300 Beautiful French girl names with meanings


If you are looking for French Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 300 ) French girl names for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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French girl names that start with A:

1. Afrodille: daffodil; showy and vivid
2. Aida: one who is helpful
3. Alaina: beautiful and fair woman; dear child
4. Alair: one who has a cheerful disposition great
5. Alphonsine: feminine form of alphonse; one who ready for battle
6. Amber: resembling the jewel; a warm honey color
7. Aniceta: one who is unconquerable
8. Antoinette: praiseworthy

French girl names that start with B:

1. Babette: stranger.
2. Baylene: auburn-haired.
3. Beau: beautiful
4. Bedelia: possesses strength.
5. Bel: beautiful.
6. Bella: beautiful.
7. Bellamy: handsome friend.
8. Belle : beautiful.
9. Bernadette: bear; brave; strong.
10. Beyonce: beyond others.
11. Bijou: jewel.
12. Blanca: white; pure.
13. Blanche : white; fair-haired.
14. Blondelle: blond; fair.
15. Bonne: good.
16. Briar: heather.
17. Brigette: strong.
18. Brie: marshland.
19. Brier: heather.
20. Burgundy: red-brown colour

French girl names that start with C:

1. Cachet: prestigious, desirous
2. Camille: young ceremonial attendant
3. Cantrelle: song
4. Caress: tender touch
5. Carol: joyous song
6. Caroline: strong; little; womanly
7. Carrie: strong; little; womanly
8. Celie: heavenly
9. Cerise: colour of russet
10. Chalice: goblet
11. Chandelle: candle
12. Chantal: singer; song
13. Chantilly: fine lace
14. Charlene: little and womanly; strong
15. Charlotte: petite and feminine; womanly
16. Charmaine: joyful song
17. Chenetta: oak tree
18. Cherie: beloved
19. Cherise: cherished; precious
20. Cherry: beloved
21. Cheryl: beloved
22. Christina: carrier of Christ; follows christ
23. Clare: clear; bright
24. Clarice: clear; bright
25. Colette: victory of the people
26. Courtney: short nose

French girl names that start with D:

1. Daffodil: flower name
2. Damica: friendly
3. Danielle: God is my judge
4. Darci: fortress; from the stronghold
5. Darlene: little darling
6. Daryl: from the grove of oak trees
7. Deiondre: Valley
8. Deja: before
9. Deleena: small; dear; darling
10. Demi: half; small
11. Desiree: desired; longed for
12. Destinee: destiny
13. Dior: golden
14. Dixie: tenth
15. Dominique: belonging to the Lord
16. Doreen: golden

French girl names that start with E:

1. Elanor: Ray of the sun
2. Eleanor: shinning light
3. Elise: consecrated to God; holy and scared to God
4. Elita: special one
5. Elle: she
6. Elodie: foreign riches
7. Eloisa: famous warrior
8. Ember: Amber colour
9. Emerald: bright green gem
10. Emilie: to do well; to excel
11. Esme: emerald jewel
12. Estee: star
13. Etienne: crowned
14. Etoile: star
15. Eugenie: well born
16. Evaline: life
17. Evette: archer
18. Evonne: archer

French girl names that start with F:

1. Fabrice: works with the hands
2. Fae: fairy
3. Fanchon: free; freedom
4. Fancy: betrothed
5. Fantine: childlike
6. Fawn: young deer
7. Fay: fairy
8. Fayme: held in high esteem
9. Fealty: faithful; true; trustworthy
10. Femi: woman
11. Fifi: God shall add; increase
12. Fleur: flower
13. Fleurette: little flower
14. Fontanna: from the fountain
15. Fosetta: dimpled
16. Francine: free woman
17. Frederique:
18. Fronde: a leafy branch

French girl names that start with G:

1. Gaby: God is my strength
2. Gabrielle: devoted to God; God’s messenger
3. Gae: happy
4. Gage: pledge; promise
5. Gala: enjoyment
6. Galatee: white
7. Galina: light; shinning
8. Garland: wreath of flowers
9. Geneva: juniper Berry
10. Genevieve: white wave
11. Georgette: farmer
12. Ghislaine: sweet pledge; loyal promise
13. Gigi: brilliant
14. Guinevere: white phantom

French girl names that start with H:

1. Halette: little hal
2. Helaine: torch
3. Helene: light; shinning
4. Helenor: illumination; light
5. Helain: shinning light; glowing; bright
6. Heli: sun
7. Heloise: battle maiden; famous warrior
8. Henriette: little home-ruler
9. Hilaire: cheerful
10. Honorine: honor
11. Huette: bright mind
12. Hyacinthe: Hyacinth flower

French girl names that start with I:

1. Ieva: life
2. Ilamay: from the island
3. Ingenue: innocent
4. Isabeau: God is my Oath
5. Isabelle: consecrated to God
6. Ivette: yew; archer
7. Ivonne: archer
8. Izod: strong; hardy

French girl names that start with J:

1. Jacqui: supplanter
2. Jacqueline: substitute; supplanter
3. Jaime: l love
4. Jamari: warrior
5. Janine: God is gracious
6. Jean: God is gracious
7. Jeanette: same as Jean
8. Jermaine: woman from Germany
9. Jewel: precious gem; one who is playful
10. Joanna: God is gracious
11. Jolie: pretty; merry
12. Josephine: God shall add; increase
13. Juliet: youthful

