A list of 423 Boy names that start with D 2022

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with D, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with D contains ( 423 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key symbolism and personality for names start with letter D:

D represents balance. The D shows will-power, a natural talent for business, perseverance, authority, organisation.

If your name starts with D, it means that you are someone who wants peace and security.

Empathetic, practical, humble, determined, and competitive. This is the main characteristics of person whose name start with D.

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Boy names that start with D 2022

Scottish boy names that start with D:

1. Dacey: a man from the south
2. Dallas: from the Dales; valley of the water
3. Dalziel: small field
4. Darren: a great man
5. Deorsa: farmer
6. Desmond: a man from south Munster
7. Delvin: a misfortune man
8. Diarmad: without envy
9. Dillon: a lion; a faithful man
10. Domnall: a world ruler
11. Don: ruler of the world
12. Donald: ruler of the world
13. Donnie: ruler of the world
14. Dorsey: from the fortress near the sea
15. Druce: a wise man
16. Drummond: one who lives on the Ridge
17. Duane: a dark or swarthy man
18. Duff: dark complexion; dark-haired
19. Duncan: a dark warrior; dark-haired
20. Dundee: from the town on the firth of Tay
21. Dunmore: from the fortress on the hill

Latin boy names that start with D:

1. Dacey: a man drom Dacia
2. Damon: spirit
3. Dante: an enduring man; everlasting
4. Dean: religious leader
5. Dein: religious leader
6. Delaney: of the elder tree Grove
7. Delano: of the elder tree Grove
8. Delmar: of the sea
9. Dene: religious leader
10. Desiderio: one who is desired; hoped for
11. Dexter: a right-handed man; one who is skillfull
12. Diamond: precious jewel
13. Dom: belonging to God
14. Domenico: belonging to God
15. Dominic: a lord
16. Donato: gift from God
17. Durand: enduring; steadfast
18. Durant: enduring; steadfast
19. Dyfan: spirit

English boy names that start with D:

1. Dack: from the French town of Dax
2. Dale: valley
3. Dallin: people’s pride
4. Dalton: from the town in the valley
5. Danby: from the Dane’s settlement
6. Dane: a man from Denmark
7. Danny: God is my judge
8. Darek: the ruler of the tribe
9. Darnell: from the hidden place
10. Darold: the ruler of the army
11. Darren: a gift from God
12. Darrin: rocky hill
13. Darton: deer estate or town
14. Darwin: beloved friend
15. Dave: beloved
16. Davis: the son of David
17. Dawson: the son of David
18. Dayton: from the sunny town
19. Daen: from the valley
20. Deandre: combination of Dean and Andre
21. Dedrick: the ruler of the tribe
22. Dein: one who lives in the valley
23. Delaware: from the state of Delaware
24. Delbert: bright as day
25. Dell: from the small valley; hollow
26. Delmon: a man of the mountain
27. Dempster: the judge
28. Dene: one who lives in the valley
29. Denham: homestead in the valley
30. Denley: from the meadow near the valley
31. Denman: one who lives in the valley
32. Dennison: the son of Dennis
33. Denton: from the valley estate
34. Derek: the ruler of the tribe
35. Dervin: a gifted friend
36. Derward: deer-keeper
37. Derwent: valley thick with oaks; oak river
38. Derwin: deer friend
39. Derwood: of the deer wood
40. Deverell: riverbank
41. Devon: from the beautiful farmland; poet
42. Dexter: dyer of cloth
43. Dick: powerful
44. Dickson: son of Dick
45. Dixon: the son of Dick
46. Doane: from the rolling hills
47. Dobbs: a fiery man
48. Dotson: the son of Dot
49. Drake: a dragon
50. Drostan: noisy one
51. Druce: the son of Drew
52. Dryden: from the dry valley
53. Dudley: from the meadow
54. Duke: a title of nobility; a leader
55. Dunley: from the brown hilly meadow
56. Dunstan: from the dark stone or hill
57. Dunton: from the town on the hill
58. Durham: hilly peninsula
59. Durrell: strong and protective
60. Durward: gatekeeper
61. Durwin: beloved friend
62. Dustin: from the dusty area
63. Dwade: a dark traveller
64. Dwight: blond
65. Dyer: a creative man

Greek boy names that start with D:

1. Daedalus: a craftsmen
2. Damario: a calf
3. Damian: one who tames others
4. Damon: constant
5. Daphnis: the son of Hermes in mythology
6. Dard: son of zeus
7. Dardanus: the founder of Troy in mythology
8. Darion: a gift
9. Darius: a kingly man; wealthy
10. Deacon: the dusty one; a servant
11. Delius: a man from Delos
12. Demas: popular
13. Demetrio: lover of the earth
14. Demetrius: lover of the earth
15. Demos: of the people
16. Dennis: follower of Dionysus in the mythology
17. Deo: godlike
18. Diomedes: thoughts of zeus
19. Dinos: steadfast; firm
20. Doran: gift
21. Dorian: belonging to Dorian tribe
22. Doron: gift

Scandinavian boy names that start with D:

1. Dag: born during the daylight
2. Danely: a man from Denmark
3. Darby: a deer estate
4. Davin: bright; happy one
5. Denby: of the Danish settlement
6. Derby: a deer estate
7. Digby: from the town near the ditch
8. Donar: thunder God
9. Durin: one of the fathers of the dwarves in mythology
10. Dyre: dear heart

Irish boy names starting with D:

1. Dacey: southerner
2. Daibhi: beloved
3. Daire: a wealthy man
4. Dallan: one who is blind
5. Dallas: wise
6. Darby: free 
7. Darcy: dark
8. Darrin: great
9. Declan: the name of a saint; prayerful
10. Deegan: a black-haired man
11. Delaney: the dark challenger
12. Dempsey: proud
13. Denzil: high stronghold
14. Derby: free
15. Dermot: free of envy
16. Derron: great
17. Derry: red-haired
18. Desmond: from south Munster, Ireland
19. Devin: poet
20. Devlin: heroic; brave
21. Dolan: black-haired
22. Donahue: dark-haired warrior
23. Donato: gift from God
24. Donegal: fort of foreigners
25. Donnell: dark brave one
26. Donoghue: dark-haired warrior
27. Donovan: a brown-haired chief
28. Dooley: dark hero
29. Doran: a stranger
30. Doug: from the dark stream
31. Dougal: dark stranger
32. Douglas: from the dark stream
33. Dow: black-haired
34. Doyle: dark stranger
35. Drew: wise; courageous; strong
36. Driscoll: a mediator; one who is sorrowful
37. Duane: dark one
38. Dublin: from the capital of Ireland
39. Dugal: dark stranger
40. Dugan: dark-haired
41. Dunbar: dark branch
42. Dunn: brown-haired
43. Dwaine: dark one

Indian boy names starting with D:

1. Daivat: a powerful man
2. Dalal: broker
3. Dandin: holy man
4. Darshan: one of the Hindu gods
5. Dasras: a handsome man
6. Dasya: a servant
7. Deepak: little lamp or light
8. Deshan: of the nation
9. Dev: godlike
10. Devanshi: a divine messenger
11. Devdan: gift of the gods
12. Deven: for God
13. Dhyanesh: on who meditates
14. Dilip: protector
15. Dinesh: lord of the day
16. Dipak: lamp; light
17. Durjaya: one who is difficult to defeat

African boy names starting with D:

1. Dakarai: filled with happiness
2. Daniachew: a mediator
3. Danso: a reliable man
4. Daren: born at night
5. Davu: of the beginning
6. Dembe: a peaceful man
7. Diji: a farmer
8. Domevlo: one who doesn’t judge others
9. Dumi: one who inspires others
10. Dzigbode: one who is patient

Native American boy names starting with D:

1. Dakota: a friend of all
2. Dasan: a chief
3. Degotoga: standing together
4. Delsin: he is so
5. Demothi: talks while walking
6. Dichali: one who talks a lot
7. Dustu: spring frog
8. Dyami: eagle

Spanish boy names starting with D:

1. Damario: one who is gentle
2. Dario: affluent
3. Delmar: came from the sea
4. Desiderio: desired
5. Desperado: a renegade
6. Devante: one who fights wrongdoing
7. Diamante: like a diamond
8. Diego: he who supplants
9. Domingo: born on a Sunday
10. Donatello: gift from God

Hebrew boy names that start with D:

1. Dagan: earth; grain
2. Dan: God is my judge
3. Daniel: God is my judge
4. Danny: God is my judge
5. Dar: a pearl
6. Dave: beloved
7. Davey: beloved
8. David: beloved; famous Israelite King of Bible
9. Decker: a piercing man
10. Dein: God is my judge
11. Dermot: free of envy
12. Dor: of this generation
13. Dov: bear; beloved
14. Dover: of the waters; speaker

Arabic boy names that start with D:

1. Daaim: lasting
2. Dakheel: foreigner
3. Daoud: the beloved one
4. Darwesh: mystic
5. Dhakir: one who remembers God frequently
6. Diya: brightness; splendor
7. Doraid: toothless
8. Dost: a beloved friend

French boy names that start with D:

1. Darcel: having dark features
2. Darcy: from the fortress
3. Darrell: beloved
4. Dartagnan: from Artagnan, France
5. Darvell: from the eagle town
6. Dax: from the French town Dax
7. Deiondre: Valley
8. Delaney: from the elder-tree Grove
9. Delano: of the night
10. Delroy: belonging to the king
11. Dennis: a follower of Dionysus
12. Deonte: an outgoing man
13. Destin: fate
14. Deverell: from the riverbank
15. Didier: desired one
16. Dior: the golden one
17. Donatien: gift
18. Dory: golden
19. Drury: dear one; a sweetheart
20. Duke: leader
21. Dumont: man of the mountain
22. Duvall: from the valley

German boy names that start with D:

1. Decker: one who prays
2. Dedric: ruler of the people
3. Derek: ruler of the people
4. Deutsch: a German
5. Dick: powerful ruler
6. Dieter: army of the people
7. Dietrich: the ruler of the tribe
8. Dirk: ruler of the people
9. Dodd: of the people
10. Dolf: noble wolf
11. Dustin: a courageous warrior; dark stone

