208 Japanese Female names with meanings


If you are looking for Japanese Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 208 ) Japanese baby girl names for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.


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Japanese Female names that start with A:

1. Ai: love
2. Aiko: little one who is dearly loved
3. Akako: red
4. Akira: bright and clear down
5. Ami: friend
6. Amaya: of the night rain
7. Asa: born in morning
8. Ayaka: colourful flower
9. Azumi: safe residence


Japanese Female names that start with B:

1. Bambi: beauty
2. Banira: summer
3. Bara: rainbow; good
4. Beika: crystal
5. Benie: depending
6. Beniho: guarantee
7. Benii: benevolence
8. Benika: entertainer
9. Beniko: lake
10. Benimo: algae; aquatic plants
11. Benina: calm
12. Benio: cherry blossom
13. Beniyo: world
14. Bian: apricot
15. Bianka: incense
16. Bibia: light
17. Biei: forever and ever
18. Biju: pearl
19. Biore: flower
20. Bira: network
21. Bisui: beauty
22. Biyuu: superiority
23. Bonju: tree
24. Budou: guide
25. Bun: sound
26. Byakuren: love


Japanese Female names that start with C:

1. Chami: nice; good
2. Chao: great one
3. Chiaki: gathered wisdom
4. Chie: wonderful
5. Chiharu: a thousand springtimes
6. Chiho: the beauty of a vast field of rice
7. chika: near and dear one
8. Chikako: friendly
9. Chikao: wise; clever
10. Chin: golden; precious
11. Chinatsu: a thousand summers
12. Ching: capable
13. Chiye: a thousand blessings
14. Chiyo: eternal
15. Chiyoko: the child of a thousand generations
16. Chizzy: a thousand storks
17. Cho: butterfly
18. Choko: small child
19. Chyka: near
20. Curi: chestnut


Japanese Female names that start with D:

1. Dai: great
2. Daia:
3. Daika: her honour
4. Daishi: number one; first
5. Daiya: gift or present
6. Daki: subtle; crafty; extremely wise
7. Deko: love
8. Doremi: beautiful; lovely


Japanese Female names that start with E:

1. Eiko: long-lived child
2. Emi: blessed
3. Emiko: a blessed child; smiling child
4. Emiyo: blessed beautiful generation
5. Ena: gift from God
6. Eri: a drawing
7. Erinty: one who’s special
8. Etsu: delight
9. Etsuko: joyful child


Japanese Female names that start with F:

1. Fuji: the woman of fire
2. Fumi: she who attacks
3. Fumiki: she who is strong
4. Fumiko: a beautiful child; child of a beautiful wealth
5. Fumiyo: she who discovers the soul of others
6. Fusae: she who attacks
7. Fuyu: the silent woman
8. Fuyuko: she who discovers the soul of others


Japanese Female names that start with G:

1. Gen: spring
2. Gin: silver
3. Ginko: silver apricot
4. Gosuke: to help; give strength


Japanese Female names that start with H:

1. Hana: flower
2. Hanako: flower child
3. Haruka: spring flower
4. Harumi: spring
5. Hideko: child of excellence
6. Hikari: light; radiance
7. Hiriko: generous
8. Hisa: long-lived
9. Hisako: long-lived child
10. Hitomi: beautiful eyes
11. Hoshi: star


Japanese Female names that start with I:

1. Ikuyo: grow generation
2. Imari: daughter of Today
3. Inari: one who is successful
4. Ishiko: little stone
5. Izumi: fountain; spring


Japanese Female names that start with J:

1. Jin: tender
2. Jinia: maiden
3. Jouko: great; large
4. Jun: obedient
5. Junko: pure child


Japanese Female names that start with k:

1. Kagami: mirror
2. Kameko: child of the turtle; child who lives long
3. Kane: two right hands
4. Kaya: resting place
5. Kazuko: first; obedient daughter
6. Kei: reverent
7. Keiko: happy; blessed daughter; pretty
8. Kiku: chrysanthemum
9. Kimiko: righteous child
10. Kishi: long life with happiness
11. Koko: stork
12. Kumi: braid
13. Kura: red treasure house
14. Kyoko: mirror


