help your child grow taller with this 5 proven tips


Can I help my child grow taller? This is a very common question by parents, as a child’s height has been always a sign of good health.
Genetics play a key role in determining whether a human being will be short or tall.
But, we can’t ensure that the child will automatically be the same height as his/her parents, because medical conditions, hormonal deficiencies, nutrition and physical activity can all contribute to how tall your child will be.
So, back to the question, can I help my child grow taller?
The answer is: yes, there are some factors that can increase your child’s growth.

Proven tips to increase the height of children

5 proven tips to help your child grow taller:

1- Proper nutrition:
In early childhood development, good nutrition is vital for growth.
A nutritious diet not only help your child’s body grow strong, it improves his/her overall well-being as well.

Foods to help child grow taller:

1- yoghurt:
If you want your child grow taller, then yoghurt must be a part of your child’s diet. It is high in protein, Calicum, Magnesium and Phosphorus.
The pro-biotics keep your child’s gut healthy. Some research shows that probiotics can help increase growth in children. Source.

Proven tips to help your child grow taller


2- eggs:
Eggs are full of nutrients that can increase the height of children. According to a study, an egg a day helps children grow taller when introduced early into a child’s diet.


How to help my child grow taller

3- sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene that the body convert it into vitamin A.
Vitamin A helps improve bone health, and prevent bone resorption.
Sweet potatoes also have both insoluble and soluble fiber, which promotes digestive health, and help the growing of good gut bacteria.
The healthier your child’s gut microbiome, the higher the chances of vitamins and minerals absorption to aid his/her growth and development.


4- almonds
Almonds are an amazing health food as they are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals which can be effective for the growth and development of kids.
Minerals like calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Manganese in almonds can strengthen which is very important during the growth years of kids.



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5- beans
Beans are a plant-based food that provide key nutrients for a growing child, including protein, fiber, folate, Magnesium, iron, and Potassium.
It is called ( unique food) because it is considered both vegetable and a protein food.
Beans are rich in iron and B vitamins, which can help prevent anemia.
In infants and young children, severe chronic anemia may lead to delayed growth. Source

Proven tips to help your child grow taller


6- Bananas: it is the easiest and lovable snack to kids. Bananas are rich in Potassium, Calicum and Manganese making it the king of height.

How to help my child grow taller


7- chicken:
Chicken is rich in protein and other essential nutrients like vitamin B12. According to a study, poor vitamin B12 status contributes to poor growth.

It is also filled with taurine, an amino acid that is responsible for regulating bone formation and growth.
Chicken is also one of the highest protein-content items so it helps in building your child’s tissues and muscles which helps him/her grow taller.

Foods to help your child grow taller


8- fish:
Fish is rich in protein, omega-3 and vitamin D, which are necessary for bone and muscle growth.
There is a positive relationship between fish consumption and stunting reduction. Source
Parents should include the fish in their kid’s diet more regularly, at least twice a week to get it’s huge benefits.

How to help my child grow taller


2- Proper sleep:
There is a fact that human growth hormones are secreted during sleep, that’s why a long term lack of sleep will affect the growth of your child, and of course, affect his/her length.
To support healthy growth, the national sleep foundation recommends that children ages 6 through 13 sleep for 9 to 11 hours per night.
To make your child have the proper sleep, you need to set a nighttime routine and start it early, and you need to shut off the screens, as one of the side effects of screen time for kids is sleep deprivation.

3- stretching exercises can help your child grow taller:
Even simple stretching exercises can have a huge impact on your child’s height.
Stretching exercises can free up your child’s joints and loosen tendons and ligaments to give all of his/her bones the room and strength to grow.
You can start with your child in a simple way. Make him stand on his toes with his back against the wall and stretch the muscles in his leg while reaching up.

Exercises to help your child grow taller


4- Hanging is another exercise that can help increase your child’s height:
Hanging has been recommended for decades now, for parents who want to help their children grow taller.
Most kids love hanging from bars at the playground and at home.
According to some resources, vertical hanging lets the weight of your child’s lower torso stretch his spine and decompresses the vertebrae. By the time, this makes it possible to increase your child’s height by one or two inches, which is great.

Exercises to help increase the height of children

5- more sunlight:
Your child’s skin has to be exposed to sunlight so that the body can make vitamin D.
Not only does vitamin D3 play an important role in human health but also affects height growth.
Symptomatic vitamin D deficiency is associated with slowed growth in children. Source


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