A list of 263 girl names that start with I with meanings and origin

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best girl names that start with I, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many girl name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby girl will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular girl names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby girl, or you know a pregnant woman with a girl, this is a guide for you.

This guide of I girl names or girl names that start with I contains ( 263 ) names from different origins, whether you go for a pretty and cute girl names, or a rare and unique one


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Key symbolism and personality for names start with letter I:

If (I) is the first letter of your girl’s name, it is possible that she will have high ideals and approach life based on her.

She can be compassionate and wants to give those who seem to have less whatever they need. All this can influence her decisions in life.

According to name echo, people whose names start with letter I have the deepest feelings. They are creative and artistic, with a strong fashion sense and graphic talents.


Greek girl names that start with I:

1. Ianira: enchantress
2. Ianthe: violet coloured flower
3. Ida: one who is diligent
4. Idalia: sun
5. Ileana: from the city of Troy
6. Ilia: from the ancient city
7. Iliana: from Troy
8. Ilona: light
9. Ilyse: blissful
10. Ina: pure
11. Iola: dawn; violet-coloured
12. Iolanthe: violet flower
13. Iona: woman from the island
14. Ione: purple jewel or stone
15. Iphigenia: sacrifice; one who is born strong
16. Irene: peace; peaceful
17. Ireta: one who is serene
18. Iris: rainbow; iris flower
19. Irta: pearl
20. Isadora: gift of isis
21. Ismena: wise
22. Izolde: one who is philosophical


Arabic girl names that start with I:

1. Iba: exalted
2. Ibriz: she who is as pure as gold
3. Ibtesam: one who smiles often
4. Ibtihaj: joy
5. Ibtihal: one who lives in prayer
6. Ibtisam: one who smiles often
7. Ikram: honour; hospitality; generosity
8. Ilham: intuition
9. Iman: believer
10. Inam: generous; benefaction
11. Inas: sociability
12. Inara: one who shines with light
13. Inaya: concern; solicitude
14. Intisar: one who is victorious; triumphant
15. Inaya: one who cares for the well-being of others
16. Isra: one who travels in the evening
17. Itidal: one who is cautious
18. Itimad: dependence
19. Izdihar: flourishing; blooming


German girl names that start with I:

1. Ida: hardworking
2. Idelia: noble
3. Idette: serious worker
4. Ilma: determined protector
5. Ilse: holy and sacred to God
6. Ilsa: noble
7. Ilyse: born into nobility
8. Imelda: warrior
9. Irma: honourable; a universal woman
10. Irmgaard: noble
11. Isana: a strong-willed woman


English i female names

English girl names that start with I:

1. Ida: prosperous; happy
2. Iliana: the light bearer
3. Ilyssa: holy and scared to God
4. Indiana: from the land of Indians
5. Indigo: dark blue; purple colour
6. Infinity: endless; infinity
7. Iris: flower
8. Irvette: friend from the sea
9. Ivory: having a creamy-white complexion
10. Ivy: resembling the evergreen vining plant


Latin i female names

Latin girl names that start with I:

1. Idil: a pleasant woman
2. Idonia: sufficient
3. Ierne: girl from Ireland
4. Ignacia: fiery; ardent
5. Ignatia: a fiery woman; burning brightly
6. Imaculata: immaculate
7. Imogene: image; in the image of her mother
8. Imperia: imperial ruler ; a majestic woman
9. Iniga: fiery; ardent one
10. Integra: important
11. Inocenta: innocent
12. Iora: gold
13. Irma: noble


African i female names

African girl names that start with I:

1. Iara: lady
2. Idina: unity
3. Idowu: first child after twins
4. Iesha: life
5. Ifama: everything will be alright
6. Ife: one who loves and is loved
7. Ifetayo: love brings happiness
8. Ikuseghan: peace is better than war
9. Ilori: a special child; one who is treasured
10. Ima: great beauty
11. Imena: dreamer
12. Ipi: harvester
13. Isoka: gift of God
14. Isoke: a wish that came true
15. Ivory: white; ivory colour
16. Iverem: good fortune; blessing
17. Iyabo: the mother is home
18. Izegbe: long-awaited child


Finnish i female names

Finnish girl names that start with I:

1. Iida: hardworking; prosperous; happy
2. Iines: chase; holy
3. Ilma: air
4. Ilmatar: air
5. Ilona: the bright one
6. Ilta: born at night
7. Impi: virgin
8. Inari: lake name in Finland
9. Inka: foremost one
10. Inkeri: beautiful
11. Irja: woman of peace
12. Isla: devoted to God


Hebrew i female names

Hebrew girl names that start with I:

1. Idit: choicest
2. Ikia: God is my salvation
3. Ilana: great tree
4. Inbar: Amber
5. Ioana: God is gracious
6. Ionanna: filled with grace
7. Iphedeiah: one who is saved by the lord
8. Ira: watchful
9. Irit: daffodil
10. Ismaela: God listens
11. Itiah: one who is comforted by God
12. Itiya: God is with me


Hungarian i girl names

Hungarian girl names that start with I:

1. Ila: shinning light
2. Ildiko: fighting a war
3. Ilka: torch of light
4. Ilona: light
5. Iren: woman of peace
6. Irmuska: universal
7. Izidora: gift


Italian i girl names

Italian girl names that start with I:

