285 German girl names with meanings

If you are looking for German Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 285 ) German girl names for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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German girl names that start with A:

1. Adela: of the nobility ; serene; of good humor
2. Adelaide: of the nobility; serene; of good humor
3. Adeline: form of adela, meaning of the nobility
4. Ailna: one who is sweet and pleasant ; of the nobility
5. Alarice: feminine form of alaric; ruler of all
6. Alda: long-lived, old
7. Alice: woman of the nobility; truthful; having high moral character
8. Alyssa: form of alice, meaning “woman of the nobility, truthful; having high moral character”
9. Amalia: one who is industrious and hardworking
10. Amelia: form of amalia or latin form of emily, meaning (one who is industrious and hardworking
11. Antje: a graceful woman
12. Aarinda: one who is tenacious
13. Ava: a birdlike woman
14. Axelle: source of life; small oak

German girl names that start with B:

1. Beata: blessed
2. Bellinda: beautiful
3. Berdine: glorious; light
4. Berlin: river rake
5. Bernadine : brave as a bear
6. Bertha: bright one
7. Berti: bright
8. Billi: resolute protector
9. Brigitta: exalted, lofty

German girl names that start with C:

1. Cacilia: blind
2. Caja: to rejoice; sea
3. Cali: most beautiful
4. Can: life; loved one
5. Cara: darling; beloved; friend
6. Cari: beloved; pure
7. Carla: farmer
8. Carol: farmer
9. Cecania: free; freedom
10. Chriselda: strong
11. Cira: sun
12. Claudine: feminine from of Claude
13. Cleo: renown
14. Clotilda: heroine
15. Coco: help
16. Conradina: bold
17. Cora: filled heart
18. Cyra: beautiful; moon

German girl names that start with D:

1. Dafne: laurel tree
2. Dagmar: glorious
3. Dagny: new day; brightness
4. Dagoberta: radiant as the day
5. Daisi: eye of the day; daisy
6. Dale: living in the valley
7. Dalina: noble; kind
8. Dame: lady
9. Danica: morning star
10. Danja: judge
11. Daphna: victory; laurel
12. Darena: famous and loved
13. Delana: noble protector
14. Delina: graceful; noble; kind
15. Della: bright
16. Derika: ruler of the people
17. Ditta: gift of God
18. Donna: lady
19. Doortja: a gift of God
20. Draga: dear; precious
21. Dustine: valiant fighter; dark stone
22. Dyna: justified; powerful

German girl names that start with E:

1. Edda: battler
2. Ela: noble; serene
3. Elese: noble
4. Elke: noble
5. Elrica: ruler
6. Elsa: noble; holy and scared to God
7. Elsie: noble; holy and scared to God
8. Elvira: closed up
9. Emily: industrious
10. Emma: industrious; whole; universal
11. Everilda: slayer of the boar

German girl names that start with F:

1. Faiga: a bird
2. Farica: peaceful ruler
3. Faxon: long-haired
4. Felda: from the field
5. Filma: veiled or misty
6. Franka: free
7. Freda: peaceful ruler
8. Frederica: peaceful ruler
9. Fritzi: peaceful ruler
10. Fulla: full

German girl names that start with G:

1. Gable: God is bright
2. Gaelle: stranger; outsider
3. Galiena: from the land of the Gaul; exalted
4. Garda: protected
5. Gerlinde: wife of the spearman
6. Geneva: of the race of women
7. Genoveva: white wave
8. Geraldina: mighty with a spear
9. Gerda: protection; beloved warrior
10. Gesine: strength of spear
11. Gisela: pledge; hostage
12. Glasha: very unique
13. Greta: pearl
14. Gretchen: pearl
15. Gretel: the pearl
16. Griselda: dark battle
17. Guida: guide
18. Gustel: noble

German girl names that start with H:

1. Haak: honest; pervading
2. Hannabelle: favoured with grace and beauty
3. Hanneli: gracious; merciful; thankful
4. Harriett: house ruler
5. Hawisia: clever; bright; intelligent
6. Hawys: intellectual; scholary
7. Hedwig: fighter; warrior
8. Hei: grace; beauty; charm
9. Heidi: noble; kind
10. Herberta: great warrior
11. Herlinda: gentle; friendly
12. Hida: present; gift
13. Hilma: protected
14. Holda: gracious and beloved
15. Huberta: woman with clever mind
16. Hulda: gracious and beloved
17. Hydi: noble; kind

German girl names that start with I:

1. Ida: hardworking
2. Idelia: noble
3. Idette: serious worker
4. Ilma: determined protector
5. Ilse: holy and sacred to God
6. Ilsa: noble
7. Ilyse: born into nobility
8. Imelda: warrior
9. Irma: honourable; a universal woman
10. Irmgaard: noble
11. Isana: a strong-willed woman

German girl names that start with J:

1. Jaana: God is precious
2. Jacky: flower name
3. Jakoba: God may protect
4. Jarvia: intelligent and sharp like a spear
5. Jarvinia: keen intelligence
6. Jenell: knowledge
7. Jerri: spear carrier
8. Johanna: God is gracious
9. Jolanka: country
10. Josefa: feminine of Joseph

German girl names that start with K:

1. Kalianne: sweet darling
2. Kalliyan: best
3. Kannitha: angel
4. Kesor: heavenly lady
5. Kiiri: mountain
6. Kiri: mountain summit
7. Kolab: pretty rose flower
8. Kolthida: noble born woman
9. Kravann: tiny golden brown flower
10. Kunthea: beautiful fragrance

German girl names that start with L:

1. Landra: counsellor
2. Leoda: woman of the people
3. Leona: lion-like; brave like a lion
4. Leonarda: as a brave as a lion
5. Leonie: brave as a lion
6. Liona: lionness
7. Lois: strong and famous warrior in battle
8. Lorelei: alluring; a siren of the river Rhine
9. Louise: famous warrior
10. Luisa: famous warrior

German girl names that start with M:

1. Margareta: a pearl
2. Marla: sea of bitterness
3. Marlene:  blind of Mary and Magdalene
4. Marlis: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
5. Mathilda: mighty in battle
6. Meta: pearl
7. Mettalise: as graceful as a pearl
8. Milla: dear one; gracious one

German girl names that start with N:

1. Nadeeta: hope
2. Nadja: who will not give up easily
3. Nanetta: a graceful queen
4. Nanina: a graceful person; a charming one
5. Nastassja: alive again
6. Nedra: dissident; concealed
7. Nixie: water nymph
8. Norberta: bright heroine
9. Nordica: woman from the north
10. Nordika: from the north

German girl names that start with O:

1. Oda: elfin spear
2. Odelia: little wealthy one
3. Olaia: a person with a record of success
4. Olinda: defender of the land
5. Oma: grandmother
6. Oola: a red lizard
7. Oriolda: leaves; palms
8. Orlanda: master of all above
9. Orlantha: from the land
10. Ormanda: mariner; sailor
11. Otha: wealthy and fortunate
12. Ottie: a strong willed

German girl names that start with P:

1. Paige: sweet; young child
2. Palmira: palm tree
3. Paloma: beautiful white dove
4. Pamela: honeyed sweetness; new leaves
5. Pamelina: made of honey
6. Panagiota: holy
7. Pandora: highly gifted
8. Pansy: violet flower
9. Pari: angel; fairy
10. Patsy: lady of the house
11. Peggy: pearl
12. Pempe: pink
13. Perihan: a nile of honey
14. Petrisse: small rock
15. Philine: friend
16. Phyllis: green leaves
17. Poldi: brave like a lion
18. Prachi: first ray of sun; morning
19. Prima: first-born
20. Prudentia: cautious; intelligent

German girl names that start with Q:

1. Quasima: old generation; judge
2. Queena: queen; royalt
3. Queenie: queen
4. Quella: pacify; quiet
5. Quynh: ruby

German girl names that start with R:

1. Raina: mighty ruler
2. Randilyn: a protected waterfall
3. Rapunzel: girl with long hair
4. Rayla: wise and strong ruler
5. Raymonde: wise protector
6. Resi: harvester
7. Richelle: powerful ruler
8. Roberta: bright and famous
9. Rolanda: renowned
10. Rudy: famous wolf

German girl names that start with S:

1. Schmetterling: butterfly
2. Senta: assistant
3. Serilda: armed maiden of war
4. Sigfreda: peaceful victory
5. Sigilwig: champion
6. Solvig: champion
7. Sonnenschein: Sunshine

German girl names that start with T:

1. Tabea: gazelle
2. Tabita: graceful
3. Taleja: of a noble kind
4. Talicia: honourable and noble
5. Tamina: a twin sister to someone
6. Tawanna: one who vandalised
7. Teigra: a tigress
8. Tilles: fortunate; splendour
9. Tilli: mighty in battle
10. Tresa: a strong person
11. Treza: harvest of the late summer
12. Trudy: adored warrior
13. Truvy: a person who appreciates beauty

German girl names that start with U:

1. Udalrike: noble ruler
2. Ugolina: bright mind and spirit; intelligent
3. Ulla: a wilful woman
4. Ulrica: ruling wolf
5. Ulrike: wolf ruler; powerful
6. Unna: woman; one; lamb
7. Urith: worthy; deserving
8. Uta: fortunate heroine in battle

German girl names that start with V:

1. Vada: famous ruler
2. Vala: chosen one
3. Valda: powerful; a battle heroine; famous ruler
4. Vanda: wanderer
5. Vedis: forest spirit
6. Viveca: war; alive
7. Viveka: little woman of the strong fortress

German girl names that start with W:

1. Walda: one who has fame and power
2. Waltraud: strong ruler
3. Warna: one who defends her loved ones
4. Wanda: wanderer
5. Wilhelmina: the resolute protector; determined guardian
6. Willa: resolute; determined guardian
7. Wilma: desire to protect; guardian
8. Winifred: friend of peace
9. Winola: gracious and charming friend

German girl names that start with X:

1. Xena: brave; beautiful
2. Xiomara: glorious; famous in battle

German girl names that start with Y:

1. Yagmur: rain
2. Yamelia: hard working
3. Yamileta: beautiful
4. Yda: good luck
5. Yedda: singer
6. Yekta: Unique single
7. Yelda: dark night
8. Yenny: peace
9. Yesim: jade
10. Yseult: ice ruler

German girl names that start Z:

1. Zelda: grey-haired woman
2. Zelinda: shield of victory
3. Zelma: protected; secure
4. Zola: princess

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