297 beautiful African girl names with meanings


If you are looking for African Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 297 ) African girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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African girl names Starting with A:

1. Aba: born on a Thursday
2. Abena: born on a Tuesday
3. Adanna: her father’s daughter; a father’s pride
4. Adanne: her mother’s daughter, a mother’s pride
5. Aisha: lively womanly
6. Amadi: one who rejoices
7. Amani: one who is peaceful
8. Amari: having great strength, a builder
9. Arusi: a girl born during the time of a wedding
10. Asis: of the sun
11. Aza: powerful
12. Azana: one who is superior

African girl names Starting with B:

1. Baako: first born
2. Baba: born on Thursday
3. Badu: tenth born
4. Barika: bloom; be successful
5. Batini: inner thoughts
6. Bem: a peaceful woman
7. Beza: sun sparkle
8. Bia: home
9. Bisa: lotus

African girl names Starting with C:

1. Caimile: from a proverb
2. Camara: a teacher
3. Catava: name from a proverb
4. Chalondra: a lark
5. Charminique: a female child born out of love
6. Chausiku: one who was born at night
7. Chibueze: where God is the king
8. Chibuzo: God is leading the way
9. Chiku: talkative
10. Chinira: God receives
11. Chinue: God’s blessing

African girl names Starting with D:

1. Dabiku: offering
2. Daisha: the one who is alive
3. Dalma: made of metal
4. Dashiki : african shirt
5. Dayo: arrival of joy
6. Debelah: a friendly and charming person
7. Deka: pleasing
8. Dhakiya: she who is smart
9. Diata: one who is as brave as a love
10. Dinka: people
11. Dubaku: eleventh born child; very fortunate
12. Ducha: smart; humble
13. Dumi: one who inspires others
14. Dumisani: give praise
15. Duni: small
16. Durah: pearl
17. Durra: pearl

African girl names Starting with E:

1. Eartha: earthy
2. Ebele: compassion
3. Ebere: mercy
4. Ebereghulam: my kindness shall not destroy me
5. Ebonee: black
6. Ebony: Ebony wood; dark beauty
7. Ebun: gift
8. Edem: God has saved me
9. Eden: delight
10. Efia: born on a Friday
11. Efua: Friday born child
12. Eidi: festival; festivity
13. Eka: one who concentrate on a fixed point
14. Ekanem: my mother is of good nature
15. Ekela: help
16. Ekua: Wednesday born
17. Eshe: life

African girl names Starting with F:

1. Fabayo: a lucky birth; brings joy
2. Falala: born in abundance
3. Fayola: lucky
4. Fazana: woman kind
5. Femi: love me
6. Fisseha: happiness; joy
7. Fola: honour; honourable
8. Folami: to honour me; to give me your regards; to respect me
9. Foluke: in God’s care
10. Fujo: born after a quarrel
11. Fukayna: knowledgeable

African girl names Starting with G:

1. Gakeri: a small muscle
2. Gamada: the one who is cheerful and happy
3. Gasira: brave
4. Gathoni: in law
5. Gheche: small
6. Gimbya: princess
7. Goma: dance of joy
8. Gzifa: peaceful; calm; patient

African girl names Starting with H:

1. Habika: sweetheart; darling; beloved
2. Hadiya: gift
3. Hagos: joy; happiness
4. Haiba: attractive; charm
5. Halla: unexpected gift
6. Hamisi: one who was born on a Thursday
7. Hanuni: happy and cheerful
8. Helle: unexpected gift
9. Hasana: first-born girl
10. Hasina: good

African girl names Starting with I:

1. Iara: lady
2. Idina: unity
3. Idowu: first child after twins
4. Iesha: life
5. Ifama: everything will be alright
6. Ife: one who loves and is loved
7. Ifetayo: love brings happiness
8. Ikuseghan: peace is better than war
9. Ilori: a special child; one who is treasured
10. Ima: great beauty
11. Imena: dreamer
12. Ipi: harvester
13. Isoka: gift of God
14. Isoke: a wish that came true
15. Ivory: white; ivory colour
16. Iverem: good fortune; blessing
17. Iyabo: the mother is home
18. Izegbe: long-awaited child

African girl names Starting with J:

1. Jaha: dignified
2. Jahia: one widely known
3. Jahmelia: a beautiful African woman
4. Jahzara: a blessed princess
5. Jalah: a small leafed wild Indigo
6. Jamelia: beautiful
7. Jendaya: give thanks; thankful
8. Jetta: encircled; surrounded
9. Jettie: surrounded by things or people
10. Jioni: evening
11. Jira: sporty
12. Johari: precious; valuable
13. Jumapili: one who was born on Sunday
14. Jumoke: everyone loves the child

African girl names Starting with K:

1. Kadija: the prophet’s gift; trustworthy
2. Kalauni: crown
3. Kali: energetic black one
4. Kalifa: holy; chaste
5. Kaloni: perfume; fragrant
6. Kaneli: canary yellow
7. Kasinda: earth closes up behind the last one
8. Keisha: favourite
9. Kesia: favourite
10. Kia: born at the season’s beginning
11. Kissa: born after twins
12. Kuma: mouse
13. Kya: diamond

African girl names Starting with L:

1. Laione: lion
2. Lakeisha: life
3. Lamani: lemon
4. Lavani: necklace
5. Layla: born at night
6. Lepati: leopard
7. Limber: joyfulness; happiness
8. Lisha: darkness before midnight
9. Lotu: admired