1. Ida: work; labour
2. Ilaria: cheerful
3. Illeana: shinning; bright; torch
4. Imelda: warrior in the universal battle
5. Imperia: imperial
6. Iniga: fiery
7. Iolanda: violet
8. Isabella: consecrated to God
9. Itala: from Italy
10. Italia: from Italy
11. Izabella: to swear to God


Hawaiian i girl names

Hawaiian girl names that start with I:

1. Iheoma: lifted up by God
2. Ilima: name of yellow flower
3. Inoa: name chant
4. Iolana: soaring like a hawk
5. Iosepine: God will add
6. Ipo: sweetheart; darling
7. Iudita: an affectionate woman
8. Iuginia: a high-born woman
9. Iwalani: heavenly girl


Spanish i female names

Spanish girl names that start with I:

1. Iban: graced by God
2. Idalia: I see the sun
3. Idalis: industrious one; prosperous
4. Idoia: refers to the Virgin Mary
5. Ignacia: burning
6. Iluminada: shinning
7. Imanuela: a faithful woman
8. Ines: pure
9. Iria: peace; colourful; rainbow
10. Isabel: consecrated to God
11. Isandro: one who is freed
12. Isobel: consecrated to God
13. Ita: thirst
14. Itziar: ancient stone
15. Iyana: God is gracious
16. Izabella: consecrated to God
17. Izzy: God is my Oath


Scottish i female names

Scottish girl names that start with I:

1. Ian: gift from God
2. Ila: earth; island
3. Ilyssa: holy and scared to God
4. Inghean: her father’s daughter
5. Innes: strength
6. Iona: violet; dove
7. Irvin: fresh water
8. Ishbel: God is my Oath
9. Isla: Island; a river in Scotland
10. Ivor: archer


Indian i female names

Indian girl names that start with I:

1. Ibha: hope
2. Ifza: protective angel
3. Ikshana: sight
4. Ikshula: holy river
5. Inca: an adventurer
6. India: from India
7. Indira: splendid; great
8. Indulala: moon light
9. Indumauli: moon crested
10. Inika: little earth
11. Inu: attractive
12. Ipsa: one who is desired
13. Ira: a devoted one
14. Iyalisai: music
15. Iyla: moon light
16. Izna: light


Scandinavian i girl names

Scandinavian girl names that start with I:

1. Iben: the wood of the yew tree
2. Ida: industrious; prosperous
3. Idona: a fresh-faced woman
4. Inga: daughter of a hero; beautiful daughter
5. Inger: Ing’s abundance
6. Ingrid: daughter a hero; beautiful daughter
7. Iris: rainbow


Russian i girl names

Russian girl names that start with I:

1. Inessa: pure; chaste
2. Inna: rough stream
3. Irina: peace; peaceful
4. Irinushka: woman of peace
5. Ivana: God is gracious; gift from God


French i girl names

French girl names that start with I:

1. Ieva: life
2. Ilamay: from the island
3. Ingenue: innocent
4. Isabeau: God is my Oath
5. Isabelle: consecrated to God
6. Ivette: yew; archer
7. Ivonne: archer
8. Izod: strong; hardy


Irish i girl names

Irish girl names that start with I:

1. Iarfhlaith: lord of the west
2. Ibernia: from Ireland
3. Ida: prosperous; happy
4. Ierne: from Ireland
5. Iesult: ruler of the ice
6. Ileana: light; shinning; brilliant
7. Ileene: light; shinning; brilliant
8. Ilees: God has sworn
9. Ilianna: bright; shine; shinning
10. Illona: the light of the sun
11. Imly: eager
12. Ina: pure
13. Inis: woman from Ennis
14. Irene: peaceful; palm tree
15. Irna: eagle
16. Isibeal: consecrated to God
17. Isolde: a woman known for her beauty
18. Iulia: soft-haired; youthful


American i girl names

Native American girl names that start with I:

1. Ikeida: a spontaneous woman
2. Ilandere: moon woman
3. Imala: one who disciplines others; strong-minded
4. Indiece: a capable woman
5. Ineesha: a sparkling woman
6. Ingalls: a peaceful woman
7. Iowa: of the lowa tribe
8. Isela: a giving woman
9. Istas: snow
10. Iwilla: she shall rise
11. Izanne: one who calms others
12. Izusa: white stone


Japanese i girl names

Japanese girl names that start with I:

1. Ikuyo: grow generation
2. Imari: daughter of Today
3. Inari: one who is successful
4. Ishiko: little stone
5. Izumi: fountain; spring


Danish i girl names

Danish girl names that start with I:

1. Idun: to renew nature
2. Inga: daughter of a hero
3. Ingelise: having the grace of God
4. Inger: daughter of a hero
5. Isabella: promise of God


Basque i girl names

Basque girl names that start with I:

1. Idurre: reference to the virgin Mary
2. Igone: rise
3. Ikerne: visitation
4. Iratze: refers to the virgin Mary
5. Irune: refers to the Holy Trinity
6. Itsaso: woman of the ocean
7. Itxaro: hope
8. Itziar: reference to the virgin Mary
9. Izar: star
10. Izarra: star


Turkish i girl names

Turkish girl names that start with I:

1. Idil: complete
2. Ilay: water nymph
3. Ilkay: new moon
4. Imran: prosperity; development
5. Ipek: silk
6. Irem: from the heavenly Gardens
7. Irmak: from the river
8. Isil: ablaze; sparkling; brilliant
9. Isra: freedom
10. Izel: Unique

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