Italian boy names that start with D:

1. Damiano: tamer
2. Dante: lasting; enduring
3. Dario: rich; wealthy
4. Davide: beloved
5. Deangelo: angel
6. Demetrio: lover of the earth
7. Dino: one who wields a little sword; from the valley
8. Donato: a gift from God
9. Draco: dragon
10. Drago: dragon

Welsh boy names that start with D:

1. Dafydd: beloved
2. Dai: beloved
3. Davidson: son of David; beloved
4. Davis: son of David
5. Delwyn: friend from the valley
6. Dewey: beloved
7. Dillon: from the sea
8. Dinsdale: born on Sunday
9. Drew: one who is wise
10. Dylan: son of the sea

Vietnamese boy names that start with D:

1. Dinh: encampment
2. Dong: winter
3. Duc: one who has upstanding morals
4. Due: a virtuous man
5. Dung: a brave man; a heroic man
6. Duong: virile
7. Duy: save

Japanese boy names that start with D:

1. Dai: large
2. Daichi: from the earth
3. Daido: the greatest way
4. Daijiro: great second son
5. Daiki: noble one; filled with radiance
6. Daisuke: the large one
7. Danno: gathering
8. Danuja: knight; ruler

Aboriginal boy names that start with D:

1. Dainan: kind hearted
2. Daku: sand
3. Dalman: bountiful place
4. Defrain: mountains
5. Derain: of the mountains
6. Darel: blue sky
7. Derrilin: falling star
8. Dilgon: like the moon
9. Dorak: lively
10. Dural: hollow tree on fire

Czech boy names starting with D:

1. Dalibor: to fight far away
2. Damek: earth
3. Dano: God is my judge
4. Davidek: beloved
5. Dobromil: good grace
6. Dobromir: good fame
7. Domek: belonging to the lord
8. Dumin: belonging to the lord
9. Dusan: spirit; soul
10. Dusanek: soul

Danish boy names starting with D:

1. Dag: day; bright
2. Dan: God is my judge
3. Dane: from Denmark
4. Dedric: a great leader
5. Dierk: ruler of the people
6. Dierks: born as a ruler; powerful and confident

Belgian boy names starting with D:

1. Darcio: dark
2. Dareau: dearly loved
3. Davet: beloved
4. Decker: roofer
5. Deman: tame
6. Derrall: dearly loved
7. Derrick: a gifted ruler
8. Dietger: spear of the people
9. Drugi: strong and powerful

Chinese boy names starting with D:

1. Da: attainment
2. Dai: draw back; pull
3. Deli: virtuous
4. Deshi: a man of virtue
5. Dewei: highly virtuous
6. Delun: virtuous order
7. Deming: virtue bright
8. Dingbang: protect the country
9. Ding xiang: stability and fortune
10. Dong: east; winter
11. Dong hai: eastern sea
12. Duyi: wholeness

Dutch boy names starting with D:

1. Dam: a topographic name
2. Darth: father
3. Decatur: one who manufacturers cloth
4. Dedrick: a gifted and popular ruler
5. Deman: man
6. Diederick: beloved ruler
7. Dutch: from Holland
8. Dwijaraj: white; blond
9. Dyk: attractive and diligent human being

Russian boy names starting with D:

1. Damir: provides peace
2. Danila: God is my judge
3. Dasha: gift from God
4. Dema: calm
5. Demyan: a true friend
6. Dimitri: earth lover
7. Dzon: God is gracious

Indonesian boy names starting with D:

1. Daa: the inviter
2. Daadar: brother; dear friend
3. Daalii: grape with light colour
4. Daamir: heart
5. Daanaa: wise; learned; intelligent
6. Dabeer: teacher; secretary
7. Daboor: morning breeze
8. Dahdah: short
9. Dahi: lion
10. Dahir: trustworthy
11. Dahlan: lion; King
12. Daig: fire; flame
13. Daja: black eyed
14. Dalim: pomegranate
15. Damdam: water
16. Dar: pearl
17. Daryab: river
18. Dastagir: brave
19. Dawwas: strong; brave
20. Dian: candle

Polish boy names that start with D:

1. Dariusz: possesses
2. Dawid: beloved
3. Demian: can be tamed
4. Dobrogost: good guest
5. Dobromil: good love
6. Dobry: good
7. Donat: gift

Portuguese boy names that start with D:

1. Davi: beloved
2. Delio: from heaven
3. Diamantino: a pure and lovely individual
4. Dimas: Sunrise
5. Dinis: have a heart of gold
6. Diogo: may God protect
7. Domingos: born on Sunday
8. Duarte: prosperous guardian

Turkish boy names starting with D:

1. Davut: beloved friend
2. Demir: made of iron
3. Deniz: sea of happiness
4. Deren: one who gathers, picks flowers
5. Dervis: needy
6. Dilan: love
7. Dilruba: a beloved son
8. Dogan: peregrine falcon
9. Doruk: peak; mountain top
10. Duman: smoke of mist

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