girl names that start with B, a complete guide

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best girl names that start with B, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl names, boy names and gender neural names.

With so many girl name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby girl will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular girl names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby girl, or you know a pregnant woman with a girl, this is a guide for you.

This guide of girl names that start with B contains ( 375 ) names from different origins, whether you go for a pretty and cute girl names, or a rare and unique one.


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Key symbolism and personality for names start with the letter B:

According to name echo, people with B as first letter in their name love collaboration with others and are perfect for teamwork.

People whose names start with B are easy to influence and have very strong emotions, and they ant to do good for the entire world.

Japanese girl names that start with B:

1. Bambi: beauty
2. Banira: summer
3. Bara: rainbow; good
4. Beika: crystal
5. Benie: depending
6. Beniho: guarantee
7. Benii: benevolence
8. Benika: entertainer
9. Beniko: lake
10. Benimo: algae; aquatic plants
11. Benina: calm
12. Benio: cherry blossom
13. Beniyo: world
14. Bian: apricot
15. Bianka: incense
16. Bibia: light
17. Biei: forever and ever
18. Biju: pearl
19. Biore: flower
20. Bira: network
21. Bisui: beauty
22. Biyuu: superiority
23. Bonju: tree
24. Budou: guide
25. Bun: sound
26. Byakuren: love


Russian girl names that start with B:

1. Bayusha: a place name in Moldova
2. Bogdana: a woman who is God-given
3. Bohdana: from God
4. Boleslava: large glory
5. Borbala: foreign
6. Borislava: famous battle
7. Brania: armour
8. Breasha: strong
9. Bronislava: glorious protector
10. Bubley: one who is from Babylon


Korean girl names that start with B:

1. Bada: ocean
2. Bae: inspiration
3. Baeg-Ilcho: zinnia flower
4. Baram: the wind
5. Bitna: shinning
6. Bo-a: a precious jewel
7. Bom: spring
8. Bong: mythical bird, phoenix
9. Bong-cha: ultimate girl
10. Bongseon: impatiens flower
11. Bon-Hwa: glorious
12. Byeol: a star

English girl names that start with B:

1. Babs: traveler from a foreign land.
2. Bailee: courtyard within castle walls.
3. Baileigh: Berry clearing.
4. Bailey: steward.
5. Baili: Bailiff; Stewart.
6. Ballard: bald head.
7. Ballinderry: town of the oakwood.
8. Barbie: from the greek barbarous.
9. Baylea: Bailiff; sheriff’s officer.
10. Bayleigh: Bailiff; city fortification.
11. Bay: sea inlet.
12. Baylor: delivery person.
13. Beau: admirer; sweetheart.
14. Beckett : beehive; bee cottage.
15. Bee: she who brings happiness.
16. Bellarose: a rose’s vow to God.
17. Bennett: blessed.
18. Bentley: meadow with coarse grass.
19. Berry: fruit of Berry.
20. Berta: bright.
21. Bertina: bright; shinning.
22. Bess: my God is beautiful.
23. Beta: my God is beautiful.
24. Bethshaya: combination of Beth and Shaya.
25. Betony: flower name deprived from the Vettones tribe.
26. Bev: beaver stream or meadow.
27. Beverley: from the stream of the beaver.
28. Bexley: box tree.
29. Billie: wilful; strong-willed.
30. Binney: someone who lived on land enclosed by a bend in a river.
31. Birdie: bird.
32. Blake: dark.
33. Blakely: black; dark.
34. Blayke: light; dark.
35. Blaze: flame.
36. Blessing: divine gift.
37. Blessy: blessing; lucky thing; good thing.
38. Blythe: happy; cheerful; gentle.
39. Bonduca: victory.
40. Braylee: briar clearing.
41. Breanna: strong and graceful.
42. Breea: high; noble.
43. Breeze: cool; refreshing; windy.
44. Brenda: fiery; flaming sword.
45. Brexley: loving generous and kind.
46. Briar: thorny rose.
47. Bridie: strong woman.
48. Brighton: bright town.
49. Briley: descendent of Raghallah; noble; strong.
50. Brilynn: a woman who shines.
51. Brinley: burnt meadow.
52. Brinti: one from former nothen french province.
53. Bristol: meeting place by the bridge.
54. Brita: exalted one.
55. Britin: from great Britain.
56. British: from great Britain.
57. Britney: from great Britain.
58. Brittany: from Britain.
59. Brooke: stream.
60. Bryce: speckled.
61. Buffy: God is my oath.
62. Bunny: little rabbit.
63. Brylee: exalted pasture.
64. Brynlee: burnt meadow.
65. Brystol: where the bridge resides.



