10 parenting mistakes new moms make


Here you’ll know the most common 10 parenting mistakes new moms make.

The experience of motherhood is not an easy experience especially for new mothers who have a lot of puzzlements and questions about the health of their babies.

In the following lines you will find the most common 10 parenting mistakes new moms make in the early days of baby’s life:

 most common 10 parenting mistakes new moms make


10 parenting mistakes new moms make:


1- waking up the baby for feeding in the night:

It’s one of the common parenting mistakes new moms make. New moms always think that their babies need to eat at the night, so they wake their babies for food even if the baby doesn’t show the signs of hunger.

This is wrong, there’s no need to wake up the infant to feed him/her because if he/she feels hungry, he/she would wake up on its own and cries or shows the signs of hunger.

Sleeping is one of the most important needs of the baby and it’s one of the signs of a healthy baby especially in the night because the growth hormone in children is secreted at night.

I also did this mistake, I was waking up my baby again and again at the night until he used to wake up a lot and this became his routine.

Now, he is fifteen months old and he wakes up at least three times a night and I’m trying hard to make him sleep all the night.

Note// You should first consult the doctor about this point because there are some cases require waking up the baby in the night for feeding. 


2- New moms feel frightened and puzzled when their babies cry:

Crying is the baby’s way of expressing his presence, he may cry without feeling pain or needing to the food.

So, When to worry about your baby’s crying?

When crying is accompanied by high temperature and strange movements exhibited by the baby like squeezing himself, and when he keeps crying for more than an hour because the normal crying of babies does not last more than an hour.

In such cases, it is a matter of concern and must be taken to the doctor.

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3- shaking the baby:

Some mothers resort to shaking their babies when they cry to calm them down.

It’s a dangerous behaviour because it may affects the baby’s brain and causes paralysis or delayed growth or speech and understanding difficulties in the future.

Also moving the baby’s head rapidly, right and left, may cause bleeding in the brain.

You can know more about the risks of shaken the baby syndrome by asking a doctor to explain that to you.


4- clipping the baby’s nails:

One of the parenting mistakes new moms make is clipping the baby’s nails while he is awake, it may cause fingers injuries.

That’s because babies constantly move their hands, so it’s difficult to control and trim their nails safely.

That’s why you should clip the nails only during their sleep.


5- Baby’s teeth:


Baby’s first teeth shouldn’t be ignored. 

attention should be paid to the health of the teeth from the first day of the birth, by wiping the baby’s gum with a wet cotton cloth after finishing each feeding to keep his teeth healthy.


6- sitting:

You should not try to make your baby sitting before he finishes his fourth month of age so that he doesn’t have deformities in his back because of his spine still weak.

It is essential that the mother put her hand behind the baby’s neck while trying to make him sit because he can’t control his head.

And you should try to make his back straight and unobstructed by using pillows to fix it.


7- Using accessories is one of the parenting mistakes new moms make:

Sometimes, a mother of a baby girl rushing to wear her baby a ring in her fingers or another accessory.

This is very dangerous because she may swallow the ring while putting her fingers in her mouth.

It’s also preferable not to pierce the baby’s ears until she is vaccinated against tetanus at six months.


8- leaving the baby alone with his siblings who still kids:

It is never OK to leave babies with their toddler or younger children siblings alone, even for a short time. 

Also it’s not fair to expect a child to take on the full responsibility of caring for younger children. 


9- wrapping the baby tightly:

Wrapping the baby in his first months is controversial, some support it and another against it.

The only mistake with baby wrapping is when the mother wraps him tightly, it hurts his bones and prevents the gases from coming out naturally with the movement of the baby’s legs resulting in colic.


10- Using some old inherited habits in caring for babies:

Some new mothers care with their babies according to the experiences of grandmothers.

Sadly, many of them do not have scientific origins, but it’s just an inherited experiment.

For example, in some traditions, they put eyeliner to the baby after the shower, and some do a salt massage to the body of the baby after a week of the birth.




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