236 Italian girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Italian Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 236 ) Italian girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Italian girl names that start with A:

1. Adrina: having great happiness
2. Alma: refers to the soul
3. Annabel: graceful and beautiful woman
4. Aria: the one who is lion of the lords
5. Arianna: holiest
6. Arietta: a short but beautiful melody

Italian girl names that start with B:

1. Bambi: little child
2. Becca: bound; tied
3. Bei: lotus bud
4. Bel: apple tree
5. Belinda: beautiful
6. Belladonna: beautiful lady
7. Bianca: white
8. Bice: voyager
9. Bindy: beautiful
10. Bini: architect; blessed
11. Bonnie: attractive; fair; lovely
12. Breda: grassy meadow

Italian girl names that start with C:

1. Camellia: a shrub with fragrant flowers.
2. Camilla: young attendant at ceremony
3. Caprice: fanciful; unpredictable
4. Carlotta: little woman; a form of Charlotte
5. Carolina: strong; little womanly
6. Caterina: pure; a form of Catherine
7. Chiara: clear; bright
8. Cipriana: from the island of Cyprus
9. Clara: clear; bright
10. Cloe: blooming

Italian girl names that start with D:

1. Dafny: flower; a form of Daphne
2. Dahna: lady
3. Dalia: a branch
4. Dalila: delicate; gentleness in her soul
5. Damiana: untamed
6. Daniella: as God is my judge
7. Dante: lasting; enduring
8. Debora: bee
9. Delana: noble woman
10. Desideria: much desired
11. Diamante: of high value
12. Domina: lady
13. Domitilla: little tamed one
14. Donata: gift from God
15. Donna: Lady

Italian girl names that start with E:

1. Edda: rich
2. Edita: joyous
3. Editta: wealthy
4. Edmonda: prosperous protector
5. Egeria: a water nymph
6. Elaine: light
7. Elana: a tree
8. Eleanora: light
9. Elena: light
10. Elisabetta: chosen child; consecrated to God
11. Eloisa: battle maiden
12. Elvira: all true
13. Emanuela: God is with us
14. Emilia: ambitious; industrious
15. Enrichetta: ruler of the home
16. Epifania: honorific name from the feast of the Epiphany on January 6th
17. Evelina: life

Italian girl names that start with F:

1. Fabiana:
2. Farfalla: butterfly
3. Fausta: lucky; pleased; fortunate
4. Felicia: green branch
5. Feliciana: happy and joyful
6. Fiammetta: flame; a little fairy one
7. Filippa: horse lover
8. Fina: God will increase
9. Fioralba: dawn flower
10. Fiorella: a little flower
11. Fiorenza: flower
12. Florence: place name
13. Francesca: a form of Frances

Italian girl names that start with G:

1. Gaetana:
2. Gala: finery
3. Geltrude: warrior
4. Ghita: pearl
5. Giacinta: hyacinth
6. Giana: God is gracious
7. Gina:
8. Giolla: servant
9. Giorgette: farmer
10. Giovanna: God is gracious
11. Giuditta: praised
12. Giulia: soft-haired; youthful
13. Giuseppa: God shall add; increase
14. Giustina: just
15. Grazia: grace
16. Guida: to guide

Italian girl names that start with H:

1. Hally: hay meadow
2. Helm: courageous protection
3. Helmina: will-helmet
4. Hilaria: happy
5. Hortensia: deprived from the feminine form of the Roman clan name Hortensius

Italian girl names that start with I:

1. Ida: work; labour
2. Ilaria: cheerful
3. Illeana: shinning; bright; torch
4. Imelda: warrior in the universal battle
5. Imperia: imperial
6. Iniga: fiery
7. Iolanda: violet
8. Isabella: consecrated to God
9. Itala: from Italy
10. Italia: from Italy
11. Izabella: to swear to God

Italian girl names that start with J:

1. Jemma: precious stone
2. Jianna: God is gracious
3. Juliet: it was the name of the young heroine of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet
4. Julietta: variant of Julia; Jove’s child

Italian girl names that start with K:

1. Kairah: beloved friend
2. Karah: dear; beloved
3. Karalea: sweet melody
4. Karaleah: love; dear
5. Kareen: cherished; admired
6. Karrisa: embrace; caress
7. Katarina: pure
8. Katina: pure; clear

Italian girl names that start with L:

1. Lacole: victorious people
2. Laurenza: crown of laurels
3. Leonora: shinning light
4. Leora: light
5. Letizia: glad
6. Lia: dependent
7. Lucia: light
8. Luciana: light; illumination
9. Lucrezia: benefit; wealthy
10. Luigia: famous battle maiden
11. Luisa: famous warrior
12. Lunetta: little moon

Italian female names that start with M:

1. Maddalena: woman who comes from the tower
2. Maddalyn: girl from a tower
3. Madonna: my lady
4. Manzi: one who raised steers
5. Mariana: star of the sea
6. Mariangela: an angel of the sea of sorrow
7. Marianna: a glorious sea of sorrow
8. Marilena: a bright star of the sea
9. Mariola: a bitter dame
10. Marsala: from the place of sweet wine
11. Massima: the greatest one of them all
12. Mataya: a gift from God
13. Mea: she belongs to me
14. Miabella: a tiny falcon; a person with the qualities of a falcon
15. Mistico: a mystical woman

Italian female names that start with N:

1. Nan: full of grace
2. Nannetta: brave; darling
3. Narda: scented ointment
4. Natalia: born at Christmas
5. Nera: love
6. Nerissa: a black-haired beauty
7. Neroli: orange blossom
8. Neve: the ice crystals that falls from the clouds
9. Nicola: victory of the people
10. Nirvana: deep silence; ultimate bliss
11. Novella: new
12. Nunciata: announces
13. Nunzia: bearer of news
14. Nunziatina: one who brings announcements

Italian female names that start with O:

1. Orabella: beautiful gold
2. Orella: an Oracle
3. Oria: golden
4. Oriana: golden
5. Orlanda: famous land
6. Ornella: a flowering ash tree
7. Orsina: little bear; female bear
8. Ortensia: gardener
9. Otavia: eighth in order
10. Ottavia: born eighth

Italian female names that start with P :

1. Paola: small
2. Paolina: small
3. Phia: a saintly woman
4. Pia: holy and prayerful
5. Po: a lively woman
6. Primavera: spring time; a child of spring
7. Pulcheria: a chubby baby

Italian female names that start with Q:

1. Quartilla: the fruit of the earth
2. Queti: cute
3. Quieta: she who listens
4. Quiteria: she who captures; who seizes
5. Quorra: heart

Italian female names that start with R:

1. Rafaele: heald by the God
2. Ravinia: a place name of the Italian city
3. Renatta: a woman who was born again
4. Richard: who rules strongly and powerfully
5. Romeeka: a girl from the ancient city Rome
6. Rosangela: like an angel rose
7. Rosaria: rosary
8. Rosene: a rosy looking young girl
9. Rosetta: Rose
10. Rufina: red-haired

Italian female names that start with S:

1. Sabina: woman of ancient Italian culture
2. Sancia: holy
3. Santa: saint
4. Sara: princess
5. Serafina: seraph
6. Serena: calm; peaceful
7. Sidonia: from Sidonia
8. Sienna: reddish-brown
9. Silvana: forest
10. Silvia: wood
11. Simona: God has heard
12. Speranza: hope; confidence

Italian girl names that start with T:

1. Tanaquil: gift of God
2. Tekla: God’s glory
3. Tiberia: of the Tiber River
4. Tosca: belonging to Tuscany
5. Traviata: straying
6. Trilby: singer
7. Tristessa: a bold woman

Italian female names that start with U:

1. Ugo: mind; intellect
2. Ugolina: mind; bright in mind
3. Uliva: olive ( the fruit)
4. Umberto: renowned warrior; bright warrior
5. Urbana: from the city

Italian female names that start with V:

1. Valeria: brave; healthy; strong
2. Vedette: sentinel
3. Velia: hidden
4. Venetia: woman from Venice
5. Venice: from Venice
6. Verdi: green
7. Verity: truth
8. Viridis: green
9. Virona: truth; true image
10. Viola: a vivid blue colour

Italian female names that start with W:

1. Wanda: get fat
2. Wilma: will-helmet

Italian female names that start with Y:

1. Yoconda: happy
2. Ysabel: devoted to God; God is my Oath
3. Ysabelle: consecrated to God

Italian female names that start with Z:

1. Zabina: catlike
2. Zanita: God is gracious
3. Zarina: golden
4. Zelinda: victory shield
5. Zeta: little girl
6. Zita: young girl
7. Zola: ball of earth


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