7 signs of a healthy baby


Are you a mom or giving care for a newborn baby?  I guess you always wonder what are the signs of a healthy baby, and whether he/ she is growing well.

The most magical day of our life was the day we became mothers. There really is nothing like being a mother. 

But, yet motherhood isn’t always easy, we all have struggles and strong emotions sometimes which is normal. 

One of the struggles is wondering whether the baby eats and sleeps enough and whether he(she) is a healthy baby, especially in the case of the first child.

Don’t worry, let’s tell you the 7 most important signs to make sure your baby is a happy baby:

Signs of a healthy baby


7 signs of a healthy baby:

1-Your baby calms down when you touch him and hear your voice:

The baby discovers during his/her very early days that his/her current environment is different than the uterine environment where he/she grew for nine months.

He/she used to be close to you, and your voice was something very important in this experience.

So, after the birth of baby, he/she continue to search for your voice and always needs to feel the warmth of your body.

So, if your baby calms down when you’re close to him/her, this is the first sign of your great emotional bonding and a clear indication that your little baby is growing well.

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2. Interaction with his external environment:

During the first months of your baby’s life, he/she will start following people with his eyes and become able to recognize his parents. Your baby starts interacting with others by smiling or laughing. The first eye contact may occur when your baby is one month old and may begin to smile in the second month. If your child has eye contact and smiles and interacts with his surroundings during his first months, this means that he(she) is a healthy baby. 

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3. Sleeping regularly is a good sign of a happy baby:

Babies should have a regular sleep pattern for at least four continuous hours without interruption. During the fourth month, your baby will sleep more regularly and this indicates that his(her) nervous system is developing well.

If your baby can’t sleep for enough time, then you should try to help him(her) to change the sleeping pattern for the best.


4. Attention to colours and motion:

If your baby is looking at mobile games and colourful things, it means that his(her) sight has begun to develop, and it also indicative of your baby’s brain development.

The infants have a vision of about 20/100 and they can see about 8 to 12 inches, which is almost the distance between you and your baby while feeding.


5. Attention to new sounds:

When your baby is curious about what he hears and starts looking for the sound source, you’ll realize that his(her) ears are healthy and that the hearing is developing.

Your little one will be looking over time for new sounds he has never known before. This is a good sign that the baby uses his brain to distinguish different voices.


6. Changing wet diapers:

Changing wet diapers constantly is the best sign of increasing your baby’s weight, and this proves that it gets enough milk and grows at a healthy rate.


7. Baby’s weight and length:

The weight of the baby at birth is approximately 3250 gram. This weight multiplies during the fifth month of baby’s age, and it becomes three times when the baby is one year and 4 times at the age of two years.

The length at the birth is approximately 50 cm, and becomes 70 cm at the age of one year and 80 cm at the age of two years.

In general, there is a difference between one baby and the other according to genetic factors, as well as there’s a difference between male and female.

The doctor is able to assess the growth of the baby whether it’s normal or abnormal, basing on special tables showing the average rate of growth of babies by age.


Finally, If these signs in your baby, then make sure that he is a healthy baby, but stills very important to keep your baby to visit your pediatrician to make sure he is growing well.


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