408 boy names that start with R and meanings 2023

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with R, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with R contains ( 408 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key symbolism and personality for names start with R:

According to name echo, people whose names start with R have a steady temper and are stable.

In life and in business, they are self-reliant and have goals that if they attain, can benefit the entire humanity.

Because they like to keep their feelings to themselves, they may appear cold and uncaring. But, they are the best friends anyone can have.

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408 boy names that start with R and meanings 2022

African boy names that start with R:

1. Rabbaanee: an easy-going man
2. Rach: resembling a frog
3. Radames: a hero
4. Rafiki: a gentle friend
5. Rafiya: a dignified man
6. Rago: ram
7. Raimi: a compassionate man
8. Rajab: a glorified man
9. Ramses: born of the sun
10. Rehema: second-born child
11. Rudo: love
12. Ruhakana: one who likes to debate
13. Runako: handsome
14. Russom: the chief; the boss

445 African boy names with meanings

297 African girl names with meanings

Hebrew boy names that start with R:

1. Raamah: thunder
2. Raanan: fresh
3. Rabbi: the master
4. Rachamin: compassionate
5. Rafi: God has healed
6. Ram: a superior man
7. Rani: my song of happiness; joyful song
8. Raphael: the divine healer; healed by God
9. Ravid: a wanderer; one who searches; rain; dew
10. Reba: fourth-born son
11. Reuben: behold; a son
12. Rezin: delightful
13. Rishon: the first-born son
14. Roni: my joy; my song
15. Ruben: son
16. Ruby: son

550 Hebrew boy names with meanings

470 Hebrew girl names with meanings

English boy names that start with R:

1. Race: race
2. Rad: advisor
3. Radford: from the Red Ford
4. Rafferty: prosperous
5. Raine: lord; wise
6. Raleigh: deer meadow
7. Ralph: wolf counsel
8. Rama: male sheep
9. Rami: male sheep
10. Ramsden: valley of the rams
11. Ramsey: island of the rams ; from the island of wild garlic
12. Rance: one who has been crowned with a laurel
13. Rand: warrior
14. Randall: wolf; shield
15. Randolph: wolf; shield
16. Randy: the wolf shield
17. Rang: resembling a raven
18. Rangey: from raven’s island
19. Ravinger: one who lives near the ravine
20. Ransford: raven’s Ford
21. Ransom: son of the shield
22. Raven: raven; blackbird; black-haired
23. Rawdon: rough hill
24. Rawleigh: deer meadow
25. Ray: a wise protector
26. Rayburn: deer stream
27. Rayfield: from the field of roe deer
28. Rayhurn: from the roe deer’s stream
29. Raymond: wise protector
30. Reade: red-haired
31. Rebel: rebellious one
32. Redwald: strong counsel
33. Reeve: a Bailiff
34. Regenfrithu: a peaceful raven
35. Reid: a red-haired man; one who lives near the reeds
36. Remington: from the town of the raven’s family
37. Renfrew: still river
38. Rexford: from the king’s Ford
39. Reynold: the king’s advisor
40. Rice: rich; noble
41. Richard: a powerful ruler
42. Rick: a powerful ruler
43. Rickward: a strong protector
44. Ridgeway: one who lives on the road near the Ridge
45. Rigby: ruler’s valley
46. Rigg: one who lives near the Ridge
47. Riley: from the rye clearing
48. Ripley: from the noisy meadow
49. Rishley: from the untamed meadow
50. Risley: from the brushwood meadow
51. Riston: from the brushwood settlement
52. River: stream of water; river bank
53. Robert: famous; brilliant
54. Robin: small bird
55. Rochester: from the stone fortress
56. Rockford: from the rocky Ford
57. Roden: valley of reeds
58. Rodney: from the island’s clearing
59. Rook: resembling a raven
60. Roper: one who makes ropes
61. Roswell: a fascinating man
62. Rover: wanderer
63. Rowan: tree with red berries
64. Rowdy: a boisterous man
65. Rudd: red-coloured complexion
66. Rudy: famous wolf
67. Rudyard: from the red paddock
68. Rumford: from the broad Ford
69. Rupert: one who is bright with fame
70. Rushford: from the ford with rushes
71. Rusty: one who has red hair or a ruddy complexion
72. Rutherford: from the cattle’s Ford
73. Ryder: an accomplished horseman
74. Rylan: from the place where rye is grown
75. Ryland: from the place where rye is grown

