470 beautiful Hebrew girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Hebrew Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 470 ) Hebrew girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Hebrew girl names Starting with A:

1. Adi: jewel; ornament
2. Adina: gentle
3. Adira: lightening; strong; the moon
4. Adiva: gracious; pleasant
5. Adva: small wave; ripple
6. Ahava: love
7. Aliza: joy; joyful; blissful
8. Alona: oak tree
9. Amit: friendly; faithful
10. Anat: to sing
11. Anaya: without a superior; God has shown favor
12. Arella: angel; messenger
13. Arnona: roaring stream
14. Ashira: wealthy
15. Ayala: deer
16. Ayla: oak tree

Hebrew girl names Starting with B:

1. Bara: chosen.
2. Basia: daughter of God.
3. Basmath: fragrance.
4. Bathsheba: daughter of an oath; promise.
5. Batsheva: daughter of oath.
6. Becca: bound; faithful.
7. Becci: to tie; bind; trap; snare.
8. Becka: servant of God.
9. Beckie: to bind.
10. Becky: moderator.
11. Bessie: holy and scared to God.
12. Bet: house; God’s promise; God is my Oath.
13. Beth: from the house of God.
14. Bethel: consecrated to God.
15. Bethesda: from the house of mercy.
16. Bethia: daughter.
17. Bethney: house of figs.
18. Betty: from the house of God.
19. Betulah: woman.
20. Beulah: married one.
21. Bina: wise.
22. Blanda: giver of compliments.
23. Blum: flower.
24. Bracha: a blessing.
25. Braha: blessing.
26. Branda: blessing.
27. Brielle: heroine of God.
28. Brillana: from the city of Brill

Hebrew girl names Starting with C:

1. Caela: slender
2. Cami: virginal
3. Carma: field of fruits
4. Carmel: garden; woodland
5. Carmen: garden; field of fruit
6. Carmo: fruit garden
7. Carmela: vineyard of the lord
8. Carmelita: a garden
9. Cassia: futile; empty
10. Cella: free one
11. Chaba: life
12. Chae: curious to know the world
13. Chaia: alive
14. Chaka: a lark; life
15. Chana: God is gracious; a form of Hannah
16. Chari: charm; charity
17. Chava: bird
18. Chaya: life; alive
19. Chema: God is with us
20. Chemarin: girl wearing black
21. Chen: morning
22. Chere: darling; beloved
23. Chira: permanently
24. Chita: conception
25. Ciana: feminine form of John
26. Civia: deer
27. Coris: a beautiful singer
28. Cyma: flourish; precious thing

Hebrew girl names Starting with D:

1. Dafna: victory
2. Dalia: a branch
3. Dalis: draws water
4. Danae: mother of Perseus
5. Daneen: princess
6. Dani: God is my judge
7. Danielle: God is my judge
8. Dara: compassionate
9. Davida: beloved
10. Deborah: the bee
11. Delilah: brooding; beautiful temptress
12. Dina: God has judged
13. Diza: joy; joyful
14. Dodie: beloved
15. Dorrit: generation

Hebrew girl names Starting with E:

1. Eden: paradise; delightful; enchanting
2. Edian: God’s decoration
3. Edna: delight; rejuvenation
4. Efrata: honoured; respected
5. Efrona: singing bird
6. Elana: oak tree
7. Eleora: the lord is my light
8. Eliana: God has answered me
9. Elizabeth: consecrated to God; holy and scared to God
10. Elishia: consecrated to God; holy and scared to God
11. Emanuela: God goes with you
12. Endora: fountain
13. Ethana: reliable; firm; steadfast
14. Eva: life
15. Evaline: life
16. Eve: life: first woman created by God
17. Evelia: life; first woman created by God
18. Ezrela: reaffirming the belief of God
19. Ezri: helpful

Hebrew girl names Starting with F:

