536 beautiful English girl names with meanings


If you are looking for English Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 536 ) English girl names for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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English girl names Starting with A:

1. Addison: daughter of Adam
2. Aerwyna: a friend of the ocean
3. Afton: from the afton river
4. Aida: one who is wealthy; prosperous
5. Aldis: from the ancient house
6. Ali: form of allison or alice, meaning “woman of the nobility”
7. Aliana: form of eliana, meaning “the lord answers our prayers”
8. Allison: form of alice, meaning “woman of the nobility, truthful; having high moral character”
9. Almira: a princess; daughter born to royalty
10. Alura: a divine counselor
11. Annabeth: graced with god’s bounty
12. Annalynn: from the graceful lake
13. Annmarie: filled with bitter grace
14. Ansley: from the noble’s pastureland
15. April: opening buds of spring, born in the month of april
16. Arden: from the valley of the eagles
17. Aria: a beautiful melody
18. Arin: form of erin meaning woman of ireland
19. Arnette: a little eagle
20. Ashby: home of the ash tree
21. Ashley: from the meadow of ash trees
22. Asia: the rising sun; in the koran, the woman who raised moses; a woman from the east
23. Aspen: from the aspen tree
24. Aubrey: one who rules with elf-wisdom
25. Audrey: woman with noble strength
26. Autumn: born in the fall
27. Avena: from the oat field
28. Avery: one who is a wise ruler; of the nobility

English girl names Starting with B:

1. Babs: traveler from a foreign land.
2. Bailee: courtyard within castle walls.
3. Baileigh: Berry clearing.
4. Bailey: steward.
5. Baili: Bailiff; Stewart.
6. Ballard: bald head.
7. Ballinderry: town of the oakwood.
8. Barbie: from the greek barbarous.
9. Baylea: Bailiff; sheriff’s officer.
10. Bayleigh: Bailiff; city fortification.
11. Bay: sea inlet.
12. Baylor: delivery person.
13. Beau: admirer; sweetheart.
14. Beckett : beehive; bee cottage.
15. Bee: she who brings happiness.
16. Bellarose: a rose’s vow to God.
17. Bennett: blessed.
18. Bentley: meadow with coarse grass.
19. Berry: fruit of Berry.
20. Berta: bright.
21. Bertina: bright; shinning.
22. Bess: my God is beautiful.
23. Beta: my God is beautiful.
24. Bethshaya: combination of Beth and Shaya.
25. Betony: flower name deprived from the Vettones tribe.
26. Bev: beaver stream or meadow.
27. Beverley: from the stream of the beaver.
28. Bexley: box tree.
29. Billie: wilful; strong-willed.
30. Binney: someone who lived on land enclosed by a bend in a river.
31. Birdie: bird.
32. Blake: dark.
33. Blakely: black; dark.
34. Blayke: light; dark.
35. Blaze: flame.
36. Blessing: divine gift.
37. Blessy: blessing; lucky thing; good thing.
38. Blythe: happy; cheerful; gentle.
39. Bonduca: victory.
40. Braylee: briar clearing.
41. Breanna: strong and graceful.
42. Breea: high; noble.
43. Breeze: cool; refreshing; windy.
44. Brenda: fiery; flaming sword.
45. Brexley: loving generous and kind.
46. Briar: thorny rose.
47. Bridie: strong woman.
48. Brighton: bright town.
49. Briley: descendent of Raghallah; noble; strong.
50. Brilynn: a woman who shines.
51. Brinley: burnt meadow.
52. Brinti: one from former nothen french province.
53. Bristol: meeting place by the bridge.
54. Brita: exalted one.
55. Britin: from great Britain.
56. British: from great Britain.
57. Britney: from great Britain.
58. Brittany: from Britain.
59. Brooke: stream.
60. Bryce: speckled.
61. Buffy: God is my oath.
62. Bunny: little rabbit.
63. Brylee: exalted pasture.
64. Brynlee: burnt meadow.
65. Brystol: where the bridge resides

English girl names Starting with C:

1. Carla: strong
2. Carly: little woman; a form of Charlotte
3. Carrie: strong; womanly
4. Carrington: town were goods are loaded; rocky town
5. Carter: cart maker; cart driver
6. Cate: pure
7. Cedrica: battle cheif; feminine form of Cedric
8. Chandler: candle maker
9. Chanel: canal; channel; strait
10. Charlie: little and womanly; strong
11. Chelsea: port of ships
12. Cherilyn: combination of Cher and Lyn
13. Cherry: red Cherry
14. Chrissie: christ-bearer; Christian
15. Christmas: born at Christmas time
16. Cleo: father’s glory
17. Cleva: from the cliff
18. Clover: lucky; a flower name
19. Cody: cushion; pillow
20. Cooper: barrel maker
21. Corliss: cheerful one
22. Courtney: from the court
23. Cuthberta: brilliant
24. Cyan: blue colour

English girl names Starting with D:

1. Dabria: name of an angel
2. Dael: lives in the valley
3. Daelyn: small valley
4. Daem: a female knight
5. Daff: daffodil; laurel
6. Dafnee: laurel; laurel tree
7. Dagian: dawn
8. Dahila: flower name; valley flower
9. Daijon: God’s gift of hope
10. Daile: valley
11. Daisea: daisy
12. Daizie: daisy
13. Dalas: wise
14. Dale: living in a valley; hollow
15. Daleena: kind; noble
16. Dalena: small valley
17. Daliah: tree branch
18. Damey: friendly
19. Danah: graceful; intelligent
20. Dandy: God is my judge
21. Danette: God is my judge
22. Dani: merciful; kindness
23. Danylynn: dearly loved
24. Darby: farm deer
25. Darleene: darling
26. Dasee: daisy; a southerner
27. Dawna: sunrise; daybreak
28. Daytona: sunny town
29. Daze: daisy
30. Deasia: gift of God
31. Debbe: bee
32. Debora: a bee
33. Deeandra: strong and womanly
34. Delecia: delightful
35. Delsi: sweetness
36. Dennis: strong love
37. Desha: golden girl
38. Dha: earth
39. Dimonda: diamond
40. Dillon: sea
41. Diorra: golden
42. Dive: beauty
43. Dollee: gift of God
44. Dooriya: the sea
45. Dorathy: gift of God
46. Dory: holden haired
47. Douglasina: dark river
48. Dunne: Brown
49. Dylin: sea
50. Dyvyna: favourite; beloved

English girl names Starting with E:

1. Eadda: prosperous; wealthy
2. Earlene: of high rank; noble
3. Eartha: of the earth
4. Easter: born at Easter
5. Ebba: flowing back on the tide
6. Eda: rich; prosperous
7. Edda: rich
8. Edeline: high-born; noble; kind
9. Edeva: rich gift
10. Edina: prosperous; fort
11. Edlyn: rich woman; noble
12. Edolie: noble
13. Edrea: prosperous; powerful
14. Edris: prosperous ruler; wealthy owner
15. Edwardina: prosperous guardian
16. Edwina: prosperous friend
17. Egberta: bright sword
18. Eletta: elf
19. Elisa: consecrated to God
20. Elise: consecrated to God; holy and scared to God
21. Eliza: consecrated to God; holy and scared to God
22. Ella: elfin; a fairy maiden
23. Ellen: light
24. Ellery: from the elder-tree Island
25. Ellice: noble
26. Elly: light
27. Elva: elf
28. Elvina: friend of the elves; little elf
29. Elyssa: holy and sacred to God
30. Ember: remains of a fire
31. Enchantra: enchanting
32. Ernestine: sincere; earnest
33. Eryn: peaceful
34. Ethel: noble
35. Evelyn: life

English girl names Starting with F:

1. Fae: fairy or magical creature
2. Faina: happy; joyful
3. Fairlee: from the yellow meadow
4. Faith: faithful; fidelity; trusting in God
5. Fancy: decorative
6. Farah: beautiful; delightful; pleasant
7. Fay: fairy or magical creature
8. Felicity: happy; fortunate
9. Fern: from the plant name
10. Fira: fiery
11. Flair: style
12. Fleta: swift; fast
13. Floris: a form of Florence
14. Flossie: blooming
15. Flower: blossom; flower
16. Forest: dweller in the forest; forester

