143 Portuguese girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Portuguese Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 143 ) Portuguese girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Portuguese girl names starting with A:

1. Abril: opening buds of spring
2. Agueda: good hearted
3. Aitana: high honor
4. Albertina: shinning one
5. Alexandrina: defender of men
6. Alice: of a noble kind
7. Aline: fair and good looking
8. Amelia: brave, diligent
9. Ana: favor; grace; beauty
10. Anabela: a combination of Ana and Bella
11. Andreia: a warrior; brave; masculine
12. Angelina: divine messenger
13. Aurora: dawn; sunrise

Portuguese girl names starting with B:

1. Babetta: foreign woman
2. Beatriz: she who brings happiness
3. Belinha: promise of God
4. Benedita: blessed
5. Birgida: exalted one
6. Branca: fair
7. Bruna: dark coloured hair

Portuguese girl names starting with C:

1. Calista: most beautiful
2. Camila: free born
3. Carlota: free person
4. Carolina: a song of joy and happiness
5. Cassandra: one who shines upon all
6. Catarina: pure
7. Catia: chaste; pure
8. Chica: little girl
9. Cintia: one who is born on mouth Cynthus
Clarissa: bright; famous

Portuguese girl names starting with D:

1. Daniela: God is my judge
2. Dayana: heavenly; divine
3. Diana: divine
4. Dores: a lady of sorrows
5. Doroteia: gift of God

Portuguese girl names starting with E:

1. Edite: fighting to be rich
2. Efigenia: sacrifice
3. Elea: merciful
4. Elena: the light of the sun
5. Elianna: my God has answered me
6. Ella: my God is my Oath
7. Ellin: sun like
8. Elyna: a torch
9. Emilia: to excel
10. Esmeralda: emerald
11. Estela: star
12. Eva: life
13. Evora: she who lives near yew trees

Portuguese girl names starting with F:

1. Felisberta: wise woman
2. Fernanda: bold wanderer
3. Fia: weaver; child
4. Filipa: friend of horses
5. Filomena: friend of strength
6. Fortunata: blessed with good fortune
7. Francisca: free person
8. Fryda: peaceful leader

Portuguese girl names starting with G:

1. Gabriela: God is my strength
2. Genoveva: woman; family
3. Gertrudes: the strongest spear
4. Gilma: she who advances
5. Gloria: glorious
6. Graca: grace; mercy
7. Gylda: value; sacrifice

Portuguese girl names starting with H, I:

1. Hailey: hay clearing
2. Helena: bright
3. Ida: industrious; prosperous
4. Ilyana: a light; torch
5. Inês: pure; holy
6. Iolanda: violet flower
7. Iria: peace
8. Isabela: Beautiful; God is gracious

Portuguese girl names starting with J, K:

1. Judite: blessed
2. Joana: God is gracious
3. Josefa: God Increases
4. Julinha: soft-haired
5. Kelya: warrior
6. Kiana: heavenly

Portuguese girl names starting with L:

1. Lara: water fairy
2. Laura: the Laural plant
3. Léonie: lioness
4. Leonor: little ray of sunlight
5. Liliana: flower
6. Lina: sunlight
7. Lorena: laurel tree; wisdom
8. Luzia: light

Portuguese girl names starting with M:

1. Madalena: appeared
2. Mae: the month of new buds and rebirth
3. Mafalda: strength in battle
4. Manoela: God is with us
5. Mara: bitter
6. Margarida: daisy flower
7. Maria: wished for child
8. Mariazinha: rebellious one
9. Marina: of the bitter sea
10. Marissa: of the sea
11. Matilde: strength in battle
12. Micaela: who is like God ?
13. Mila: miracle

Portuguese girl names starting with N, O, P:

1. Nathalia: the birthday of our lord; born at Christmas day
2. Nelinha: a gem in the ocean
3. Neves: snow
4. Noemia: pleasantness
5. Olga: a holy light
6. Olivia: born close to olive trees
7. Paolina: small
8. Patrícia: noble woman
9. Pedra: a rock; a stone
10. Pedrina: rock

Portuguese girl names starting with R:

1. Rafaela: God has healed
2. Raquel: innocence
3. Renata: to born again
4. Rita: pearl; daisy
5. Rosana: first star of the day
6. Rosita: Rose

Portuguese girl names starting with S:

1. Sabina: from the sabine tribe
2. Samara: protected by God
3. Sanrevelle: just
4. Sara: a woman of high rank; princess
5. Sofia: wisdom
6. Sonia: golden
7. Suzana: lily

Portuguese girl names starting with T, U:

1. Tatiana: a person who takes care of home; fairy Queen
2. Tayla: to flourish
3. Telma: volition; will
4. Teresa: one who gathers
5. Teresinha: huntress; harvester
6. Uiara: the water lady
7. Umoja: unity; harmony

Portuguese girl names starting with V:

1. Vaisa: she who advances
2. Valesca: she who reigns over the earth
3. Valquiria: the fruit of the earth
4. Vanusa: she who possesses strength
5. Veedonia: vine branch
6. Vera: truth; faith
7. Victoria: victory
8. Vida: the silent woman
9. Vidonia: vine-branch
10. Vilma: she who gathers

Portuguese girl names starting with Z:

1. Zamy: she who gathers
2. Zeferina: she who assimilates
3. Zenaida: she who possesses strength
4. Zetta: rose
5. Zuleima: she who sings


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