A list of 146 Romanian girl names


If you are looking for Romanian Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 146 ) Romanian girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Romanian girl names starting with A:

1. Ada: merciful and noble
2. Adina: decoration, Friday
3. Afina: young
4. Afrodita: risen from foam
5. Aftan: more attractive, charming
6. Alexandra: protector
7. Alina: to soothe
8. Amelia: hard-working
9. Ana: gracious, God’s favour
10. Anamaria: favoured grace
11. Andreea: strongly, brave; defender of man
12. Angelika: like an angel
13. Ani: ornament, beautiful
14. Anca: grace, favour
15. Ancuta: gracious
16. Aura: air, cloud, rain
17. Antanasia: immortal
18. Antonia: beautiful and praise worthy
19. Aurelia: golden

Romanian girl names starting with B:

1. Bana: rich
2. Beata: blessed
3. Begu: run; escape
4. Bernadett: strong and brave as a bear
5. Betina: God is my judge
6. Bita: Unique; matchless
7. Brei: never gives up
8. Bianca: the white one
9. Bojana: a battle
10. Brandin: brandy
11. Brandusa: crocus
12. Byni: sabine

Romanian girl names starting with C:

1. Camelia: Camellia the flower
2. Catina: innocent
3. Cici: one born at daybreak
4. Cipriana: a woman from Cyprus
5. Codruta: small forest
6. Constanta: steadfast
7. Cosmina: order; beautiful
8. Crina: lily flower
9. Cristina: Christian; anointed
10. Crenguta: little branch

Romanian girl names starting with D:

1. Daciana: wolf
2. Daniela: God is my judge
3. Daria: trustworthy
4. Doina: folk song
5. Dol: gift of God
6. Donia: a traditional style of Romanian music
7. Dorina: gift of Yahweh
8. Dorotthea: gift from God
9. Dragana: precious
10. Dumitra: the Roman goddess of the harvest

Romanian girl names starting with E:

1. Ecaterina: pure
2. Edina: wealthy
3. Edith: happy warfare
4. Elena: bright; shinning
5. Elenuta: bright one
6. Elisabeta: God is my Oath
7. Elvira: truth
8. Enrieta: state ruler
9. Estera: star; lovely
10. Evelin: shapely; clean

Romanian girl names starting with F:

1. Fisseha: full of joy; blissfulness
2. Fitrat: wisdom; nature; creation
3. Francise: free man

Romanian girl names starting with G:

1. Gabriela: God is my strength
2. Georgeta: farmer; she who works the land

Romanian girl names starting with I:

1. Ianna: God is gracious
2. Ihrin: peace
3. Ilinca: the lord is my God
4. Imanuela: God is with us
5. Ioana: God is gracious
6. Iolanda: violet
7. Irini: peaceful
8. Ivana: gift of Yahweh
9. Ivona: gift from God
10. Izabela: devoted to God

Romanian girl names starting with L:

1. Lacramioara: lily of the valley; little tear-drop
2. Lacrima: mild natured woman
3. Lenuta: mild-natured
4. Lerae: strong and brave
5. Lipa: lover of horses; friend of horses
6. Loana: God is gracious
7. Luminita: little light

Romanian girl names starting with M:

1. Maria: wished for child
2. Maricara: a sea of bitterness
3. Marioara: a wished for child
4. Mariutza: a dark-skinned woman
5. Mihaela: one who is like God
6. Milena: gracious; pleasant
7. Minodora: gift
8. Mircea: peace
9. Mirela: to admire
10. Miriana: wonderful

Romanian girl names starting with N, O, P, Q,

1. Narcisa: Narcissus flower
2. Nicoleta: victory of the people

3. Petronella: rock

4. Queena: queen

Romanian girl names starting with R:

1. Relia: gold
2. Reveca: to join
3. Rodica: fertile woman
4. Romanitza: one from Rome
5. Roxana: bright; dawn
6. Ruxandra: bright; dawn

Romanian girl names starting with S:

1. Shimeca: Beautiful princess
2. Silviana: girl of the forest
3. Silviea: woman of the woods
4. Simona: good listener
5. Sofia: a wise woman
6. Soreana: strict and stern
7. Sorina: like the sun
8. Starlene: a star
9. Stefana: crown

Romanian girl names starting with T:

1. Tait: one who brings joy
2. Talyssa: consecrated to God
3. Tassa: born at Christmas
4. Tatum: one who brings joy
5. Taydem: light-hearted; cheerful
6. Teagan: attractive
7. Terika: to harvest
8. Trandafira: rose; rosebush
9. Tyna: river
10. Tyne: river

Romanian girl names starting with U:

1. Uldwyna: special friend
2. Una: one
3. Ursule: little bear cub

Romanian girl names starting with V:

1. Vanda: warrior
2. Velouette: soft spoken
3. Violeta: little violet
4. Viorica: tranquil leader
5. Viviana: one who is full of life
6. Voctorita: victory

Romanian girl names starting with W:

1. Waleis: one belonging to Wales
2. Willa: firm and resolute

Romanian girl names starting with Y:

1. Yedda: woman with a lovely voice
2. Yessenia: Jasmine flower
3. Yetta: generous
4. Ylenia: light

Romanian girl names starting with Z:

1. Zabrina: princess
2. Zaharia: moon
3. Zandra: defender of mankind
4. Zelma: protected by God
5. Zenovia: life of Zeus
6. Zerenity: the Romanian form of Serenity
7. Zina: welcoming and hospitable


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