A complete guide of Girl names that start with A


Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best girl names that start with A, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl names, boy names and gender neural names. With so many girl name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision.

The name you choose for your baby girl will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some parents love popular girl names and want to select one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So, if you are expecting a baby girl, or you know a pregnant woman with a girl, this is a guide for you.

This guide of A girl names or girl names that start with A contains (330) names from different origins, whether you go for a pretty and cute girl names or a rare and unique one.

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symbolism and personality for names start with letter A:

According to name echo, people whose names start with letter A need to be self-confident, ambitious and driven to succeed.

These people are also courageous but have to make sure they are flexible enough to take other people’s opinions into consideration.

Japanese Female names start with A:

  1. Ai: it means ( love).
  2. Aiko: it means (little one who is dearly loved).
  3. Akako: it means ( red).
  4. Akira: it means ( bright and clear down).
  5. Ami: it means ( friend).
  6. Amaya: it means (of the night rain).
  7. Asa: it means ( born in morning).
  8. Ayaka: it means ( colourful flower).
  9. Azumi: it means ( safe residence).

Russian Female names start with A:

  1. Agrafena: it means ( feet first).
  2. Aksana: it means (form of oksana, meaning “hospitality”).
  3. Alina: it means ( bright, beautiful).
  4. Alyona: it means ( bright and shinning light).
  5. Anoushka: it means ( grace, favor).
  6. Antalya: it means (born with the morning’s first light).
  7. Anya: it means (form of anna, meaning “a woman graced with god’s favor “).

German female names start with A:

  1. Adela: it means (of the nobility ; serene; of good humor).
  2. Adelaide: it means (of the nobility; serene; of good humor).
  3. Adeline: it means (form of adela, meaning of the nobility).
  4. Ailna: it means (one who is sweet and pleasant ; of the nobility)
  5. Alarice: it means (feminine form of alaric; ruler of all).
  6. Alda: it means (long-lived, old ).
  7. Alice: it means (woman of the nobility; truthful; having high moral character).
  8. Alyssa: it means (form of alice, meaning “woman of the nobility, truthful; having high moral character”).
  9. Amalia: it means (one who is industrious and hardworking).
  10. Amelia: it means (form of amalia or latin form of emily, meaning “one who is industrious and hardworking).
  11. Antje: it means (a graceful woman).
  12. Aarinda: it means (one who is tenacious).
  13. Ava: it means (a birdlike woman)
  14. Axelle: it means (source of life; small oak).

Greek female names start with A:

  1. Acantha: it means (thorny; in mythology, a nymph who was loved by apollo).
  2. Adara: it means ( beautiful girl).
  3. Adriana: it means (feminine form of adrian; from the adriatic sea region; woman with dark features).
  4. Aegea: it means ( in mythology, a daughter of the sun who was known for her beauty).
  5. Aegina: it means (in mythology a sea nymph).
  6. Agave: it means (in mythology, a queen of thebes).
  7. Agnes: it means (one who is pure; chaste).
  8. Ahellona: it means (woman who has masculine qualities).
  9. Aionia: it means (everlasting life).
  10. Aitheria: it means (of the wind aitheriah).
  11. Alcina: it means (one who is strong-willed and opinionated).
  12. Alethea: it means (one who is truthful).
  13. Alexa: it means (form of alexandra , meaning ” helper and defender of mankind).
  14. Alexandra: it means (feminine form of alexander; a helper and defender of mankind).
  15. Alexis: it means (form of alexandra, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”).
  16. Alpha: it means (the firstborn child; the first letter of the greek alphabet).
  17. Amalthea: it means (one who soothes; in mythology, the foster mother of zeus).
  18. Amara: it means (one who will be forever beautiful).
  19. Ambrosia: it means (immortal: in mythology, the food of the gods).
  20. Anastasia: it means (one who shall rise again).
  21. Andrea: it means (courageous and strong).
  22. Angel: it means (a heavenly messenger).
  23. Angela: it means (a heavenly messenger; an angel).
  24. Angelina: it means (form of angela, meaning “a heavenly messenger, an angel”).
  25. Antea: it means (in mythology, a woman who was scorned and committed suicide).
  26. Aphrodite: it means (love; in mythology, the goddess of love and beauty).
  27. Arcadia: it means (feminine form of arkadios ; woman from arcadia )
  28. Argea: it means (in mythology, the wife of polynices).
  29. Arissa: it means (one who is superior).
  30. Asia: it means (resurrection).
  31. Athena: it means (one who is wise; in mythology, the god- .dess of war and wisdom).
  32. Aulis: it means (in mythology, a princess of attica).