English girl names Starting with G:

1. Gabby: devoted to God; God’s messenger
2. Gaines: increase in wealth
3. Garyn: spear carrier
4. Gaylia: a form of Gail ( father’s joy)
5. Gayna: white wave
6. Georgeanna: combination of Georgia and Anna
7. Georgie: farmer
8. Gidget: giddy
9. Giorgiana: farmer
10. Golda: gold
11. Goldie: gold
12. Gustee: windy
13. Gypsy: wanderer
14. Gytha: warlike

English girl names Starting with H:

1. Hadley: of the heath-covered meadow
2. Hailey: from the meadow of hay
3. Happy: happy; bright; cheerful
4. Haralda: ruler of the army
5. Harlene: from the hare or stag meadow
6. Harley: from the hare or stag meadow
7. Harper: harp player or maker
8. Harriet: ruler of the household
9. Hattie: ruler of the home
10. Haven: refuge; safe place
11. Hazel: hazelnut tree; a light brown colour
12. Heather: flower; heather
13. Heaven: place of ultimate happiness
14. Henrietta: ruler of the home
15. Hollie: holly bush which blossoms at Christmas
16. Hollis: holly tree
17. Honey: sweet one
18. Hope: optimistic; hope
19. Hunter: the Hunter

English girl names Starting with I:

1. Ida: prosperous; happy
2. Iliana: the light bearer
3. Ilyssa: holy and scared to God
4. Indiana: from the land of Indians
5. Indigo: dark blue; purple colour
6. Infinity: endless; infinity
7. Iris: flower
8. Irvette: friend from the sea
9. Ivory: having a creamy-white complexion
10. Ivy: resembling the evergreen vining plant

English girl names Starting with J:

1. Jaane: a gracious gift of God
2. Jacola: likes truth; youthful; charming
3. Jacee: a flower type; a hyacinth flower
4. Jacie: she who heals others
5. Jackeline: protected by God
6. Jacobina: a woman who believes in the protection of God
7. Jacynthe: pretty like a hyacinth flower
8. Jadira: green eyes; the jemstone jade
9. Jady: a jade of gemstone; the beautiful green colour
10. Jae: like a jay bird
11. Jaenette: God is gracious
12. Jailand: youthful and energetic
13. Jalyn: a jay bird
14. Janaia: God has heard
15. Janais: God has answered
16. Janeva: juniper tree; white wave
17. Jaunie: a brave woman
18. Jazzy: yas flower
19. Jedda: the precious black shady gem stone
20. Jeffie: fair minded; charming
21. Jenefer: bright; tender; kind
22. Jennex: attractive and good looking
23. Jenralyn: intelligent and bold girl
24. Jerelyn: having a clever mind
25. Jerrilyn: waterfall
26. Jasmynda: Jasmine flower

English girl names Starting with K:

1. Kamryn: crooked nose
2. Kandie: clarity; whiteness
3. Kelsey: port of ships
4. Kestrel: falcon
5. Kim: chief
6. Kimberlie: royal fortress
7. Kirby: Church in the village or farm
8. Kirrily: combination of names Kiri and Lee

English girl names Starting with L:

1. Lane: narrow road
2. Lark: skylark; sings like a lark
3. Lauren: laurel-crowned
4. Lavender: sweetly scented flower
5. Lea: meadow
6. Leah: meadow
7. Leanne: graceful meadow; combination of Lee and Anne
8. Lee: meadow or clearing
9. Leigh: meadow
10. Leoma: light; bright
11. Linden: valley of the linden trees; protective shield
12. Lindley: from the meadow
13. Linley: from the field of flax; flax meadow
14. Lisa: consecrated to God
15. Lisbet: consecrated to God
16. Liz: consecrated to God
17. Liza: same as Lisa
18. Lodema: guide
19. Lona: alone; solitary
20. Loren: laurel-crowned
21. Loreto: crown of laurel leaves
22. Loretta: crown of laurel leaves
23. Lorice: same as loretta
24. Lorna: crown of laurel leaves
25. Love: loved one; love; kindness
26. Lucetta: light
27. Luella: elflike 
28. Lute: a musical instrument
29. Lynley: from the field of flax

