173 Finnish girl names with meanings

If you are looking for Finnish Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 173 ) Finnish girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Finnish girl names starting with A:

1. Aada: ornament; adornment
2. Aamu: morning
3. Aija: happy
4. Ailana: moonlight
5. Aili: holy; blessed; bright and shinning light
6. Aina: joy; forever
7. Aini: only one
8. Aino: the only one
9. Alexandra: defender of man
10. Amalia: hardworking
11. Anja: grace; merciful
12. Annabel: favoured grace
13. Anneliese: It can be translated to: God’s promise of grace
14. Annikki: grace
15. Ansa: trap
16. Ariana: very holy
17. Arja: peace
18. Auri: breeze
19. Aurora: dawn
20. Ava: strength; power

Finnish girl names Starting with E:

1. Eevi: giving life
2. Elea: bright; shinning light
3. Elisabeth: God’s promise
4. Elli: age; God is my Oath
5. Elsi: God’s promise
6. Elissa: God’s promise
7. Ellen: sun ray; merciful
8. Elsu: pledged to God
9. Elvi: fair
10. Elvina: noble friend
11. Emilia: to excel
12. Emmi: whole
13. Enni: fights with the sword
14. Essi: star
15. Esteri: star
16. Euli: sweetly speaking
17. Eva: alive
18. Evena: winner; gift

Finnish girl names starting with F, H:

1. Fiia: flickering fire
2. Freyja: fertile
3. Hanni: mercy; favor
4. Hannele: grace; favor
5. Heddi: war
6. Helena: radiating light
7. Helmi: pearl
8. Henna: estate ruler
9. Heta: shinning light
10. Hilla: battle; cloud berry
11. Hilma: protective helmet

Finnish girl names starting with I:

1. Iida: hardworking; prosperous; happy
2. Iines: chase; holy
3. Ilma: air
4. Ilmatar: air
5. Ilona: the bright one
6. Ilta: born at night; evening
7. Immi: universal
8. Impi: virgin
9. Inari: lake name in Finland
10. Inka: foremost one
11. Inkeri: beautiful
12. Irja: woman of peace
13. Iro: peace
14. Isabella: noble and bright
15. Isla: devoted to God; swelling island

Finnish girl names starting with J:

1. Jaana: God is gracious
2. Jasmine: Jasmine flower
3. Joa: Jehovah increases
4. Johanna: God is gracious
5. Joulu: Christmas
6. Juljana: youthful

Finnish girl names starting with K:

1. Kaarina: pure
2. Kaija: life
3. Kaisa: pure
4. Karo: free
5. Kata: pure
6. Kerttu: strength of a spear
7. Kesia: cassia tree
8. Kiara: famous
9. Kielo: lily of the valley
10. Kirsi: cherry; frost 
11. Kristiina: follower of Christ
12. Kylli: abundance

Finnish girl names starting with L:

1. Leena: light
2. Leka: defender of men
3. Lemmitty: beloved
4. Lia: weary; languid
5. Liekki: flame
6. Liisa: promise of God
7. Liliana: lily
8. Lilja: lily
9. Linnea: linden tree
10. Livia: life
11. Loja: famous warrior
12. Lotta: free
13. Lumia: snow

Finnish girl names starting with M:

1. Maali: blessed
2. Maalia: wished for child
3. Maalin: one who makes garlands
4. Maaret: pearl
5. Maari: war like
6. Maely: princess
7. Maia: Goddess of spring
8. Maija: month of May; little mother; beloved
9. Maijastiina: pearl
10. Maiju: pearl
11. Maikku: who is like God?
12. Maileena: dance
13. Maina: intelligent
14. Maire: sweet; drop of the sea
15. Maisi: pearl
16. Makea: one who is sweet
17. Malvi: smooth brow
18. Maritta: drop of the sea
19. Marjatta: little Berry
20. Masa: true sand
21. Matleena: high tower; woman from Magdala
22. Matte: pearl
23. Meeli: kind
24. Meri: sea
25. Miira: wonderful; peace
26. Milja: rival; eager
27. Milvi: marvellous
28. Mima: dove
29. Minea: king
30. Minna: love; protection
31. Minttu: mint
32. Mirja: of the sea

Finnish girl names starting with N, O:

1. Naya: little sister
2. Nea: linden flower
3. Nelma: light
4. Noomi: pleasant
5. Noora: light
6. Omena: apple
7. Onneli: luck; happiness
8. Ophelia: help; benefit

Finnish girl names starting with P, R:

1. Peppi: lover of horses
2. Peura: reindeer
3. Pihla: a Rowan tree
4. Pilvi: cloud
5. Pinja: Stone pine
6. Pipsa: strength; exalted one
7. Riina: song; joy

Finnish girl names starting with S:

1. Saara: princess
2. Sade: rain
3. Saija: princess
4. Saima: Pious woman
5. Salla: princess
6. Sanna: lily ; true
7. Sari: noble
8. Satu: fairy tale
9. Seela: safe; rock 
10. Senja: hospitality; welcoming
11. Sini: blue colour
12. Sirke: grasshopper
13. Sisko: sister
14. Sofia: wisdom
15. Sohvi: wisdom; art
16. Suvi: summer

Finnish girl names starting with T:

1. Taika: magic
2. Taimi: seedling; sapling
3. Taina: to put in order; fairy Queen; star
4. Taru: epic
5. Tiia: to harvest
6. Tuuli: wind
7. Tuva: tuft of grass
8. Tyyni: calm and serene

Finnish girl names starting with U, V:

1. Ulla: bear; will and determination
2. Veera: faith; victory bringer; truth
3. Venla: wind; to travel
4. Vesa: sapling; sprout
5. Via: noble and bright
6. Vilja: grain; fairy

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