1. Fabia: bean grower
2. Faiga: a bird
3. Faigel: bird
4. Fainche: free
5. Fala: crow
6. Fanchon: free
7. Faoiltiama: wolf lady
8. Fareeza: light
9. Fausta: fortunate; lucky
10. Fayga: bird
11. Fe: trust; believe
12. Feenat: deer
13. Feigel: bird
14. Feina: fair; blond
15. Felcia: fortunate; happy
16. Fereng: free; from France
17. Fermina: strong
18. Fianait: deer
19. Fifna: God shall add
20. Filomena: loved one
21. Finean: a beautiful daughter
22. Firenze: flower
23. Florka: flower
24. Freida: peace; wise
25. Fuyu: winter

Hebrew girl names Starting with G:

1. Gada: lucky
2. Gail: father’s joy
3. Gali: fountain or spring on a hill
4. Gana: garden
5. Ganya: garden of the lord
6. Geela: joy
7. Geva: Hill
8. Gia: God is gracious
9. Giacobba: replacer; supplanter
10. Gilana: joyful
11. Gisa: carved Stone
12. Gratiana: graceful
13. Gurit: innocent baby

Hebrew girl names Starting with H:

1. Haana: grace
2. Hadara: adorned with beauty
3. Hadassa: the Myrtle tree
4. Hagar: forsaken
5. Hamutal: of the morning dew
6. Hananiah: grace; mercy; gift of the lord
7. Hanele: merciful; compassionate; kind
8. Hanna: Grace of God
9. Hanny: charming; pleasant; kind
10. Hara: princess
11. Hasia: protected by God
12. Hasida: she who is righteous
13. Havilah: the sand region
14. Haviva: beloved
15. Hedra: joy
16. Henye: God is gracious
17. Hephziba: my joy is in her
18. Hessye: star
19. Hila: praise; appreciation
20. Hinda: doe

Hebrew girl names Starting with I:

1. Idit: choicest
2. Ikia: God is my salvation
3. Ilana: great tree
4. Inbar: Amber
5. Ioana: God is gracious
6. Ionanna: filled with grace
7. Iphedeiah: one who is saved by the lord
8. Ira: watchful
9. Irit: daffodil
10. Ismaela: God listens
11. Itiah: one who is comforted by God
12. Itiya: God is with me

Hebrew girl names Starting with J:

1. Jada: wise
2. Jael: mountain goat
3. Jaira: God teaches
4. Jana: gracious; God is gracious
5. Jane: God is gracious
6. Janelle: God is gracious
7. Janet: God is gracious
8. Jemima: dove; dove of peace
9. Jemma: dove
10. Jeremia: God will exalt
11. Jerusha: married; inheritance
12. Jess: wealthy; God beholds
13. Jessica: wealthy; God beholds
14. Jezabel: wicked; impure
15. Jimi: replacer; supplanter
16. Jo: God is gracious
17. Joakima: God will build; establish
18. Joan: God is gracious
19. Jobina: one who has suffered
20. Jodie: praised
21. Joelle: God is willing
22. Jolene: God increases
23. Jonina: dove
24. Jora: autumn rain
25. Josi: God shall add; increase
26. Judith: praised
27. Judy: a form of Judith

Hebrew girl names Starting with K:

1. Katriel: God is my crown
2. Kayla: crown
3. Kefira: young lionness
4. Kelila: crown; laurel
5. Keshet: rainbow
6. Ketina: girl
7. Ketura: perfume is in the air
8. Ketzia: scented bark; cinnamon
9. Kezia: cinnamon spice
10. Kitra: crowned
11. Kyla: crown

Hebrew girl names Starting with L:

1. Lea: weary
2. Leah: weary
3. Lemuela: consecrated to God
4. Leora: light
5. Levana: white moon
6. Levona: spice; incense
7. Lewanna: a large white moon
8. Lia: dependent
9. Libby: consecrated to God
10. Liron: my song
11. Lisa: consecrated to God
12. Livana: white like the moon

Hebrew girl names Starting with M:

1. Madeline: woman from Magdala
2. Makayla: who is like God?
3. Mangena: as sweet as a melody
4. Mary: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
5. Matana: a gift from God
6. Maya: woman of the water
7. Mehalia: an affectionate woman
8. Meribah: a quarrelsome woman
9. Meroz: from the cursed Plains
10. Michaela: who is like God?
11. Millo: defender of the sacred city
12. Mima: our little dove
13. Mindel: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
14. Miriam: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
15. Mirit: one who is strong-willed
16. Mizar: a little woman; petite
17. Moladah: a giver of life
18. Moreh: a great archer; teacher
19. Myka: who is like God?

