338 beautiful Arabic girl names with meanings

If you are looking for Islamic girl names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 338 ) Arabic girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Arabic girl names Starting with A:

1. Aaliyah: an ascender one having the highest social standing
2. Abir: having a fragrant scent
3. Abra: lesson; example
4. Adara: chaste one; virgin
5. Afra: white; an earth color
6. Aida: a returning visitor
7. Ain: precious eye
8. Aisha: lively womanly
9. Alaia: one who is majestic, of high worth joy power
10. Aleah: exalted
11. Amani: one with wishes and dreams
12. Amina: a princess, one who commands ; truthful, trustworthy
13. Arwa: a female mountain goat
14. Asma: one of high status
15. Aza: one who provides comfort

Arabic girl names Starting with B:

1. Badr: full moon.
2. Bahija: happy.
3. Bahiya: beautiful; radiant.
4. Bahr: ocean; sea.
5. Ban: home of village.
6. Banan: delicate finger tips.
7. Baraa: purity; excelling.
8. Baraka: white one.
9. Basima: smiling.
10. Batul: palm tree shoot.
11. Bibi: lady.
12. Bilqis: name of the Queen of Sheba.
13. Bushra: good omen

Arabic girl names Starting with C:

1. Cala: castle
2. Cantara: small bridge; crossing
3. Chadia: gracious
4. Chafia: look after
5. Chafika: to tend
6. Chahrazad: sensitive
7. Chakira: grateful
8. Chamis: sun

Arabic girl names Starting with D:

1. Dahab: gold
2. Dalal: coquette
3. Dalia: a branch
4. Dalila: guide; piece of information
5. Danah: graceful; intelligent
6. Dhikr: remembrance of God
7. Diyaa: lamp; light
8. Doaa: pray; voice of heart
9. Duha: forenoon; morning
10. Dunia: the world

Arabic girl names Starting with E:

1. Ebtissam: smile
2. Efa: prosperity; richness
3. Ehsaas: feeling
4. Ehsan: powerful
5. Ein: one who has beautiful large eyes
6. Eiwa: to provide refugee
7. Ejaz: miracle
8. Elham: inspiration
9. Eman: faith
10. Emel: desire
11. Emira: princess
12. Esra: more; quick
13. Ezzah: respect

Arabic girl names Starting with F:

1. Faaria: a beautiful woman who is tall and slim
2. Fadheela: virtuous; outstanding
3. Fadila: virtuous; superior; cultured
4. Faiha: sweet smell from heaven
5. Faiza: victorious; winner
6. Farah: happiness
7. Farida: Unique; precious
8. Fatima: the daughter of the prophet Mohammed
9. Fatin: charming; captivating; enchanting
10. Fazia: successful; victorious

Arabic girl names Starting with G:

1. Galila: greatness
2. Gamila: beautiful
3. Gawahir: jewels
4. Ghada: young; tender graceful
5. Ghadeer: small stream
6. Ghafira: one who hides others sins
7. Ghaida: gentle; delicate; soft
8. Ghaliya: precious
9. Ghamza: gesture
10. Ghaniya: rich; wealthy
11. Gharam: love; devotion
12. Ghina: singing; richness
13. Ghizlan: gazelles
14. Ghufran: forgiving
15. Ghusoon: branches of a tree

Arabic girl names Starting with H:

1. Habiba: beloved; sweetheart; darling
2. Hadiya: gift
3. Hafsah: wife of the prophet Mohammed
4. Hafthah: preserved; protected
5. Haifa: slender
6. Halima: gentle; patient
7. Hamida: praiseworthy
8. Hana: joy
9. Hanan: mercy
10. Hanifa: true believer
11. Haniyyah: pleasant; happy
12. Hasna: beautiful
13. Hayat: life
14. Hiba: gift
15. Huda: right guidance
16. Husniyah: beautiful

Arabic girl names Starting with I:

1. Iba: exalted
2. Ibriz: she who is as pure as gold
3. Ibtesam: one who smiles often
4. Ibtihaj: joy
5. Ibtihal: one who lives in prayer
6. Ibtisam: one who smiles often
7. Ikram: honour; hospitality; generosity
8. Ilham: intuition
9. Iman: believer
10. Inam: generous; benefaction
11. Inas: sociability
12. Inara: one who shines with light
13. Inaya: concern; solicitude
14. Intisar: one who is victorious; triumphant
15. Inaya: one who cares for the well-being of others
16. Isra: one who travels in the evening
17. Itidal: one who is cautious
18. Itimad: dependence
19. Izdihar: flourishing; blooming

Arabic girl names Starting with J:

1. Jaan: life
2. Jannat: heaven
3. Jabeen: forhead
4. Jadwa: gift; present
5. Jaeda: goodness
6. Jala: clarity
7. Jalila: great
8. Jamila: beautiful; lovely
9. Janna: fruit harvest
10. Jarita: water jug
11. Jarnila: beautiful
12. Jenna: small bird
13. Jumana: pearl

Arabic girl names Starting with k:

1. Kalila: sweetheart
2. Kamilah: the perfect one
3. Karida: untouched virgin
4. Karima: generous; noble
5. Katibah: one who writes
6. Kawther: a river in paradise
7. Ketifa: flower; to pick a flower
8. Kifah: struggle; fight
9. Khadijah: trustworthy; wife of the prophet Mohammed
10. Khalidah: immortal
11. Khayriyyah: charitable; good
12. Kiarah: crowned princess
13. Kismet: fate; destiny; fortune

Arabic girl names Starting with L:

1. Lakia: treasure
2. Lamis: soft to the touch
3. Lamya: of dark lips
4. Lateefah: gentle; kind; pleasant friendly
5. Layla: dark-haired
6. Lela: dark as the nignt; dark beauty
7. Lila: night
8. Lilith: belonging to the night
9. Lina: tender
10. Lulu: pearl

Arabic girl names Starting with M:

1. Maha: beautiful eyes
2. Mahira: a clever and adroit woman
3. Maimum: lucky; fortunate
4. Malak: a heavenly messenger; an angel
5. Malika: destined to be queen
6. Manal: an accomplished woman
7. Maram: one who is wished for
8. Marwa: a hard stone of nearly pure silica
9. Miaad: date; appointment
10. Milad: birth
11. Mocha: as sweet as chocolate
12. Mubarika: one who is blessed
13. Mubina: one who displays her true image
14. Mufidah: one who is helpful to others
15. Muna: wishes; desires
16. Munazza: an independent woman; one who is free
17. Myisha: lively; womanly

Arabic girl names Starting with N:

1. Nabila: noble
2. Nada: generous
3. Nadira: rare; precious
4. Nafisah: precious thing; gem
5. Nailah: one who succeeds
6. Naima: comfort; tranquillity; peace
7. Najah: success
8. Najia: an independent woman; a free woman
9. Najibah: of noble birth
10. Najila: of wide; brilliant eyes
11. Najwa: secret conversation
12. Nashida: student
13. Nashita: energetic; full of life
14. Nashwa: feeling of intoxication; elation
15. Nasiha: gives valuable advice
16. Nasira: helper; defender
17. Natara: sacrifice
18. Nawal: gift
19. Mawar: a flower
20. Nazahah: purity; righteousness
21. Nibal: arrow
22. Nilam: a precious blue stone
23. Nimah: blessing
24. Nouf: peak of a mountain
25. Noura: having an inner light
26. Nudhar: gold; precious
27. Numa: beautiful; pleasant

Arabic girl names Starting with O:

1. Oaisara: a great ruler; an empress
2. Oaj: high
3. Oamra: daughter of the moon
4. Ohda: responsibility
5. Oma: person in charge
6. Omaira: star
7. Omri: a red-haired woman
8. Omysha: smile
9. Omnia: desire; a wish
10. Onsiyah: who brings calm and gladness to the heart

Arabic girl names Starting with Q:

1. Qabas: ember; piece of burning wood
2. Qadr: fate; destiny
3. Qadira: powerful
4. Qamra: moon
5. Qitara: fragrant
6. Qumr: extremely fair-skinned
7. Qubilah: agreeable

Arabic girl names Starting with R:

1. Rabab: white cloud
2. Rabi: fragrant breeze
3. Rabia: born in springtime
4. Radeyah: content; satisfied
5. Radwa: mountain
6. Rafa: prosperous; happy
7. Raheema: merciful; compassionate
8. Raidah: leader; ruler
9. Raja: hopeful
10. Randa: tree
11. Raniyah: gazing
12. Rasha: young gazelle
13. Rashida: wise; righteous
14. Rashieka: descendant from royalty
15. Rida: favoured by God
16. Rihana: sweet basil
17. Rim: white antelope
18. Rima: white antelope
19. Rukan: steady; confident
20. Ruqayyah: charming; daughter of prophet Mohammed

Arabic girl names Starting with S:

1. Saarah: princess
2. Saba: morning
3. Sabia: young girl
4. Sabiya: morning Eastern wind
5. Sadira: star
6. Sadiya: lucky child
7. Safa: pure
8. Safiya: untroubled; pure; best friend
9. Sahar: dawn
10. Sahara: wilderness; desert
11. Saida: happy
12. Sakina: peace of mind
13. Salama: peaceful
14. Salima: peaceful; safe and healthy
15. Salma: safe and healthy
16. Samar: evening conversationalist
17. Samah: forgiving
18. Samira: entertaining companion
19. Sana: resplendent brilliance; mountain top
20. Sawsan: lily
21. Selma: secure
22. Shadiyah: singer
23. Shahad: pure honey
24. Shahar: born on a moonlit night
25. Shahina: falcon
26. Shahla: beautiful eyes
27. Shahrazad: city-born; fictional storyteller of the tales of 1001 nights
28. Shakila: pretty girl
29. Shakira: thankful
30. Shamara: ready to do battle
31. Shardae: runaway
32. Sharifah: noble; honorable; distinguished
33. Shatara: good and industrious
34. Sherika: easterner
35. Shula: bright flame
36. Siham: arrow
37. Suha: star

Arabic girl names Starting with T:

1. Tabina: follower of Mohammed
2. Tabora: drum; drummer
3. Tahira: pure
4. Tahsin: beautification; one who is praised
5. Tahzib: one who is educated and cultured
6. Takia: worshipper
7. Talibah: seeking knowledge; intelligent
8. Talitha: a maiden; young girl
9. Tara: measure
10. Tarub: merry
11. Taskin: one who provides peace; satisfaction
12. Tasnim: from the mountain of paradise
13. Temima: honest
14. Thana: happy occasion
15. Thara: wealth

Arabic girl names Starting with U:

1. Ubab: waves; heavy rain
2. Ubah: flower
3. Ubayda: female servant
4. Ufaq: bright sky
5. Ulema: intelligent one; wisdom
6. Ulfa: harmony; intimacy
7. Ulima: astute; wise
8. Ulya: highest
9. Umaira: living a long life
10. Um kulthum: one with round face
11. Umnia: wish; desire
12. Unaiza: sheep; goat
13. Urwa: support
14. Uzza: strong; might
15. Uzzi: a strong woman

Arabic girl names Starting with W:

1. Waad: promise; covenant
2. Wadd: beloved
3. Wafa: one who is faithful; devoted
4. Wafiya: loyal; faithful; trustworthy
5. Wajidah: an excited seeker
6. Wajihah: one who is distinguished; eminent
7. Warda: rose
8. Wasan: sleepiness
9. Wiam: harmony; agreement
10. Widad: love
11. Wijdan: ecstasy; sentiment
12. Wisal: communication

Arabic girl names Starting with Y:

1. Yaminah: right and proper
2. Yaqeen: certainty
3. Yara: water lady; small butterfly
4. Yasamin: Jasmine flower
5. Yemena: from Yemen
6. Yusra: wealthy
7. Yusur: most prosperous

Arabic girl names Starting with Z:

1. Zada: lucky one
2. Zafina: triumph
3. Zafirah: victory; victorious
4. Zahida:
5. Zahiya: a brilliant woman; radiant
6. Zahra: white
7. Zaida: fortunate
8. Zainab: a fragrant flowering plant
9. Zakia: pure
10. Zaria: rose
11. Zarifa: successful
12. Zarqa: having bluish-green eyes
13. Zia: light
14. Zinah: a decoration; graceful beauty
15. Zudora: a labourer; hardworking woman
16. Zurafa: a lovely woman

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