Japanese Female names that start with L:

1. Lataree: bent branch
2. Leiko: arrogant
3. Lekki: graceful; light-hearted


Japanese Female names that start with M:

1. Maiki: the dancing flower
2. Mariko: a ball or sphere
3. Masami: one who is truthful
4. Matsuko: child of the pine tree
5. Mayumi: one who embodies truth, wisdom and beauty
6. Midori: having green eyes
7. Mirai: future
8. Miya: from the sacred temple
9. Miyo: a beautiful daughter
10. Morina: from the woodland town


Japanese Female names that start with N:

1. Nami: wave
2. Naomi: a beauty above all others
3. Nara: oak
4. Nari: thunder
5. Natsu: summer
6. Nishi: west
7. Nori: doctrine; religious belief
8. Noriko: doctrine child
9. Nyoko: treasure


Japanese Female names that start with O:

1. Ohta: free from dirt
2. Oishi: divine; rose
3. Okei: woman of the ocean
4. Okemia: a war horn
5. Oki: the champion in all the fields
6. Okimi: the bright shining light
7. Osaka: from the city of industry
8. Osen: one thousand


Japanese Female names that start with P:

1. Pimiko: an ancient Japanese queen
2. Poemu: thanks
3. Poko: poetry
4. Popo: step
5. Purin: pudding


Japanese Female names that start with R:

1. Raku: pleasure
2. Ran: water lily
3. Rei: well-behaved; polite
4. Reika: fresh flower
5. Reiko: grateful
6. Ren: beautiful lotus
7. Riko: white Jasmine
8. Rin: Park
9. Rui: loving
10. Ruri: emerald


Japanese Female names that start with S:

1. Sachi: blessed child
2. Sai: talented
3. Sakae: one who is prosperous
4. Saki: cloak
5. Sakura: Cherry blossom; prosperous; rich
6. Sato: sweet; sugar
7. Sawa: swamp
8. Sayo: born at night
9. Seki: wonderful
10. Sen: magical forest fairy
11. Shika: deer
12. Shina: virtuous; good
13. Shino: bamboo stalk
14. Shizu: silent one
15. Suki: beloved child
16. Sumi: elegant
17. Suzu: little bell


Japanese Female names that start with T:

1. Taka: honoured
2. Takako: a lofty child
3. Takara: treasure; precious object
4. Taki: waterfall
5. Tama: pearl
6. Tamaka: bracelet
7. Tamiko: child of the people
8. Tanaka: swamp dweller
9. Tani: valley
10. Taree: branch with an arch
11. Tazu: stork
12. Tetsu: iron; strong woman
13. Toki: hopeful; one who grasps opportunity
14. Tomiko: wealthy
15. Tomo: intelligent
16. Tora: Tiger
17. Tori: bird
18. Toshi: mirror reflection


Japanese girl names that start U:

1. Ume: plum blossom
2. Umeko: plum-blossom child; patient
3. Umi: the ocean
4. Umiko: child of the sea
5. Ura: ocean
6. Urano: Coast
7. Usagi: moon
8. Utano: field of songs


Japanese girl names that start with w:

1. Wakaba: young leaf
2. Wakako: child of harmonious song
3. Wakana: plant
4. Wakumi: beautiful spring of water
5. Washi: resembling an eagle
6. Wattan: homeland


Japanese girl names that start with Y:

1. Yama: from the mountain
2. Yashira: blessed with God’s grace
3. Yasu: peaceful; calm
4. Yayoni: spring
5. Yei: flourishing
6. Yoi: born in the evening
7. Yoko: positive and determined woman
8. Yone: rice; wealth
9. Yori: reliable
10. Yoshe: a beauty; lovely
11. Yoshi: quiet; respected
12. Yuki: snow; lucky
13. Yumi: beauty
14. Yumiko: arrow child
15. Yuri: lily
16. Yuriko: child of the lillies
17. Yuta: one who is superior


Japanese girl names that start with Z:

1. Zakuro: pomegranate
2. Zen: type of Buddhism


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