300 beautiful Scandinavian girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Scandinavian Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 300 ) Scandinavian girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Scandinavian girl names starting with A:

1. Agda: good
2. Agneta: virgin, pure
3. Alma: nourishing, kind
4. Alva: elf
5. Anitra: gracious, merciful
6. Anja: grace
7. Annalisa: grace
8. Annegret: pearl
9. Anneli: grace
10. Annika: grace
11. Astrid: one with divine strength
12. Aune: sacred, chaste

Scandinavian girl names starting with B:

1. Berit: exalted one
2. Biggi: high; mighty
3. Birga: helper; protector
4. Birte: strength; power
5. Bjorg: salvation
6. Blida: a very gentle woman
7. Blomma: flower
8. Boa: sweetheart
9. Bothilda: one who heals wounds in battle
10. Brenda: blade of a sword
11. Brigit: strong; lofty
12. Britta: strong; exalted one
13. Bryfroste: from the bridge
14. Bryndis: strong armour
15. Brynja: armour; shielding

Scandinavian girl names starting with C:

1. Caecilia: dim sighted
2. Caja: daisy
3. Caris: gracious; kind
4. Cathe: pure; torture
5. Catina: pure
6. Catja: blessed; pure
7. Cecilija: blind one; sixth
8. Celie: blind
9. Charlotta: free woman
10. Chatinca: thunder
11. Ciara: dark-haired
12. Cissa: blind; sixth
13. Connie: constant; steadfast
14. Cora: just; honest
15. Cypriana: a woman from Cyprus

Scandinavian girl names starting with D:

1. Daga: day
2. Dagvi:
3. Dagmar: glorious; day’s glory
4. Dagny: new day; brightness
5. Dahlia: Valley
6. Dane: God is my judge
7. Dårdi: power of the day
8. Darby: a deer estate
9. Davida: friend; beloved
10. Dicte: the blessed
11. Didda: rich in war; gift of God
12. Donar: thunder God
13. Dorotha: gift of God
14. Drömma: to hope; to wish
15. Duve: the one with a thrilling personality
16. Dyre: dear heart
17. Dyvike: little white dove

Scandinavian girl names starting with E:

1. Ebba: strong
2. Eivor: wise gift
3. Ejvy: happy
4. Elga: holy
5. Eldbjörg: fire
6. Eldrid: fiery spirit
7. Elin: light; ray of sun
8. Elisiv: God is my Oath
9. Elsa: pledged to God
10. Elvi: noble friend
11. Engla: angel
12. Erica: honourable; brave ruler
13. Erla: wagtail bird
14. Eufemia: one who speaks well
15. Evilda: Beautiful and good
16. Ewie: to breath; living life; good news

Scandinavian girl names starting with F:

1. Fie: wise
2. Fjola: flower
3. Føbe: pure
4. Fredmøy: lady; noble woman
5. Freija: lord; master
6. Freja: lady; noble woman
7. Frey: free
8. Freya: noble woman
9. Frigg: love
10. Frode: learned; wise

Scandinavian girl names starting with G:

1. Gala: singer
2. Garor: complement
3. Garthf: protection
4. Gefion: one who endows wealth
5. Gefjun: the giving one
6. Geir: spear
7. Gerd: garden
8. Gelda: stronghold
9. Gerik: wealthy spear ruler
10. Gersemi: jewel
11. Gimle: new heaven
12. Gisli: ray of sunshine
13. Greta: a pearl
14. Grid: peace
15. Gry: Sunrise
16. Guda: divine; good
17. Gudrun: divine; wisdom; battler
18. Gunda: female warrior
19. Gunhilda: brave; battle maid
20. Gunnar: fighter
21. Gydda: aggressive; destructive; forceful
22. Gytha: aggressive in doing everything

Scandinavian girl names starting with H:

1. Haldana: half Danish
2. Haldis: spirit of stone; stone
3. Haldora: half spirited
4. Haley: hero
5. Halla: unexpected gift
6. Halldis: firm helper
7. Hanne: grace
8. Haralda: ruler of the army
9. Hege: holy
10. Heidrun: true rune
11. Heilagr: rich
12. Helga: holy
13. Hela: torch
14. Helga: holy
15. Helmi: a pearl; bead
16. Helsa: consecreated to God
17. Hjordis: sword
18. Hjordis: sword
19. Hyndla: a giant

Scandinavian girl names starting with I:

1. Iben: the wood of the yew tree
2. Ica: light
3. Ida: industrious; prosperous
4. Idabritt: work
5. Idde: youthful
6. Idona: a fresh-faced woman
7. Iduna: loving one
8. Iljana: sun
9. Ilze: God is my Oath
10. Inga: daughter of a hero; beautiful daughter
11. Inger: Ing’s abundance
12. Ingrid: daughter a hero; beautiful daughter
13. Iris: rainbow
14. Irmela: universal
15. Iverta: yew

Scandinavian girl names starting with J:

1. Janie: Jehovah has been gracious
2. Jasmi: Jasmine flower
3. Jekatarina: pure
4. Jemma: little dove; gem; precious stone
5. Jensa: God is gracious
6. Jette: home ruler
7. Jodis: sword goddess
8. Joleen: pretty
9. Jord: earth
10. Joseffa: he will add; God increases
11. Josta: lord; warrior
12. Jujja: youthful
13. Julja: youthful; soft-haired

Scandinavian girl names starting with K:

1. Kaija: life
2. Kaisa: pure
3. Kaja: hen
4. Kalista: most beautiful; fairest
5. Kamma: love; desire
6. Karina: dear; beloved one
7. Karolyne: maiden; virgin
8. Kelda: bubbling spring
9. Kelsey: Island of ships
10. Kirsten: annointed
11. Kolfinnia: white
12. Kris: Christian
13. Kristina: Christian

Scandinavian girl names starting with L:

1. Lena: illustrious
2. Lilja: lily flower
3. Linnea: lemon tree
4. Lis: the almighty’s promise
5. Liv: protection; warmth; safety
6. Loa: spring bird
7. Lova: promise
8. Lull: woman who is a legendary soldier
9. Lulla: a legendary female warrior
10. Lynnea: flower

Scandinavian girl names starting with M:

1. Maija: the sea; bitter
2. Maj: of the sea; bitter
3. Maja: sublime
4. Majken: bitterness; beloved
5. Malin: high tower
6. Malina: woman of Magdala
7. Malva: soft
8. Maren: star of the sea
9. Marja: star of the sea; wished for child
10. Meja: strength
11. Metta: pearl
12. Mia: the star of the sea; sea queen
13. Miah: bright; love; wished for child
14. Moa: mother
15. My: pearl

Scandinavian girl names starting with N:

1. Nanna: elegance; favor
2. Nessa: headland
3. Nessarose: the rose of peninsula
4. Netta: plant
5. Nilsine: a champion
6. Nomi: beautiful; pleasant; delightful
7. Norell: from the Northern land or part
8. Norma: from the north
9. Nova: a bright star
10. Nya: purpose; goal
11. Nysse: the graceful of all

Scandinavian girl names starting with O:

1. Oddny: new point
2. Odila: wealthy; fortune
3. Odilia: little wealthy one
4. Odina: divine; creative
5. Oleana: oleander flower
6. Olena: torch of light; moon; glow
7. Olga: divine woman; a river
8. Olika: different
9. Olina: ancestor’s hair
10. Ollie: olive tree
11. Onnika: light
12. Orinda: pine tree
13. Ottie: wealth; fortune
14. Ottilia: prosperity in battle
15. Ova: happy; bright

Scandinavian girl names starting with P:

1. Pala: humble; small
2. Paley: one with the pale eyes
3. Palma: palm tree
4. Pernilla: rock; Stone
5. Petrine: rock
6. Petronilla: rock
7. Pia: pious; devout
8. Piper: playing the pipe
9. Pixie: tiny; fairy; small elf

Scandinavian girl names starting with Q:

1. Quenby: feminine
2. Quinby: estate of the Queen
3. Quinnie: living like royalty
4. Quisilinda: sweet arrow

Scandinavian girl names starting with R:

1. Ragna: powerful warrior
2. Rahel: ewe; sheep
3. Rakel: ewe; lamb
4. Rane: queen
5. Rayna: mighty
6. Rika: ruler
7. Roda: Rose
8. Rona: brave and powerful ruler
9. Ronalda: brave and powerful ruler
10. Runa: secret

Scandinavian girl names starting with S:

1. Selma: divinely ptotected
2. Signe: conquering guardian
3. Sigrid: beautiful victory
4. Sigrun: secret victory
5. Siv: bride
6. Solveig: strong house; healing drink
7. Sula: large soaring Seabird
8. Sunniva: gift of the sun
9. Svea: woman of Sweden

Scandinavian girl names starting with T:

1. Tarne: mountain lake
2. Thora: thunder
3. Thorberta: the brilliance of Thor
4. Thordis: in the spirit of Thor
5. Tindra: twinkle; sparkle
6. Toril: thunder
7. Torny: new; just discovered
8. Tuuli: of the wind
9. Tyra: warrior

Scandinavian girl names starting with U:

1. Ulla: will; wilful
2. Ulrike: wolf ruler; powerful
3. Unn: she is loved
4. Unnea: linden tree
5. Unni: modest
6. Ursala: small bear
7. Ursula: bear

Scandinavian girl names starting with V:

1. Valborga: a powerful mountain
2. Valkyrie: chooser of the slain
3. Vara: careful; cautious
4. Verenase: one who is flourishing
5. Vilda: wild
6. Vinga: wind
7. Volva: In mythology, a female shaman

Scandinavian girl names starting with W:

1. Wahalla: immortal
2. Walborg: she who discovers the soul of others
3. Wega: strong
4. Wenche: she whom the world leans on
5. Wencke: friend
6. Wendelyn: who represents balance
7. Wicka: the queen of beauty
8. Wiktora: the beauty of royalty

Scandinavian girl names starting with Y:

1. Ya: she who bites
2. Ylfva: she who assimilates
3. Ylva: she who sings
4. Yngva: the fruit of the earth
5. Yngvild: she whom the world leans on
6. Yngvor: watches and discovers the world
7. Yrja: who represents balance
8. Yrla: strong
9. Yrsi: who discovers the soul of others
10. Yvonne: yew tree

Scandinavian girl names starting with Z:

1. Zane: one who is bold
2. Zelda: she who captures; who seizes
3. Zelma: she who reigns over the earth
4. Zenta: she who gathers
5. Zerlina: woman with secrets
6. Zette: she who assimilates
7. Zilla: she who sings
8. Zipora: the silent woman
9. Zoe: she who questions
10. Zwi: resembling the gazelle


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