Girl names starting with with k with meanings and origin


Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best k girl names or girl names starting with k, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many girl name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby girl will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular girl names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby girl, or you know a pregnant woman with a girl, this is a guide for you.

This guide of girl names starting with k or k girl names contains ( 230 ) names from different origins, whether you go for a pretty and cute girl names, or a rare and unique one.

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Key symbolism and personality for names start with letter k:

According to name echo, People whose names starting with letter k usually rely on intuition and give a lot of importance to their relationships.

They’re very inspired and have refreshing mindset and a lot of energy.

They are also versatile and very diverse. If they have set their mind to something, no one can stop them from achieving what they want.


Irish k girl names

Irish girl names starting with k:

1. Kacey: eagle-eyed; brave
2. Kaitlyn: pure
3. Kasey: brave and honourable
4. Kassidy: clever
5. Kathleen: pure
6. Keara: from a saint’s name
7. Keavy: loveliness; gentleness
8. Keegan: small; fairy one
9. Keelin: fair and slender
10. Keena: brave
11. Keira: dark haired; black
12. Kelly: battle maiden of the woods; brave warrior
13. Kennedy: helmeted chief
14. Kentigerna: ruler
15. Kerry: dark-haired
16. Kiley: attractive; good looking
17. Kyla: attractive


American k girl names

American/ native American girl names starting with k:

1. Kacey: Combination of the initials K and C
2. Kachina: sacred dancer
3. Kaliska: coyote-chasing deer
4. Kaniya: you are my child
5. Kasa: fur-robe dress
6. Kaylee: combination of Kay and Lee
7. Kimana: butterfly
8. Kiona: Brown Hills
9. Koko: night
10. Kanita: God is gracious


K african girl names

African girl names starting with k:

1. Kadija: the prophet’s gift; trustworthy
2. Kalauni: crown
3. Kali: energetic black one
4. Kalifa: holy; chaste
5. Kaloni: perfume; fragrant
6. Kaneli: canary yellow
7. Kasinda: earth closes up behind the last one
8. Keisha: favourite
9. Kesia: favourite
10. Kia: born at the season’s beginning
11. Kissa: born after twins
12. Kuma: mouse
13. Kya: diamond


K Japanese Female names

Japanese girl names starting with k:

1. Kagami: mirror
2. Kameko: child of the turtle; child who lives long
3. Kane: two right hands
4. Kaya: resting place
5. Kazuko: first; obedient daughter
6. Kei: reverent
7. Keiko: happy; blessed daughter; pretty
8. Kiku: chrysanthemum
9. Kimiko: righteous child
10. Kishi: long life with happiness
11. Koko: stork
12. Kumi: braid
13. Kura: red treasure house
14. Kyoko: mirror


Hawaiian k girl names

Hawaiian girl names starting with k:

1. Kahoku: the star
2. Kai: sea; sea water
3. Kailani: sky; sea
4. Kaili: religious deity
5. Kaimana: diamond
6. Kai’mi: the seeker
7. Kakalina: pure
8. Kala: princess
9. Kalama: the flaming torch
10. Kalani: sky; heavenly chief
11. Kalea: bright; clear; joyful; happy
12. Kalei: wreath of flowers
13. Kaleki: graceful
14. Kalena: pure
15. Kalia: beauty
16. Kalola: strong
17. Kamea: only one; precious child
18. Kameli: honey
19. Kanani: the beauty
20. Kani: sound
21. Kanoa: the free one
22. Kapua: the blossom
23. Kaulana: fame
24. Kawena: the glow
25. Keahi: flames; the fire
26. Keilani: glorious chief
27. Kekona: second-born child
28. Keona: God’s gracious gift
29. Kiele: gardenia
30. Kikilia: blind
31. Kilia: heaven
32. Kina: from China
33. Kini: God is gracious
34. Kolika: from the ocean
35. Kona: lady
36. Konane: bright as moonlight
37. Kunani: beautiful


Greek k girl names

Greek girl names starting with k:

1. Kairos: a special or meaningful time; quality time
2. Kalika: rosebud
3. Kalista: most beautiful one
4. Kara: pure
5. Karen: pure
6. Karissa: love and grace; favourite
7. Karsten: blessed; anointed one
8. Kassia: pure
9. Kate: pure
10. Katherine: pure
11. Kay: rejoice
12. Kineta: active one
13. Kirsten: anointed
14. Kitty: pure
15. Korena: maiden
16. Kris: christ-bearer; Christian
17. Christina: Christian
18. Kynthia: moon
19. Kyra: throne


Swedish k girl names

Swedish girl names starting with k:

1. Kaija: life
2. Kaisa: pure
3. Kaja: hen
4. Kalista: most beautiful; fairest
5. Kamma: love; desire
6. Karina: dear; beloved one
7. Karolyne: maiden; virgin
8. Kelda: bubbling spring
9. Kelsey: Island of ships
10. Kirsten: annointed
11. Kolfinnia: white
12. Kris: Christian
13. Kristina: Christian


Indian k girl names

Indian girl names starting with k:

1. Kala: black
2. Kalinda: sun
3. Kama: love
4. Kamala: lotus
5. Kantha: wife
6. Kanya: the virgin
7. Karka: the crab
8. Karma: action; destiny
9. Kasi: one of seven holy Hindu cities
10. Kaveri: one of the seven sacred rivers of India
11. Kavindra: mighty poet
12. Kerani: sacred bells
13. Kesava: having fine hair
14. Kiran: ray; beam of light
15. Kirsi: amaranth
16. Klesa: pain given to ward off evil spirits
17. Kumari: woman
18. Kumuda: lotus
19. Kusa: sacred kusa grass


Arabic girl names starting with k:

1. Kalila: sweetheart
2. Kamilah: the perfect one
3. Karida: untouched virgin
4. Karima: generous; noble
5. Katibah: one who writes
6. Kawther: a river in paradise
7. Ketifa: flower; to pick a flower
8. Kifah: struggle; fight
9. Khadijah: trustworthy; wife of the prophet Mohammed
10. Khalidah: immortal
11. Khayriyyah: charitable; good
12. Kiarah: crowned princess
13. Kismet: fate; destiny; fortune


Aboriginal k girl names

Australian aboriginal girl names starting with k:

1. Kalinda: lookout
2. Kamballa: young woman
3. Kara: possum
4. Kareela: south wind
5. Kirrily: bark of a tree
6. Kolora: lake
7. Kumberlin: sweet
8. Kylie: boomerang


English girl names starting with k:

1. Kamryn: crooked nose
2. Kandie: clarity; whiteness
3. Kelsey: port of ships
4. Kestrel: falcon
5. Kim: chief
6. Kimberlie: royal fortress
7. Kirby: Church in the village or farm
8. Kirrily: combination of names Kiri and Lee


German k girl names

German girl names starting with k:

1. Kalianne: sweet darling
2. Kalliyan: best
3. Kannitha: angel
4. Kesor: heavenly lady
5. Kiiri: mountain
6. Kiri: mountain summit
7. Kolab: pretty rose flower
8. Kolthida: noble born woman
9. Kravann: tiny golden brown flower
10. Kunthea: beautiful fragrance


Cambodian k female names

Cambodian girl names starting with k:

1. Kalianne: sweet darling
2. Kalliyan: best
3. Kannitha: angel
4. Kesor: heavenly lady
5. Kiiri: mountain
6. Kiri: mountain summit
7. Kolab: pretty rose flower
8. Kolthida: noble born woman
9. Kravann: tiny golden brown flower
10. Kunthea: beautiful fragrance


Russian girl names starting with k:

1. Kalina: medicinal tree
2. Kapeka: little stork
3. Karina: pure
4. Katia: pure
5. Kira: like the sun; lord
6. Kisa: kitty
7. Kiska: pure
8.  klava: lame
9. Klementina: merciful
10. Ksenija: stranger


Hebrew k female names

Hebrew girl names starting with k:

1. Katriel: God is my crown
2. Kayla: crown
3. Kefira: young lionness
4. Kelila: crown; laurel
5. Keshet: rainbow
6. Ketina: girl
7. Ketura: perfume is in the air
8. Ketzia: scented bark; cinnamon
9. Kezia: cinnamon spice
10. Kitra: crowned
11. Kyla: crown


Scottish girl names starting with k:

1. Kamryn: crooked nose
2. Kassidy: clever
3. Kenia: handsome
4. Kenna: fair one
5. Kenzie: light one
6. Kirsten: annointed
7. Kirsty: annointed
8. Kyla: lovely


Latin girl names starting with k:

1. Kadence: rhythm; beat
2. Kamella: a name of the flower
3. Karamia: beloved peace
4. Karry: beloved friend
5. Kerishia: dear
6. Karita: dear; beloved
7. Kira: light
8. Konnie: constant; steadfast
9. Kristal: clear
10. Kyara: bright; famous


Persian girl names that start with k:

1. Kaameh: goal; wish
2. Kaawa: east
3. Kafiya: poem
4. Kainaz: leader woman
5. Kiana: royal queen
6. Kira: sun
7. Kishvar: country; land
8. Kohinoor: mountain of light
9. Kushaaneh: a girl who strives
10. Kyra: sun


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