374 Boy names that start with L and meanings 2023

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with L, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with L contains ( 374 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key symbolism and personality for names start with letter L:

According to name echo, people whose names start with letter L have a very creative mind and are optimistic.

They are also understanding, honest, kind and generous.

They take pleasure in everything they’re doing and have the tendency to jump from one project to another, so they don’t have the time to really enjoy everything.

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Boy names that start with L and meanings 2022

French boy names that start with L:

1. Lacey: man from Normandy
2. Lafayette: faith
3. Lamar: of the sea
4. Lamond: the world
5. Lamont: mountain
6. Lance: knight’s attendant
7. Lamcelot: knight’s attendant
8. Landry: ruler of the land
9. Lanier: one who works with wool
10. Laramie: crying tears of love
11. Larrimore: armorer
12. Larron: thief 
13. Lasalle: from the hall
14. Latimer: language teacher; interpreter
15. Lavalle: valley
16. Leggett: delegate
17. Legrand: the great one
18. Leron: the circle
19. Leroy: the king
20. Leverett: young hare
21. Lionel: young lion
22. Lorimer: saddler; maker of sprus
23. Lourdes: from Lourdes in France
24. Lowell: wolf
25. Loyal: faithful
26. Luc: bringer of light
27. Lyle: Island

350 French boy names with meanings

300 French girl names with meanings

Scottish boy names that start with L:

1. Lachlan: from the land of Lakes
2. Lachman: a man from the Lake
3. Laird: the lord of the manor
4. Lawler: a soft-spoken man; one who manners
5. Leith: wide River
6. Lennox: one who owns many elm trees
7. Les: grey fortress
8. Liam: the determined protector
9. Lochlain: land of lakes
10. Lockie: land of the lakes
11. Logan: from the little hollow
12. Loman: one who is small and bare

285 Scottish boy names with meanings

140 Scottish girl names with meanings

Hebrew boy names that start with L:

1. Laban: white
2. Ladan: one who is alert and aware
3. Lapidos: one who carries a torch; torches
4. Lavan: white
5. Lavi: lion
6. Lazarus: God helps
7. Lemuel: devoted to God
8. Leor: light
9. Lev: heart
10. Levi: we are united as one
11. Liron: my song
12. Lot: hidden

550 Hebrew boy names with meanings

470 Hebrew girl names with meanings

English boy names that start with L:

1. Ladd: a servant; a young man
2. Laibrook: one who lives on the road near the brook
3. Laidley: path by the slushy meadow
4. Lake: lake; pond
5. Lakin: found treasure
6. Lamorak: in Arthurian legend, the brother of Percival
7. Lance: an attendant; a knight of the round table
8. Landan: lives on the open land
9. Lander: one who owns land
10. Landon: from the long hill
11. Landry: ruler of the land
12. Lane: one who takes the narrow bath
13. Langdon: from the long hill
14. Langford: from the long Ford
15. Langhorn: of the long horn
16. Langley: from the long meadow
17. Langston: from the tall man’s town
18. Langworth: one who lives near the long paddock
19. Larry: one who has been crowned with a laurel
20. Latham: district
21. Lathrop: barn
22. Latimer: one who serves as an interpreter
23. Latty: a generous man
24. Laurian: one who lives near the laurel trees
25. Lave: lord
26. Lawford: from the ford near the hill
27. Lawley: from the meadow near the hill
28. Lawson: son of Lawrence
29. Lawton: town on the hill
30. Leaf: leaf from a tree
31. Leal: royal; faithful friend
32. Leavitt: a baker
33. Leben: filled with hope
34. Lee: from the meadow
35. Leigh: meadow
36. Leighton: from the town near the meadow
37. Leland: from the meadow land
38. Len: brave like a lion
39. Lennon: son of love
40. Lennor: a courageous man
41. Lensar: one who stays with his parents
42. Leonel: little lion cub
43. Levin: beloved friend
44. Lewis: famous warrior
45. Lex: defender of humankind
46. Lias: rock
47. Liddon: shelter
48. Lincoln: from the village near the lake
49. Lindell: valley of the linden trees
50. Lindford: from the linden tree ford
51. Lindhurst: from the village by the linden trees
52. Lindley: from the meadow of linden trees
53. Lindman: one who lives near the linden trees
54. Lindon: hill of the hidden trees
55. Lindsay: linden trees by the water
56. Line: from the bank
57. Linley: from the field of flax; flax meadow
58. Linton: flax town
59. Lister: cloth dyer
60. Lleyton: meadow town
61. Llord: grey-haired
62. Locke: forest
63. London: from the capital of England
64. Lord: one who has authority and power
65. Lore: crowned with laurel
66. Louvain: vain
67. Lowell: loved
68. Loyal: faithful
69. Lucas: a man from Lucania
70. Lucky: a fortunate man
71. Ludlow: the ruler of the hill; hill of the prince
72. Lyndon: linden tree Hill
73. Lyndsay: linden tree Island
74. Lynley: from the field of flax
75. Lynn: a man of the lake
76. Lytton: town by the loud stream

1076 English boy names with meanings

536 English girl names with meanings

Indian boy names that start with L:

1. Laavanya: beauty
2. Labaka: a person with melodious and pleasant voice
3. Labhsha: one with a good heart
4. Lahar: wave
5. Lakshan: aim
6. Lakshmibanta: fortunate
7. Lal: beloved
8. Lalam: the best ; jewel
9. Lalchand: red moon
10. Lalitaditya: beautiful sun
11. Lalitlochan: one with beautiful eyes
12. Lalimohan: beautiful and attractive
13. Lazzaro: God will help
14. Lekhak: an author 
15. Leyshya: intelligent; brilliant
16. Linu: lily
17. Lochan: the eyes
18. Lusila: one possesses leadership ability

463 Indian boy names with meanings

400 Indian girl names with meanings

Vietnamese boy names that start with L:

1. Lam: having a full understanding; forest
2. Lanh: good; gentle
3. Lap: independent
4. Le: pearl
5. Loc: his character as gentle as a flower bud
6. Long: hair 
7. Ly: a reasonable man

126 Vietnamese boy names with meanings

136 Vietnamese girl names with meanings

Arabic boy names that start with L:

1. Labib: sensible; intelligent
2. Laith: lion
3. Laman: a bright and happy man
4. Lameh: a shinning man
5. Lateef: gentle; pleasant
6. Laziz: one who is pleasant
7. Leil: sunset; night
8. Luai: steady; strong
9. Lukman: a prophet’s name
10. Lutfi: kind; friendly

388 Arabic boy names with meanings

338 Arabic girl names with meanings

German boy names that start with L:

1. Lamar: from the renowned land
2. Lambert: bright land
3. Landric: ruler of the land
4. Lash: famous warrior
5. Lenard: brave like a lion
6. Leon: brave like a lion
7. Leonard: having the strength of a lion
8. Leopold: brave people
9. Lieb: love
10. Lindberg: hill with linden trees
11. Linfred: peaceful; calm
12. Loring: son of the famous warrior
13. Loudon: low valley
14. Louis: a famous warrior
15. Lucas: bringer of light
16. Ludwig: famous warrior
17. Luther: a soldier of the people

378 German boy names with meanings

285 German girl names with meanings

Scandinavian boy names that start with L:

1. Lambert: the light of the land
2. Lambi: in mythology, the son of Thorbjorn
3. Lamont: lawyer
4. Langer: tall one
5. Lars: one who has been crowned with a laurel
6. Larson: the son of Lawrence
7. Latham: barn
8. Leif: dearly loved
9. Leifr: heir
10. Leifur: heir; successor
11. Lif: an energetic man; lively
12. Loki: flame
13. Lunt: from the grove

280 Scandinavian boy names with meanings

300 Scandinavian girl names with meanings

Native American boy names that start with L:

1. Langundo: a peaceful man
2. Lanu: running around a pole
3. Len: one who plays the flute
4. Lenno: man
5. Lesharo: chief
6. Leyati: shaped like an abalone shell
7. Lise: salmon’s head out of the water
8. Liwanu: growling bear
9. Lokni: rain dripping through the roof
10. Lonan: cloud
11. Lonato: flint stone
12. Lootah: refers to the colour red
13. Luyu: head shaker

276 Native American boy names with meanings

360 Native American girl names with meanings

Hungarian boy names that start with L:

1. Laborc: hero panther
2. Lajos: holy
3. Lantos: one who plays the lute
4. Laszlo: famous ruler
5. Lehel: blower
6. Levente: to be
7. Lipût: a brave young man
8. Lónya: horse rider
9. Lorant: one who has been crowned with a laurel

183 Hungarian boy names with meanings

137 Hungarian girl names with meanings

Italian boy names that start with L:

1. Lave: of the burning rock
2. Leo; mighty lion
3. Leonardo: brave like a lion
4. Leone: brave like a lion
5. Lodovico: famous warrior
6. Lorenzo: one who has been crowned with a laurel
7. Loretto: one who has been crowned with a laurel
8. Luca: bringer of light
9. Luciano: light
10. Lucio: bringer of light
11. Luigi: famous warrior
12. Luka: bringer of light

265 Italian boy names with meanings

236 Italian girl names with meanings

Latin boy names that start with L:

1. Lall: one who has been crowned with a laurel
2. Lawrence: man from Laurentum; crowned with laurel
3. Leo: having the strength of a lion
4. Leor: one who listens well
5. Lerato: the song of the soul
6. Lester: chosen camp
7. Levant: rising
8. Lombard: one who has a long beard
9. Loretto: one who has been crowned with a laurel
10. Lorimer: one who makes harnesses
11. Lorne: one who has been crowned with a laurel
12. Lucian: surrounded by light
13. Luck: bringer of light
14. Lupus: as fierce as a wolf
15. Luthando: one who is dearly loved
16. Lux: a man of the light

407 Latin boy names with meanings

435 Latin girl names with meanings

Greek boy names that start with L:

1. Leander: lion man
2. Lear: of the royalty
3. Leon: resembling a lion
4. Leonidas: one who is bold as a lion
5. Lex: a word
6. Linus: flaxen-haired
7. Luke: a man from Lucania
8. Lysander: liberator; emancipator