French female names start with A:

  1. Afrodille: it means (daffodil; showy and vivid).
  2. Aida: it means (one who is helpful ).
  3. Alaina: it means (beautiful and fair woman; dear child).
  4. Alair: it means (one who has a cheerful disposition great).
  5. Alphonsine: it means (feminine form of alphonse; one who ready for battle).
  6. Amber: it means (resembling the jewel; a warm honey color).
  7. Aniceta: it means (one who is unconquerable).
  8. Antoinette: it means (praiseworthy).

Italian female names start with A:

  1. Adrina: it means (having great happiness).
  2. Alma: it means (refers to the soul).
  3. Annabel: it means (graceful and beautiful woman).
  4. Aria: it means ( the one who is lion of the lords).
  5. Arianna: it means ( holiest).
  6. Arietta: it means (a short but beautiful melody).

Chinese female names start with A:

  1. Ah Cy: it means ( lovely).
  2. Ah kum: it means ( good as gold).
  3. Ah lam: it means ( peace).
  4. Ai: it means ( loving).
  5. An: it means ( peace).
  6. Annchi: it means ( Angelic peace).

Spanish female names start with A:

  1. Abila: it means (one who is beautiful).
  2. Adoración: it means (having adoration of all).
  3. Agraciana: it means (one who forgives).
  4. Alanza: it means (feminine form of alonzo; noble and ready for battle).
  5. Alda: it means ( wise; an elder).
  6. Aldonsa: it means (one who is kind and gracious).
  7. Alegria: it means (one who is cheerful and brings happiness to others).
  8. Alicia: it means (form of alice meaning “woman of the nobility”).
  9. Alivia: it means (form of olivia, meaning of the olive tree).
  10. Aloma: it means (form of paloma, meaning “dove-like”).
  11. Alondra: it means (form of alexandra, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”).
  12. Alvera: it means (feminine of alvaro; guardian of all; speaker of the truth).
  13. Amada: it means (one who is loved by all).
  14. Analia: it means (combination of ana and lea or lucia).
  15. Anarosa: it means (a graceful rose).
  16. Araceli: it means (from the altar of heaven).
  17. Arcadia: it means ( one who is adventurous)
  18. Ascención: it means (refers to the ascension).
  19. Asunción: it means (refers to the virgin mary’s assumption into heaven).

Korean female names start with A:

  1. Ae-Cha: it means ( loving daughter).
  2. Aera: it means ( love).
  3. Ae-Ri: it means ( advantage, profit).
  4. Ah-In: it means ( Humanness).
  5. Ara: it means ( be beautiful and good).
  6. Areum: it means ( beautiful).
  7. A-yeong: it means ( refined grace).

Irish female names start with A:

  1. Adeen: it means (little fire shining brightly).
  2. Ailbhe: it means (of noble character; who is bright).
  3. Aileen: it means (light bearer)
  4. Ailis: it means (one who is noble and kind).
  5. Ain: it means (in mythology , a woman who wrote laws to protect the rights of women ).
  6. Aingeal: it means (heaven’s messenger ; angel).
  7. Aisling: it means (a dream or vision; an inspiration).
  8. Artis: it means (lofy hill; noble).
  9. Assana: it means (from the waterfall).

Scottish female names start with A:

  1. Aileen: it means ( light).
  2. Ailsa: it means ( supernatural victory).
  3. Ainsley: it means (one’s own meadow).
  4. Akira: it means (one who acts as an anchor).
  5. Annabel: it means ( beautiful, graceful).
  6. Ansley: it means ( clearing with a small dwelling).

American female names start with A:

  1. Aaralyn: it means (woman with song).
  2. Abilene: it means (from a town in texas/resembling grass).
  3. Alannah: it means ( valuable, precious).
  4. Alaysha: it means ( noble, kind, truthful).
  5. Alberta: it means ( wise, graceful).
  6. Allegra: it means ( joyful, happy).
  7. Allison: it means ( exalted nature).
  8. Amiyah: it means (form of amy, meaning “beloved”).
  9. Aniya: it means (form of anna, meaning “a woman graced with god’s favor”).
  10. Annetta: it means ( favoured grace).
  11. Apple: it means (sweet fruit; one who is cherished ).
  12. Arvilla: it means ( eagle ruler).
  13. Ashlyn: it means (combination of ashley and lynn).