African girl names Starting with M:

1. Maarja: the embittered
2. Madana: One who heals others
3. Maiken: shapely clean
4. Maret: ornament
5. Margot: pearl
6. Merit: pearl
7. Mahari: one who offers forgiveness
8. Maisha: giver of life
9. Makena: filled with happiness
10. Manyara: a humble woman
11. Mapenzi: one who is dearly loved
12. Marjani: of the Coral reef
13. Masami: a commanding woman
14. Mashaka: a trouble-maker
15. Miremba: a promoter of peace
16. Munay: one who loves and is loved
17. Musoke: having the beauty of a rainbow

African girl names Starting with N:

1. Nafuna: child born feet first
2. Najja: the second-born child
3. Neema: child born in a prosperous period
4. Neo: a gift from God is
5. Nimeesha: princess
6. Nini: as solid as stone
7. Nishan: one who wins awards
8. Nomusa: one who is merciful
9. Nosiwe: mother of the homeland
10. Nuru: born during daylight hours
11. Nyala: an antelope

African girl names Starting with O:

1. Obioma: a kind-hearted person
2. Ode: born along the road
3. Ola: one who is precious
4. Olabisi: joy is multiplied
5. Olaniyi: there’s glory in the wealth
6. Olufemi: God loves me
7. Omarosa: my precious child
8. Omolara: born at the right time
9. Onaedo: gold; golden child
10. Oneika: a courageous solider
11. Oni: born on holy ground
12. Orma: free people
13. Oseye: merry; happy

African girl names Starting with P:

2. Paki: a witness of God
3. Pakuna: bounding deer
4. Palesa: a flower
5. Penda: loved
6. Pita: fourth-born child
7. Poni: second-born child
8. Pulika: an obedient and well-behaved girl

African girl names Starting with Q:

1. Qalhata: inspired by the Eponymous Egyptian queen
2. Quaashie: born on a Sunday
3. Queisha: favourite; cinnamon
4. Quetroman: restrained soul
5. Quintuqueo: searches for wisdom
6. Quisa: sister of twins
7. Qwara: Ethiopian tribe name

African girl names Starting with R:

1. Rabiah: spring breeze
2. Rai: life
3. Ramla: one who predicts the future
4. Rayan: flower
5. Raziya: agreeable
6. Rehema: compassionate
7. Reta: shaken
8. Rufaro: happiness

African girl names Starting with S:

1. Safara: fire
2. Sala: gentle; tender
3. Sanura: little kitten
4. Sanyu: happy
5. Saran: joyful; happy
6. Seble: born in autumn
7. Selama: peaceful
8. Sesen: time for sowing; someone who wishes for more
9. Shafira: well-known and highly thought of
10. Shany: wonderful
11. Shardea: respect brought to a crown
12. Shasa: precious water
13. Sika: money; gold
14. Sithembile: trust
15. Subira: someone who is extremely patient
16. Suma: asked for

African girl names Starting with T:

1. Taariq: morning star
2. Tabia: talented woman
3. Tabita: a graceful woman
4. Taimani: diamonds
5. Talisa: consecrated to God
6. Tamasha: pageant winner
7. Tamika: people
8. Tapanga: sweet
9. Tarisai: one to behold; to look at
10. Tawia: child born after twins
11. Tendai: thankful to God
12. Thandie: beloved
13. Thema: queen
14. Tisa: the ninth-born child
15. Topi: great
16. Tourmaline: a stone of mixed colours

African female names starting with U:

1. Uganda: from the country in Africa
2. Ulan: first-born twin
3. Ummi: born of my mother
4. Upendo: love; affection; emotion
5. Usoa: a dove
6. Uzoma: one who takes the right path
7. Uzuri: beauty

African girl names Starting with V:

1. Vai: the people in Liberia
2. Vana: gift of God
3. Vasha: south African language
4. Vatusia: they will leave us Behind
5. Veliane: companion
6. Vena: a female warrior
7. Venda: of the Bantu people
8. Visola: longings are waterfalls

African female names starting with W:

1. Wagaye: my sense of value; my price
2. Walta: one who acts as a shield
3. Wangari: resembling the leopard
4. Wanyika: of the bush
5. Wesisa: foolish
6. Winda: Hunter
7. Winna: friend
8. Winnielle: a victorious woman
9. Winta: one who is desired

African female names Starting with X:

1. Xanadu: from the exotic paradise
2. Xhosa: leader of a nation
3. Xinavane: a mother; to propagate
4. Xola: stay in peace
5. Xolani: please forgive

African female names starting with Y:

1. Yakini: truth
2. Yatima: an orphan
3. Yenge: a hardworking woman
4. Yeshi: for a thousand
5. Yihana: one deserving congratulations
6. Yohance: a gift from God
7. Yoruba: woman from Nigeria
8. Yuna: a gorgeous woman

African female names starting with Z:

1. Zahara: flower
2. Zahra: flower
3. Zakia: intelligent
4. Zalika: well-born into royalty
5. Zanta: beautiful girl
6. Zarina: golden
7. Zawati: gift
8. Zimbab: woman from Zimbabwe
9. Zina: secret spirit
10. Zira: the pathway
11. Ziwa: woman of the lake
12. Zula: from an African tribe, the Zulus
13. Zubeda: the best one
14. Zuri: beautiful
15. Zuwena: good


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