A list of 450 girl names that start with S with meanings and origin


Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best girl names that start with S, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many girl name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby girl will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular girl names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby girl, or you know a pregnant woman with a girl, this is a guide for you.

This guide of girl names that start with S or S girl names contains ( 450 ) names from different origins, whether you go for a pretty and cute girl names, or a rare and unique one.


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Key symbolism and personality for names start with S:

According to name echo, people whose names start with letter S are ambitious, charismatic, tolerant, and independent.

They are inspiring and real charmers. They’re also very warm and devoted to what they believe in.

They have the tendency to be dramatic most of the time because they feel everything very deeply.

Another characteristics most of them have is they need to be in the center of attention, and they take a lot of time before beginning to trust a person.


Hebrew girl names that start with S:

1. Saada: one who helps and supports
2. Sabra: thorny cactus fruit; hard on the outside and soft on the inside
3. Sade: princess
4. Saida: princess
5. Salida: happy
6. Salome: peaceful
7. Sam: God has asked me; listener
8. Samala: God has asked me
9. Samara: watched over by God
10. Sameh: listener
11. Samuela: God has heard
12. Sara: princess
13. Sarah: princess; wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac
14. Sarina: princess
15. Sarita: princess
16. Sela: rock
17. Selima: peace
18. Serafina: burning; ardent
19. Shaina: beautiful
20. Shamira: precious stone
21. Shanae: God is gracious
22. Sharai: princess
23. Sharnae: from the plains
24. Sharona: from the plains
25. Shayna: beautiful one from the fairy palace
26. Sheba: promise
27. Sheina: God’s gift
28. Shifra: beauty
29. Shilo: God’s gift
30. Shira: my song
31. Shoshana: lily
32. Shulamith: peaceful
33. Simcha: happiness
34. Simone: good listener
35. Susan: lily
36. Susanna: lily
37. Sydelle: princess
38. Symone: good listener


Arabic girl names that start with S:

1. Saarah: princess
2. Saba: morning
3. Sabia: young girl
4. Sabiya: morning Eastern wind
5. Sadira: star
6. Sadiya: lucky child
7. Safa: pure
8. Safiya: untroubled; pure; best friend
9. Sahar: dawn
10. Sahara: wilderness; desert
11. Saida: happy
12. Sakina: peace of mind
13. Salama: peaceful
14. Salima: peaceful; safe and healthy
15. Salma: safe and healthy
16. Samar: evening conversationalist
17. Samah: forgiving
18. Samira: entertaining companion
19. Sana: resplendent brilliance; mountain top
20. Sawsan: lily
21. Selma: secure
22. Shadiyah: singer
23. Shahad: pure honey
24. Shahar: born on a moonlit night
25. Shahina: falcon
26. Shahla: beautiful eyes
27. Shahrazad: city-born; fictional storyteller of the tales of 1001 nights
28. Shakila: pretty girl
29. Shakira: thankful
30. Shamara: ready to do battle
31. Shardae: runaway
32. Sharifah: noble; honorable; distinguished
33. Shatara: good and industrious
34. Sherika: easterner
35. Shula: bright flame
36. Siham: arrow
37. Suha: star


Greek girl names that start with S:

1. Saba: woman from Sheba
2. Sacha: helper and defender of humankind
3. Sandra: defender; helper of humankind
4. Sandy: defender; helper of humankind
5. Sapphira: deep blue sapphire jewel
6. Saundra: defender; helper of humankind
7. Sebastienne: revered; honoured by all
8. Selena: moon; heavenly
9. Serica: silky to touch
10. Sibilla: prophet; wise woman
11. Sibyl: wise woman
12. Sidonia: fine linen cloth
13. Sirena: temptress
14. Sonia: wise
15. Sophia: wisdom
16. Stacey: resurrection
17. Stacia: resurrection
18. Stefannia: crowned
19. Sula: little bear
20. Syke: mulberry tree


Italian girl names that start with S:

