185 welsh girl names with meanings


If you are looking for welsh Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 185 ) welsh girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Welsh girl names starting with A:

1. Aderyn: a gentle and soft bird
2. Aelwen: woman with a fair brow
3. Aerona: ending of a battle
4. Alys: welsh version of ( Alice).
5. Amser: a period of time
6. Anchoret: retire; withdraw
7. Angharad: much loved
8. Anwen: a famed beauty
9. Ariana: resembling silver
10. Arianwen: silver; white or fair
11. Arionna: silver
12. Arlais: what comes from the temple
13. Avon: river
14. Awel: one who is as refreshing as a breeze
15. Awen: a fluid essence; a muse; a flowing spirit
16. Awena: muse

Welsh girl names starting with B:

1. Banon: Queen
2. Beca: captivating
3. Bethan: God is my Oath
4. Betrys: bringer of joy
5. Betsan: God is perfection
6. Blodwen: white flower
7. Braelynn : strong; virtuous; honorable
8. Brenne: little drop of water; hill; mount
9. Brice: swift; noble
10. Bron: fair bosomed
11. Bronwen: white skin
12. Bryn: hill; mount

Welsh girl names starting with C:

1. Caraf: a feeling of love
2. Cari: beloved; star
3. Caron: kind-hearted; loving
4. Carys: love
5. Catrin: poem
6. Ceclia: blind; sixth
7. Cee: blind; sixth
8. Ceridwen: goddess of poetry
9. Ceri: to love
10. Ceridwen: beautiful as a poem
11. Cerys: precious
12. Cici: blind; sixth

Welsh girl names starting with D:

1. Dee: dark
2. Delwyn: friend from the valley
3. Deryn: bird
4. Dillan: born from waves
5. Dilys: perfect; True
6. Dylan: from the sea
7. Dyllis: sincere
8. Dylyd: perfect; True; reliable

Welsh girl names starting with E:

1. Efa: life
2. Efion: fair; white
3. Eiddwen: fond; faithful; fair
4. Eilonwy: deer
5. Eiluned: idol
6. Eira: snow
7. Eirlys: snowdrop
8. Eirwen: white snow
9. Eleri: cheerful
10. Eneida: soul; life
11. Elin: light; most beautiful woman
12. Enfys: rainbow
13. Enid: spirit
14. Erin: green water; Ireland

Welsh girl names starting with F, G:

1. Fred: peaceful ruler
2. Gaenna: fair one; white and smooth
3. Garan: stork
4. Genni: fair one
5. Gleda: lame
6. Glenda: holy and good
7. Glenice: holy
8. Glynis: from the valley
9. Goewin: legendary daughter of Rebin
10. Goleuddydd: bright day
11. Guinevere: white wave
12. Gwenda: white; white wave
13. Gwendaline: fair bow; blessed ring
14. Gwendi: fair; blessed
15. Gwendolen: white wave; fair of face
16. Gwenith: happiness
17. Gwenno: fair
18. Gwenore: fair one; white and smooth
19. Gwinn: fair; white; happiness
20. Gwinneth: happiness
21. Gwynneth: blessed baby

Welsh girl names starting with H, I:

1. Haf: summer
2. Hafwen: fair summer 
3. Hedd: peace 
4. Heledd: Sunshine; sunny
5. Heulwen: smile of the sun
6. Hlynn: waterfall
7. Hunydd: a woman who is mentioned in poetry
8. Idris: fairy leader; prophet
9. Ilar: cheerful

Welsh girl names starting with J, K:

1. Jenna: white phantom; white wave
2. Jennalyn: upright and easy going
3. Jenni: same as Jenna
4. Jenny: white and smooth; soft
5. Jennee: blessed; holy; smooth
6. Jennea: one who is very good person
7. Jenney: one who is good; nice looking and attractive
8. Jennifer: same as Jenna
9. Karys: love
10. Kerensa: love

Welsh girl names starting with L:

1. Lilybet: God’s promise
2. Lleucu: dear light
3. Llian: linen
4. Llinos: linnet
5. Lonette: idol; linnet; a small songbird
6. Lowri: laurel
7. Lunet: holy image
8. Lunette: idol; image; shape; moon
9. Lynette: idol

Welsh girl names starting with M:

1. Mab: joy; hilarity; baby
2. Mabli: loveable
3. Mabyn: youth; forever young
4. Mair: wished for child
5. Mairwen: white; fair or blessed
6. Mali: star of the sea
7. Mari: welsh version of ( Mary ); sea of bitterness
8. Meave: joy; baby
9. Megan: a pearl; the child of light
10. Meggi: pearl
11. Melangell: a sweet messenger from heaven
12. Meredith: a great ruler; protector of the sea
13. Morcan: of the bright sea
14. Morgan: circling the bright sea; a sea dweller
15. Morgance: bright or white dweller
16. Morwyn: maiden

Welsh girl names starting with N, O, P:

1. Neryss: lady; noble woman
2. Nesta: chaste; holy
3. Neued: legendary daughter of Kyvwlch
4. Nia: brightness ; beauty
5. Nimue: the lady of the lake
7. Non: perpetuity; posterity
8. Olwen: white footprint
9. Pembroke: edge of the land

Welsh girl names starting with R:

1. Raewyn: a beautiful white doe
2. Rathtyen: legendary daughter of Clememyl
3. Reanna: great queen
4. Reese: ardent; enthusiastic
5. Rhan: fate
6. Rhawn: coarse long hair
7. Rhearn: little flower; magic maiden
8. Rhedyn: fern
9. Rhian: maiden
10. Rhianna: great queen
11. Rhiannon: nymph; sorceress
12. Rhonwen: white lance; white hair; white skirt
13. Rhoslyn: moor pool
14. Rhoswen: fair; blessed rose
15. Riana: great queen

Welsh girl names starting with S:

1. Sara: welsh version of Sarah which means Princess
2. Seiriol: the sparkling bright one
3. Seren: star
4. Sheryl: beloved
5. Sian: God’s gracious gift
6. Sioned: God’s gift
7. Siriol: cheerful
8. Sulwen: bright as the sun

Welsh girl names starting with T:

1. Taffy: loved one
2. Tafline: beloved
3. Talaith: crown
4. Talliesin: shinning forhead
5. Teagan: beautiful
6. Trgan: beautiful
7. Tegwen: beautiful one
8. Tirion: gentle
9. Tiryon: kind; gentle

Welsh girl names starting with V:

1. Vala: chosen
2. Valmai: spring flower
3. Vanora: white wave
4. Vaughn: little; small
5. Vevay: white wave

Welsh girl names starting with W:

1. Wenda: fair one; light-skinned
2. Wendy: fair one; light-skinned
3. Winifred: reconciled; blessed
4. Winnie: blessed
5. Wrena: ruler; chief
6. Wyn: fair
7. Wynne: white; fair; handsome

Welsh girl names starting with Y:

1. Yale: from the fertile upland; from the corner of land
2. Yestin: just
3. Ysbail: a spoiled girl
4. Yseult: fair; ice ruler
5. Ysolt: fighting the ice battle


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