354 Greek boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Greek male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 354 ) Greek boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Greek baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

354 Greek boy names with meanings

Greek boy names that start with A:

1. Achilles: without lips
2. Adelphos: brother
3. Adonis: the handsome youth loved by venus according to myth
4. Adrian: rich; black; mysterious
5. Aeneas: the praised one
6. Aeolus: the ruler of the wind according to myth
7. Agamemnon: resolute
8. Ajax: eagle
9. Alex: helper or defender of humankind
10. Alexander: helper or defender of humankind
11. Ambrose: divine; immortal
12. Anastasius: resurrection
13. Anatole: from the east
14. Andrew: strong; courageous; manly
15. Angel: heavenly messenger
16. Anstice: resurrected one
17. Antares: star
18. Anthony: flourishing
19. Apollo: the ancient Greek God of sun
20. Argus: giant with 100 eye according to myth
21. Aristotle: best thinker
22. Arsenio: manly; virile
23. Artemas: gift of Artemis the goddess
24. Astley: starry field
25. Athan: immortal
26. Attis: handsome boy
27. Aundre: strong; courageous; manly
28. Aure: breeze
29. Avel: breath

Greek boy names that start with B:

1. Balthasar: God save the king; one of the three wise men who brought gifts for baby Jesus
2. Baptist: to baptise
3. Barnabas: son of consolation; son of prophecy
4. Basil: royal
5. Bastiano: venerable
6. Bastien: venerable
7. Bedros: stone
8. Belen: arrow
9. Bemus: platform
10. Bronte: thunder

Greek boy names that start with C:

1. Cadmus: eastern
2. Calisto: most beautiful
3. Calix: most beautiful
4. Carey: pure
5. Casta: purity
6. Castor: beaver
7. Christian: carrier of Christ; follows Christ
8. Christopher: christ-bearer; carrier of Christ
9. Christos: christ-bearer; carrier of Christ
10. Chrysander: golden
11. Cleon: famous
12. Cletus: illustrious
13. Corban: raven
14. Cosmo: universal order
15. Costa: constant; firm
16. Cyril: lordly ruler

Greek boy names that start with D:

1. Daedalus: a craftsmen
2. Damario: a calf
3. Damian: one who tames others
4. Damon: constant
5. Daphnis: the son of Hermes in mythology
6. Dard: son of zeus
7. Dardanus: the founder of Troy in mythology
8. Darion: a gift
9. Darius: a kingly man; wealthy
10. Deacon: the dusty one; a servant
11. Delius: a man from Delos
12. Demas: popular
13. Demetrio: lover of the earth
14. Demetrius: lover of the earth
15. Demos: of the people
16. Dennis: follower of Dionysus in the mythology
17. Deo: godlike
18. Diomedes: thoughts of zeus
19. Dinos: steadfast; firm
20. Doran: gift
21. Dorian: belonging to Dorian tribe
22. Doron: gift

Greek boy names that start with E:

1. Efigenio: a well-born man
2. Elmo: amiable; friendly
3. Ennis: mine
4. Erasmus: amiable; loveable; desired
5. Eros: love
6. Eudocio: one who is respected
7. Eugene: a well-born man
8. Eulogio: a reasonable man
9. Euodias: having good fortune
10. Euphemios: one who is well-spoken
11. Eusebius: one who is devout; pious
12. Eustace: having an abundance of grapes; fruitful
13. Evander: a benevolent man

Greek boy names that start with F:

1. Fabian: bean grower
2. Faivish: bright
3. Fanis: warrior of gold
4. Farris: rock
5. Faustus: fortunate; lucky
6. Fedor: powerful ruler of the people
7. Fedor: divine gift
8. Fedro: the splendid man
9. Felicjan: fortunate; lucky
10. Feliks: happy; lucky
11. Felipe: friend of horses
12. Felix: fortunate; happy
13. Feodor: gift from God
14. Feodras: Stone
15. Feoras: smooth rock
16. Fidias: calm; unhurried
17. Fileas: loves deeply
18. Filemon: only friend
19. Filipe: friend of horses
20. Francis: free; French man

Greek boy names that start with G:

1. Gailen: peaceful and quiet
2. Galen: a healer; one who is calm
3. Galeus: lizard
4. Gene: well-born; noble
5. Giacinto: old Greek name for hyacinth
6. Giulianu: downy; hairy
7. George: one who works the earth; a farmer
8. Gil: shield bearer
9. Giles: resembling a young goat
10. Giorgos: farmer
11. Gregory: one who is vigilant; watchful
12. Gyles: a young goat

