136 Vietnamese girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Vietnamese Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 136 ) Vietnamese girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Vietnamese girl names starting with A:

1. Ái: sentimental love; beloved; gentle
2. Am: female moon; lunar
3. An: peace; safety
4. An Dung: peaceful hero
5. A’nh: light ray
6. Anh: intelligent

Vietnamese girl names starting with B:

1. Bach Yen: white
2. Bao: treasure; protection
3. Be’: baby
4. Bê: doll
5. Bian: hidden; secret
6. Bich: jade
7. Bien: ocean; sea
8. Binh: harmony; peaceful

Vietnamese girl names starting with C:

1. Cadeo: folk song
2. Cai: feminine; womanly
3. Cais: a person who rejoices
4. Cam: orange fruit; mountain sunset
5. Canh: the endlessness of the environment
6. Cara: precious jewel
7. Chau: pearls
8. Chi: tree branch; twig
9. Chuong: chapter; a part of whole story
10. Cuc: a flower called Chrysanthemum

Vietnamese girl names starting with D, G:

1. Dao: peach blossom flower
2. Diêp: tree with red leaves
3. Diu: tender; gentle
4. Do an vien: happy reunion
5. Dông: winter
6. Dung: beautiful
7. Duyen: graceful; charming
8. Gia: earth
9. Giang: river

Vietnamese girl names starting with H:

1. Ha: kiss of life; sunshine and warmth; river
2. Hai: ocean; sea; alive
3. Ha’i: fairy shoe
4. Han: moral; faithful
5. Hang: full moon angel
6. Hanh: apricot tree; happiness
7. Hao: perfect; good
8. Hau: wishful
9. Hien: gentle and quiet
10. Hoa: type of flower
11. Hong: rose colour; pink
12. Hong Hanh: Pink apricot blossom
13. Hong Yen: Pink swallow bird
14. Hue: lily flower; intelligent
15. Hung: pink rose
16. Huong: flower perfume; rose
17. Huyên: black; reflective black
18. Hwa: flower
19. Hyunh: yellow; golden

Vietnamese girl names starting with K:

1. Kê’t Nien: year of unity
2. Khanh: precious stone
3. Khuyen: give advice
4. Kiêu: graceful; beloved; pretty
5. Kim: gold; golden
6. Kim Cuc: yellow chrysanthemum
7. Kim-ly: golden lion

Vietnamese girl names starting with L:

1. Lan: orchid flower
2. Lang: sweet potato
3. Lanh: gentle; happy
4. Lam: dense forest; dark blue color
5. Le: pearl; humbleness
6. Lien: lotus flower
7. Lieu: willow tree
8. Linh: a soul; spirit; spring 
9. Loan: good night; lucky bird
10. Long: dragon
11. Ly: lion

Vietnamese girl names starting with M:

1. Mai: cherry or apricot blossom; plum flower
2. Minh: clever; intelligent person
3. My: pretty
4. My-Duyen: beautiful
5. Mychau: great

Vietnamese girl names starting with N:

1. Nam Ha: south river
2. Ngoc: valuable gem stone; expensive diamond
3. Ngoc Bich: sapphire jade
4. Ngon: good communication
5. Nguyen: sleep
6. Nguyet: the lady of the new moon
7. Nhi: small one
8. Nhu: soft; mild; harmony; peaceful
9. Nhung: looks like velvet
10. Nu: girl

Vietnamese girl names starting with O, P, Q:

1. Ô`ng: rose; pink
2. Quyêen: bird
3. Pheakkley: a faithful woman
4. Phúc: happiness; good fortune
5. Phuong: direction; phoenix
6. Ping: peaceful
7. Quang: pure
8. Qui: turtle
9. Quyen: bird
10. Qu’y: precious

Vietnamese girl names starting with S, T:

1. Sang: upper-class person
2. Sen: lotus
3. Suong: fog
4. Tai: talented; prosperous one
5. Tam: heart
6. Tan: new; chaste
7. Tham: graceful
8. Thang: victorious
9. Thanh: finished; complete; intelligent; sky blue
10. Thanh Ha: teal river
11. Thao: she who respects her parents; kind and sweet; grass
12. Thi: poetry
13. Thien: fairy; spirit; angel
14. Tho: woman with long life
15. Thom: smelling sweet; pineapple
16. Thu: poem; autumn
17. Thuy: gentle and pure; friendly; water
18. Thy: a poet
19. Tinh: mindful; aware
20. Toan: safe and secure
21. Tong: fragrant
22. Thuong: a tender and loving person
23. Thuy: gentle
24. Trang: intelligent; serious
25. Trieu: a small wave
26. Trinh: pure; chaste
27. Tu: luxurious; elegant; outstanding
28. Truc: wish; bamboo
29. Tuyen: Angelic
30. Tuyet: snow white woman

Vietnamese girl names starting with U, V, X, Y, Z:

1. Uoc: wishes
2. Ut: last
3. Yuen: deep
4. Vân: cloud
5. Viê’t: to write
6. Vinh: glory 
7. Vui: cheerful
8. Xuân: spring
9. Yê’n: swallow ( bird)
10. Yên: peace
11. Zuan: spring


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