226 Persian girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Iranian girl names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 226 ) Persian girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Persian girl names starting with A:

1. Afsaneh: story; legend
2. Afsoon: charm; spell
3. Almas: diamond; jewel
4. Anahita: immaculate
5. Anousheh: immortal
6. Arezou: desire; wish
7. Arghavan: purple; Judas tree
8. Ariana: most holy
9. Arnavaz: she who speaks of injustice
10. Arya: noble; honorable
11. Ava: sound; voice
12. Ayten: skin of the moon
13. Azar: fire
14. Azita: free; independent

Persian girl names starting with B:

1. Bahar: spring
2. Banafsheh: violet flower
3. Banu: lady; sun
4. Baran: rain; ram
5. Behnaz: excellent; delightful
6. Bita: Unique; unrivaled
7. Boran: having many horses

Persian girl names starting with C:

1. Cala: lovely; most beautiful
2. Chaghama: Ghazal
3. Chaman: garden
4. Chandi: the shinning moon
5. Chandra: shinning moon; radiant
6. Charu: beautiful; attractive
7. Charwi: beautiful woman
8. Chehreh: face
9. Chetana: full of spirit; consciousness
10. Cyra: throne

Persian girl names starting with D:

1. Daana: a knowledgeable person
2. Damsa: a silk of white colour
3. Darice: queen
4. Darsameen: valuable; expensive
5. Darya: sea
6. Delbar: one who captures hearts
7. Diba: smart
8. Dilara: adorning the heart
9. Dil shad: a worthy person whose heart is filled with happiness
10. Dilnaz: beloved; sweetheart

Persian girl names starting with E:

1. Effat: a modest woman
2. Ehsan: excellent; perfection
3. Ehteram: respect; consideration
4. Elnaz: most precious; most beautiful
5. Emagine: image of her mother
6. Ensi: friend; companion
7. Eram: paradise
8. Esmat: pure
9. Esme: to love
10. Ester: star
11. Esther: star
12. Ettie: star; bride

Persian girl names starting with F:

1. Farah: happy
2. Faranak: butterfly
3. Farangis: bringer of glory
4. Fariba: charming; attractive
5. Farnaz: brilliant; delightful; cute
6. Fatemeh: to abstain
7. Fereshteh: angel
8. Firouzeh: turquoise; victorious

Persian girl names starting with G:

1. Giti: universe; world
2. Gohar: gemstone; jewel
3. Golchehreh: her face like a flower
4. Golnar: pomegranate flower
5. Golshifteh: loving flower
6. Gordafarid:
7. Gul: flower; rose

Persian girl names starting with H:

1. Haleh: halo around the moon
2. Hamideh: praiseworthy
3. Ham raz: close friend
4. Hassie: a diminutive form of Hester (star)
5. Hayat: life
6. Hedieh: gift
7. Hengameh: time; wonder
8. Hester: star
9. Hestia: star
10. Homa: a mythical bird; pheonix

Persian girl names starting with J:

1. Jabeen: affection; motherly love
2. Jahan: universe
3. Jaleh: dew; rain
4. Jasmine: fragrant flower; Gift from God
5. Jasperine: a keeper of treasure
6. Jazmin: a sweet perfumed flower that blossoms in spring
7. Jeyran: gazelle

Persian girl names starting with K:

1. Kaameh: goal; wish
2. Kaawa: east
3. Kafiya: poem
4. Kainaz: leader woman
5. Katayoun: lady of the house
6. Khadijeh: premature child
7. Kiana: royal queen
8. Kimia: rare; alchemy
9. Kira: sun
10. Kishvar: country; land
11. Kohinoor: mountain of light
12. Kushaaneh: a girl who strives
13. Kyra: sun

Persian girl names starting with L:

1. Lalasa: love; friendship
2. Laleh: tulip
3. Larmina: blue sky
4. Leila: night
5. Lila: lilac
6. Lilac: purple flower
7. Lylah: night; dark-haired

Persian girl names starting with M:

1. Mahdis: beauty of the moon
2. Mahdokht: daughter of the moon
3. Mahin: of the moon
4. Mahsa: like the moon
5. Mandana: eternal; everlasting
6. Manoush: brought into the world under the sweet sun
7. Margaret: the child of the light
8. Marjane: Coral
9. Marketa: pearl
10. Masoumeh: innocent; pure
11. Mehta: highly praised; great
12. Mina: Azure sky
13. Minoo: heaven; paradise
14. Mitra: Oath
15. Mojgan: pretty eyelashes
16. Mona: everlasting God

Persian girl names starting with N:

1. Naadiya: the onevwho announce
2. Nahal: a young plant
3. Nahid: the star venus
4. Nahrin: river
5. Nareen: good natured
6. Narges: a flower of a shape of eye
7. Narina: fresh; pomegranate flower
8. Narmeen: pleasing to the senses; delicate
9. Nasrine: a beautiful white flower
10. Nastaran: a flower like a wild rose
11. Navida: bringer of good news
12. Naz: Cute; delight
13. Nazanin: sweetheart; lovely
14. Nazveen: a beautiful lady
15. Neda: call
16. Nedzara: dear; beloved
17. Negin: the priceless gem; valuable gemstone
18. Nermana: hero
19. Nijaza: wish; need
20. Niloofar: a beautiful lily flower
21. Nirupesh: honeyed; sugary; sweet flavoured
22. Nisreen: an plant full of aroma
23. Nisrina: a girl who is aromatic as a flower

Persian girl names starting with P:

1. Paniz: sweet; honey
2. Pantea: all of the flowers
3. Parastoo: ghuchi bird
4. Parisa: fairy like
5. Parmida: princess
6. Parveneh: butterfly
7. Parveen: star
8. Pegah: dawn
9. Peri: a fairy
10. Persia: Iran

Persian girl names starting with R:

1. Razan: vineyard
2. Roshanara: adorned in light
3. Roya: dream
4. Rudabeh: river

Persian girl names starting with S:

1. Sadie: princess; noble woman
2. Sanaz: full of grace; a flower
3. Sepideh: dawn; morning light; white
4. Setareh: star
5. Shah: fit for the king
6. Shahnaz: the pride of the emperor
7. Shahrazad: free city
8. Shams: sun
9. Shayana: she deserves nice things in life
10. Sheyda: lovesick; in love
11. Shirin: charming; sweet
12. Shiva: very charming
13. Shouka: a kind of a deer
14. Simin: silvery; white
15. Sooria: to be like a red rose
16. Soraya: princess; precious as a jewel
17. Souri: red rose
18. Souzan: burning fire
19. Suraa: a woman of great power and strength
20. Suraya: star; a woman precious as a jewel

Persian girl names starting with T:

1. Tabassum: beautiful smile; a flower
2. Tabasum: fragrance
3. Tahere: virtuous; pure
4. Tahmina: strong; valiant
5. Tala: gold
6. Talat: face; sight
7. Talayeh: golden ray of sun
8. Tamanna: wish; a bird
9. Tamima: sweet; cute
10. Tanzina: praise; beautification
11. Taraneh: melody
12. Taravati: having stars
13. Tashfia: goodness; sweet heart
14. Tolou: to rise; shine
15. Tooba: a tree in heaven
16. Touca: name of a bird ( Toucan)
17. Twisha: ray of sunlight; bright

Persian girl names starting with V:

1. Vanda: wish; desire
2. Vardo: rose
3. Vashti: beautiful; excellent; lovely
4. Vassy: beautiful
5. Vasta: one who is pretty
6. Veeda: found

Persian girl names starting with Y:

1. Yaghoot: Ruby
2. Yalda: name of the longest night of the year
3. Yasina: little heart
4. Yasmeen: fragrant Jasmine flower
5. Yasmin: Jasmine flower
6. Yasna: prayer; warship
7. Yekta: Unique; single
8. Yurfana: word of wisdom

Persian girl names starting with Z:

1. Zabi: flower
2. Zahra: brilliant
3. Zahrina: beautiful
4. Zahrish: golden precious shinning flower
5. Zana: womanly
6. Zaneerah: intelligent; wise
7. Zareen: golden
8. Zarghoona: green rainbow
9. Zarina: golden
10. Zarmeena: golden daisy
11. Zebba: a known beauty
12. Zena: woman
13. Zenda: sacred
14. Zenel: flower
15. Zhaleh: dew; hailstone
16. Zohreh: happy
17. Zuleika: brilliant


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