English girl names Starting with M:

1. McKinley: offspring of the fair hero
2. Maddox: born into wealth and prosperity
3. Madison: daughter of the mighty warrior
4. Maggie: resembling a pearl
5. Mandoline: one who is accomplished with the stringed instrument.
6. Marilyn: star of the sea; from the sea of bitterness
7. Marjorie: a pearl
8. Marley: of the marshy meadow
9. Marlo: driftwood
10. Maven: having great knowledge
11. Mercer: a prosperous merchant
12. Merry: one who is light-hearted and joyful
13. Mertice: a well-known lady
14. Merton: from the village near the bond
15. Mikayla: who is like God?
16. Mindy: one who is sweet and gentle
17. Mirinesse: filled with joy
18. Morguase: In Arthurian legend, the mother of Gawain

English girl names Starting with N:

1. Nana: a grandmother; one who watches over children
2. Nancy: gracious
3. Nelda: of the elder tree
4. Nell: light
5. Nellie: light
6. Nellwyn: friend of Nell
7. Nessie: a form of Vanessa
8. Niagara: from the famous waterfall
9. Nicosia: woman from Cyprus
10. Nyneve: In Arthurian legend, another name for the lady of the lake

English girl names Starting with O:

1. Oakley: a charming lamp
2. Oleda: a winged creature
3. Olif: olive tree
4. Oligana: a person who is appreciated and beloved
5. Olita: able to fly any where
6. Olta: a happy and expressive human; great mind
7. Ora: coastline
8. Orva: friend with a spear
9. Osma: divine protector
10. Overton: from the upper side of town

English girl names Starting with P:

1. Paige: a young assistant
2. Paisley: woman of the Church
3. Paiton: place of a warrior
4. Pamela: as sweet as honey
5. Panda: resembling the bamboo-eating animal
6. Parker: the keeper of the park
7. Patience: Patience
8. Payge: youthful assistant; young child
9. Peach: Stone fruit that is soft and furry on the outside and sweet inside
10. Pembroke: from the broken Hill
11. Peri: from the pear tree
12. Peyton: noble warrior’s Town
13. Philberta: brilliant; intelligent
14. Pixie: fairy; sprite
15. Poeta: poetry
16. Poly: small
17. Pollyanna: combination of Polly and Anna
18. Posy: brunch of flowers
19. Primrose: primrose flower
20. Princess: daughter of Queen and King
21. Prudence: one who is cautious and exercises good judgement
22. Purity: purity

English girl names Starting with Q:

1. Queena: form of the royal English title, queen
2. Queenie: queen
3. Quella: to pacify
4. Quintana: queen’s lawn

English girl names Starting with R:

1. Radella: and advisor; counsellor
2. Rae: doe
3. Raelene: a form of Rae
4. Raeven: black bird
5. Rainbow: array of bright colours
6. Randa: wolf; shield
7. Raven: raven; blackbird
8. Rennie: born again
9. Robin: small bird
10. Rodne: Island of reeds; Island clearing
11. Rosanna: combination of Rose and Ann
12. Rosemarie: combination of Rose and Marie
13. Rosemary: a fragrant herb; symbol for remembrance
14. Rosie: Rose
15. Rosina: Rose
16. Rowan: mountain ash tree; tree with red berries
17. Roz: Rose
18. Ruel: path
19. Rue: aromatic medicinal plant
20. Rumer: gipsy

English girl names Starting with S:

1. Sable: sleek; soft fur; black
2. Sabrina: princess
3. Sadie: princess
4. Saffron: yellow; a plant used as a spice
5. Sally: princess
6. Satin: smooth; silkey; shiny
7. Saundra: defender; helper of humankind
8. Saxon: of the saxons; people of the sword
9. Scarlet: brilliant red colour
10. Shelby: dweller at the estate by the ledge; a sheltered town
11. Shelley: from the meadow’s ledge
12. Shirley: bright meadow
13. Sigourney: victorious conqueror
14. Silver: silver; a valuable metal
15. Sissy: blind
16. Skye: Island off the Scottish coast
17. Sparrow: a bird
18. Spring: springtime
19. Star: a star
20. Starling: small bird
21. Stockard: stockyard
22. Storm: storm; tempest
23. Sue: lily
24. Summer: born during summer
25. Sunny: bright; cheerful; sunshine
26. Sunshine: sunny-natured; sunshine
27. Swana: Swan