Native American female names start with A:

  1. Adianca: it means (one who brings peace).
  2. Anaba: it means (a woman returning from battle).
  3. Aponi: it means (resembling a butterfly).
  4. Aquene: it means (one who is peaceful).
  5. Arizona: it means (from the little spring / from the state of arizona).

African female names start with A:

  1. Aba: it means (born on a thursday).
  2. Abena: it means (born on a tuesday).
  3. Adanna: it means (her father’s daughter; a father’s pride).
  4. Adanne: it means (her mother’s daughter, a mother’s pride).
  5. Aisha: it means (lively womanly).
  6. Amadi: it means (one who rejoices).
  7. Amani: it means (one who is peaceful).
  8. Amari: it means (having great strength, a builder).
  9. Arusi: it means (a girl born during the time of a wedding).
  10. Asis: it means (of the sun).
  11. Aza: it means ( powerful).
  12. Azana: it means (one who is superior).

Arabic female names start with A:

  1. Aaliyah: it means (an ascender one having the highest social standing).
  2. Abir: it means (having a fragrant scent).
  3. Abra: it means (lesson; example).
  4. Adara: it means ( chaste one; virgin).
  5. Afra: it means (white; an earth color).
  6. Aida: it means (a returning visitor).
  7. Ain: it means ( precious eye).
  8. Aisha: it means (lively womanly).
  9. Alaia: it means (one who is majestic, of high worth joy power).
  10. Aleah: it means (exalted).
  11. Amani: it means (one with wishes and dreams).
  12. Amina: it means (a princess, one who commands ; truthful, trustworthy).
  13. Arwa: it means (a female mountain goat).
  14. Asma: it means (one of high status).
  15. Aza: it means (one who provides comfort).

Indian female names start with A:

  1. Aadi: it means (child of the beginning).
  2. Ajaya: it means (one who is invincible; having the power of a god).
  3. Amrita: it means (having immortality ; full of ambrosia).
  4. Ardra: it means (the goddess of bad luck and misfortune).
  5. Arya: it means (one who is noble and honored).
  6. Avasa: it means (one who is independent).
  7. Ayanna: it means (one who is innocent ).

Roman female names start with A:

  1. Ada: it means ( graceful and noble).
  2. Adina: it means ( decoration, Friday).
  3. Afina: it means ( young).
  4. Afrodita: it means ( risen from foam).
  5. Aftan: it means ( more attractive, charming).
  6. Amelia: it means ( hard-working).
  7. Ana: it means ( gracious, God’s favour).
  8. Andreea: it means ( strongly, brave).
  9. Ani: it means ( ornament, beautiful)
  10. Anca: it means ( grace, favour).
  11. Aura: it means ( air, cloud, rain).

Polish female names start with A:

  1. Adela: it means ( noble).
  2. Agata: it means ( virtuous, good).
  3. Agnieszka: it means ( pure, holy).
  4. Aldona: it means ( old).
  5. Alicja: it means ( noble).
  6. Alina: it means (one who is beautiful and bright).
  7. Amelia: it means ( work).
  8. Andzelika: it means ( angel).
  9. Aneta: it means ( favour, grace).
  10. Aniela: it means ( gracious, merciful).
  11. Apolonia: it means ( sun).

English female names start with A:

  1. Addison: it means (daughter of adam).
  2. Aerwyna: it means (a friend of the ocean).
  3. Afton: it means (from the afton river).
  4. Aida: it means (one who is wealthy; prosperous).
  5. Aldis: it means (from the ancient house).
  6. Ali: it means (form of allison or alice, meaning “woman of the nobility”).
  7. Aliana: it means (form of eliana, meaning “the lord answers our prayers”).
  8. Allison it means (form of alice, meaning “woman of the nobility, truthful; having high moral character”).
  9. Almira: it means (a princess; daughter born to royalty).
  10. Alura: it means (a divine counselor).
  11. Annabeth: it means (graced with god’s bounty).
  12. Annalynn: it means (from the graceful lake).
  13. Annmarie: it means (filled with bitter grace).
  14. Ansley: it means (from the noble’s pastureland).
  15. April: it means (opening buds of spring, born in the month of april).
  16. Arden: it means (from the valley of the eagles).
  17. Aria: means (a beautiful melody).
  18. Arin: it means (form of erin meaning woman of ireland).
  19. Arnette: it means (a little eagle).
  20. Ashby: it means (home of the ash tree).
  21. Ashley: it means (from the meadow of ash trees).
  22. Asia: it means (the rising sun; in the koran, the woman who raised moses; a woman from the east).
  23. Aspen: it means (from the aspen tree).
  24. Aubrey: it means (one who rules with elf-wisdom).
  25. Audrey: it means (woman with noble strength).
  26. Autumn: it means (born in the fall).
  27. Avena: it means (from the oat field).
  28. Avery: it means (one who is a wise ruler; of the nobility).

