35 unexpected benefits of orange peels


Here you’ll know 35 unexpected benefits of orange peels, so you’ll never throw it again in the trash!!

Everyone knows the waste damage to our planet. If you and I and others reduce the production of household waste, we will contribute to the nappy life on this planet.

So I’m going to publish a series (do not throw it in the trash) to share the benefits and recycling methods of many things we used to throw in the trash.
Perhaps we can together eliminate the pollution, save the life on our planet, and of course saving money.

Reduce your waste:

It’s my first post in ( Reducebthe waste) series.

When you eat oranges or make orange juice, do not throw its peels in the trash! It’s a great treasure with amazing benefits that you may not have heard before.

Keep reading to learn the unexpected benefit of this peel.

35 unexpected benefits of orange peels

Benefits of orange peel for the health:

You can see the nutritional value of orange peel here.

#1 Fights cancer: Orange peel fights a large number of cancers, such as skin, lung, breast, stomach, and colon cancers. It also reduces the risk of liver cancer. That’s may be due to its antioxidant protein. This peel also contains substances called (polymethoxyflavones) which protects against cancer formation and its development in various organs of the body.

#2 Reduce the bad cholesterol: Orange peel contains a large amount of soluble fibre as it contains flavonoids, so it helps to reduce the proportion of bad cholesterol in the blood. Also, it helps to maintain normal blood pressure levels.

#3 prevents constipation: That’s due to its high content of dietary fibre, which facilitates bowel function and supports the functions of the digestive system. Which prevents and treats constipation.

#4 Helps to get rid of a headache: If you suffer from migraines, boil the orange peel for 10 minutes and then drink its water, it is useful and sedative.

#5 Calms the nervous and helps to sleep: Essential oils in orange peel have a calming effect that can be used to soothe nervous people and help them sleep.

Benefits of orange peels for face and skin:

The orange peel whitens the face and saves it from the dark spots. It also acts as a disinfectant for pores and protects the skin from harmful sun rays because it is rich in vitamin C.
Here are Three ways to use orange peel for skin:

#6 To whiten the skin and unify its colour: Mix a teaspoon of orange peels powder with a teaspoon of yogurt to obtain a homogeneous mask. Apply this mask on the face for 15-20 minutes, once or twice a week, then rinse your face with cold water.

#7 To get a glowing and refreshing skin: Boil the orange peel well, Put the filtered water in the ice moulds and place it in the freezer until it freezes. Rub your face daily with the frozen orange cube until it completely melts.

#8 To fight the signs of aging: Orange peel contains a high percentage of antioxidants that help fight free radicals responsible for the appearance of wrinkles and skin sagging. Mix a tablespoon of orange peel powder with oatmeal powder and honey to get a homogeneous mixture, apply the mask on your face and neck for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

#9 To exfoliate and soften the skin: Mix equal amounts of powdered orange peel and sugar and add a little almond oil or coconut oil, this is a wonderful scrub for face and body.

Benefits of orange peels for the hair:

#10 To eliminate hair crust and get healthy hair with a refreshing scent: Place the orange peel in a bowl and pour boiling water on it and soak it for two hours, then remove the orange peel from it and put the resulting liquid in a bottle of sprays and spray it on your hair daily.

Benefits of orange peels for the beautiful smile:

#11 To whiten the teeth: Orange peel is one of the most important natural methods of whitening teeth. It is used by rubbing the teeth with the inner pulp of the orange peel in a gentle way twice a day.

#12 To freshen the breath: It can be used as a breath freshener by gently rubbing the gums with fresh orange peels.

#13 To make a lip palm: Place equal amounts of sugar and orange peel powder in a bowl, add a few drops of almond oil, mix well until smooth, leave it aside for 15 minutes, then apply it to your lips.

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Cleaning purposes are one of the unexpected benefits of orange peels:

If you are allergic to chemical cleaning stuff, or if you’re the one who is trying to reduce the use of chemicals in her home to keep it a healthy place to raise a family, then you are in the right place. I’m gonna share with you amazing ideas to use the orange peels in cleaning purpose without side effects ?

#14 To clean the surfaces and floors: Orange oil is used for this purpose where it can be extracted naturally in the house using this method: place orange peels in a glass container and pour on it a quantity of white vinegar, then place it in the refrigerator. After a few weeks filter the vinegar from the crusts and use the resulting mixture in cleaning For different surfaces and floors.

#15 It can be used as a cleaning sponge for polishing stainless steel: Orange peel can be used as a sponge for cleaning and polishing because it is rich in essential oils that fight dirt and grease, therefore they are ideal for polishing porcelain and stainless steel.