354 Greek boy names with meanings

433 Greek girl names with meanings

African boy names that start with L:

1. Lado: second-born son
2. Lebna: spirit
3. Leeto: one who embarks on a journey
4. Lema: one who is cultivated
5. Lencho: resembling a lion
6. Ligongo: who is this?
7. Lisimba: lion
8. Lolonyo: the beauty of love
9. Lumo: born face down
10. Lusio: light
11. Lutalo: warrior

445 African boy names with meanings

297 African girl names with meanings

Chinese boy names starting with L:

1. Lei: thunder
2. Li: having great strength
3. Lian: graceful willow
4. Liang: a good man; excellent
5. Liko: protected by Buddha
6. Ling: dawn; bell; soul
7. Lok: happy
8. Long: dragon

213 Chinese boy names and meanings

160 Chinese girl names and meanings

Hawaiian boy names starting with L:

1. Lani: heavenly sky
2. Lei: king
3. Lekeke: powerful ruler
4. Lihau: a spirited man
5. Lilo: one who is generous
6. Lio: lion cub
7. Loe: king
8. Lokela: famous spearman
9. Lono: god of farming
10. Lopaka: famous brilliant
11. Lulani: highest point in heaven

170 Hawaiian boy names with meanings

160 Hawaiian girl names with meanings

Welsh boy names starting with L:

1.  Lau: life
2. Leoline: leader; lion-like
3. Lew: leader; like a lion
4. Llacheu: legendary son of Aahur
5. Llewellyn: resembling a lion
6. Lloyd: grey; grey-haired
7. Lludd: from London
8. Llundein: from London
9. Llyn: from the lake
10. Llyweilun: lion
11. Loan: God’s gift
12. Lug: light

240 Welsh boy names with meanings

185 Welsh girl names with meanings

Irish boy names starting with L:

1. Labhrainn: one who has been crowned with a laurel
2. Lann: sword
3. Larkin: fierce
4. Lawler: one who matters
5. Lennon: cloak
6. Lennox: field of elm trees
7. Liam: wilful
8. Lian: protector
9. Lochan: one who is lively
10. Lochlain: land of lakes
11. Logan: from the hollow
12. Loman: bare
13. Loni: strong; fierce
14. Lorcan: the small fierce one
15. Lucas: bringer of light
16. Lunn: warlike
17. Lynch: mariner

446 Irish boy names with meanings

260 Irish girl names with meanings

Spanish boy names starting with L:

1. Lazaro: God’s help
2. Leandro: lion
3. Leon: lion
4. Lisandro: liberator
5. Lobo: wolf
6. Lon: noble; ready
7. Loni: noble; ready
8. Lonzo: one who is ready for battle
9. Lucero: light
10. Luis: a famous warrior

282 Spanish boy names with meanings

298 Spanish girl names with meanings

Finnish boy names starting with L:

1. Ladislav: a glorious ruler
2. Lasse: victory of the people
3. Leos: lion
4. Libor: free
5. Lobo: wolf
6. Lubor: great love
7. Ludvik: famous warrior
8. Lukas: masculinity

228 Finnish boy names with meanings

173 Finnish girl names with meanings

Portuguese boy names starting with L:

1. Laudalino: praised
2. Lazarus: flame; fire
3. Leopoldo: a bold man
4. Liberio: freedom
5. Lino: praise; flax
6. Luciano: light; illumination
7. Ludovico: famous warrior

186 Portuguese boy names with meanings

143 Portuguese girl names with meanings

Polish boy names starting with L:

1. Ladislaus: glorious rule
2. Lagodny: gentle
3. Lambart: brightness of the land
4. Laskarz: spearman
5. Lato: summer
6. Lawrzyniec: crowned with laurel
7. Lazarz: God is my help
8. Lech: forest spirit
9. Leksy: defending men
10. Lenard: lion strength; brave
11. Leonek: brave as a lion
12. Lewandowski: strong as a lion
13. Lewy: famous warrior
14. Linik: brave as a lion
15. Lolek: free man; strong
16. Lubomir: lover of peace

235 Polish boy names with meanings

244 Polish girl names with meanings

Estonian boy names starting with L:

1. Leenart: lion; as brave as a lion
2. Leks: helper or defender of humankind
3. Leksik: defender of men
4. Lekso: defending of mankind
5. Luigas: from Lucania
6. Luugus: from Lucania

80 Estonian boy names with meanings

Dutch boy names starting with L:

1. Lambert: bright land
2. Lambertus: famous landowner
3. Landbert: land brilliant
4. Lang: long
5. Larissa: cheerful one
6. Larz: laurel
7. Leander: as brave as a lion
8. Leanne: meadow
9. Lennard: lion-bold
10. Loris: clown

134 Dutch boy names with meanings

107 Dutch girl names with meanings

Russian boy names starting with L:

1. Lazar: to link; to tie
2. Leonid: lion
3. Lubim: he who comes
4. Lubomir: peace; love
5. Ludomir: peace; glory
6. Ludwig: famous warrior
7. Luzian: bringer of light
8. Lyov: lion

184 Russian boy names with meanings

202 Russian girl names with meanings

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