1076 English boy names with meanings

536 English girl names with meanings

Spanish boy names that start with R:

1. Rafael: one who is healed by God
2. Rami: supreme judge
3. Ramiro: supreme judge
4. Ramon: wise protector
5. Raulo: wise
6. Reno: shortened form of names ending with (eno)
7. Ricardo: powerful ruler
8. Rico: powerful ruler
9. Rio: river
10. Rogelio: a famous soldier
11. Roja: red
12. Rolando: renowned throughout the land
13. Rubio: resembling a Ruby
14. Rudi: famous wolf
15. Ruiz: a good friend

282 Spanish boy names with meanings

298 Spanish girl names with meanings

Irish boy names that start with R:

1. Rafe: a tough man
2. Raghnall: wise; powerful
3. Rayan: little king
4. Reagan: little king
5. Regan: little king
6. Rhyan: little king
7. Riddock: from the smooth field
8. Riley: valiant
9. Riordain: a bright man
10. Riordan: the king’s poet
11. Roarke: famous ruler
12. Rogan: red-haired
13. Rohan: red-haired
14. Ronan: to make a promise; seal
15. Rooney: red-haired one
16. Rory: brilliant; famous ruler; ruddy one
17. Rowan: red-haired
18. Rowson: son of red-haired person
19. Ruadhan: a red-haired man
20. Ruarc: a famous ruler
21. Ryan: little king
22. Ryley: valiant
23. Ryne: little king

446 Irish boy names with meanings

260 Irish girl names with meanings

Arabic boy names that start with R:

1. Rabi: fragrant breeze
2. Radwan: delightful
3. Rafi: praised; exalted
4. Rafiq: friend
5. Raghib: one who is desired
6. Rahim: merciful; compassionate
7. Rahul: traveller
8. Raid: leader; ruler
9. Ramadan: ninth month in Islamic calendar
10. Rami: a loving man
11. Raqib: a glorified man
12. Rashad: wise advisor
13. Rayhan: favoured by God
14. Reshad: wise advisor
15. Rida: satisfied

388 Arabic boy names with meanings

338 Arabic girl names with meanings

Scandinavian boy names that start with R:

1. Ragnar: a warrior who places judgement
2. Rainer: warrior from gods
3. Ralph: wolf counsellor
4. Raskogr: from the deer forest
5. Rauthuell: dwells near the red spring
6. Regin: a mythical blacksmith
7. Reidar: nest warrior
8. Roald: a famous ruler
9. Roar: fighter of praise
10. Rognvald: Earl of Orkney
11. Ronald: the king’s advisor
12. Roscoe: deer forest
13. Rutger: famous with the spear
14. Rutland: red land

280 Scandinavian boy names with meanings

300 Scandinavian girl names with meanings

Japanese boy names that start with R:

1. Raiden: in mythology, the god of thunder and lightning
2. Rei: law; rules
3. Renjiro: virtuous
4. Renzo: the third-born son
5. Ringo: apple
6. Ruka: bright blue flower
7. Ryo: a survival person
8. Ryota: clear; refreshing
9. Ryoto: a person like dragon
10. Ryuu: dragon

213 Japanese boy names with meanings

208 Japanese girl names with meanings

Indian boy names that start with R:

1. Rajak: pure; clean
2. Rajan: a king
3. Rajarshi: the king’s sage
4. Rajesh: the king’s rule
5. Rajit: one who is decorated
6. Rajiv: to be striped
7. Raktim: bright red
8. Rama: godlike
9. Ranjan: a delightful boy
10. Ratul: a sweet man
11. Ravi: sun
12. Ravindra: the strength of the sun
13. Rishi: sage
14. Rohan: sandalwood
15. Rohin: path going up
16. Rohit: large beautiful fish
17. Roshan: born during the daylight; light
18. Rujul: an honest man

463 Indian boy names with meanings

400 Indian girl names with meanings

German boy names that start with R:

1. Rainer: army advisor
2. Rambert: having great strength; an intelligent man; brilliant
3. Rand: one who shields others
4. Randall: the wolf shield
5. Randolph: the wolf shield
6. Raymond: a wise protector
7. Redmond: adviser
8. Reginald: king’s advisor
9. Reynard: brave advice
10. Richard: powerful ruler
11. Richart: powerful ruler
12. Richmond: a powerful protector
13. Ritter: a knight
14. Roald: famous ruler
15. Rob: famous; brilliant
16. Robert: one who is bright with fame
17. Roch: repose
18. Roderick: a famous ruler
19. Rodney: from the famous one’s island
20. Roger: famous with a spear
21. Roland: from the renowned land
22. Rolf: famous wolf
23. Roswald: of the mighty horses
24. Roth: a red-haired man
25. Royce: a famous man
26. Rudeger: a friendly man
27. Rudolph: a famous wolf
28. Ruland: renowned throughout the land
29. Rupert: famous; brilliant

378 German boy names with meanings

285 German girl names with meanings

Portuguese boy names that start with R:

1. Raimundo: wise guardian
2. Ramao: a man from Rome
3. Ramirez: referring to the immaculate conception
4. Ramiro: a famous counsellor; a great judge
5. Reginaldo: ruler over horses
6. Reinaldo: rule
7. Remigio: sword
8. Reuben: sea of bitterness
9. Ricardo: brave ruler
10. Rio: rival; eager
11. Roberto: bright fame
12. Rodolfo: famous wolf
13. Rodrigo: famous ruler
14. Roque: rock
15. Ronaldo: ruler advisor
16. Rosario: rock; Stone
17. Rudi: famous wolf
18. Rufino: red gemstone
19. Rufus: red-haired
20. Ruy: famous power

186 Portuguese boy names with meanings

143 Portuguese girl names with meanings

French boy names that start with R:

1. Ranger: protector; keeper
2. Raoul: wolf counsel
3. Rapier: sharp like a blade
4. Raul: wolf counsellor
5. Rawlins: from the renowned land
6. Ray: king
7. Regine: one who is artistic
8. Rene: born again
9. Reynard: fox
10. Richmond: from the wealthy hill
11. Rondel: short poem
12. Ross: red-haired
13. Rousseau: a little red-haired boy
14. Roy: a king
15. Royal: regal one
16. Royce: son of the King
17. Ruff: red-haired
18. Rush: red-haired
19. Ruskin: red-haired
20. Russ: red-haired
21. Russell: a little red-haired boy
22. Rusty: red-haired

350 French boy names with meanings

300 French girl names with meanings

Scottish boy names that start with R:

1. Rab: famous; brilliant
2. Raibeart: famous; brilliant
3. Regan: born into royalty; the little ruler
4. Reilly: an outgoing man
5. Riordan: a royal poet
6. Roark: a champion
7. Ron: king’s advisor
8. Ronald: king’s advisor
9. Ronan: resembling a little seal
10. Ronny: king’s advisor
11. Rooney: a red-haired man
12. Rory: a red-haired man
13. Roslin: a little red-haired boy
14. Ross: peninsula
15. Roy: a red-haired man
16. Ryan: the little ruler; little king

285 Scottish boy names with meanings

140 Scottish girl names with meanings

Latin boy names that start with R:

1. Reggie: the king’s advisor
2. Reginald: the king’s advisor
3. Regis: regal
4. Remus: fast; according to legend, one of the brothers who founded Rome
5. Renato: born again
6. Renzo: one who has been crowned with a laurel
7. Rex: a king
8. Rhett: a well-spoken man
9. Roman: a citizen of Rome
10. Romel: citizen of Rome
11. Romeo: man from Rome
12. Romero: man from Rome
13. Romulus: citizen of Rome
14. Rufus: a red-haired man
15. Rule: ruler

407 Latin boy names with meanings

435 Latin girl names with meanings

Welsh boy names that start with R:

1. Reece: ardent; enthusiastic
2. Rees: ardent; enthusiastic
3. Rhett: ardent; enthusiastic
4. Rhisiart: powerful ruler
5. Rhodri: ruler of the wheel
6. Rhun: grand
7. Rhydian: red
8. Rhydwyn: friend by the white Ford
9. Rhys: having great enthusiasm for life
10. Romney: curving river