#16 To polish the wood furniture: It helps to polish the wood surfaces and remove the stains Because it contains a high level of natural oils and acids.

#17 To clean and sterilize the kettle: Boil the orange peel in the kettle and leave it for 15-30 minutes, then rinse the kettle. You will find that all the impurities that have been stuck are gone and its smell has become freshener.

#18 To clean the microwave oven: Place the orange peel in a bowl of water and place it in the microwave oven. Run the microwave oven for five minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe the microwave oven with a sponge or clean cloth. You will find that all the dirt is easily removed. This is due to volatile natural oils of orange peel.

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Orange peel helps to get rid of bad smells:

#19 It can be used as air freshener: Place the orange peel in a pot with a cinnamon stick, mint or vanilla bean as you prefer. Pour boiling water over it and set it on fire for a few minutes and then turn off the fire. Keep the pot without its cover, to freshen the air of the kitchen.

#20 To freshen the fridge: Divide the orange into two halves and remove the fruit ( eat it ). Fill the peel with salt and place it in the refrigerator. Salt will absorb the unpleasant smells and the orange peel will leave a refreshing smell in the refrigerator.

#21 To get rid of bad odours in shoes: Place the orange peels in a cloth bag and place it in shoes, the peel will eliminate the unpleasant odours.

#22 keep your closet smells clean: If your wardrobe is old, it can cause unpleasant odours. To protect your clothes from this smell, spread the dried orange peels in the wardrobe and put it stick to your clothes everywhere in the closet, whether on the shelves or in the drawers. You will notice the refreshing smell of the closet.

#23 Remove stinky sink odours: If you need a quick fix for a stinky sink, just toss a few orange peels down your garbage disposal to eliminate any odour in a pinch.

#24 Make a freshener candle at home

Orange peel helps to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness:

#25 Many pregnant women suffer from the problem of morning sickness and do not know that the treatment of this problem exists in their refrigerator. The smell of orange peel for five minutes contributes greatly to reduce the severity of the morning sickness symptoms.

orange peels can be used as organic fertilizer to your home plants:

#26 one of the unexpected benefits of orange peels is that it can be used as an organic fertilizer because it’s rich in nitrogen, which helps in the formation of plants leaves, it is an important element that agricultural soil is needed during cultivation.

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It can be used to get rid of bugs and ants:

#27 Orange peel contains a large number of acids that can be used to get rid of some insects and prevent them from getting close to where they are. Therefore, many companies specialized in the manufacture of pesticides extract these acids and packaged in sprays for use in the disposal of insects. So if you suffer from insects in some corners of your house and do not want to use chemical pesticides, you can put orange peel in these corners and the insects will run away from the places where the peels are found.

Keeping cats away is one of the unexpected benefits of orange peels:

#28 If you do not want your pet to get close to certain places in the house like the sofa, bed or a wardrobe.

All you have to do is putting the orange peel near these places and you will see that the cats are not approaching them.

Make orange tea:

#29 There’s no need to buy orange teabags from the supermarket because you can do its recipe easily in the house.

Place orange peels in a cup and pour boiling water on it, let it set for 2 minutes then enjoy the tea.

You can soften the brown sugar using orange peels:

#30 Leaving a bag of brown sugar in your pantry can lead to rock-hard clumps. The good news is that orange peels can help prevent this. Just keep a few pieces of the peels with your brown sugar and the sugar will remain moist.
If the sugar is already rocked, place it in a container and spread through it some pieces of orange peels. You’ll see that sugar will return to its state of softness just a few hours later.

You can make delicious recipes using orange peels:

#31 candied orange peels.
#32 chocolate dipped orange peel.

#33 fresh orange peel cake.

#34 healthy orange peel chicken.

#35 orange peel beef.

DIY orange peel powder:

How to make orange peel powder at home?? It’s a simple way :

  • Peel off the oranges, taking into consideration that the white layer is not taken because it tastes bitter, or you can collect the orange peel you eat or squeeze.
  • Divide the peels into small squares using the knife and put it on a plastic or aluminium tray and place it under the sun. At the night cover the peels with a light transparent cloth to protect it from insects and dew.
  • Leave the orange peel in the sun for at least a week until it completely dry.
  • Keep it in a sealed container in a dry place.
  • Then simply put the dried peels in a blender, run the blender until ground.
  • Keep the powder in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Now, I’m pretty sure you’ll never throw the orange peels in the trash again.

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