Greek boy names that start with H:

1. Halcyon: tranquil; peaceful
2. Hali: sea
3. Hector: one who is steadfast
4. Heli: sun
5. Helio: son of the sun
6. Hercules: in mythology, the son of Zeus who possessed superhuman strength
7. Hermes: messenger of the gods in Greek mythology
8. Hero: the brave defender
9. Herod: protector
10. Hesperos: evening star
11. Hippocrates: ancient Greek physician after whom the Hippocratic oath is named
12. Homer

Greek boy names that start with I:

1. Iakobos: replacer; supplanter
2. Iason: to heal; healer
3. Idzi: kid; young goat
4. Iggy: fiery
5. Ignace: fiery; ardent; burning
6. Ilario: cheerful; happy
7. Indalecio: teacher-like
8. Ines: pure
9. Inigo: fiery
10. Ion: moon man
11. Iorgas: farmer
12. Ireneo: lover of peace
13. Isambard: iron giant
14. Isidore: a gift of Isis

Greek boy names that start with J:

1. Jace: to heal; the lord is my salvation
2. Jaece: one who heals others
3. Jalin: calm
4. Jameon: one who tames
5. Jase: one who is healing
6. Jason: a healer; in mythology, the leader of the Argonauts
7. Jasonth: one who cures
8. Jaylon: one who controls his mind and feelings
9. Jeno: well-born; noble
10. Jerome: of the sacred name
11. Joaniss: God is gracious
12. Jonas: resembling a dove
13. Joren: farmer
14. Julian: the child of dove; one who is youthful
15. Julius: one who is youthful
16. Juro: farmer; earth worker

Greek boy names that start with K:

1. Kai: of the earth
2. Karey: pure
3. Karsten: blessed; anointed one
4. Kay: rejoice
5. Khristian: carrier of Christ
6. Khristopher: christ-bearer
7. Khristos: christ-bearer
8. Kimbal: hollow vessel
9. Kit: christ-bearer
10. Korudon: helmeted one
11. Krischnan: carrier of Christ
12. Kozma: one who is decorated
13. Kyros: master

Greek boy names that start with L:

1. Leander: lion man
2. Lear: of the royalty
3. Leon: resembling a lion
4. Leonidas: one who is bold as a lion
5. Lex: a word
6. Linus: flaxen-haired
7. Luke: a man from Lucania
8. Lysander: liberator; emancipator

Greek boy names that start M:

1. Macaire: happy
2. Macedonio: a man from Macedonia
3. Macharios: happy; plessed
4. Makarios: happy; plessed
5. Makis: like God
6. Maximos: greatest
7. Melancton: resembling a black flower
8. Meletius: a cautious man
9. Mikhail: like God
10. Milos: pleasant
11. Mimis: lover of the earth
12. Morpheus: in mythology, the god of dreams
13. Myron: refers to myrrh, a fragrant oil

Greek boy names that start with N:

1. Napier: from the new city
2. Napoleon: lion of the woods
3. Narcissus: resembling a daffodil; self-love
4. Neckarios: one who is immortal
5. Nectarios: a Greek saint
6. Nicholas: of the victorious people
7. Nicomedes: one who thinks of victory
8. Nike: victorious

Greek boy names that start with O:

1. Oceanus: god of the sea
2. Ode: a lyric poem
3. Odel: ode; melody
4. Odysseus: full of wrath
5. Omega: the last great one; the last letter of the Greek alphabet
6. Orane: rising
7. Orestes: mountain climber
8. Orion: a great hunter; son of fire
9. Osias: salvation
10. Otis: one who hears well

Greek boy names that start with P, Q:

1. Palladin: filled with wisdom
2. Pan: in mythology, god of the shepherds
3. Pancras: strength
4. Parthenios: pure; chaste
5. Parthick: pure; chaste
6. Pelias: to lead
7. Pello: Stone
8. Perben: Stone
9. Pericles: one who is in excess of glory
10. Perseus: in mythology, son of Zeus
11. Persis: from Persia
12. Peter: as solid and strong as a rock
13. Philander: lover of humankind
14. Philart: lover of virtue
15. Philemon: kiss
16. Philetus: a collector
17. Phillip: one who loves horses
18. Philo: one who loves and is loved; friend
19. Phoebus: a radiant man
20. Pirro: a red-haired man
21. Plato: board; strong shoulders
22. Pollux: one who is crowned
23. Porfirio: refers to purple colour; purple Stone
24. Prometheus: in mythology, he stole fire from the heavens and gave it to man
25. Pyralis: born of fire
26. Quinn: wise; fifth-born