American girl names that start with B:


1. Baby: a baby.
2. Bea: bringer of happiness; blessed.
3. Bayle: beautiful.
4. Baylin: mighty soldier ; foolhardy.
5. Bena: pheasant.
6. Benquasha: daughter of Ben.
7. Betsy: holy and scared of God.
8. Blue: the colour.
9. Bly: high; tall.
10. Braylin: Gift of God.
11. Brea: beauty beyond sight.
12. Brenley: burnt meadow.
13. Breonna: high; noble.
14. Brooklyn: place name.
15. Buffy: shortened version of buffalo.
16. Bunny: little rabbit.
17. Butterfly: beautiful, like a butterfly.

Arabic girl names that start with B:

1. Badr: full moon.
2. Bahija: happy.
3. Bahiya: beautiful; radiant.
4. Bahr: ocean; sea.
5. Ban: home of village.
6. Banan: delicate finger tips.
7. Baraa: purity; excelling.
8. Baraka: white one.
9. Basima: smiling.
10. Batul: palm tree shoot.
11. Bibi: lady.
12. Bilqis: name of the Queen of Sheba.
13. Bushra: good omen.


Spanish girl names that start with B:

1. Baila: dance.
2. Barcelona: small boat.
3. Belen: Bethlehem; house of bread.
4. Belicia: dedicated to God.
5. Belita: the beautiful one.
6. Belynda: beautiful serpent.
7. Benita: blessed.
8. Bonita: pretty; beautiful.
9. Brigida: strong spirited.
10. Brisa : beloved.
11. Buena: good.

Irish girl names that start with B:

1. Bairbre: stranger.
2. Ballinamore: a great river.
3. Barra: white or fair head.
4. Barran: little hill top.
5. Bellamy: fine friend.
6. Blaine: thin.
7. Blanid: flower.
8. Braidy : urging.
9. Bre: strength or exalted one.
10. Breck: freckled.
11. Bree: strong.
12. Breena: fairy palace.
13. Brenna: fiery; forceful; spirited.
14. Bria: noble.
15. Brianna: strong; virtuous; graceful victory.
16. Brienne: high; noble; exalted.
17. Brionna: high; noble; exalted.
18. Bryanna: strong; noble; exalted.


French girl names that start with B:

1. Babette: stranger.
2. Baylene: auburn-haired.
3. Beau: beautiful
4. Bedelia: possesses strength.
5. Bel: beautiful.
6. Bella: beautiful.
7. Bellamy: handsome friend.
8. Belle : beautiful.
9. Bernadette: bear; brave; strong.
10. Beyonce: beyond others.
11. Bijou: jewel.
12. Blanca: white; pure.
13. Blanche : white; fair-haired.
14. Blondelle: blond; fair.
15. Bonne: good.
16. Briar: heather.
17. Brigette: strong.
18. Brie: marshland.
19. Brier: heather.
20. Burgundy: red-brown colour.


Hebrew girl names that start with B:

1. Bara: chosen.
2. Basia: daughter of God.
3. Basmath: fragrance.
4. Bathsheba: daughter of an oath; promise.
5. Batsheva: daughter of oath.
6. Becca: bound; faithful.
7. Becci: to tie; bind; trap; snare.
8. Becka: servant of God.
9. Beckie: to bind.
10. Becky: moderator.
11. Bessie: holy and scared to God.
12. Bet: house; God’s promise; God is my Oath.
13. Beth: from the house of God.
14. Bethel: consecrated to God.
15. Bethesda: from the house of mercy.
16. Bethia: daughter.
17. Bethney: house of figs.
18. Betty: from the house of God.
19. Betulah: woman.
20. Beulah: married one.
21. Bina: wise.
22. Blanda: giver of compliments.
23. Blum: flower.
24. Bracha: a blessing.
25. Braha: blessing.
26. Branda: blessing.
27. Brielle: heroine of God.
28. Brillana: from the city of Brill.


Latin girl names that start with B:

1. Babe: stranger.
2. Barb: stranger.
3. Beatie: she who brings happiness; blessed.
4. Beatrice: bringer of joy.
5. Beatrix: voyager; traveller.
6. Bellanca: beautiful and fair-haired.
7. Bellona : goddess of battle.
8. Belva: beautiful view.
9. Benedicta: blessed.
10. Bernia: warrior.
11. Bibianna: lively.
12. Bobbi: foreign woman; bright fame.
13. Bona: good.
14. Brittanee: from Britain.


