378 German boy names with meanings


If you are looking for German male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 378 ) German boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of German baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

378 German boy names with meanings

German boy names that start with A:

1. Abelard: born of high nobility; resolute; ambitious
2. Adalrico: noble chief
3. Adelard: noble; brave
4. Adelbert: bright; noble
5. Adelino: noble
6. Adelmo: noble; protector
7. Ademaro: glorious in battle
8. Adolph: noble wolf
9. Ahren: eagle
10. Alan: one who is precious
11. Alaric: ruler of all
12. Alberic: wise; intelligent; ruler
13. Albern: noble; courageous
14. Albert: noble; bright and illustrious
15. Algis: spear 
16. Aloysius: famous warrior
17. Alphonse: noble; ready
18. Altman: old; wise man
19. Ancel: god
20. Ansel: wearer of a helmet; with God’s protection
21. Anselm: wearer of a helmet
22. Archibald: very bold; brave
23. Armand: warrior
24. Arvin: friend of the people
25. Aubrey: noble; bright
26. Aurick: protector; ruler
27. Axel: source of all life

German boy names that start with B:

1. Baden: bath
2. Baldemar: bold; famous; prince
3. Baldric: brave princely ruler
4. Baldwin: brave friend
5. Ballard: brave; strong
6. Barnard: bold as a bear
7. Baron: nobleman; baron
8. Barrett: strong as a bear
9. Benedikt: blessed
10. Berg: mountain
11. Bergen: mountain dweller
12. Berl: wine servant
13. Bern: bold as a bear
14. Bernal: strong as a bear
15. Bernard: bold as a bear
16. Bernie: bold as a bear
17. Bernstein: Amber stone
18. Berthold: brilliant ruler
19. Bill: determined; guardian
20. Bing: hollow tree
21. Buell: one who lives at the hill
22. Burke: fortress
23. Burl: wine servant

German boy names that start with C:

1. Carl: free man
2. Caspar: treasure
3. Carper: basket maker
4. Claus: victory of the people
5. Ceorl: a husband
6. Chuckie: free man
7. Coen: brave advisor
8. Conard: brave; counseller
9. Cord: maker or seller of rope
10. Cort: bold

German boy names that start with D:

1. Decker: one who prays
2. Dedric: ruler of the people
3. Derek: ruler of the people
4. Deutsch: a German
5. Dick: powerful ruler
6. Dieter: army of the people
7. Dietrich: the ruler of the tribe
8. Dirk: ruler of the people
9. Dodd: of the people
10. Dolf: noble wolf
11. Dustin: a courageous warrior; dark stone

German boy names that start with E:

1. Eberhard: courageous boar
2. Eckhard: of the brave sword point
3. Edel: noble
4. Eghert: a intelligent man
5. Eginhard: sword of power
6. Ehren: honourable
7. Elbert: a bright man
8. Ellard: sacred; brave
9. Elois: a famous warrior
10. Emerson: son of the industrious one
11. Emery: industrious ruler
12. Emest: one who is serious
13. Emil: industrious
14. Emilio: industrious
15. Emmett: a universal man
16. Emrick: industrious ruler
17. Engelbert: as bright as an angel
18. Erbert: excellent solider
19. Erminio: warrior
20. Ernst: sincere
21. Ewald: always powerful

German boy names that start with F:

1. Farand: attractive
2. Faxon: long-haired
3. Ferdinand: a courageous voyager
4. Folker: a guardian of the people
5. Fonso: prepared for battle; eager and ready
6. Fordon: destroyer
7. Franz: free; from France
8. Fred: a peaceful ruler
9. Frederick: a peaceful ruler
10. Fremont: protector of freedom
11. Fritz: peaceful ruler
12. Fulbert: shinning bright

German boy names that start with G:

1. Gandolf: fierce wolf
2. Gerald: one who rules the spear
3. Gerard: spear carrier
4. Gerber: tanner of leather
5. Gerry: short form of names beginning with Ger
6. Goddard: firm in God
7. Godfrey: God is peace
8. Godfried: God is peace
9. Gottfried: gentle; kind; God’s peace
10. Gotzon: angel
11. Griswold: from the gray forest
12. Guido: wide wood
13. Gus: a respected man; one who is exalted
14. Guthrie: war hero
15. Guy: warrior; wide wood

German boy names that start with H:

1. Hacket: little woodsman
2. Hagan: strong defence
3. Hale: hardy; hearty
4. Hamlet: from the little home
5. Hamlin: little home lover
6. Hammer: one who makes hammers; a carpenter
7. Handel: God is gracious
8. Hank: ruler of the estate
9. Hardy: brave hero; courageous
10. Harmon: man of the army
11. Hartman: big; strong
12. Harvey: army warrior
13. Hasso: of the sun
14. Hastings: swift one
15. Hayward: hedged wood
16. Hedwig: fighter; warrior
17. Heinrich: ruler of the household
18. Heinz: ruler of the household
19. Helmut: famous courage
20. Henry: the ruler of the house
21. Herb: excellent soldier
22. Herbert: excellent soldier; great warrior
23. Herman: a soldier
24. Herric: army chief
25. Hildefuns: one who is ready for battle
26. Hohberht: high and bright
27. Horbin: bright little warrior
28. Horst: from the thicket
29. Hubert: having a shining intellect

German boy names that start with I:

1. Ibsen: archer’s son
2. Ido: diligent
3. Ilbert: distinguished warrior
4. Imbert: poet
5. Immanuel: God is with us
6. Imre: industrious ruler
7. Inglebert: bright like an angel
8. Irmin: strong
9. Ivo: archer
10. Izaak: laughter

German boy names that start with J:

1. Jaakob: he is a supplanter
2. Jaegar: Hunter
3. Jantis: a spear that is sharp
4. Jarett: one who is brave with a spear 
5. Jarman: a man from Germany
6. Jarrad: a spearman
7. Jarrel: one with a spear
8. Jarvis: conqueror; war leader
9. Jeffree: divinely peaceful
10. Jeorg: farmer
11. Jerardo: one who holds the spear very boldly
12. Johan: God is gracious
13. Jump: God will increase
14. Jurgen: a farmer

German boy names that start with K:

1. Kaiser: long-haired
2. Karl: free man; strong
3. Kass: blackbird
4. Kaufman: merchant
5. Kay: fort
6. Keene: bold; sharp
7. Kelby: farm near the spring
8. Kellen: from the swamp
9. Kepler: one who makes hats
10. Kiefer: one who makes barrels
11. Klaus: victory of the people
12. Koen: an honest advisor
13. Kohler: one who mines coal
14. Korb: basket
15. Kramer: a shop-keeper
16. Kurt: a brave counselor

German boy names that start with L:

1. Lamar: from the renowned land
2. Lambert: bright land
3. Landric: ruler of the land
4. Lash: famous warrior
5. Lenard: brave like a lion
6. Leon: brave like a lion
7. Leonard: having the strength of a lion
8. Leopold: brave people
9. Lieb: love
10. Lindberg: hill with linden trees
11. Linfred: peaceful; calm
12. Loring: son of the famous warrior
13. Loudon: low valley
14. Louis: a famous warrior
15. Lucas: bringer of light
16. Ludwig: famous warrior
17. Luther: a soldier of the people

German boy names that start with M:

1. Macon: creater; maker
2. Mallory: army counsellor
3. Mandel: almond
4. Manheim: servant
5. Manly: manly
6. Mann: man; Masculine
7. Mannheim: from the halmet in the swamp
8. Manny: God is with us
9. Mathe: gift of God
10. Mathias: gift of God
11. Mayer: a farmer
12. Medgar: having great strength
13. Medwin: a strong friend
14. Meinrad: a strong counsellor
15. Meyer: farmer
16. Miles: one who is merciful
17. Milko: industrious
18. Milo: one who is merciful

German boy names that start with N:

1. Nagel: one who makes nails
2. Napoleon: son of the mists
3. Nardo: strength
4. Nevin: nephew
5. Norbert: blond hero
6. Nikolaus: victorious
7. Nyvin: nephew

German boy names that start with O:

1. Oberon: a royal bear; having the heart of a bear
2. Obert: a wealthy and bright man
3. Odolf: prosperous wolf
4. Odwin: noble friend
5. Onofrio: peaceful protector of the home
6. Orlando: famous; renowned in the land
7. Orman: mariner
8. Otis: son of Otto
9. Otto: prosperous
10. Ottokar: a spirited warrior

German boy names that start with P:

1. Packers: a wool packer
2. Paco: Frenchman; free one
3. Parsafal: a hero; a valley piercer
4. Pasak: a companion
5. Paull: a practical and judgemental person
6. Pennsylvania: from the woodland
7. Penrod: a respected commander
8. Penu: son
9. Pepin: he who petitions
10. Percard: from the historical area in France
11. Pertti: bright; noble
12. Philbert: very brilliant
13. Pippin: father
14. Primin: the first born