Greek boy names that start with R:

1. Randdy: brave; strong defender
2. Rasmus: dear; beloved
3. Rastus: beloved; to love
4. Regulus: little king
5. Rehor: awake; watchful
6. Rene: peace
7. Rheo: sacred stream
8. Rhodes: where the roses grow
9. Ries: virile; manly
10. Risto: christ-hearer
11. Rodas: where the roses grow
12. Romulo: full of strength
13. Rouvin: behold a son

Greek boy names that start with S:

1. Sabastian: venerable
2. Sandro: helper or defender of humankind
3. Sebastian: the revered one
4. Seferino: of the West wind
5. Semon: he heated; listener
6. Sirius: resembling the brightest star
7. Socrates: wise
8. Solon: wise man
9. Sophocles: an ancient playwright
10. Soterios: saviour
11. Spiro: breath; spirit
12. Spyridon: breath; spirit
13. Stamos: crowned
14. Stavros: one who is crowned
15. Stephen: crowned with garland
16. Steven: crowned
17. Symon: he heard; listener

Greek boy names that start with T:

1. Taddeus: courageous
2. Takis: rock
3. Tanek: immortal
4. Telly: the wisest man
5. Terron: ruler
6. Thad: courageous
7. Thaddeus: courageous
8. Thalmus: flowering
9. Thanos: nobleman
10. Theodore: gift from God
11. Theon: gift from God
12. Theophilus: loved by God
13. Theron: one who hunts
14. Theros: summer
15. Theseus: in mythology, hero who slew the Minotaur
16. Tim: honours God
17. Timeus: honour
18. Timon: honourable
19. Timothy: honours God
20. Titus: lord; honorable title; of the giants
21. Tryphon: small; delicate 
22. Tyrone: ruler; monarch

Greek boy names that start with U:

1. Ugene: noble; well-born
2. Ulysses: the angry one
3. Uniss: victorious
4. Uranus: in mythology, the father of Titans; sky
5. Urian: from heaven
6. Ursus: bear

Greek boy names that start with V:

1. Valerius: healthy; strong
2. Vangelis: good tidings
3. Vanko: gracious gift
4. Vasilis: royal; like a king
5. Vassily: royal; kingly
6. Vasyltso: regal
7. Vasyl: regal; king; ruler
8. Venedictos: blessed
9. Vernados: courage of the bear
10. Vilppu: lover of horses
11. Vitalis: giving life; lively
12. Vlassis: stammering
13. Vuno: of the mountains
14. Vyron: at the cow sheds

Greek boy names that start with W:

1. Walenty: healthy; strong
2. Walerian: strong; healthy
3. Walery: strong
4. Wassily: royal; kingly
5. Wawrzeniec: from Laurentum, Italy
6. Wincenty: to conquer; winning

Greek boy names that start with X:

1. Xan: helper or defender of humankind
2. Xander: helper or defender of humankind
3. Xanon: a wool carder
4. Xanthippus: light-coloured horse
5. Xanthus: a blond-haired man
6. Xanto: blond
7. Xenagus: the one who leads the guests
8. Xenocrates: a foreign
9. Xenophanes: foreign-looking person
10. Xenophon: strange voice 
11. Xenos: stranger
12. Xiphus: a swordsman
13. Xowie: life 
14. Xylon: of the woods; forest

Greek boy names that start with Y:

1. Yance: God is gracious
2. Yanni: God is gracious
3. Yefim: well-spoken
4. Yevgeni: well-born
5. Ynez: pure; nice
6. Yoni: God is gracious
7. Yorick: farmer
8. Yurochka: farmer

Greek boy names that start with Z:

1. Zale: having the strength of the sea
2. Zander: helper or defender of humankind
3. Zeferino: west wind
4. Zenas: living
5. Zeno: living; bright sky
6. Zenobias: bright sky
7. Zenon: living; bright sky
8. Zephyr: west wind
9. Zero: empty; nothing
10. Zeus: living; bright sky
11. Zoticus: full of life
12. Zowie: full of life; lively


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