Indian girl names that start with B:

1. Baara: flame
2. Bagya: luck; fortune.
3. Baka: crane.
4. Bakula: flower; a mythological plant.
5. Bandita: blessed
6. Bel: scared wood of apple trees.
7. Bharati: goddess.
8. Bhavna: wish; feelings.
9. Bilpa: flower
10. Binita: modest
11. Bodhi: enlightenment
12. Bommi: sweet person
13. Briti: strength; flower


Welsh girl names that start with B:

1. Banon: Queen.
2. Betrys: bringer of joy.
3. Betsan: God is perfection.
4. Blodwen: white flower.
5. Braelynn : strong; virtuous; honorable.
6. Brice: swift; noble.
7. Bron: fair bosomed.
8. Bronwen: white skin.
9. Bryn: hill.


Italian girl names that start with B:

1. Bambi: little child
2. Becca: bound; tied
3. Bei: lotus bud
4. Bel: apple tree
5. Belinda: beautiful
6. Belladonna: beautiful lady
7. Bianca: white
8. Bice: voyager
9. Bindy: beautiful
10. Bini: architect; blessed
11. Bonnie: attractive; fair; lovely
12. Breda: grassy meadow


Greek girl names that start with B:

1. Baptista: baptised
2. Barbara: stranger; foreigner
3. Basillia: like a queen
4. Belphoebe: beautiful and bright
5. Berenice: bearer of victory
6. Berince: brings victory
7. Beryl: dazzling jewel
8. Bettina: God is satisfaction
9. Bronte: thunder


German girl names that start with B:

1. Beata: blessed
2. Bellinda: beautiful
3. Berdine: glorious; light
4. Berlin: river rake
5. Bernadine : brave as a bear
6. Bertha: bright one
7. Berti: bright
8. Billi: resolute protector
9. Brigitta: exalted, lofty


Scottish girl names that start with B:

1. Beathag: to serve God
2. Befel: a beautiful; loving woman
3. Blaen: little yellow one
4. Blair: field; battlefield
5. Bonea: pretty
6. Bonnie: fine; pretty
7. Bowie: fair-haired
8. Bradan: resembling the salmon
9. Bronia: fair bosomed
10. Bunny: good; fair of face; charming
11. Bunty: lamb


Scandinavian girl names that start with B:

1. Berit: exalted one
2. Birte: strength; power
3. Bjorg: salvation
4. Brenda: blade of a sword
5. Brigit: strong; lofty
6. Britta: strong; exalted one
7. Bryfroste: from the bridge
8. Bryndis: strong armour
9. Brynja: armour; shielding


Hawaiian girl names that start with B:

1. Bara: stranger
2. Basha: good things
3. Becky: one who ties and joins
4. Bess: God is my Oath
5. Bettina: promise of God
6. Bizzy: God is perfection
7. Bleniki: white
8. Bracha: blessing
9. Buffy: God’s promise


Chinese girl names that start with B:

1. Baby: infant
2. Bai: resembling a Berry
3. Bao: treasure
4. Baozhai: precious
5. Bei: lotus Bud
6. Bik: Jade
7. Biyu: jasper; semi-precious
8. Bo: precious


Australian girl names that start with B:

1. Bakana: lookout; guardian
2. Bambra: mushroom
3. Bani: speech
4. Bara: dawn; sunrise
5. Bebe: lady of the house
6. Bela: evening time
7. Beltana: running water
8. Bimbimbie: place of many birds
9. Bon: sweet
10. Bre: beautiful
11. Bu: leader; goddess


Polish girl names that start with B:

1. Basha: foreign woman
2. Beata: blessed
3. Berta: famous; noble
4. Biata: blessed; powerful
5. Bibiana: alive; full of life
6. Bona: good
7. Brygida: strong; the exalted one


Anglo-Saxon girl names start with B:

1. Beda: warrior
2. Berthilda: bright; shinning
3. Bliss: joy; blissful
4. Blossom: blooming like a flower
5. Briony: hill; vine
6. Burdette: little bird


Hungarian girl names start with B:

1. Bela: heart, inside
2. Berta: be strong
3. Bora: foreigner
4. Borbala: stranger
5. Boriska: foreigner
6. Borka: foreigner


African girl names start with B:

1. Baako: first born
2. Baba: born on Thursday
3. Badu: tenth born
4. Barika: bloom; be successful
5. Batini: inner thoughts
6. Bem: a peaceful woman
7. Beza: sun sparkle
8. Bia: home
9. Bisa: lotus


Vietnamese girl names start with B:

1. Bach Yen: white
2. Bao: treasure
3. Bian: hidden; secret
4. Bich: jade
5. Bien: ocean; sea
6. Binh: harmony


Romanian girl names start with B:

1. Bana: rich
2. Begu: run; escape
3. Bita: Unique; matchless
4. Brei: never gives up
5. Bianca: the white one
6. Bojana: a battle
7. Brandin: brandy

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