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence when he finishes something correctly.
Letting your child feel all these feelings will help him in building an inner strength that will lead to a feeling of happiness as he grows older.


How can I help him grow and develop?

The happiest people are often those who excel in some skills. It will take time and effort to make your child really good at something. So when he can successfully do something new like writing his name for the first time, you should highly commend him and encourage him to try more.
He will really enjoy this achievement because he has worked hard to achieve it, and he will be certainly proud of himself and try to learn more skills.


Does my child’s health affect his happiness?

Taking enough sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet are important to the health and well being of anyone, especially those who are still growing.
Giving your toddler plenty of space will help to improve his mood and that leads to raise a happy child. Let him play freely and doing what he likes, let him kick his legs in the air, crawl toward his favourite ball, or run around the park.
But at the same time, take care of your baby’s need for the routine as well. Because most children feel more stable with a specific routine.


Is your child affected by your mood?

The answer is yes. Children pick up the mood of their parents. Even young children mimic their parents’ emotional style. For example, when you smile, your child smiles automatically, and so does when you cry in front of him.

So if you want to raise a happy child, try to be in a happy mood in front of your child
With the repetition of the situation will become part of the personality. So you see some people are always smiling and happy, while some people are always gloomy.

So if you want to raise a happy child, try to be in a happy mood in front of your child.
For a new and young family, it is normal to feel tired and sometimes unable to adjust. But if you find that your patience is carried out or you are suffering from depression, it is necessary to ask for help.


How can you teach him how to make others happy?

There is a saying that true happiness is that you can make others happy. At an early age, you can teach your child how to feel good and happy when helping others. For example, if you give him a piece of biscuit, let him do the same thing with you by putting a piece of it in your mouth, show him your happiness when he does that.
Also when you comb his hair, give him a chance to comb your hair too.
These simple things may encourage him to be kind and help others in the future.
Let him know that happiness is not just about taking, but about giving happiness and making others happy.

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  1. Hi, Really an awesome read. These small tips like a child will always be mimicking his parents are helpful to know. So we should make sure we really try to remain in good mood and express our happiness towards our children. This will definitely will help Parents to change their parenting style.
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