Things to do with toddlers/ 10 toddler activities


Looking for fun things to do with toddlers? You will read here a list of both fun and educational toddler activities, all of it is indoor activities. 

But here’s a secret you already knew: A playroom filled with expensive toys won’t keep kids entertained (though we do love a good toy). You probably have lots of items around the house that can be easily transformed into kid-friendly activities.

They can help toddlers develop pincer grasp, fine motor coordination, gross motor coordination, and identifying colors and shapes. You can also expose them to different textures. And no displays! (As we all know the harmful effects of screen time for kids)

Warning: Because toddlers lack common sense, all of these activities must be strictly monitored. This is self-explanatory. This is especially true for activities involving small parts with potential choking dangers or water that could cause drowning hazards. You can make these toddler activities even more fun and educational!


Things to do with toddlers / toddler activities

10 things to do with toddlers/ toddler activities:


1- Train made of cardboard:

Bring out your cardboard boxes and get creative! Allow your imaginations to run wild. A box can take the form of anything: a railway, vehicle ramps, an airplane, or a house.


2- Adhesive spider web:

One of the things to do with toddlers is Adhesive spider web. Simply Tape up the doorway and attempt to stick some newspapers (or cotton balls!) in it. A fantastic indoor activity for practicing gross motor skills!


3- Sensory colored shaving cream toddlers activities:

Shaving cream is an excellent sensory exercise for children to play indoors. It’s super easy to make with just two ingredients. 

Simply squirt some shaving cream on a pan and add food coloring, also place a towel on the floor to reduce the mess. 

Although it’s a bit messy, but they are totally worth the mess because they are super fun.


4- Indoor toddler activity: pop bottle bowling 

One of the fun things to do with toddlers in home is Indoor bowling!

Take one of the children’s balls. Arrange a few pin-worthy items. Numerous items will work for these, including pop bottles, paper towel tubes, and toilet paper!


5- Colored tape lines:

Tape a line on the floor in various patterns (zig zag, curved, or straight) and have a toddler walk along with it, attempting to maintain the best balance possible.

Can they move ahead, or can they walk backward? Another excellent gross motor toddler activity for indoors.


6- Pom poms toddler activity:

Pom pom activities is an excellent way to practice fine motor skills. 

Poke pom poms through an opening in a small bottle or cut a small hole in a container with your child. Pom poms and other little things can train fine motor skills, but always as you know, be cautious and watch small children constantly.


7- Dough with sparkling clouds is one of the things to do with toddlers at home:

Cloud dough is a play dough replacement (although play dough is fantastic, it’s fun to mix in something else occasionally). The texture is incredible, and children will enjoy exploring it.

You can learn here a step by step how to do cloud dough toddler activity. 


8- Necklace with Straw Threaded Shoestrings:

Create a necklace in the manner of a child!

Utilize a string length (a shoestring works well due to its hard end) and something to thread it through. Beads of a larger size would be ideal.

However, alternative materials like straws or huge pasta noodles work as well. This would be an amazing activity for developing fine motor skills.


9- Energetic newspaper throwing indoor:

Take a newspaper from the recycle bin and have a good time hurling it!

With this indoor toddler play, you can incorporate a target and practice counting as well. All of these activities provide excellent gross motor exercise and one of the fun things to do with toddlers indoor. 

10- Slimy eyes indoor toddler activity:

Here’s a clean and straightforward sensory activity! It’s perfect for all ages, including babies and toddlers. 

Fill a baggy halfway with hair gel (lotion might also work) and zip it up! Add some miscellaneous craft supplies to the mix for more fun. 

Tape the slimy eye sensory bag onto a window for the toddlers to explore. 


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