Girl names that start with d with meanings and origin


Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best girl names that start with D, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many girl name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby girl will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular girl names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby girl, or you know a pregnant woman with a girl, this is a guide for you.

This guide of girl names that start with D contains ( 305 ) names from different origins, whether you go for a pretty and cute girl names, or a rare and unique one


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Key symbolism and personality for names start with letter D:

D represents balance. The D shows will-power, a natural talent for business, perseverance, authority, organisation.

If your name starts with D, it means that you are someone who wants peace and security.

Empathetic, practical, humble, determined, and competitive. This is the main characteristics of person whose name start with D.


Japanese girl names that start with d

Japanese girl names that start with D:

1. Dai: great
2. Daia:
3. Daika: her honour
4. Daishi: number one; first
5. Daiya: gift or present
6. Daki: subtle; crafty; extremely wise
7. Deko: love
8. Doremi: beautiful; lovely


French girl names that start with D

French girl names that start with D:

1. Daffodil: flower name
2. Damica: friendly
3. Danielle: God is my judge
4. Darci: fortress; from the stronghold
5. Darlene: little darling
6. Daryl: from the grove of oak trees
7. Deiondre: Valley
8. Deja: before
9. Deleena: small; dear; darling
10. Demi: half; small
11. Desiree: desired; longed for
12. Destinee: destiny
13. Dior: golden
14. Dixie: tenth
15. Dominique: belonging to the Lord
16. Doreen: golden


Indian girl names that start with D

Indian girl names starting with D:

1. Daamini: lightening; self-controlled
2. Daksha: able; talented
3. Dakini: sky traveller
4. Dalisha: luck
5. Damita: little princess
6. Damshi: powerful; guide
7. Danti: patience
8. Danvi: charitable
9. Daru: pine or cedar tree
10. Deepa: lamp
11. Deeparu: modesty
12. Desiha: happy
13. Delisha: make others happy
14. Deva: divine
15. Devaki: dark
16. Devasree: divine beauty
17. Dhara: earth
18. Divya: heavenly
19. Drisia: daughter of the sun
20. Durva: grass



Irish girl names that start with D

Irish girl names starting with D:

1. Dacey: southerner; from Candace
2. Dalany: descendant of the challenger
3. Dallas: wise
4. Darby: free
5. Darci: dark
6. Deirdre: sorrowful wanderer
7. Delaney: descendant of the challenger
8. Derry: red-haired one
9. Devin: poet
10. Dooriya: the deep
11. Duana: poem or song; dark


English girl names that start with D

English girl names that start with D:

1. Dae: day
2. Dahlia: flower
3. Daina: from Denmark
4. Daisy: daisy flower
5. Dale: Valley; dale
6. Dana: from Denmark; bright as day
7. Daralis: beloved
8. Darrell: beloved darling
9. Dawn: born at daybreak; the dawn; sunrise
10. Dayna: bright day
11. Deana: of the valley
12. Delicia: delightful
13. Della: noble
14. Devon: poet
15. Devona: from the country of Devon
16. Dixie: wall
17. Dolly: doll-like; beautiful
18. Dona: world leader; proud ruler
19. Dooriya: the deep
20. Dorabella: combination of Dora and Bella
21. Dreama: dreamer


Italian girl names that start with D:

1. Dafny: flower; a form of Daphne
2. Dahna: lady
3. Dalia: a branch
4. Dalila: delicate; gentleness in her soul
5. Damiana: untamed
6. Daniella: as God is my judge
7. Dante: lasting; enduring
8. Debora: bee
9. Delana: noble woman
10. Desideria: much desired
11. Diamante: of high value
12. Domina: lady
13. Domitilla: little tamed one
14. Donata: gift from God
15. Donna: Lady


German girl names that start with D:

1. Dafne: laurel tree
2. Dagmar: glorious
3. Dagny: new day; brightness
4. Dagoberta: radiant as the day
5. Daisi: eye of the day; daisy
6. Dale: living in the valley
7. Dalina: noble; kind
8. Dame: lady
9. Danica: morning star
10. Danja: judge
11. Daphna: victory; laurel
12. Darena: famous and loved
13. Delana: noble protector
14. Delina: graceful; noble; kind
15. Della: bright
16. Derika: ruler of the people
17. Ditta: gift of God
18. Donna: lady
19. Doortja: a gift of God
20. Draga: dear; precious
21. Dustine: valiant fighter; dark stone
22. Dyna: justified; powerful


Teutonic girl names that start with D:

1. Dagna: bright as the day
2. Dedrick: a gifted and popular ruler
3. Della: a short form of Adelaide
4. Delwyn: a wonderful being
5. Derek: first of the people
6. Derrick: a gifted ruler


Scandinavian girl names that start with D:

1. Dagmar: glorious; day’s glory
2. Dagny: day
3. Dahlia: Valley
4. Dane: God is my judge
5. Darby: a deer estate
6. Donar: thunder God
7. Dyre: dear heart


Polish girl names that start with D:

1. Dabrowka: oak Grove
2. Dagmara: wonderful soul; sublime soul
3. Daiya: present; gift
4. Dana: God is my judge
5. Danica: morning star
6. Danuta: gift of God
7. Daria: wealthy
8. Darmo: free
9. Debora: bee
10. Delja: daughter of the sea
11. Dita: fortune of strife
12. Dobroc: kindness
13. Dobek: gift; given by God
14. Domka: of the lord; belonging to God
15. Drogi: dear; expensive; beloved
16. Duzy: big; large


American girl names that start with D:

1. Dakota: friend
2. Danice: combination of Danielle and Janice
3. Dashawna: combination of Prefix Da and Shawna
4. Davalinda: combination of Davida and Linda
5. Daya: sympathy; kindness
6. Dea: Goddess; valley
7. Deandra: combination of Dee and Andrea
8. Dena: valley
9. Devi: goddess; kindness
10. Dia: lamp; candle; light
11. Dina : love; God has judged
12. Dolly: sorrowful or Lady of sorrows
13. Dyani: deer
14. Dyshawna: combination of prefix Dy and Shawna


Arabic girl names that start with D:

1. Dahab: gold
2. Dalal: coquette
3. Dalia: a branch
4. Dalila: guide; piece of information
5. Danah: graceful; intelligent
6. Dhikr: remembrance of God
7. Diyaa: lamp; light
8. Doaa: pray; voice of heart
9. Duha: forenoon; morning
10. Dunia: the world


Hebrew girl names that start with D:

1. Dafna: victory
2. Dalia: a branch
3. Dalis: draws water
4. Danae: mother of Perseus
5. Daneen: princess
6. Dani: God is my judge
7. Danielle: God is my judge
8. Dara: compassionate
9. Davida: beloved
10. Deborah: the bee
11. Delilah: brooding; beautiful temptress
12. Dina: God has judged
13. Diza: joy; joyful
14. Dodie: beloved
15. Dorrit: generation


Scottish girl names that start with D:

1. Dallas: Valley of the water
2. Dallin: belonging to the meadow
3. Dallis: one from the Dales
4. Daviana: a beloved person who is everyone’s favourite
5. Davida: beloved person
6. Davina: a divine person
7. Donaldina: world ruler
8. Donella: Elfin girl who has dark haired


Greek girl names that start with D:

1. Damara: gentle girl
2. Daphne: laurel tree with bell-shaped flowers
3. Daria: wealthy ruler
4. Deianeira: wife of Hercules
5. Delia: visible
6. Delphine: from Delphi
7. Delta: fourth
8. Demetria: fertile cover of the earth
9. Desdemona: ill-fated one
10. Dessa: wanderer
11. Dianthe: divine flower
12. Dionne: divine Queen
13. Dora: gift
14. Dorcas: graceful; gazelle
15. Doris: woman of the sea
16. Dorothy: gift of God
17. Dorrit: dwelling
18. Drew: wise; courageous; strong
19. Dyna: power; powerful


Spanish girl names that start with D:

1. Dabora: a bee
2. Daeja: already; strong person
3. Dali: drawn towards God
4. Dama: a noble woman
5. Damita: the little noble lady
6. Danielan: God is my judge
7. Delfina: dolphin
8. Delma: of the sea
9. Denisa: from Denis; one who works for others
10. Diamante: like a diamond
11. Dionisia: they are the one who spread light
12. Dolores: sorrowful or Lady of sorrow
13. Dominga: one who is born on the day of the lord
14. Drina: helper of the people
15. Ducel: the one who is filled with sweetness
16. Duena: a chaperone


Anglo-Saxon girl names that start with D:

1. Damosel: young; unmarried woman
2. Darelene: sweet and lovable
3. Darelle: gently loved
4. Dawn: daybreak time
5. Dena: from  the valley
6. Denegyth: a healthy, cute and a master of great personality
7. Derwina: friend


Slavic girl names that start with D:

1. Danica: morning star
2. Darva: honeybee
3. Dascha: to maintain the well
4. Divna: wondrous; fascinating


Persian girl names that start with D:

1. Daana: a knowledgeable person
2. Damsa: a silk of white colour
3. Darice: queen
4. Darsameen: valuable; expensive
5. Darya: sea
6. Diba: smart
7. Dil shad: a worthy person whose heart is filled with happiness
8. Dilnaz: beloved; sweetheart


Australian girl names that start with D:

1. Daisy: energetic; fresh
2. Darcy: dark-haired
3. Darri: track
4. Daryllyn: beautiful one
5. Daynan: kind-hearted being


Russian girl names that start with D:

1. Darina: gift
2. Darya: river
3. Dasha: gift of God
4. Dashia: gift of God
5. Dessa: wanderer
6. Dominika: belonging to the lord
7. Doroteya: gift of God
8. Dunyasha: to seem well
9. Duscha: happy
10. Dushenka: happy


African girl names that start with D:

1. Dabiku: offering
2. Daisha: the one who is alive
3. Dalma: made of metal
4. Dashiki : african shirt
5. Dayo: arrival of joy
6. Debelah: a friendly and charming person
7. Deka: pleasing
8. Dhakiya: she who is smart
9. Diata: one who is as brave as a love
10. Dinka: people
11. Dubaku: eleventh born child; very fortunate
12. Ducha: smart; humble
13. Dumi: one who inspires others
14. Dumisani: give praise
15. Duni: small
16. Durah: pearl
17. Durra: pearl


Latin girl names that start with D:

1. Dea: Goddess
2. Deanna: divine
3. Decima: tenth
4. Delaney: of the elder tree Grove
5. Dextra: skilful; dexterous
6. Diamond: precious gem; shinning protector
7. Diana: divine
8. Diela: worshipper of God
9. Dillian: worshipped devoted on; loved
10. Divinia: divine
11. Docila: gentle; docile
12. Dominica: belonging to the lord
13. Drusilla: strong
14. Dulcie: sweet or charming
15. Durene: enduring steadfast
16. Dynasty: strong leader


Welsh girl names that start with D:

1. Dee: dark
2. Delwyn: friend from the valley
3. Deryn: bird
4. Dilys: perfect; True
5. Dylan: from the sea
6. Dyllis: sincere


Hawaiian girl names that start with D:

1. Daba: kind words; bee swarm
2. Damaris: heifer
3. Dara: compassion; wisdom
4. Davan: beloved one
5. Daya: bird
6. Dayla: to draw water
7. Dena: valley
8. Derya: ocean


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