433 beautiful Greek girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Greek Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 433 ) Greek girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Greek girl names starting with A:

1. Acantha: thorny; in mythology, a nymph who was loved by apollo
2. Adara: beautiful girl
3. Adriana: feminine form of adrian; from the adriatic sea region; woman with dark features
4. Aegea: in mythology, a daughter of the sun who was known for her beauty
5. Aegina: in mythology a sea nymph
6. Agave: in mythology, a queen of thebes
7. Agnes: one who is pure; chaste
8. Ahellona: woman who has masculine qualities
9. Aionia: everlasting life
10. Aitheria: of the wind aitheriah
11. Alcina: one who is strong-willed and opinionated
12. Alethea: one who is truthful
13. Alexa: form of alexandra , meaning ” helper and defender of mankind
14. Alexandra: feminine form of alexander; a helper and defender of mankind
15. Alexis: form of alexandra, meaning: helper and defender of mankind
16. Alpha: the firstborn child; the first letter of the greek alphabet
17. Amalthea: one who soothes; in mythology, the foster mother of zeus
18. Amara: one who will be forever beautiful
19. Ambrosia: immortal: in mythology, the food of the gods
20. Anastasia: one who shall rise again
21. Andrea: courageous and strong
22. Angel: a heavenly messenger
23. Angela: a heavenly messenger; an angel
24. Angelina: form of angela, meaning “a heavenly messenger, an angel”
25. Antea: in mythology, a woman who was scorned and committed suicide
26. Aphrodite: love; in mythology, the goddess of love and beauty
27. Arcadia: feminine form of arkadios ; woman from arcadia
28. Argea: in mythology, the wife of polynices
29. Arissa: one who is superior
30. Asia: resurrection
31. Athena: one who is wise; in mythology, the god- .dess of war and wisdom
32. Aulis: in mythology, a princess of attica

Greek girl names starting with B:

1. Baptista: baptised
2. Barbara: stranger; foreigner
3. Basillia: like a queen
4. Belphoebe: beautiful and bright
5. Berenice: bearer of victory
6. Berince: brings victory
7. Beryl: dazzling jewel
8. Bettina: God is satisfaction
9. Bronte: thunder

Greek girl names starting with C:

1. Calandra: lark
2. Calantha: like a lovely blossom
3. Calista: most beautiful
4. Calla: beauty; beautiful
5. Callidora: a gift of beauty
6. Calliope: musical and poetic; lovely voice
7. Callula: beauty; beautiful light
8. Calypso: hidden
9. Candace: brilliant white; clarity; pure.
10. Carissa: beloved
11. Cassandra: helper of men
12. Cassia: spicy cinnamon flower
13. Catherine: pure
14. Catrina: pure
15. Celandia: swallow; plant with yellow flowers
16. Celine: moon
17. Celosia: aflame; burning
18. Charic: grace; beauty; kindness
19. Charisma: leadership; attraction
20. Charmian: small joy
21. Chloe: blooming; fresh like a young green shoot
22. Chloris: pale
23. Christine: follower of Christ
24. Cindy: moon
25. Clarissa: shinning one; bright; brilliant
26. Clematis: a creeping vine with bright flowers
27. Cleone: famous
28. Cleopatra: her father’s glory
29. Clio: muse of history
30. Cora: girl; maiden
31. Coral: from the sea
32. Corina: maiden; girl
33. Corona: a crown
34. Cosima: universe; harmony
35. Cressida: gold
36. Cybil: soothsayer
37. Cynara: thistle
38. Cynthia: moon

Greek girl names starting with D:

1. Damara: gentle girl
2. Daphne: laurel tree with bell-shaped flowers
3. Daria: wealthy ruler
4. Deianeira: wife of Hercules
5. Delia: visible
6. Delphine: from Delphi
7. Delta: fourth
8. Demetria: fertile cover of the earth
9. Desdemona: ill-fated one
10. Dessa: wanderer
11. Dianthe: divine flower
12. Dionne: divine Queen
13. Dora: gift
14. Dorcas: graceful; gazelle
15. Doris: woman of the sea
16. Dorothy: gift of God
17. Dorrit: dwelling
18. Drew: wise; courageous; strong
19. Dyna: power; powerful

