435 Latin girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Latin Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 435 ) Latin girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Latin girl names Starting with A:

1. Academia: from a community of higher learning
2. Accalia: in mythology, yhe foster mother of romulus and remus
3. Aegea: from the aegean sea
4. Akilina: resembling an eagle
5. Alera: resembling an eagle
6. Alma: one who is nurturing and kind
7. Amadea: feminine form of amedeo ; loved by god
8. Amanda: one who is much loved
9. Amy: dearly loved
10. Anahi: immortal
11. Ancina: form of ann, meaning “a woman graced with god’s favor”
12. Andrea: feminine form of andrew; womanly
13. Anna: a woman graced with god’s favor
14. Annora: having great honor
15. Arabella: an answered prayer; beautiful altar
16. Ardel: feminine form of ardos; industrious and eager
17. Arden: one who is passionate and enthusiastic
18. Astra: of the stars; as bright as a star
19. Augusta: feminine form of augustus; venerable majestic
20. Aurora: morning’s first light; in mythology, the goddess of the dawn
21. Aviana: blessed with a gracious life

Latin girl names Starting with B:

1. Babe: stranger.
2. Barb: stranger.
3. Beatie: she who brings happiness; blessed.
4. Beatrice: bringer of joy.
5. Beatrix: voyager; traveller.
6. Bellanca: beautiful and fair-haired.
7. Bellona : goddess of battle.
8. Belva: beautiful view.
9. Benedicta: blessed.
10. Bernia: warrior.
11. Bibianna: lively.
12. Bobbi: foreign woman; bright fame.
13. Bona: good.
14. Brittanee: from Britain

Latin girl names Starting with C:

1. Cadence: rhythm
2. Caledonia: from Scotland
3. Calvina: bald; a feminine form of Calvin
4. Cambria: from Wales
5. Cameo: gem or shell with a portrait on it
6. Candida: bright white
7. Cara: dear one
8. Carmen: to sing; a song
9. Carmine: song; crimson
10. Carnelian: clear reddish-yellow stone
11. Cecilia: blind
12. Celeste: from the sky; heavenly
13. Cerella: spring time
14. Ceres: Roman goddess of agriculture
15. Charity: benevolent; kind; charitable
16. Chastity: pure
17. Christabel: combination of Christina and Belleq
18. Cinnia: curly-haired
19. Clarinda: bright; wise
20. Claudia: lame; fragile one
21. Clementine: merciful
22. Columbia: dove
23. Concordia: harmony
24. Constance: constant; steady; firm
25. Consuela: consolation
26. Cordelia: warm-hearted
27. Cornelia: horn-coloured
28. Crispina: curly-headed
29. Crystal: brilliant; clear glass
30. Cyrilla: lordly

Latin girl names Starting with D:

1. Dea: Goddess
2. Deanna: divine
3. Decima: tenth
4. Delaney: of the elder tree Grove
5. Dextra: skilful; dexterous
6. Diamond: precious gem; shinning protector
7. Diana: divine
8. Diela: worshipper of God
9. Dillian: worshipped devoted on; loved
10. Divinia: divine
11. Docila: gentle; docile
12. Dominica: belonging to the lord
13. Drusilla: strong
14. Dulcie: sweet or charming
15. Durene: enduring steadfast
16. Dynasty: strong leader

Latin girl names Starting with E:

1. Elata: praised; elevated
2. Eleutherius: free
3. Eligia: the chosen one
4. Elita: divinely selected
5. Elvira: white; blond
6. Elysia: blissful sweetness
7. Emilia: to excel; to emulate
8. Emily: flatterer
9. Emlen: charming
10. Emma: universal; all embracing
11. Ermine: noble
12. Estelle: star; to shine
13. Eternity: everlasting
14. Eustacia: calm
15. Evalina: bird; desired
16. Evana: peaceful

Latin girl names Starting with F:

1. Fabia: bean grower
2. Fabiola: bean grower
3. Faith: trusting
4. Faline: catlike
5. Fauna: young deer
6. Felicia: fortunate; happy
7. Fia: wild; weaver
8. Fidelia: faithful
9. Fiducia: conference; trust
10. Flavia: yellow hair
11. Flora: flower
12. Florence: blooming
13. Fortuna: lucky; fortunate
14. Frances: free
15. Fulvia: tawny haired

Latin girl names Starting with G:

1. Galaxy: system of stars; universe
2. Gardenia: white flower
3. Garnet: dark red gem
4. Gemma: precious stone
5. Gillian: young with downy hair
6. Ginger: red-haired; ginger spice
7. Ginia: purity
8. Ginny: purity
9. Gladys: sword
10. Gloria: glory
11. Grace: graceful
12. Grazia: grace

Latin girl names Starting with H:

1. Hala: salty
2. Harmony: harmony; concord
3. Hiberna: comes from Ireland
4. Hibiscus: tropical flower with Bright colours
5. Hilary: cheerful
6. Honesta: honest
7. Honora: honourable
8. Horatina: keeper of the clock; timekeeper
9. Hortense: gardener

Latin girl names Starting with I:

1. Idil: a pleasant woman
2. Idonia: sufficient
3. Ierne: girl from Ireland
4. Ignacia: fiery; ardent
5. Ignatia: a fiery woman; burning brightly
6. Imaculata: immaculate
7. Imogene: image; in the image of her mother
8. Imperia: imperial ruler ; a majestic woman
9. Iniga: fiery; ardent one
10. Integra: important
11. Inocenta: innocent
12. Iora: gold
13. Irma: noble

Latin girl names Starting with J:

1. Jacoba: the supplanter
2. Jae: jaybird
3. Jill: youthful
4. Jillian: youthful
5. Jinx: under a spell; charmer
6. Jocelyn: joyous; just
7. Jocosa: brings laughter to her home
8. Jonquil: perfumed yellow spring flower
9. Jovita: joyful; jovial
10. Joy: joyful
11. Julia: soft-haired; youthful
12. June: the month of June
13. Justine: just
14. Juventia: youth

Latin girl names Starting with k:

1. Kadence: rhythm; beat
2. Kamella: a name of the flower
3. Karamia: beloved peace
4. Karry: beloved friend
5. Kerishia: dear
6. Karita: dear; beloved
7. Kira: light
8. Konnie: constant; steadfast
9. Kristal: clear
10. Kyara: bright; famous

Latin girl names Starting with L:

1. Lana: wool; wooly
2. Lara: shinning; well-known; famous
3. Lari: holy; crowned with laurel
4. Latona: the mother of Apollo and Diana in Roman mythology
5. Laura: laurel-crowned
6. Laurel: laurel leaves
7. Lavenda: purified one
8. Laverne: spring-like
9. Lavinia: purity
10. Leandra: lion woman
11. Lecia: happy
12. Lena: Enchanting; temptress
13. Leola: lioness
14. Leontine: like a lion
15. Leta: happiness and joy
16. Leticia: happiness; joy
17. Letitia: happiness; joy
18. Levana: morning sun
19. Levina: lightening
20. Liberty: free; freedom
21. Lide: life
22. Lilian: lily
23. Lily: lily flower
24. Livia: olive tree
25. Lorena: crown of laurel leaves
26. Loric: armour
27. Lorraine: sorrowful
28. Luca: bringer of light
29. Lucretia: rewarded; rich
30. Lucy: light; bringer of light
31. Luna: moon
32. Lupine: wolf-like
33. Lure: one who attracts
34. Luvena: little beloved one

Latin girl names Starting with M:

1. Maia: the great one; a brave warrior
2. Marcella: dedicated to Mars
3. Marcia: dedicated to Mars
4. Mariah: star of the sea
5. Marissa: woman of the sea
6. Mary: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
7. May: born during the month of May
8. Meditrina: the healer
9. Melinda: one who is sweet and gentle
10. Mia: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
11. Milan: one who is gracious
12. Miliana: one who is eager and willing
13. Miranda: worthy of admiration
14. Modesty: one who is without conceit
15. Monica: one who advises others
16. Monserrat: from the jagged Mountain
17. Montana: woman of the mountains
18. Myrina: In mythology, an amazon

Latin girl names Starting with N:

1. Napea: girl of the valley
2. Narda: perfume; scented oil
3. Nata: swimmer
4. Natalie: born at Christmas
5. Natasha: born at Christmas
6. Nebula: misty; like a vapour
7. Nerina: black
8. Nigella: dark-haired
9. Nila: Nile river
10. Noeline: born at Christmas
11. Nola: small bell
12. Noleta: unwilling
13. Nona: ninth-born child
14. Noni: respect; honesty
15. Norma: rule
16. Nova: new
17. Novella: newcomer
18. Nydia: safe place; nest

Latin girl names Starting with O:

1. Octavia: eighth born child
2. Odina: from the mountain
3. Oira: one who prays to God
4. Oleander: a type of flowering tree or shrub
5. Oletha: truthful
6. Olinda: sweet smelling fragrance
7. Olive: olive tree
8. Ona: unifying person
9. Ondine: wave; wave of water
10. Onora: honour
11. Ora: prayer
12. Oralia: golden
13. Orange: resembling the sweet fruit
14. Orela: announcement from the God
15. Oriana: dawn; to rise
16. Oribel: a beautiful golden child
17. Oriel: fire
18. Oriole: golden; black and orange bird
19. Ormanda: noble
20. Ovia: egg

Latin girl names Starting with P:

1. Pagan: of the country
2. Palma: palm tree
3. Passion: passionate
4. Patricia: noble woman
5. Paula: small
6. Paulette: small
7. Peace: tranquillity; peaceful child
8. Pearl: a pearl; gem of the sea
9. Pepper: from the pepper plant
10. Predita: lost
11. Perpetua: constant
12. Petula: seeker
13. Petunia: petunia flower
14. Pilar: pillar
15. Placida: calm; serene
16. Pomona: apple
17. Poppy: red poppy flower
18. Portia: offering
19. Preciosa: precious
20. Prima: fifth-born child
21. Priscilla: ancient
22. Prospera: favourable; prosperous
23. Prudence: virtue; cautious; discreet
24. Prunella: plum-coloured
25. Pulcheria: great beauty

Latin girl names Starting with Q:

1. Quartas: fourth child
2. Quartilla: fourth child
3. Quincy: fifth
4. Quinn: fifth
5. Quinta : fifth child
6. Quintessa: essence
7. Quirina: one who is contentious
8. Quiteria: tranquil

Latin girl names Starting with R:

1. Ramosa: branch
2. Rebel: rebellious one
3. Redempta: redeemed
4. Regina: royal queen
5. Reine: queen
6. Reva: renewed strength; revived
7. Risa: daughter
8. River: stream of water; river bank
9. Rocio: dewdrops
10. Roma: from Rome
11. Romaine: from Rome
12. Romy: same as Roma
13. Ros: a Rose
14. Rosa: Rose
15. Rosabel: beautiful Rose
16. Rosalba: white rose
17. Rosalie: beautiful rose
18. Rosalind: beautiful Rose
19. Rosamond: Rose of the world
20. Rose: Rose
21. Roslyn: a Rose
22. Ruby: precious red stone
23. Rula: ruler

Latin girl names Starting with S:

1. Sabrina: boundary
2. Salena: salty
3. Salina: solemn
4. Salvia: herb; wise person
5. Savina: woman of ancient Italian culture
6. Scholastica: student
7. Season: season
8. Secilia: blind
9. Secunda: second-born child
10. Septima: seventh-born child
11. Serena: calm; serene
12. Serenity: peaceful
13. Serina: calm; serene
14. Sestia: sixth-born child
15. Severina: severe
16. Sheila: blind
17. Sidra: child of the stars
18. Signe: sign; virtuous
19. Silvana: from the forest
20. Silvestra: from the forest
21. Silvia: silver; from the forest
22. Sofia: wisdom
23. Sol: the sun
24. Solace: comfort
25. Solita: lonely one
26. Spica: ear of wheat; the name of a star in Virgo
27. Spirit: spiritual; lively
28. Stella: star
29. Sylvia: from the forest

Latin girl names Starting with T:

1. Tacita: silent; peaceful one
2. Temperance: moderate
3. Tera: earth
4. Terra: earth
5. Terrene: smooth; earthly; tender
6. Tertia: the third child
7. Tiara: jewelled crown
8. Tiberia: the river Tiber in Italy
9. Tisha: joy; happiness
10. Tita: holding a title of honour
11. Toni: praiseworthy
12. Topaz: a yellow gem
13. Tosca: from the Tuscany region
14. Trinity: blessed threefold
15. Trisha: of noble descent
16. Trista: the melancholy one; sad; sorrowful
17. Tuccia: a vestal virgin

Latin girl names Starting with U:

1. Ultima: the greatest; last; farthest
2. Una: one; United
3. Undine: wave
4. Unique: only one
5. Urbana: belonging to the city; city dweller
6. Ursa: bear
7. Ursula: little bear
8. Urta: resembling the spiny plant

Latin girl names Starting with V:

1. Val: strength
2. Valentina: strong; powerful; brave
3. Valerie: strong; healthy
4. Valia: strong protector
5. Valonia: strong; brave
6. Valora: brave
7. Valtina: love; health
8. Varian: variable
9. Vega: a falling star
10. Ventura: venture
11. Venus: love
12. Vera: truth
13. Verbena: sacred plant
14. Verda: young and fresh
15. Verena: sacred wisdom
16. Verity: truth
17. Verna: youthful; spring time
18. Veronica: true image; like her mother
19. Vespera: an evening star
20. Vesta: of the home
21. Vi: violet; a flower
22. Victoria: victory; the victorious one
23. Vidal: vital; lively; life
24. Vienna: the capital of Austria
25. Vigilia: alert; vigilant; watching
26. Vincenta: conqueror; victor
27. Viola: violet; a musical instrument
28. Virgilia: staff bearer
29. Virginia: maidenly; pure
30. Viridis: youthful and blooming
31. Virture: pure; virtuous
32. Vita: alive: lively; full of life
33. Vivian: gracious in life; full of life
34. Volante: one who is born to fly

Latin girl names Starting with W:

1. Waiola: violet flower
2. Walentyna: sound; healthy; strong
3. Wavia: foreign woman
4. Weronika: true image; bringer of victory
5. Weronikya: true image
6. Wikolia: woman of victory
7. Willa: desired; resolute; will
8. Wioleta: violet flower; violet
9. Wonder: remarkable

Latin girl names Starting with X:

1. Xanadu: from the exotic paradise
2. Xhosa: leader of a nation
3. Xinavane: a mother; to propagate
4. Xola: stay in peace
5. Xolani: please forgive

Latin girl names Starting with Y:

1. Yabel: lovable
2. Yadira: friend; worthy; suitable
3. Yelena: lily blossom; shinning light
4. Yesenia: like a flower
5. Ynsetia: pure
6. Yocelin: joyous
7. Yoconda: happy; jovial
8. Yolane: purple
9. Yulia: young; youthful; soft
10. Yustina: fair; rightful

Latin girl names Starting with Z:

1. Zabrina: boundary
2. Zama: one from the town of Zama
3. Zaria: princess
4. Zea: ripened grain
5. Zinnia: zinnia flower with colourful flowers
6. Zita: patron of housewives and servants
7. Zola: mound of earth


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