Hebrew girl names Starting with N:

1. Naama: pleasant ; an attractive woman
2. Naava: a lovely and pleasant woman
3. Nagge: a radiant woman
4. Nagida: princess; leader
5. Naomi: sweet; pleasant one
6. Nasya: miracle
7. Natania: Gift of God; God is given
8. Nathania: gift of God
9. Nava: beautiful
10. Nechama: one who provides comfort
11. Nessa: a miracle child
12. Neta: plant
13. Neziah: pure; a victorious woman
14. Nimah: thread
15. Nirel: God’s light
16. Nitza: flower bud
17. Noga: morning light

Hebrew girl names Starting with O:

1. Odeda: courageous; strong; brave
2. Odelia: praise God
3. Ofira: gold
4. Ohanna: God’s gracious
5. Oma: reverent
6. Ona: filled with grace
7. Ophrah: a fawn; a place of dust
8. Oprah: runaway; little fawn
9. Oralee: light
10. Orinda: pine tree
11. Orinthia: a fair lady
12. Orli: light
13. Orna: of the cedar tree
14. Ornice: cedar tree
15. Orpah: young deer; runaway
16. Orwina: boar friend
17. Ozara: treasure
18. Ozera: helper
19. Ozora: one who is wealthy

Hebrew girl names Starting with P:

1. Pall: a person who has a bitter nature
2. Pascale: born at Easter
3. Pazia: golden child
4. Pazice: golden
5. Pelia: miracle of God
6. Peninnah: Coral
7. Perril: pearl
8. Pesha: a flourishing woman
9. Pessel: my pearl
10. Pora: fruitful

Hebrew girl names Starting with Q:

1. Qeturah: incense
2. Qiava: victory; grace
3. Quan: God is gracious
4. Quanah: fragrant
5. Querida: beloved
6. Quezella: zealous; ardent
7. Quinta: born fifth

Hebrew girl names Starting with R:

1. Raanana: fresh
2. Rachael: ewe; lamb
3. Rafaela: God has healed; blessed healer
4. Rahab: wide; spacious
5. Rahel: ewe; lamb
6. Raisa: rose
7. Raizel: rose
8. Ranita: my song of happiness; joyful song
9. Raphaela: the divine healer
10. Raya: friend
11. Rayna: pure
12. Reba: bound; faithful
13. Rebecca: bound; faithful; one who is emotionally tied for life
14. Rebekah: bound; faithful
15. Reubena: behold a daughter
16. Rickma: woven
17. Rimona: pomegranate
18. Rina: happy; joyful
19. Rinah: joyful
20. Rishona: first
21. Rivka: bound; faithful
22. Romia: praised
23. Rona: song of joy
24. Ronli: happy
25. Ruth: compassionate friend

Hebrew girl names Starting with S:

1. Saada: one who helps and supports
2. Sabra: thorny cactus fruit; hard on the outside and soft on the inside
3. Sade: princess
4. Saida: princess
5. Salida: happy
6. Salome: peaceful
7. Sam: God has asked me; listener
8. Samala: God has asked me
9. Samara: watched over by God
10. Sameh: listener
11. Samuela: God has heard
12. Sara: princess
13. Sarah: princess; wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac
14. Sarina: princess
15. Sarita: princess
16. Sela: rock
17. Selima: peace
18. Serafina: burning; ardent
19. Shaina: beautiful
20. Shamira: precious stone
21. Shanae: God is gracious
22. Sharai: princess
23. Sharnae: from the plains
24. Sharona: from the plains
25. Shayna: beautiful one from the fairy palace
26. Sheba: promise
27. Sheina: God’s gift
28. Shifra: beauty
29. Shilo: God’s gift
30. Shira: my song
31. Shoshana: lily
32. Shulamith: peaceful
33. Simcha: happiness
34. Simone: good listener
35. Susan: lily
36. Susanna: lily
37. Sydelle: princess
38. Symone: good listener