French girl names that start with K:

1. Kamille: born free; a noble one
2. Karalina: full-grown; free
3. Kari: black-haired one
4. Karolina: tiny and feminine
5. Katriane: plain; clear
6. Kestyn: bird play; rattle
7. Kourtnee: domain of the one who is short
8. Kourtney: from Courteney; a town in north France
9. Kristeen: Christian
10. Kyrielle: she is a poetess

French girl names that start with L:

1. Laine: light
2. Laverna: from the alder Grove
3. Leala: faithful and loyal
4. Leanne: to bind
5. Liana: bound or wrapped up; covered with vines
6. Linette: linnet bird
7. Lisette: consecrated to God
8. Lorraine: from the region
9. Lotte: little; strong woman
10. Lourdes: from the pilgrimage town in southern France
11. Lynette: linnet bird

French girl names that start with M:

1. One who wields a weapon
2. Magnolia: resembling the flower
3. Maine: from the mainland; from the state of Maine
4. Maiolaine: as delicate as flower
5. Margot: a pearl; the child of light
6. Mariane: blind of Mary and Ann
7. Marietta: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
8. Mauve: of the mallow plant
9. Mavis: a songbird
10. Mazarine: having deep-blue eyes
11. Melisande: having the strength of an animal
12. Michelle: who is like God?
13. Mignon: cute and petite
14. Minuit: born at midnight
15. Monique: one who provides wise counsel

French girl names that start with N:

1. Nadia: hopeful
2. Nadine: hopeful
3. Naeva: a successful woman
4. Nanette: gracious
5. Narcissa: daffodil; love of oneself
6. Nichelle: combination of Nicole and Michelle
7. Nichole: victory of the people
8. Nicole: victory of the people
9. Nicoletta: same as Nicole
10. Noelle: born at Christmas time

French girl names that start with O:

1. Oceane: ocean
2. Odelette: little song
3. Odelia: wealthy one
4. Odetta: melody
5. Odette: ode; melody; wealthy: home-lover
6. Ondine: wave of water
7. Ophelie: help
8. Oriel: golden
9. Orva: golden; worthy
10. Ouida: famous warrior

French girl names that start with P:

1. Pansy: thoughtful
2. Paris: from Paris
3. Pauline: small
4. Pendant: a decorated woman
5. Pepin: an awe-inspiring woman
6. Peridot: yellow-green gem
7. Perry: pear tree
8. Pier: small rock
9. Pierette: small rock
10. Pippi: rosy cheeks
11. Pirouette: a ballet dancer
12. Platt: from the plains
13. Pleasance: agreeable

French girl names that start with Q:

1. Qubilah: agreeable; harmony
2. Quennell: oak tree
3. Questa: one who seeks
4. Quile: bliss; princess
5. Quinta: born fifth
6. Quiteria: tranquil

French girl names that start with R:

1. Rachelle: ewe; lamb
2. Racquel: ewe; lamb
3. Raquel: ewe; lamb
4. Raula: wolf counsellor
5. Reine: queen
6. Remy: from Rheims; France
7. Renae: reborn
8. Renata: born again
9. Rene: reborn
10. Renee: reborn
11. Renita: same as Renee
12. Richelle: powerful ruler
13. Riva: riverbank
14. Rochelle: the little rock
15. Royale: regal one

French girl names that start with S:

1. Sage: wise person
2. Sarotte: princess
3. Shannelle: channel
4. Shanta: song
5. Shantel: song
6. Shari: beloved one
7. Sheree: beloved; loved one
8. Sheri: beloved
9. Sherice: beloved
10. Simone: good listener
11. Solange: dignified; solemn
12. Sorrel: bitter; red-brown colour
13. Susette: lily
14. Sydney: from St-Denis in France

French girl names that start with T:

1. Talen: claw
2. Talia: birthday
3. Tallis: forest; Woods
4. Tayce: silence
5. Tempest: storm
6. Toinette: praiseworthy
7. Turquoise: a blue-green precious stone

French girl names that start with U:

1. Ugolina: bright mind and spirit
2. Umayma: little mother
3. Umberla: providing shade; of an earth color
4. Ursanne: bear
5. Ursilla: little female bear
6. Usoa: dove

French girl names that start with V:

1. Vedette: from the guard tower
2. Vi: violet; a flower
3. Vignette: little wine
4. Villette: from the small village
5. Vinvella: excellent
6. Violet: violet flower
7. Voleta: veiled woman
8. Vonna: young archer

French girl names that start with X:

1. Xalina: solemn; dignified
2. Xandra: protector of humanity
3. Xantha: blond; golden yellow
4. Xanthippe: yellow; blond-haired
5. Xavier: bright; new house
6. Xaviere: smart
7. Xavierra: owner of a new home
8. Xenia: hospitality; welcoming
9. Xeres: nice and caring

French girl names that start with Y:

1. Yannick: the lord is gracious
2. Ynes: pure; chaste
3. Yoland: violet flower
4. Yvaine: yew
5. Yvette: little archer;
6. Yvonne: little archer

French girl names that start with Z:

1. Zafira: victorious; success
2. Zaide: elder
3. Zalina: of the moon
4. Zeeva: brilliance; brightness
5. Zelene: Sunshine
6. Zemira: praised
7. Zivia: radiant
8. Zuri: lovely and white


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