Unisex baby names 2019/ gender neutral names with meanings


It’s 2019 and nowadays more and more parents are choosing gender-neutral names to their baby. They prefer a name that doesn’t indicate the baby gender for many resons they believe in.

If you want to pick a unisex name/ for your baby, you have to be prepared for it to eventually tilt male or female and be ok with that.

We all know that choosing a name for your baby is one of the biggest decisions every parent has to make. So, if you are a pregnant and want to pick a baby name, I’ve shared in my previous posts unique baby boy names 2019 and unique baby girl names 2019 and Both with their meanings.

If you decided to pick a unisex baby name for your precious little one, then here are from A-Z unisex names with their meanings to help you find the best name for your baby.

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Unisex baby names 2019 gender neutral baby names and its meanings

Unisex baby names starting with A:

  1. Aiden/ fiery one.
  2. Addison/ child of Adam
  3. Alby/ from Alba
  4. Alex/ defender of Mankind
  5. Angel/ messenger, angel
  6. Arden/ ardent, fiery
  7. Armani/ castle
  8. Arrow/ stream of bowman
  9. Ash/ happy, cheerful
  10. Aspen/ trembling tree
  11. August/ worthy of respect
  12. Austin/ great, magnificent
  13. Avery/ elf-ruler
  14. Azariah/ God has helped

Unisex baby names starting with B:

  1. Bailey/ law enforcer
  2. Bay/ born on saturday
  3. Bellamy/ handsome friend
  4. Blake/ pale-skinned or dark
  5. Briar/ sleeping beauty
  6. Bowie/ blond
  7. Brett/ from Britain
  8. Brighton/ one who is loved
  9. Brooke/ small stream

Unisex baby names starting with C:

  1. Cameron/ crooked nose
  2. Campbell/ crooked mouth
  3. Carbry/ charioteer
  4. Casey/ watchful, observant
  5. Charlie/ Independent
  6. Christian/ Anointed, Christian
  7. Clarke/ clerk
  8. Clay/ from the place of clay
  9. Cleo/ glory, fame
  10. Cory/ from the hollow

Unisex baby names starting with D:

  1. Dakota/ friend
  2. Dallas/ from Dallas, Scotland.
  3. Delta/ fourth
  4. Denver/ from the green valley
  5. Dominique/ of the lord
  6. Dorian/ from Doris
  7. Drew/ wise
  8. Dylan/ born from the ocean

Unisex baby names starting with E:

  1. Eddie/ rich in friendship
  2. Eden/ paradise
  3. Eli/ the highest
  4. Ellison/ kind
  5. Emery/ brave, powerful
  6. Ever/ strong as a boar
  7. Everest/ highest in the world
  8. Evren/ universe

Unisex baby names starting with F:

  1. Fabian/ possibly bean-grower
  2. Finely/ fair hero
  3. Finn/ from Finland
  4. Florian/ blooming
  5. Flynn/ son of the red-haired man
  6. Frankie/ free one, Frenchman

Unisex baby names starting with G:

  1. Gentry/ aristocracy
  2. Gio/ God is gracious
  3. Glenn/ of the secluded valley
  4. Greer/ watchful
  5. Grey/ gray haired

Unisex baby names starting with H:

  1. Hadley/ from the heather covered meadow
  2. Halo/ divine aura
  3. Harper/ harp player
  4. Haven/ from the safe harbor
  5. Hayden/ from the hedged valley
  6. Holland/ from Holland
  7. Hollis/ near the holly bushes
  8. Honor/ honor, virtue
  9. Hunter/ hunter

Unisex baby names starting with I:

  1. Indiana/ land of Indians
  2. Indigo/ dark blue
  3. Indy/ independent

Unisex baby names starting with J:

  1. Jade/ jade
  2. Jael/ mountain goat
  3. Jamie/ supplanter
  4. Jayden/ Jehovah has heard
  5. Jean/ Gift from God
  6. Jesse/ wealthy
  7. Jordan/ descend
  8. Jude/ praise
  9. Jules/ youthful
  10. Justice/ just, fair, and righteous

Unisex baby names starting with K:

  1. Kai/ forgiveness, mercy
  2. Kamryn/ crooked nose
  3. Karter/ carrier
  4. Kendall/ from the valley of Kent
  5. Kingsley/ from the king’s meadow
  6. Kyle/ narrow spit of land
  7. Kyrie/ dark

Unisex baby names starting with L:

  1. Lachlan/ the land of lakes
  2. Landry/ powerful ruler
  3. Lennon/ lover
  4. Lincoln/ from the town by the pool
  5. Linden/ lime tree
  6. Logan/ from the small hollow
  7. London/ place at the navigable or unfordable river
  8. Lou/ leaf
  9. Lumi/ light bringer

Unisex baby names starting with M:

  1. Marley/ from the meadow near a lake
  2. Max/ greatest
  3. Merit/ the quality of being particularly good or worthy.
  4. Memphis/ Enduring and beautiful
  5. Micha/ humble
  6. Milan/ meeting
  7. Miller/ miller
  8. Monroe/ red marsh
  9. Montana/ mountain
  10. Morgan/ possibly great
  11. Murphy/ sea fighter

Unisex baby names starting with N:

  1. Navy/ dark blue
  2. Nevada/ snowy
  3. Nicky/ victory
  4. Nico/ victorious people
  5. Noelle/ born at Christmas

Unisex baby names starting with O:

  1. Oakley/ from the oak tree meadow
  2. Ocean/ ocean
  3. Ode/ born while travelling
  4. Oswin/ divine friend
  5. Owen/ wellborn

Unisex baby names starting with P:

  1. Paris/ lover1
  2. Parker/ keeper of the park
  3. Pat/ noble
  4. Peace/ peace
  5. Perry/ dwells by the pear tree
  6. Peyton/ fighting man’s estate
  7. Phoenix/ bird reborn from ashes
  8. Piper/ pipe player

Unisex baby names starting with Q:

  1. Quincy/ from the estate of the 5th son
  2. Quinn/ wise

Unisex baby names starting with R:

  1. Ramsey/ wild island
  2. Ray/ behaves regally
  3. Reagan/ descendant of Riagan
  4. Reed/ red haired
  5. Reese/ fiery, enthusiastic
  6. Reign/ kingdom
  7. Remi/ power of a boat
  8. Ridley/ from the red meadow
  9. Riley/ courageous
  10. River/ river
  11. Roan/ raven
  12. Robin/ bright, famous
  13. Rory/ red
  14. Rowan/ red-haired person
  15. Royal/ noble

Unisex baby names starting with S:

  1. Sage/ wise, healthy
  2. Sascha/ defending warrior
  3. Sam/ God has heard
  4. Sean/ God is gracious
  5. Shannon/ old, ancient
  6. Shiloh/ the one to whom it belongs
  7. Skyler/ giving shelter
  8. Stevie/ crown, victorious
  9. Sutton/ from the southern town
  10. Sydney/ from saint denis

Unisex baby names starting with T:

  1. Tanner/ leather tanner
  2. Tatum/ cheerful bringer og joy
  3. Taylen/ tailer
  4. Taylor/ tailer
  5. Terry/ smooth
  6. Tobin/ God is good
  7. Toby/ the goodness of God
  8. True/ honest

Unisex baby names starting with U:

  1. Umber/ shade
  2. Unique/ only one

Unisex baby names starting with V:

  1. Val/ strong
  2. Valentine/ strong
  3. Vesper/ evening star and evening prayer
  4. Vick/ conqueror
  5. Valor/ great courage in the face of danger

Unisex baby names starting with W:

  1. Wallis/ from wales
  2. West/ lives in the west
  3. Wilder/ hunter
  4. Winter/ winter
  5. Wisdom/ wise, smart
  6. Wren/ bird name
  7. Wynne/ fair, pure

Unisex baby names starting with X:

  1. Xen/ variant transcription of Zen
  2. Xoan/ God is good

Unisex baby names starting Y:

  1. Yael/ strength of God

Unisex baby names starting Z:

  1. Zephyr/ west wind
  2. Zion/ risen up

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Unisex baby names 2019 gender neutral baby names and meanings


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