Greek girl names starting with E:

1. Ebony: dark beauty; black; of hard wood
2. Echo: repeated sound; a nymph who pined away for the love of Narcissus until nothing was left but her voice
3. Effie: singer
4. Elaine: light
5. Eleaner: light
6. Electra: brilliant
7. Eleni: light
8. Elina: light
9. Elissa: consecrated to God; holy and scared to God
10. Elodie: wealthy; rich
11. Erasma: desired; loved
12. Eudora: honoured gift
13. Eugenia: nobly born
14. Eulalia: well spoken
15. Eunice: happy
16. Euphemia: of good reputation
17. Eustacia: fruitful; productive
18. Evangaline: bringer of good news; angel
19. Evanthe: flower

Greek girl names starting with F:

1. Faidra: a happy and funny woman
2. Faih: a trust or belief
3. Fantasia: imagination
4. Faustus: lucky
5. Faydra: a bright woman
6. Faythe: a woman of confidence
7. Fedora: divine gift
8. Filia: friendship; love
9. Filomena: she is loved; loved one
10. Fotina: light ; brightness
11. Frona: the one who controls herself under any tough situations.
12. Fronia: forhead

Greek girl names starting with G:

1. Gaea: planet Earth
2. Gafia: good; kind
3. Galatea: milky-white; pale
4. Galen: healer; calm
5. Gelasia: predisposed to laughter; smiling
6. Georgia: farm girl
7. Ghita: pearl
8. Githa: good
9. Graeae: Gray ones
10. Gryta: pearl

Greek girl names starting with H:

1. Haidee: modest
2. Halcyone: kingfisher; calm; peaceful
3. Halimeda: loves; thinks of; the sea
4. Hallie: thinking of the sea
5. Hebe: young; youth
6. Hedy: sweet and pleasant
7. Helen: light; shinning
8. Helena: light; shinning
9. Helice: spiral
10. Hera: queen of heaven and wife of Zeus, according to myth
11. Hermione: of the earth
12. Hester: evening star
13. Hestia: Goddess of earth
14. Hyacinth: colourful flower with fragrance
15. Hyptatia: highest superior

Greek girl names starting with I:

1. Ianira: enchantress
2. Ianthe: violet coloured flower
3. Ida: one who is diligent
4. Idalia: sun
5. Ileana: from the city of Troy
6. Ilia: from the ancient city
7. Iliana: from Troy
8. Ilona: light
9. Ilyse: blissful
10. Ina: pure
11. Iola: dawn; violet-coloured
12. Iolanthe: violet flower
13. Iona: woman from the island
14. Ione: purple jewel or stone
15. Iphigenia: sacrifice; one who is born strong
16. Irene: peace; peaceful
17. Ireta: one who is serene
18. Iris: rainbow; iris flower
19. Irta: pearl
20. Isadora: gift of isis
21. Ismena: wise
22. Izolde: one who is philosophical

Greek girl names starting with J:

1. Jacinda: beautiful
2. Jacinta: lovely; beautiful colourful flower with fragrance
3. Jaycee: someone who can heal 
4. Jiana: God is gracious
5. Jocosa: cheerful; joyful
6. Jolan: resembling a violet flower
7. Jolayne: God exceeds
8. Jorid: girl farmer
9. Jorja: farmer

Greek girl names starting with K:

1. Kairos: a special or meaningful time; quality time
2. Kalika: rosebud
3. Kalista: most beautiful one
4. Kara: pure
5. Karen: pure
6. Karissa: love and grace; favourite
7. Karsten: blessed; anointed one
8. Kassia: pure
9. Kate: pure
10. Katherine: pure
11. Kay: rejoice
12. Kineta: active one
13. Kirsten: anointed
14. Kitty: pure
15. Korena: maiden
16. Kris: christ-bearer; Christian
17. Christina: Christian
18. Kynthia: moon
19. Kyra: throne

