The ultimate 2022 guide for new moms

You may be wondering how life will be after you meet your new baby. You may have heard many stories about how life changes after having children, but you do not need to worry. All those stories are true, but today I am going to give you the ultimate 2022 guide for new moms. It will include mommy hacks and tips from many experienced moms like myself to help you overcome the challenges you may face as a new mom. So, let’s get to it. Here are the top 5 tips for new moms.


2022 Guide for new moms: mom tips 

The ultimate guide for new moms 2022


Tip 1: Follow a routine:

You cannot underestimate this tip. Babies and children thrive on schedules and routines. During the first two weeks of your baby’s life, feed on demand and do not worry about any routines. After that, if your baby is healthy and growing appropriately, begin a routine. I personally follow the Moms On Call Schedule. By placing your baby on a routine and following a feeding schedule, your day and night will become more organized. You will get more sleep, your baby will be more rested and less upset, and you will have time for self-care. Self-care is very important. If you cannot find time for yourself, your schedule needs to be changed because a happy mom makes a happy family.


Tip 2: Accept any assistance you can get:

When you become a mom, you will not have the free time you used to have. Even with a schedule, you may get an hour or two to yourself, and that is not always enough. If you have more than one child, you may have to do a hundred things at once. If someone like your partner, family member, friend, or neighbor offers help, take it. Do not believe for one second that you can do this by yourself, and you do not need the help. If you do this like I did, you will find yourself exhausted both physically and mentally. It is okay to say yes you need help. Do not feel guilty for it. You are a human being, and you get tired too! Accept help on days you feel tired. All women face difficulties for simply being a woman like menstrual pain, bloating during ovulation and premenstrual symptoms. It is okay to get some extra help during those days.


Tip 3: Make comfortable decisions:

When you have a baby, there are so many huge decisions you need to make. Do you want to breastfeed? How long should you breastfeed for? Do you want your baby’s ears pierced? Make sure you are comfortable with what you decide. This is your baby, and you have the right to decide what is best for you and your baby with no judgement. Breastfeeding is perfect for your baby, but formula is healthy too. Many people judge others for not breastfeeding, but remember not all babies are breastfed but they are healthy. 


Tip 4: Continue taking your prenatal vitamins:

After delivering your baby, your body needs time to heal. If you are breastfeeding, you may lose the nutrients your body needs to heal. Continue taking prenatal vitamins or postnatal ones. They will help nourish your body and your baby’s. You will feel healthier and more energetic, and trust me you are going to need the energy after becoming a mom.


Tip 5: Learn as much as possible before giving birth:

You can find everything on the internet. You will face many challenges if you do not educate yourself about babies. Breastfeeding is hard. You would need to learn the different ways to breastfeed in order to find the best position for you and your baby. Knowing how much to feed your baby is important too. Watch videos on how to sponge bathe your baby during the first days after birth. Learning different mommy hacks can also help you. Here are a few:



The ultimate guide for new moms 2022


Hack 1: Diaper Baskets

Keep a basket filled with diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream in every room and car.


Hack 2: The Smart Way To Take Off Onesies

Pull the onesie downward off the body during blowouts to avoid getting poop on the baby’s head.


Hack 3: Transition Baby From Lap To Bed Easily

Warm up the baby’s bed with a heating pad to make the transition easier. Make sure to remove the heating pad before placing the baby in the crib.


Hack 4: The 5 S’s

Learn the five S’s to calm the baby down. The 5 S’s are swaddling, shushing, swinging, sucking and side-stomach position. These can help soothe a baby quickly.


Hack 5: Give Your Baby A Pacifier

It reduces the chances of Sudden Infant Death.


Hack 6: White Noise

Use white noise or meditation music to keep your baby sleeping longer.


Hack 7: How To Dress Your Baby

Dress your baby in an extra layer than what you are wearing.


Hack 8: Ditch The Diaper Bag

Use a backpack instead of a diaper bag. It is much bigger, and you can wear it on your back. If you have more than one child, you will not be able to fit the belongings of two kids into one diaper bag. A backpack will do the job.


Hack 9: Beddings

Place two sheets over each other. That way changing sheets would be so much easier. Babies spit up a lot; don’t waste too much time on beddings.


Hack 10: Meal Planning

Prepare meals once a week, and make the meals simple and nutritious. You will not have the time to cook, clean and take care of a baby. Choose a day for grocery shopping, and choose another day for meal preparations.


In Conclusion: Guide For New Moms

Educate yourself before your baby’s birth. Being prepared will make this great new chapter of your life easier and more memorable. If you have heard of a mom hack not mentioned in this post, leave a comment below. Let us help each other!


About the Author:

Halimeh Salem, the founder of Crying Toddlers Blog, is a mom of two, Sama and Basem. She has learned through experience and loves to help other moms who need the help she once needed.

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