1. Sabina: woman of ancient Italian culture
2. Sancia: holy
3. Santa: saint
4. Sara: princess
5. Serafina: seraph
6. Serena: calm; peaceful
7. Sidonia: from Sidonia
8. Sienna: reddish-brown
9. Silvana: forest
10. Silvia: wood
11. Simona: God has heard
12. Speranza: hope; confidence


English girl names that start S:

1. Sable: sleek; soft fur; black
2. Sabrina: princess
3. Sadie: princess
4. Saffron: yellow; a plant used as a spice
5. Sally: princess
6. Satin: smooth; silkey; shiny
7. Saundra: defender; helper of humankind
8. Saxon: of the saxons; people of the sword
9. Scarlet: brilliant red colour
10. Shelby: dweller at the estate by the ledge; a sheltered town
11. Shelley: from the meadow’s ledge
12. Shirley: bright meadow
13. Sigourney: victorious conqueror
14. Silver: silver; a valuable metal
15. Sissy: blind
16. Skye: Island off the Scottish coast
17. Sparrow: a bird
18. Spring: springtime
19. Star: a star
20. Starling: small bird
21. Stockard: stockyard
22. Storm: storm; tempest
23. Sue: lily
24. Summer: born during summer
25. Sunny: bright; cheerful; sunshine
26. Sunshine: sunny-natured; sunshine
27. Swana: Swan


Latin girl names that start with S:

1. Sabrina: boundary
2. Salena: salty
3. Salina: solemn
4. Salvia: herb; wise person
5. Savina: woman of ancient Italian culture
6. Scholastica: student
7. Season: season
8. Secilia: blind
9. Secunda: second-born child
10. Septima: seventh-born child
11. Serena: calm; serene
12. Serenity: peaceful
13. Serina: calm; serene
14. Sestia: sixth-born child
15. Severina: severe
16. Sheila: blind
17. Sidra: child of the stars
18. Signe: sign; virtuous
19. Silvana: from the forest
20. Silvestra: from the forest
21. Silvia: silver; from the forest
22. Sofia: wisdom
23. Sol: the sun
24. Solace: comfort
25. Solita: lonely one
26. Spica: ear of wheat; the name of a star in Virgo
27. Spirit: spiritual; lively
28. Stella: star
29. Sylvia: from the forest


Japanese girl names that start with S:

1. Sachi: blessed child
2. Sai: talented
3. Sakae: one who is prosperous
4. Saki: cloak
5. Sakura: Cherry blossom; prosperous; rich
6. Sato: sweet; sugar
7. Sawa: swamp
8. Sayo: born at night
9. Seki: wonderful
10. Sen: magical forest fairy
11. Shika: deer
12. Shina: virtuous; good
13. Shino: bamboo stalk
14. Shizu: silent one
15. Suki: beloved child
16. Sumi: elegant
17. Suzu: little bell


American girl names that start with S:

1. Sadella: combination of Sade and Ella
2. Sakuna: bird
3. Salali: squirrel
4. Sanuye: red clouds at sunset
5. Sapata: dancing bear
6. Satara: combination of Sarah and Tara
7. Satinka: sacred dancer
8. Sequoia: redwood tree
9. Shada: pelican
10. Shaelisa: combination of Shae and Lisa
11. Shaella: combination of Shae and Ella
12. Shaelona: combination of Shae and Lona
13. Shajauna: combination of Shae and Juanita
14. Shakara: combination of Shae and Kara
15. Shakeena: combination of Shae and Kena
16. Shakeita: combination of Shae and Keita
17. Shalana: combination of Shae and Lana
18. Shaleah: combination of Shae and Leah
19. Shalita: combination of Shae and Lisa
20. Shamika: combination of Shae and Meika
21. Shaneisha: combination of Shane and Aisha
22. Shania: I’m on my way
23. Shanika: combination of Shae and Nika
24. Shanita: combination of Sha and Nita
25. Shantara: combination of Sha and Tara
26. Shappa: red thunder
27. Shasta: three
28. Shavonne: combination of Shae and Yvonne
29. Shenandoa: beautiful star
30. Sherian: combination of Sheri and Anne
31. Sherilyn: combination of Sheryl and Lyn
32. Shiane: from the tribal name Cheyenne
33. Sihu: flower
34. Sindy: moon
35. Siran: alluring
36. Sisika: songbird
37. Sora: singing bird soars
38. Soso: chubby-cheeked baby
39. Sugar: sweet as sugar
40. Suni: member of our tribe