English girl names Starting with T:

1. Taite: cheerful; happy
2. Talen: claw
3. Talisha: damsel arising
4. Tallis: forest; Woods
5. Talor: a form of Taylor
6. Tandy: team
7. Tanner: one who tans hides
8. Tansy: an aromatic yellow flower
9. Tasha: born on Christmas day
10. Tasmin: twin
11. Tatum: bringer of joy
12. Tawnie: yellowish-brown colouring
13. Taya: tailor of clothes
14. Taylor: tailor of clothes
15. Teal: sea-green water bird
16. Teanna: graceful
17. Temperance: having self-restraint
18. Terena: earthly and tender
19. Tetty: my God is beautiful; God’s promise
20. Thelred: one who is well-advised
21. Thistle: thistle plant
22. Tiana: graceful princess
23. Timothea: honouring God
24. Tina: from the river
25. Tinble: Bell sound
26. Tosha: born at Christmas
27. Toya: plaything
28. Treasure: treasure; wealth; precious
29. Tricia: of noble descent
30. Trilby: soft hat
31. Trisha: of noble descent
32. Trixie: bringer of joy
33. Trudy: spear maiden
34. Tryamon: a fairy princess
35. Tuesday: born on Tuesday
36. Twyla: woven with double thread
37. Tyler: tile-maker
38. Tyme: the aromatic herb thyme
39. Tyne: of the river

English girl names Starting with U:

1. Udele: rich; wealthy; prosperous
2. Udeline: defender
3. Udella: wealthy
4. Ulalia: sweet; soft spoken
5. Uldwyna: special friend
6. Ulrika: wealthy ruler; power of the home
7. Unita: oneness; sisterly unites
8. Unity: together in a common case
9. Urith: shinning
10. Uzma: greatest; grand; supreme

English girl names Starting with V:

1. Vanessa: a genus of butterfly
2. Vanity: vain
3. Velma: desire to protect
4. Velvet: velvety
5. Vulpine: like a fox

English girl names Starting with W:

1. Walker: cloth walker; cloth cleaner
2. Wallis: foreigner from Wales
3. Wanetta: pale and delicate
4. Warda: guardian; watchman
5. Waverly: from the windy meadow of aspens
6. Waynette: wagen maker
7. Welcome: a welcome guest
8. Wendelle: wanderer
9. Weslea: west meadow
10. Whalley: woodland clearing near a round hill
11. Whisper: one who is soft-spoken
12. Whitley: white meadow
13. Whitney: white island
14. Whoopi: happy
15. Wilda: wild and untamed
16. Wilfreda: peacemaker; desiring peace
17. Willow: willow tree
18. Wilona: desired
19. Winsome: attractive; charming
20. Winter: born in winter
21. Wren: wren bird

English girl names Starting with Y:

1. Yadani: sun; God gift
2. Yaiiua: bright; youthful
3. Yakira: precious; beloved; dear one
4. Yale: mountain goat
5. Yami: light in dark; twinkling star
6. Yana: God gifted
7. Yancey: lucky
8. Yanie: gift of God; peaceful
9. Yara: little butterfly
10. Yaron: singer
11. Yasma: Jasmine
12. Yda: good faith; good luck
13. Yedda: Beautiful voice
14. Yette: ruler of the house
15. Ygerna: fair lady
16. Yola: violet flower
17. Yonah: dove
18. Yvone: yaw tree
19. Yyn: faithful

English girl names Starting with Z:

1. Zabe: God is my Oath
2. Zaclyn: clean and bright
3. Zabrina: princess
4. Zalee: Berry wood
5. Zanna: lily
6. Zaylee: a heavenly woman
7. Zelene: Sunshine


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