107 Cambodian girl names with meanings


If you are looking for Cambodian Female names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked a list of ( 107 ) Cambodian girl names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

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Cambodian girl names starting with A, B:

1. Achariya: wonderful
2. Akara: letter
3. Akra: letter
4. Anchali: hand
5. Arunny: morning sun
6. Ary: knowledge
7. Atith: sunny day; Sunday
8. Bopha: flowers
9. Botum: princess
10. Boupha: like a flower

Cambodian girl names starting with C:

1. Caraf: a feeling of love
2. Cari: beloved; star
3. Caron: kind-hearted; loving
4. Carys: love
5. Ceridwen: goddess of poetry
6. Catrin: poem
7. Ceri: to love
8. Ceridwen: beautiful as a poem
9. Cerys: precious
10. Champei: frangipani flowers
11. Chamroeun: prosperity
12. Chan: moon; Monday
13. Chankrisna: sweet-smelling tree
14. Chanlina: moonlight
15. Chanmony: shines like a moon
16. Channary: face like the moon
17. Chanthavy: a girl as beautiful as the moon
18. Chantrea: moon; filled with light
19. Charaya: blue and pink colour
20. Chavy: little angel
21. Chaya: glorious; praise
22. Chea: well; healthy
23. Chenda: intelligence
24. Chhean: meditation
25. Chhorvin: a glamorous woman
26. Chivy: life
27. Chouma: refreshingly beautiful

Cambodian girl names starting with D, J:

1. Daevy: angel
2. Dara: star
3. Darareaksmey: a bright star
4. Davi: angel
5. Jorani: a radiant jewel

Cambodian girl names starting with K:

1. Kalianne: sweet darling
2. Kalliyan: best; classy woman
3. Kanleakhana: a woman of character
4. Kannitha: angel
5. Kanya: beauty; virgin girl
6. Kesor: heavenly lady
7. Kiiri: mountain
8. Kiri: mountain summit
9. Kolab: pretty rose flower
10. Kolthida: noble born woman
11. Kravann: tiny golden brown flower
12. Kunthea: beautiful fragrance

Cambodian girl names starting with L, M:

1. Leakena: characteristic and quality
2. Malis: name of south-east Asian Jasmine
3. Maly: blossom
4. Mau: dark skin
5. Mealea: flower garland
6. Mean: wealthy
7. Mehtap: moonlight
8. Melek: an angel
9. Melika: a great beauty
10. Melike: the wife of the King
11. Meltem: gentle wind blows in the warmest season of the year
12. Mert: brave
13. Mliss: a flower
14. Mony: a precious stone; gem
15. Muge: lily

Cambodian girl names starting with N, P:

1. Nakry: night-blooming flower
2. Nearidei: white four-leafed flower
3. Neary: a gentle girl
4. Nuon: soft and tender
5. Peou: the youngest daughter in the family
6. Phally: prosperity
7. Phary: Beautiful flower
8. Pheahdei: loyalty; honesty
9. Pheakkley: to have faith
10. Phhoung: wreath
11. Pich: diamond
12. Ponnleu: light; illumination
13. Punthea: a gentle spirit
14. Putrea: plum

Cambodian girl names starting with R:

1. Rachany: night
2. Rangsei: ray of light
3. Reach: a beautiful woman
4. Reaksmey: shinning and sparkling
5. Rom Chang: water flower
6. Rotha: a beautiful country
7. Roumduol: a type of flower
8. Roumjong: a water plant with bluish flower

Cambodian girl names starting with S:

1. Samnang: lucky in life
2. Savady: Thai greeting
3. Seyha: August
4. Shannary: like a full moon on the sky
5. Sokhanya: a peaceful woman
6. Sonisay: one who creates a good first impression
7. Sophea: clever and wise one
8. Sopheary: attractive; beautiful
9. Sovannah: made of gold

Cambodian girl names starting with T:

1. Tevy: angel
2. Thavary: an angel; good spirit
3. Theary: helper
4. Thom: oldest one; large
5. Thyda: girl born of royalty
6. Toch: young one; small
7. Tola: born during October


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