Indian girl names that start with S:

1. Sadhana: devoted
2. Sagara: ocean
3. Sakari: sweet
4. Sakti: full of energy
5. Sala: a sacred Hindu tree
6. Samina: happiness
7. Sandhya: sunset
8. Sanjana: conscience
9. Sanya: born on Saturday
10. Sarala: honest
11. Saroja: born near the lake
12. Saura: worshipper of the sun
13. Shakti: the powerful divine woman
14. Shakuntala: bird
15. Shanti: the tranquil one
16. Sharan: one who will protect
17. Sharmila: the protected one
18. Sheela: of good character
19. Shivani: life and death
20. Shobhana: the beautiful one
21. Sita: furrow; trench
22. Sitara: morning star
23. Soma: moon; born during lunar month of Cancer
24. Sujata: of noble birth
25. Sunita: of good conduct
26. Surya: sun


Danish girl names that start with S:

1. Saffi: wise
2. Sigfrid: a beautiful, fair victory
3. Signe: to bring victory
4. Sigrunn: the secret victories
5. Sille: blind
6. Sire: a victorious woman
7. Solvey: as strong as the sun


French girl names that start with S:

1. Sage: wise person
2. Sarotte: princess
3. Shannelle: channel
4. Shanta: song
5. Shantel: song
6. Shari: beloved one
7. Sheree: beloved; loved one
8. Sheri: beloved
9. Sherice: beloved
10. Simone: good listener
11. Solange: dignified; solemn
12. Sorrel: bitter; red-brown colour
13. Susette: lily
14. Sydney: from St-Denis in France


Spanish girl names that start with S:

1. Salvadora: saviour; saved
2. Sancia: saintly; sacred
3. Santana: saint
4. Santina: little saint
5. Savanna: treeless plain; open grassland
6. Senalda: sign
7. Sevilla: the name of a city in Spain
8. Shaba: rose
9. Sierra: mountain; saw-toothed
10. Socorro: helper
11. Solana: Sunshine
12. Soledad: alone


Dutch girl names that start with S:

1. Sanne: lily
2. Saskia: a Saxon
3. Schuyler: scholar; shelter; protection
4. Skyla: sheltering
5. Sofieke: wise
6. Solange: with dignity
7. Solveig: house of power; strength
8. Stien: a good Christianity woman


African girl names that start with S:

1. Safara: fire
2. Sala: gentle; tender
3. Sanura: little kitten
4. Sanyu: happy
5. Saran: joyful; happy
6. Seble: born in autumn
7. Selama: peaceful
8. Sesen: time for sowing; someone who wishes for more
9. Shafira: well-known and highly thought of
10. Shany: wonderful
11. Shardea: respect brought to a crown
12. Shasa: precious water
13. Sika: money; gold
14. Sithembile: trust
15. Subira: someone who is extremely patient
16. Suma: asked for


Irish girl names that start with S:

1. Saoirse: freedom
2. Saraid: excellent
3. Seanna: God is gracious
4. Shae: from the fairy palace
5. Shanley: hero’s child
6. Shannon: little wise one; the name of a river
7. Shawna: God is gracious
8. Shawnee: God is gracious
9. Shay: hawk-like; majestic; admirable
10. Shayla: fairy palace
11. Shea: hawk-like; majestic
12. Sheena: God is gracious
13. Sheridan: wild
14. Shona: God is gracious
15. Sian: God is gracious
16. Sierra: black
17. Sina: God is gracious
18. Sinead: God is gracious
19. Siobhan: same as Sina
20. Sloane: warrior