Greek girl names starting with L:

1. Lacey: cheerful one
2. Lais: friendly
3. Lalage: speaking freely
4. Lara: happy; cheerful
5. Larissa: cheerful; happy one
6. Layna: light
7. Lazalea: ruling eagle
8. Leda: lady
9. Lelia: fair speech
10. Lena: light
11. Lenora: light
12. Letha: forgetful
13. Lia: bringer of good news
14. Lidia: beautiful woman
15. Lilia: the lily
16. Lina: light
17. Lirissa: player of the lyre; harp
18. Lissa: honey bee
19. Lotus: the flower of lotus tree
20. Lycoris: twilight
21. Lydia: beautiful woman
22. Lyra: player of the lyre
23. Lyris: player of the lyre; harp
24. Lysandra: librator; defender of humankind

Greek girl names starting with M:

1. Margaret: a pearl
2. Medea: a cunning ruler
3. Medora: a wise ruler
4. Medusa: In mythology, a Gorgon with snakes for hair
5. Melanie: a dark-skinned beauty
6. Melia: of the ash tree
7. Melissa: a honeybee
8. Melita: as sweet as honey
9. Melody: a beautiful song
10. Metea: a gentle woman
11. Metin: a wise counselor
12. Metis: one who is industrious
13. Monica: a solitary woman

Greek girl names starting with N:

1. Naida: water nymph
2. Nara: happy
3. Narcissa: daffodil; love of oneself
4. Narella: a bright woman; intelligent
5. Nea: new
6. Nell: light
7. Nellie: light
8. Neola: young one
9. Neoma: new moon
10. Nerine: sea nymph
11. Nerissa: sea nymph
12. Nerita: of the sea
13. Nessy: pure
14. Neysa: pure
15. Nichelle: victory of the people
16. Nicole: victorious woman
17. Nike: victorious
18. Nora: light
19. Nyssa: to begin
20. Nyx: night

Greek girl names starting with O:

1. Obelia: needle; strength
2. Oceana: ocean; sea
3. Ode: a lyric poem
4. Odele: melody; song
5. Odelia: ode; melody
6. Odessa: journey; voyage
7. Olalla: sweetly spoken
8. Olympia: from Mount Olympus; heavenly one
9. Omega: last-born child
10. Onyx: type of black semi-precious stone
11. Ophelia: helper
12. Ophira: gold
13. Orea: from the mountains
14. Orion: the huntress
15. Orithna: one who is natural

Greek girl names starting with P:

1. Pamela: honeyed
2. Pandora: talented one
3. Pansofia: knowledgeable; wise
4. Pansy: flower
5. Parthenia: a virgin
6. Peggy: pearl
7. Pelagia: sea
8. Penelope: weaver
9. Penny: weaver
10. Penthea: fifth-born child
11. Peony: flower
12. Peri: mountain dweller
13. Perri: small rock
14. Persis: from Persia
15. Peta: rock
16. Petra: small rock
17. Petronella: small rock
18. Phaedra: bright
19. Phelia: immortal wisdom
20. Philana: lover of humankind
21. Philantha: lover of flowers
22. Philippa: horse lover
23. Phillida: loving
24. Philomela: lover of songs
25. Philomena: she is loved
26. Phoebe: shinning bright
27. Phoenix: an immortal bird who rose from its ashes every 500 years
28. Photina: light
29. Phyllis: green branch
30. Pippa: horse lover
31. Platona: broad; strong shoulders
32. Polyxena: welcoming
33. Psyche: soul
34. Pythia: high priestess

Greek girl names starting with R:

1. Ramona: beautiful one
2. Rosia: Rose
3. Rea: poppy flower
4. Reena: peaceful
5. Rena: joyous song; peaceful
6. Rene: peace
7. Rhea: flowing brook; stream
8. Rhoda: a beautiful Rose
9. Rita: pearl
10. Rizpah: hope

Greek girl names starting with S:

1. Saba: woman from Sheba
2. Sacha: helper and defender of humankind
3. Sandra: defender; helper of humankind
4. Sandy: defender; helper of humankind
5. Sapphira: deep blue sapphire jewel
6. Saundra: defender; helper of humankind
7. Sebastienne: revered; honoured by all
8. Selena: moon; heavenly
9. Serica: silky to touch
10. Sibilla: prophet; wise woman
11. Sibyl: wise woman
12. Sidonia: fine linen cloth
13. Sirena: temptress
14. Sonia: wise
15. Sophia: wisdom
16. Stacey: resurrection
17. Stacia: resurrection
18. Stefannia: crowned
19. Sula: little bear
20. Syke: mulberry tree

Greek girl names starting with T:

1. Tabitha: gazelle
2. Taila: blooming
3. Tais: bound
4. Talia: blooming
5. Tansy: immortality; herb
6. Tassos: harvester
7. Teigra: a tiger
8. Telma: ambitious
9. Teodora: gift from God
10. Teresa: harvester
11. Terri: harvester
12. Terrian: one who is innocent
13. Tessa: harvester; fourth-born child
14. Thaddea: courageous
15. Thaila: flourishing; flowering
16. Thelma: wilful
17. Theodora: gift from God
18. Theodosia: gift from God
19. Theola: God’s name is divine
20. Theone: gift from God
21. Theophania: God has appeared
22. Theophila: loved by God
23. Theora: a watcher
24. Thera: wild; untamed
25. Theresa: reaper
26. Theta: eighth letter of Greek alphabet
27. Thetis: determined
28. Thoosa: In mythology, a sea nymph
29. Thy: one who is untamed
30. Tia: princess
31. Tiffany: born on the Epiphany, January 6th
32. Timotea: honouring God
33. Timothea: honouring God
34. Tressa: harvester
35. Trifena: dainty; delicate
36. Trina: pure one
37. Tryna: the third born child
38. Tryphena: dainty; delicate

Greek girl names starting with U:

1. Ulalia: sweet; softly spoken
2. Ulana: cheerful
3. Ulyssa: detesting
4. Una: unity; together; white wave
5. Unice: victorious
6. Urania: heavenly
7. Uriana: the unknown
8. Ursa: bear
9. Ursula: little bear
10. Uxia: well-spoken

Greek girl names starting with V:

1. Valsamina: heals wounds
2. Vanessa: resembling a butterfly
3. Vangie: bearer of good news
4. Varvara: stranger
5. Vasiliki: basil
6. Vassilia: God’s kingdom
7. Velma: protector
8. Vilmaris: protector from the sea
9. Voleta: the veiled one

Greek girl names starting with W:

1. Walda: a ruler
2. Wanika: God’s gracious gift

Greek girl names starting with X:

1. Xandra: a form of Sandra
2. Xanthe: golden-haired; blonde
3. Xena: welcoming
4. Xenia: hospitable
5. Xenosa: stranger
6. Xirena: enchantress
7. Xylia: of the woods; forest
8. Xylina: of the woods; forest
9. Xylona: of the woods; forest
10. Xylophila: lover of the woods

Greek girl names starting with Y:

1. Yalanda: bringer of light
2. Yalena: the shinning light
3. Yolanda: violet flower
4. Yarina: peace; peaceful
5. Yekaterin: pure
6. Yeleena: bright; light
7. Yevgeniya: well-born
8. Ynez: pure; chaste
9. Yocceline: joyous
10. Yoli: violet flower
11. Yolihuani: heart
12. Yonie: dove

Greek girl names starting with Z:

1. Zamilla: having the strength of the sea
2. Zandra: defender of humankind
3. Zelia: having great zeal
4. Zenaida: dove
5. Zenobia: bright sky; father’s ornament
6. Zephania: crowned
7. Zephyr: west wind
8. Zoa: one who is full of life; vibrant
9. Zoe: gift of life
10. Zofia: wisdom
11. Zona: girble
12. Zosima: lively; wealthy


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