240 welsh boy names with meanings

185 Welsh girl names with meanings

Italian boy names that start with R:

1. Rafaello: healed by God
2. Raimondo: a mighty protector
3. Remigio: a person who is a rower
4. Remo: an oarsman
5. Renz: a laurel; an award
6. Rico: ruler of the home
7. Rizzo: curly-haired
8. Rocco: to be resting; rock; Stone 
9. Romano: born in Rome
10. Romario: a person from Rome
11. Romeo: traveler to Rome
12. Romolo: one who founded Rome
13. Romy: person from Rome
14. Rufino: a man who is of red hair
15. Ruggerio: famous with a spear

265 Italian boy names with meanings

236 Italian girl names with meanings

Danish boy names that start with R:

1. Radolf: red wolf
2. Raimo: protector advice
3. Raimund: counsellor; protector
4. Rainar: mighty army
5. Raini: cheerful; happy
6. Rainier: strong counsellor
7. Regitze: a mighty person
8. Rino: from the sea
9. Roosevelt: from the field of roses
10. Ryker: a powerful ruler

116 Danish boy names with meanings

120 Danish girl names with meanings

Czech boy names that start with R:

1. Radek: famous ruler
2. Radim: happy
3. Radovan: happy man
4. Reznik: butcher
5. Risa: rich and powerful ruler
6. Rosta: seizer of glory
7. Rostislav: seizer of glory
8. Ruda: famous wolf
9. Ryba: first
10. Rybar: fisherman

172 Czech boy names with meanings

112 Czech girl names with meanings

Maori boy names that start with R:

1. Rangi: heaven; the sky
2. Rapata: bright fame
3. Rawiri: beloved
4. Rongo: god of rain and fertility; peace
5. Ropata: bright fame
6. Rua: lake
7. Ruru: morepork, a native new Zealand’s owl

85 Maori boy names with meanings

89 Maori girl names with meanings

Persian boy names that start with R:

1. Raana: king’s beautiful eyes
2. Rafat: elevated
3. Raffik: friend
4. Rafique: friend
5. Rafsal: happy
6. Rahbar: leader guide coach
7. Rahmat: God gift mercy
8. Rambod: obedient
9. Rashne: judge
10. Razan: adorned

240 Persian boy names with meanings

226 Persian girl names with meanings

Hungarian boy names that start with R:

1. Regő: morning
2. Regolo: singer
3. Regos: singer
4. Rendor: policeman
5. Rez: red-haired
6. Rezso: strong; legendary wolf
7. Roff: strencher; prolonger

183 Hungarian boy names with meanings

137 Hungarian girl names with meanings

Greek boy names that start with R:

1. Randdy: brave; strong defender
2. Rasmus: dear; beloved
3. Rastus: beloved; to love
4. Regulus: little king
5. Rehor: awake; watchful
6. Rene: peace
7. Rheo: sacred stream
8. Rhodes: where the roses grow
9. Ries: virile; manly
10. Risto: christ-hearer
11. Rodas: where the roses grow
12. Romulo: full of strength
13. Rouvin: behold a son

354 Greek boy names with meanings

433 Greek girl names with meanings

Russian boy names that start with R:

1. Radomir: one who is peaceful
2. Rasputin: a mystic
3. Renat: a reborn man
4. Rodion: a song of the hero warrior
5. Rolan: renowned throughout the land
6. Rostislav: one whose glory grows
7. Rubal: Russian currency
8. Rurik: noted ruler

184 Russian boy names with meanings

202 Russian girl names with meanings

Dutch boy names that start with R:

1. Rachel: innocence of a lamb
2. Rainhard: strong judgement
3. Ralf: red wolf
4. Reinier: wise advisor
5. Rembrandt: sword; advice
6. Reus: gaint
7. Roel: famous land
8. Roosevelt: from the field of roses

143 Dutch boy names with meanings

170 Dutch girl names with meanings

Polish boy names that start with R:

1. Raclaw: glad; glory
2. Radoslaw: happy glory
3. Rafal: God’s healer
4. Rawel: a strong individual with a wise mind
5. Remigiusz: oarsman
6. Renard: like a fox
7. Rymer: saddle-maker
8. Ryzard: a strong ruler

235 Polish boy names with meanings

244 polish girl names with meanings

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