Turkish girl names that start with S:

1. Sabahat: beauty; grace; handsomeness
2. Sabite: stable
3. Sammie: God has heard
4. Sanem: perfection
5. Sarila: waterfall
6. Seda: voice; echo
7. Seden: awake; watchful
8. Selin: running water
9. Sema: divine omen
10. Semra: one who is light-brown skin
11. Serap: mirage
12. Serra: crown
13. Sevda: love


Russian girl names that start with S:

1. Sabina: ancient sabine tribe
2. Sasha: defender; helper of humankind
3. Sashura: defender of mankind
4. Serafima: burning one
5. Sezja: protector
6. Shaneka: precious gift belonging to God
7. Slava: glory
8. Snezhana: snow woman
9. Stasia: resurrection
10. Stepanida: a crown
11. Stesha: a crown
12. Sveta: light
13. Svetlana: bright star
14. Syuzanna: lily


Scottish girl names that start with S:

1. Saile: blind
2. Scottie: from Scotland
3. Senga: slender; holy
4. Seonaid: gift from God
5. Sheena: God is gracious
6. Sileas: heaven
7. Sima: a treasure
8. Sine: God is gracious


Welsh girl names that start with S:

1. Seiriol: the sparkling bright one
2. Seren: star
3. Sheryl: beloved
4. Sian: God’s gracious gift
5. Sioned: God’s gift
6. Siriol: cheerful
7. Sulwen: bright as the sun


Scandinavian girl names that start with S:

1. Selma: divinely ptotected
2. Signe: conquering guardian
3. Sigrid: beautiful victory
4. Sigrun: secret victory
5. Siv: bride
6. Solveig: strong house; healing drink
7. Sula: large soaring Seabird
8. Sunniva: gift of the sun
9. Svea: woman of Sweden


German girl names that start with S:

1. Schmetterling: butterfly
2. Senta: assistant
3. Serilda: armed maiden of war
4. Sigfreda: peaceful victory
5. Sigilwig: champion
6. Solvig: champion
7. Sonnenschein: Sunshine


Persian girl names that start with S:

1. Sadie: princess; noble woman
2. Sanaz: full of grace; a flower
3. Shah: fit for the king
4. Shahnaz: the pride of the emperor
5. Shayana: she deserves nice things in life
6. Shirin: charming
7. Shiva: very charming
8. Shouka: a kind of a deer
9. Sooria: to be like a red rose
10. Soraya: princess; precious as a jewel
11. Souri: red rose
12. Souzan: burning fire
13. Suraa: a woman of great power and strength
14. Suraya: star; a woman precious as a jewel


Chinese girl names that start with S:

1. Shan: Coral
2. Shi: poetry; poem
3. Shu: gentle; kind
4. Si: think; consider
5. Su: silk
6. Sya: summer
7. Sying: star


Thai girl names that start with S:

1. Sanan Nam: famous for name
2. Sanoh: pleasant sounding
3. Sanouk: enjoyable
4. Sarai: seaweed
5. Sawatdi: greeting
6. Si: colour
7. Sinn: treasure
8. Solada: listener
9. Som: orange ( the fruit)
10. Songsuda: beautiful girl
11. Sroy: jewellery chain
12. Suchin: beautiful thoughts
13. Sumalee: beautiful flower
14. Sunee: good
15. Sunstra: beautiful eyes


Korean girl names that start with S:

1. Sang: patterned; helpful
2. Seo-Hyun: virtuous
3. Seong: succeed
4. Seong-Min: quick; clever
5. Seo-Yeon: beautiful and graceful
6. Seo-Yun: soft; prosperous omen
7. Seul-Gi: wisdom
8. Seung: successor; winning
9. Seung-Wan: successor; winning
10. Sook: pure; light
11. Su-Bin: outstanding and refined
12. Su-Jin: treasure; excellence and truth
13. Sun: obedient



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