213 Turkish girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Turkish Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 213 ) Turkish girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Turkish girl names starting with A:

1. Afet: a woman of awe-inspiring beauty
2. Ahu: gazelle; beautiful eyes
3. Aisha: she who lives; womanly
4. Aiyla: moonlight
5. Alara: fairy of the water
6. Asli: genuine; authentic; true
7. Ayla: a halo of light around the moon
8. Ayça: the crescent of the moon
9. Aylin: the one that belongs to the moon
10. Aysun: her face as beautiful as the moon
11. Ayten: the one with luminescent skin
12. Azize: beloved; precious
13. Azra: pure

Turkish girl names starting with B:

1. Bahar: spring time
2. Banu: lady
3. Basak: ear of wheat
4. Belgin: clear
5. Belkis: queen; princess
6. Bengi: immortal; never ending
7. Beren: clever; well-known; strong
8. Berna: young; youthful
9. Beste: melody; composition
10. Beyza: beloved
11. Bike: queen; wise
12. Birgül: one rose
13. Burcu: scent; fragrance
14. Buse: kiss

Turkish girl names starting with C:

1. Cache: storage place
2. Cadhla: beautiful
3. Cadi: rhythm
4. Cadwyn: chain
5. Cady: simple happiness
6. Cagla: flowing water
7. Caja: to rejoice
8. Calina: torch
9. Cami: Virginal
10. Camira: of the wind
11. Canan: love
12. Candice: pure
13. Capri: the goat
14. Caria: she who flows like water
15. Carina: bride
16. Cemile: Beautiful; radiant
17. Cemre: burning ember
18. Ceren: baby gazelle
19. Ceyda: a tall and beautiful woman; helpful
20. Ceylan: a gazelle; antelope
21. Cooinda: happy place
22. Coorah: woman
23. Coreen: end of the hills

Turkish girl names starting with D:

1. Damla: a drop of water; rain
2. Defne: laurel tree
3. Deniz: sea
4. Derya: ocean; sea
5. Dilara: heart; an ornament of beauty
6. Dilek: desire; request
7. Doga: nature

Turkish girl names starting with E:

1. Ece: queen; attractive one
2. Ekin: harvest
3. Ela: hazel
4. Elif: slim; tall
5. Elma: sweet fruit
6. Elmas: diamond
7. Elnara: fire; light
8. Elvan: colours
9. Emel: desire
10. Emine: one who is fearless and courageous
11. Emira: princess
12. Emiri: one who tries to excel
13. Esana: desire; wish; aim
14. Esin: inspiration; morning breeze
15. Esma: supreme
16. Esmeray: dark moon
17. Eylem: action
18. Ezel: eternity

Turkish girl names starting with F:

1. Fatma: one who weans an infant; the name of the prophet Mohammed’s daughter
2. Feray: radiance of the moon
3. Feriha: happy; joyful; cheerful
4. Feryal: decoration; ornament
5. Fiden: sapling
6. Filiz: blossom; to flower
7. Funda: health

Turkish girl names starting with G:

1. Gamze: the dimple on the cheek when a person smiles
2. Gaye: precious ornament which reflects yellow or gold in colour
3. Gokcen: Beautiful woman; blue-eyed woman
4. Gorkem: glory; fame; magnificent
5. Gül: rose
6. Gulizar: a garden of roses
7. Gulya: a flower
8. Gunseli: sunlight

Turkish girl names starting with H:

1. Haleh: halo around the moon
2. Halime: mild; gentle
3. Handan: joyful
4. Hande: laugh; smile
5. Harika: wonderful; beautiful; a miracle
6. Havva: alive; living
7. Hayal: a daydream; hope
8. Hayati: flame
9. Hayrünnisa: woman with good deeds
10. Hazal: deer; gazelle
11. Hazan: autumn
12. Hilda: mighty in battle
13. Hulya: daydream

Turkish girl names starting with I:

1. Idil: complete
2. Ilay: water nymph
3. Ilkay: new moon
4. Imran: prosperity; development
5. Ipek: silk
6. Irem: from the heavenly Gardens
7. Irmak: from the river
8. Isil: ablaze; sparkling; brilliant
9. Isra: freedom
10. Izel: Unique

Turkish girl names starting with J, K, L:

1. Jale: hailstone
2. Jihan: universe
3. Jubaila: mountain
4. Kadriye: valuable
5. Kamelya: a type of flower
6. Kiraz: cherry
7. Lalam: as beautiful as a tulip
8. Lale: tulip
9. Lara: water fairy
10. Leyla: night; lilac
11. Lunara: flower; rose; pomegranate

Turkish girl names starting with M:

1. Mehtap: moonlight
2. Melek: an angel
3. Melika: a great beauty
4. Melike: the wife of the King
5. Meliha: beautiful; sweet
6. Meltem: gentle wind blows in the warmest season of the year
7. Mercan: Coral
8. Mert: brave
9. Meryem: Mary, the mother of Jesus
10. Miray: shinning like the moon
11. Muge: lily
12. Müjde: good news

Turkish girl names starting with N:

1. Naciye: saved and being secured
2. Nadia: hope
3. Nasrin: wild rose
4. Naz: cute
5. Nazan: coy; reluctant
6. Nazik: a delicate person
7. Nazli: to have beauty
8. Nebahat: awakened; honor 
9. Necla: competition
10. Nehir: river
11. Nese: merriment; joy
12. Neylan: fulfilled wish
13. Nihal: joyous; successful
14. Nuray: as bright as the moon
15. Nurgul: radiant rose

Turkish girl names starting with O, P, R:

1. Oya: Irish lace
2. Ozge: Unique; distinct
3. Özgur: free; independent
4. Özlem: desire
5. Pinar: fountain; spring
6. Rabia: spring; fourth-born
7. Rasheda: righty guided
8. Reyhan: favoured by God
9. Roshan: a bright light
10. Roxelana: one who comes from the Rutheria region

Turkish girl names starting with S:

1. Sabahat: beauty; grace; handsomeness
2. Sabite: stable
3. Safiye: wisdom; knowledge
4. Sahar: just before dawn
5. Sammie: God has heard
6. Sanem: perfection
7. Sarila: waterfall
8. Seda: voice; echo
9. Seden: awake; watchful
10. Sefa: God will add
11. Selda: dark battle
12. Selin: running water
13. Selma: peaceful
14. Sema: divine omen
15. Semra: one who is light-brown skin
16. Serap: mirage
17. Serenay: full moon
18. Serra: crown
19. Sevda: love
20. Sevil: to love; to be loved
21. Sezen: to understand
22. Sibel: raindrop
23. Sila: reunite with relatives and loved ones who live in the hometown

Turkish girl names starting with T:

1. Taahira: pure; chaste
2. Taliah: heaven’s dew
3. Tansu: the water during dawn
4. Tanyeli: early morning wind
5. Toulin: a circular band of light around moon
6. Tubba: pure and diligent woman; a tree from heaven
7. Tulip: Tulip; a flower
8. Turna: crane

Turkish girl names starting with U, V, Y:

1. Ubab: flower
2. Ulker: the pleiades
3. Ulku: ideal
4. Ulviye: high; lofty
5. Umay: hopeful
6. Ummiye: lion Village
7. Ummuhan: sister of Hz. Ali
8. Umut: hope
9. Vega: swooping eagle
10. Vesile: close to God
11. Yasmin: Jasmine flower
12. Yildiz: star

Turkish girl names starting with Z:

1. Zambak: lily flower
2. Zehra: blossoms; beauty
3. Zerdali: wild apricot
4. Zeliha: water fairy
5. Zemzem: sweet water of paradise
6. Zergul: golden rose
7. Zerrin: golden
8. Zeynep: precious rock; precious gem
9. Ziynet: ornament


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