Hebrew female names Starting with T:

1. Talia: dew from heaven
2. Talma: small hill
3. Talor: morning dew
4. Tamara: spice or palm tree
5. Tameka: twin
6. Tamera: spice or palm tree
7. Tamia: spice or palm tree
8. Tammy: palm tree; date fruit
9. Taniel: God is my judge
10. Taphath: in the bible, Solomon’s daughter
11. Thadine: praised
12. Thirza: pleasant; sweet natured
13. Thomasina: twin
14. Tiana: graceful princess
15. Tifara: happy
16. Tikva: hope
17. Tirzah: pleasant; cypress tree
18. Tivona: lover of nature
19. Tova: well-behaved
20. Tove: good
21. Tsifira: crowned
22. Tzidkiya: righteousness of the lord

Hebrew female names Starting with U:

1. Uri: my light; God’s light
2. Uriela: the angel of light
3. Urit: light; bright
4. Uzzi: God is my strength
5. Uzzia: God is my strength; God is strong

Hebrew female names Starting with V:

1. Vadit: rose
2. Valya: strong
3. Vania: butterfly
4. Vanida: graceful lady
5. Varda: resembling a rose
6. Vevina: sweet lady
7. Vicus: life
8. Vida: the beloved one

Hebrew female names Starting with W:

1. Wachiwi: dancing girl
2. Waiola: violet flower
3. Waki: shelter
4. Walentyna: strong and sound
5. Wapun: dawn
6. Wawestseka: pretty woman
7. Weayaya: sunset
8. Wenona: first-born daughter
9. Wichahpi: star
10. Wikimak: wife
11. Winona: first-born daughter
12. Wuti: woman
13. Wyome: large plain

Hebrew female names Starting with X:

1. Xalbadora: saviour
2. Xamantha: a form of Samantha ( told by God)
3. Xami: a form of Sami
4. Xamuela: a form of Samuela ( asked of God)
5. Xara: princess
6. Xarica: a form of Sarika ( princess; life blessing)
7. Xarina: a form of Sarina ( princess)
8. Xeveria: owns a new house
9. Ximena: one who hears
10. Xoana: God is compassionate and merciful
11. Xosefa: seated by God
12. Xuxa: lily; queen

Hebrew female names Starting with Y:

1. Yachne: gracious; hospitable
2. Yael: mountain goat
3. Yaffa: beautiful; lovely
4. Yakira: precious; honoured
5. Yamin: right hand
6. Yana: he answers
7. Yannis: gift of God
8. Yarkona: green
9. Yedida: dearest friend
10. Yehudit: praised
11. Yeira: light; one who is illuminated
12. Yitta: one who emanates light
13. Yemina: right band
14. Yessica: the lord sees all
15. Yoanna: God is gracious
16. Yonina: dove
17. Yovela: rejoicing; joyful
18. Yuta: one who is awarded praise

Hebrew female names Starting with Z:

1. Zachah: God is remembered
2. Zacharie: God remembers
3. Zafara: one who sings
4. Zahar: dawn
5. Zahava: gold
6. Zambda: one who meditates
7. Zana: God is gracious
8. Zaneta: God is gracious
9. Zara: princess
10. Zarahlinda: of the beautiful dawn
11. Zarita: princess
12. Zayit: olive
13. Zaza: movement; belonging to all
14. Zehava: golden
15. Zelah: side
16. Zemira: song of joy
17. Zephania: the lord has hidden; protected treasure of God
18. Zera: seeds
19. Zerlina: beautiful dawn
20. Zeta: olive
21. Zeva: wolf
22. Zevida: gift
23. Zilias: a shady woman; a shadow
24. Zilla: shade; shadow
25. Zimra: song of joy; praise
26. Zippora: a little bird
27. Zisel: sweet
28. Ziva: bright; radiant
29. Zohar: brilliant; shinning
30. Zulema: peace


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