Latin female names start with A:

  1. Academia: it means (from a community of higher learning).
  2. Accalia: it means (in mythology, yhe foster mother of romulus and remus).
  3. Aegea: it means (from the aegean sea).
  4. Akilina: it means (resembling an eagle).
  5. Alera: it means (resembling an eagle).
  6. Alma: it means (one who is nurturing and kind ).
  7. Amadea: it means (feminine form of amedeo ; loved by god).
  8. Amanda: it means (one who is much loved).
  9. Amy: it means (dearly loved).
  10. Anahi: it means (immortal).
  11. Ancina: it means (form of ann, meaning “a woman graced with god’s favor”).
  12. Andrea: it means (feminine form of andrew; womanly).
  13. Anna: it means (a woman graced with god’s favor).
  14. Annora: it means (having great honor).
  15. Arabella: it means (an answered prayer; beautiful altar).
  16. Ardel: it means (feminine form of ardos; industrious and eager)
  17. Arden: it means (one who is passionate and enthusiastic).
  18. Astra: it means (of the stars; as bright as a star).
  19. Augusta: it means (feminine form of augustus; venerable majestic).
  20. Aurora: it means (morning’s first light; in mythology, the goddess of the dawn).
  21. Aviana: it means (blessed with a gracious life).

Scandinavian female names start with A:

  1. Agda: it means ( good).
  2. Agneta: it means ( virgin, pure).
  3. Alma: it means ( nourishing, kind).
  4. Alva: it means ( elf).
  5. Anitra: it means ( gracious, merciful).
  6. Anja: it means ( grace).
  7. Annalisa: it means ( grace).
  8. Annegret: it means ( pearl).
  9. Anneli: it means ( grace).
  10. Annika: it means ( grace).
  11. Astrid: it means (one with divine strength).
  12. Aune: it means ( sacred, chaste).

Hawaiian female names start with A:

  1. Ailani: it means ( high cheif).
  2. Akela: it means ( graceful, noble).
  3. Alamea: it means ( ambitious).
  4. Alani: it means ( orange tree).
  5. Alika: it means (one who is honest).
  6. Aloha: it means ( love, compassion).
  7. Ani: it means (one who is very beautiful).
  8. Anouhea: it means (having a soft, cool fragrance).
  9. Apikalia: it means ( my father’s delight).
  10. Aulii: it means ( delicious, dainty).

Australian female names start with A:

  1. Abigail: it means ( gives joy).
  2. Addison: it means ( son of Adam, it is used for girls in Australia).
  3. Aisha: it means ( to live).
  4. Alexis: it means ( defender, helper).
  5. Alinta: it means ( flame, fire).
  6. Alira: it means ( beautiful, freedom).
  7. Annabelle: it means ( grace, beauty).
  8. Anzac: it means ( Australian and New Zealander army Corps).
  9. Audrey: it means ( noble strength).
  10. Ayla: it means ( moonlight).

Portuguese female names start with A:

  1. Abril: it means (opening buds of spring).
  2. Agueda: it means ( good).
  3. Aitana: it means ( high honor).
  4. Alice: it means ( of a noble kind).
  5. Aline: it means ( fair and good looking).
  6. Amelia: it means ( brave, diligent).
  7. Andreia: it means ( a warrior).

Welsh female names start with A:

  1. Aelwen: it means (woman with a fair brow).
  2. Amser: it means (a period of time).
  3. Anwen: it means (a famed beauty).
  4. Ariana: it means ( resembling silver).
  5. Awel: it means (one who is as refreshing as a breeze).
  6. Awen: it means (a fluid essence; a muse; a flowing spirit).


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