German boy names that start with R:

1. Rainer: army advisor
2. Rambert: having great strength; an intelligent man; brilliant
3. Rand: one who shields others
4. Randall: the wolf shield
5. Randolph: the wolf shield
6. Raymond: a wise protector
7. Redmond: adviser
8. Reginald: king’s advisor
9. Reynard: brave advice
10. Richard: powerful ruler
11. Richart: powerful ruler
12. Richmond: a powerful protector
13. Ritter: a knight
14. Roald: famous ruler
15. Rob: famous; brilliant
16. Robert: one who is bright with fame
17. Roch: repose
18. Roderick: a famous ruler
19. Rodney: from the famous one’s island
20. Roger: famous with a spear
21. Roland: from the renowned land
22. Rolf: famous wolf
23. Roswald: of the mighty horses
24. Roth: a red-haired man
25. Royce: a famous man
26. Rudeger: a friendly man
27. Rudolph: a famous wolf
28. Ruland: renowned throughout the land
29. Rupert: famous; brilliant

German boy names that start with S:

1. Schaeffer: a steward; shepherd
2. Schmidt: blacksmith
3. Schneider: a tailor; one who works with cloth
4. Schon: handsome
5. Schubert: one who makes shoes
6. Schuman: shoe maker
7. Searle: armed
8. Selig: blessed
9. Sepp: God will increase
10. Siegfried: peaceful victory
11. Sigmund: the victorious protector
12. Sigurd: victorious guardian
13. Sinbad: sparkling prince
14. Sinbaldo: sparkling prince
15. Stark: having great strength
16. Stein: Stone
17. Stern: star
18. Stobart: a harsh man
19. Strom: stream; river

German boy names that start with T:

1. Tab: brilliant
2. Tabbart: a brilliant man
3. Tahbert: shinning brilliantly
4. Talbert: bright Valley 
5. Tannon: from the fire tree
6. Tavin: of the staff of the gods
7. Theobald: the people’s prince
8. Theodoric: ruler of the people
9. Tomas: twin
10. Traugott: trust in God
11. Treffen: one who socializes

German boy names that start with U:

1. Ubaldus: peace of mind
2. Uffo: wild bear
3. Uland: noble country
4. Ulbrecht: noble; bright
5. Ulf: wolf
6. Ulfred: peaceful wolf
7. Ullock: sporting wolf
8. Ulmer: having the fame of the wolf
9. Ulmo: from Ulm, Germany
10. Ulrick: ruling wolf
11. Ultan: noble Stone
12. Ursel: little bear

German boy names that start with V:

1. Valdemar: famous ruler
2. Valdus: powerful; battle hero; famous ruler
3. Varick: a protective ruler
4. Vernados: courage of a bear
5. Verner: defending army
6. Verrill: masculine
7. Vilfred: peaceful king
8. Vilhelm: determined guardian
9. Vogel: bird
10. Volker: folk person
11. Volney: the people’s spirit

German boy names that start with W:

1. Waggoner: wagon maker
2. Wagner: wagon maker
3. Waldemar: well-known; powerful
4. Waldo: to wield power and reign; famous; powerful warrior
5. Walfred: peaceful ruler
6. Walter: army ruler
7. Waring: shelter
8. Warner: protecting warrior
9. Warren: defender; protector
10. Weber: weaver
11. Weiss: white
12. Wendel: wanderer
13. Wies: famous warrior
14. Wilbert: brilliant
15. Wilbur: bright
16. Wilhelm: the resolute protector
17. Willem: determined guardian
18. Willy: determined guardian
19. Wilmer: determined; famous
20. Wilmot: determined guardian
21. Wilstan: wolf stone
22. Winfield: friend of peace
23. Wolf: wolf
24. Wolfgang: path of the wolf
25. Wouter: powerful warrior

German boy names that start with Y:

1. Yaegar: Hunter
2. Yago: supplanter
3. Yale: fertile upland
4. Yohan: God is gracious
5. Youenn: archer
6. Yves: archer
7. Yvette: a skilled archer
8. Yvo: yew tree

German boy names that start with Z:

1. Zaboor: chant
2. Zacharia: God remembers
3. Zadok: fair; righteous
4. Zamiel: asked of God; God has heared
5. Zelda: dark battle
6. Zelig: the blessed one
7. Zeppelin: airship; blimp
8. Ziggy: Victorious protector
9. Zola: prince


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