260 beautiful Irish girl names

If you are looking for Irish Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 260 ) Irish girl names for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.


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Irish girl names that start with A:

1. Adeen: little fire shining brightly
2. Ailbhe: of noble character; who is bright
3. Aileen: light bearer
4. Ailis: one who is noble and kind
5. Ain: in mythology , a woman who wrote laws to protect the rights of women
6. Aingeal: heaven’s messenger ; angel
7. Aisling: a dream or vision; an inspiration
8. Artis: lofy hill; noble
9. Assana: from the waterfall


Irish girl names that start with B:

1. Bairbre: stranger.
2. Ballinamore: a great river.
3. Barra: white or fair head.
4. Barran: little hill top.
5. Bellamy: fine friend.
6. Blaine: thin.
7. Blanid: flower.
8. Braidy : urging.
9. Bre: strength or exalted one.
10. Breck: freckled.
11. Bree: strong.
12. Breena: fairy palace.
13. Brenna: fiery; forceful; spirited.
14. Bria: noble.
15. Brianna: strong; virtuous; graceful victory.
16. Brienne: high; noble; exalted.
17. Brionna: high; noble; exalted.
18. Bryanna: strong; noble; exalted.


Irish girl names that start with C:

1. Carlin: little champion
2. Ciannait: ancient
3. Ciara: black
4. Clancy: red warrior
5. Cliona: shapely
6. Clodagh: name of a river in Tipperary
7. Colleen: girl


Irish girl names that start with D:

1. Dacey: southerner; from Candace
2. Dalany: descendant of the challenger
3. Dallas: wise
4. Darby: free
5. Darci: dark
6. Deirdre: sorrowful wanderer
7. Delaney: descendant of the challenger
8. Derry: red-haired one
9. Devin: poet
10. Dooriya: the deep
11. Duana: poem or song; dark


Irish girl names that start with E:

1. Eabha: life provider
2. Eachna: horse
3. Eaden: face; jealousy
4. Ealga: noble
5. Earc: dark red
6. Earlene: pledge; promise
7. Eavan: fair
8. Ebliu: beautiful Sheen
9. Eda: wealthy; happy
10. Edain: pretty face
11. Edana: little fairy one
12. Eileen: shinning light
13. Erin: peaceful; from Ireland


Irish girl names that start with F:

1. Fae: trust; believe
2. Failend: dove of the Church
3. Fainche: free; crow
4. Falisha: happiness; lucky
5. Fan: free one
6. Fannit: bright red
7. Farvila: golden princess
8. Faylinn: graceful woman
9. Feenat: deer
10. Fenna: scented flower
11. Fiadh: wild
12. Fiana: vine
13. Fidelma: faithful
14. Fionnula: white shoulders


Irish girl names that start with G:

1. Galena: little; lively
2. Galla: stranger
3. Gaynor: fair; child of the fair one
4. Gilda: God’s servant
5. Gladys: princess
6. Glenda: from the valley
7. Glenna: from the valley
8. Grady: illustrious; noble
9. Grania: love
10. Gwendolen: fair of face
11. Gwyneth: blessed; fair


Irish girl names that start with H:

1. Hagen: little; young
2. Haly: from the Holy meadow
3. Havan: a form of heaven
4. Hayley: clever; ingenious
5. Heather: flower name
6. Heena: fragrance
7. Helan: torch; sun ray; shinning light
8. Hellena: light
9. Hinaya: shine; bright; beautiful
10. Hiolair: happy
11. Honora: woman of honour
12. Hulayi: joy
13. Hya: glad


Irish girl names that start with I:

1. Iarfhlaith: lord of the west
2. Ibernia: from Ireland
3. Ida: prosperous; happy
4. Ierne: from Ireland
5. Iesult: ruler of the ice
6. Ileana: light; shinning; brilliant
7. Ileene: light; shinning; brilliant
8. Ilees: God has sworn
9. Ilianna: bright; shine; shinning
10. Illona: the light of the sun
11. Imly: eager
12. Ina: pure
13. Inis: woman from Ennis
14. Irene: peaceful; palm tree
15. Irna: eagle
16. Isibeal: consecrated to God
17. Isolde: a woman known for her beauty
18. Iulia: soft-haired; youthful


Irish girl names that start with J:

1. Jacolin: one who guides with beauty
2. Jacqueline: supplanter; holder of the heel
3. Jana: God is gracious
4. Jaxcy: God is merciful
5. Jill: youthful
6. Josephine: God will increase
7. Julia: youthful; soft-haired


Irish girl names that start with K:

1. Kacey: eagle-eyed; brave
2. Kaitlyn: pure
3. Kasey: brave and honourable
4. Kassidy: clever
5. Kathleen: pure
6. Keara: from a saint’s name
7. Keavy: loveliness; gentleness
8. Keegan: small; fairy one
9. Keelin: fair and slender
10. Keena: brave
11. Keira: dark haired; black
12. Kelly: battle maiden of the woods; brave warrior
13. Kennedy: helmeted chief
14. Kentigerna: ruler
15. Kerry: dark-haired
16. Kiley: attractive; good looking
17. Kyla: attractive


Irish girl names that start with L:

1. Labhaoise: warrior maiden
2. Labras: a laurel bush
3. Lacy: cheerful
4. Lamderg: the red handed
5. Lana: peaceful
6. Laoise: radiant girl; famous
7. Larlene: promise
8. Lassa: sea
9. Lassar: flame
10. Lassie: young girl
11. Leahy: hero; warrior
12. Liadan: grey lady
13. Lian: protector


Irish girl names that start with M:

1. Maeve: an intoxicating woman
2. Makenna: of the Irish one
3. Maola: a handmaiden
4. Maureen: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
5. Mide: one who is thirsty
6. Molly: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
7. Moncha: a solitary woman
8. Mugain: In mythology, the wife of the King of Ulster
9. Muirne: one who is dearly loved
10. Muriel: of the shinning sea


Irish girl names that start with N:

1. Naomh: holy
2. Neala: champion
3. Neve: bright; radiant
4. Nevina: saint worshipper
5. Niamh: bright
6. Nola: white shoulder
7. Nolana: born at Christmas
8. Nolwenn: shinning; pure
9. Norleen: honest
10. Nuala: fair-shouldered one


Irish girl names that start with O:

1. Orin: a dark-haired beauty
2. Orinda: light-skinned
3. Orinthia: name invented by playwright George Bernard shaw in the Apple Cart 1929
4. Orla: golden
5. Orna: one who is pale-skinned
6. Ornat: green
7. Ornice: olive colour


Irish girl names that start with P:

1. Paa: flower
2. Padraigin: noble
3. Payton: noble warrior’s farm
4. Pegeen: pearl
5. Peigi: pearl
6. Phalen: wolf
7. Phil: happiness; good fortune
8. Pixie: fairy


Irish girl names that start with Q:

1. Quina: living with grace
2. Quincy: like a queen
3. Quincey: fifth-born child
4. Quinlan: well formed; very strong; athletic


Irish girl names that start with R:

1. Ragan: little ruler
2. Ranait: graceful
3. Reagan: little ruler
4. Regan: little ruler
5. Reilly: valiant
6. Rhona: rough island
7. Rhonda: grand
8. Rianna: virtuous
9. Riely: valiant
10. Riona: queen; saint
11. Roisin: Rose
12. Rona: seal
13. Rori: brilliant; famous ruler
14. Rowena: slender and fair
15. Ryan: little ruler
16. Rylee: valiant


Irish girl names that start with S:

1. Saoirse: freedom
2. Saraid: excellent
3. Seanna: God is gracious
4. Shae: from the fairy palace
5. Shanley: hero’s child
6. Shannon: little wise one; the name of a river
7. Shawna: God is gracious
8. Shawnee: God is gracious
9. Shay: hawk-like; majestic; admirable
10. Shayla: fairy palace
11. Shea: hawk-like; majestic
12. Sheena: God is gracious
13. Sheridan: wild
14. Shona: God is gracious
15. Sian: God is gracious
16. Sierra: black
17. Sina: God is gracious
18. Sinead: God is gracious
19. Siobhan: same as Sina
20. Sloane: warrior


Irish girl names that start with T:

1. Tamesis: from the river Thames
2. Tara: Hill
3. Tate: measure of land
4. Tawnee: a green field
5. Teagan: good-looking
6. Teamhair: Hill
7. Tigris: Tiger
8. Tracey: warrior
9. Treasa: having great strength
10. Trevina: prudent; cautious
11. Tullia: peaceful
12. Tully: peaceful one; at peace with God


Irish girl names that start with U:

1. Uan: lamb
2. Uasal: noble
3. Ughaire: God is my light
4. Ula: jewel of the sea
5. Ulia: sea jewel
6. Ulla: rich and powerful ruler
7. Una: United
8. Unagh: lamb
9. Uri: God is my light; strength


Irish girl names that start with V:

1. Vanessa: Genus of butterfly; star
2. Vevila: harmony
3. Vevina: sweet lady
4. Viking: sea rover; pirate
5. Vivienne: alive; lively; full of life


Irish girl names that start with W:

1. Wanna: God is gracious
2. Whiltierna: wolf lord
3. Whitney: fair island
4. Winifred: peace friend


Irish girl names that start with Y:

1. Yseult: fair; lady; princess
2. Yu: happy; rain
3. Yvonne: yew

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