137 Hungarian girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Hungarian Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 137 ) Hungarian girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Hungarian girl names starting with A:

1. Adel: graceful; noble
2. Adrienn: rich
3. Agnes: chaste
4. Agota: good-hearted
5. Alberta: bright; noble
6. Alexandra: defender of mankind
7. Alida: graceful; noble
8. Aliz: graceful; noble; sweet
9. Anelia: angel
10. Angyalka: God’s messenger
11. Aniko: gracious; favored
12. Anna: grace

Hungarian girl names starting with B:

1. Barbara: stranger; foreigner
2. Beatrix: traveller
3. Bela: heart, inside
4. Benca: she will conquer
5. Berta: be strong
6. Boglarka: buttercup flower
7. Bora: foreigner
8. Borbala: stranger
9. Boriska: foreigner
10. Borka: foreigner

Hungarian girl names starting with C:

1. Caitlin: chaste; pure
2. Candace: pure
3. Caroline: free woman
4. Cecilia: blind to one’s beauty
5. Cili: blind
6. Cintia: the goddess of moon
7. Csenge: to ring
8. Csilla: a shinning star

Hungarian girl names starting with D:

1. Daniela: God is my judge
2. Diana: heavenly or divine
3. Dora: gift
4. Dorika: God’s gift
5. Dorottya: God’s gift
6. Duci: a wealthy gift

Hungarian girl names starting with E:

1. Edit: fighting to be rich
2. Edlyn: graceful and noble
3. Elena: light; bright; sunlight
4. Eleanor: sympathy and compassion
5. Elisabeth: promise of God
6. Ema: serious
7. Emilia: rival
8. Eniko: a young female deer
9. Enim: deer
10. Erika: eternal ruler
11. Erszebet: promise of God
12. Eszter: star-like
13. Eszti: star
14. Eufrozina: mirth; merriment
15. Evike: living and breathing

Hungarian girl names starting with F, G, H:

1. Felicitas: good luck
2. Finion: fair or white
3. Franci: a woman from France
4. Gabi: God is my strength
5. Gisella: pledge; Oath
6. Gizi: pledge
7. Gyorgyike: farming woman
8. Hanna: Grace

Hungarian girl names starting with I:

1. Ila: shinning light
2. Ildiko: fighting a war
3. Ilka: torch of light
4. Ilona: light
5. Iren: woman of peace
6. Irmuska: universal
7. Izidora: gift

Hungarian girl names starting with J:

1. Jania: God is gracious
2. Janka: gift from God
3. Jazmin: Jasmine flower
4. Jence: a high born noble
5. Jolan: violet flower; violet colour; good girl
6. Jolanta: violet blossom
7. Jozefa: God’s raises
8. Juci: praised
9. Julcsa: youthful
10. Julinka: youthful
11. Juliska: soft-haired

Hungarian girl names starting with K:

1. Karola: strong
2. Karole: joy
3. Kinga: clan a family
4. Katalin: pure
5. Katalinka: chaste; pure
6. Katarina: purity; feminine
7. Katelya: clear
8. Kati: clean; pure
9. Katoka: pure
10. Kitarni: enduring
11. Klara: bright and famous

Hungarian girl names starting with L, M:

1. Laura: the Bay laurel tree
2. Lilla: envy
3. Luca: light
4. Luzja: light of the day
5. Margaret: pearl
6. Mariska: a sea of bitterness
7. Martuska: lady of the house

Hungarian girl names starting with N:

1. Naini: one who takes care
2. Nancsi: grace
3. Neci: fiery
4. Nikolett: the person who is ingenuous
5. Ninacska: graceful
6. Nora: honor
7. Nusa: grace
8. Nusi: grace

Hungarian girl names starting with O:

1. Oleda: the special skill for the most high almighty God
2. Olga: blessed; holy
3. Onelia: honoured one
4. Onella: light; shinning
5. Orsolya: young tiny female bear
6. Orzsebet: consecrated to God

Hungarian girl names starting with R:

1. Rahel: sheep’s friend
2. Reka: river
3. Rita: pearl
4. Romana: Romanian woman
5. Rozalia: roses; feminine

Hungarian girl names starting with S:

1. Sara: princess; lady
2. Sarika: princess; lady
3. Sass: explorer; eagle
4. Sena: singer moon
5. Szandra: protector of humanity
6. Szilvia: from the woods

Hungarian girl names starting with T:

1. Teca: harvester
2. Tercsa: harvester
3. Terezia: summer harvest
4. Teri: summer harvest
5. Timea: honouring God
6. Tizane: gypsy
7. Tsigana: gypsy
8. Tunder: fairy
9. Tzigane: a gypsy

Hungarian girl names starting with Z:

1. Zigana: gypsy girl
2. Zizi: dedicated to God
3. Zoe: life
4. Zsa Zsa: lily
5. Zsizsi: God is my Oath
6. Zsofiko: wisdom
7. Zsoka: God is my Oath; promise of God
8. Zsuzsanna: lily flower


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