169 Korean boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Korean male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 169 ) Korean boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Korean baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

169 Korean boy names with meanings

Korean boy names starting with A, B:

1. Ahn: tranquillity
2. Areum: joy
3. Bada: ocean
4. Bae: inspiration
5. Baek-hyun: shines white
6. Bai: pure
7. Beom: Tiger
8. Bitgaram: shinning river
9. Bon-Hwa: glorious
10. Bong: phoenix
11. Byeol: star
12. Byun: excitable
13. Byung-ho: great brightness

Korean boy names starting with C:

1. Chaewon: beginnings
2. Chan-yeol: bright; ardent; fiery
3. Cheong: gentle
4. Cheon-Sa: angel
5. Chin Hae: truth; depth of the ocean
6. Chin Hwa: the most prosperous and wealthiest one
7. Chin Mae: truth; truthful person
8. Cho: beautiful
9. Chul: firm; bright
10. Chul Moo: the weapon of iron
11. Chung Ae: noble love
12. Chung Hee: righteous
13. Chung Ho: righteous lake

Korean boy names starting with D:

1. Dae: great one
2. Dae-Hyun: big; great; shine
3. Dae-jung: vast; great; high
4. Dae-Seong: high; great; completed
5. Dae-Yang: ocean
6. Dak-Ho: deep lake
7. Dal: moon
8. Dasom: love
9. Doh: achievement
10. Dohyun: virtuous
11. Dong-geun: east; root
12. Dong-hyun: virtuous shine
13. Dong-Sun: eastern integrity
14. Do-yun: path; road; way
15. Duck-Hwan: integrity returns
16. Duri: two

Korean boy names starting with E:

1. Eoduun: dark
2. Eun: silver
3. Eun-Ae: grace with love
4. Eunji: mercy
5. Eun-Woo: merciful; outstanding

Korean boy names starting with G:

1. Ga eul: autumn; fall
2. Ga ram: river
3. Geon: to respect
4. Gi: brave
5. Gim: gold
6. Gippeum: joy
7. Gook: nation
8. Gyeonghui: beautiful
9. Gyeong-Shin: sun and moon

Korean boy names starting with H:

1. Ha-Da: admire
2. Hae: ocean
3. Ha-Jun: summer
4. Hak-kun: rooted in intelligence
5. Haneul: heaven; sky
6. Han-Gyeol: uniformity
7. Ha-Ru: sunlight
8. Han-Wool: heavenly
9. Ha-Yoon: summer sunlight
10. Him-Chan: powerful
11. Holangi: Tiger
12. Ho: summer; sky
13. Ho-Seok: bestowed sign
14. Hwan: bright; brilliant
15. Hye: knowledgeable
16. Hyeon: virtuous
17. Hyun: dark; mysterious
18. Hyun-woo: divine intervention

Korean boy names starting with I, J:

1. Il-seong: end of the day
2. In-su: preserving wisdom
3. Ja: a handsome man
4. Jae: talent; wealth; rich
5. Jaehwa: rich; prosperous
6. Jae Sung: exist; rule; honest
7. Jae-Hwa: rich
8. Jeong Hun: proper rank
9. Ji Hu: intellect; wisdom; think
10. Ji Su: to know; beautiful; luxuriant
11. Ji Won: sesame; earth; first
12. Ji-Yoo: rich wisdom
13. Jong Dae: Bell; clock
14. Jong In: quiet; gentle; kindness
15. Joon-Woo: divine protection
16. Jun: talented
17. Jung: a righteous man; gentle
18. Jung-hoon: correct rank
19. Jun-Seo: easy felicitations
20. Ju-Won: origin of circumstances

Korean boy names starting with K:

1. Kang: a healthy man
2. Kang-Ae: ginger child
3. Kang Dae: mighty and strong
4. Ki: one who has Arisen; strong
5. Korain: luminous and glorious
6. Kyung: view; respect
7. Kwan: of a bold character; strong
8. Kyong: brightness

Korean boy names starting with M:

1. Man-shik: deep rootedness
2. Min: clever
3. Minji: quick wit
4. Minjun: likeable; handsome; intelligent
5. Minseo: calm
6. Moon: learned; literate
7. Mos-Issneun: handsome
8. Mun-Hee: educated
9. Myeong-Shin: sun and moon

Korean boy names starting with N, R:

1. Nam: south
2. Nam-Gil: my way
3. Namjoo: wooden marble
4. Nun: snow
5. Ryung: shiny

Korean boy names starting with S:

1. Saem: fountain; spring
2. Saja: lion
3. Salang: love
4. Sam: third-born child
5. Sang-Hoon: meritorious
6. Sang Ook: a well and healthy person
7. Sank-Ook: with the morning sun
8. Seo-Jin: lucky town
9. Seo-Jun: comfortable and handsome
10. Seok: like a rock; Stone
11. Seong-Su: success
12. Seo-Yun: auspicious softness
13. Seung: a victorious successor; successor
14. Shik: planting
15. Shin: believe
16. Shi-Woo: protected by the rain
17. Si-Woo: the start of the rain
18. So: smile
19. Soo: excellence
20. Soo-Ho: protect your loved one
21. Suck: hardness
22. Suck-Chin: unshakeable rock
23. Sun: goodness
24. Sung-Ho: bright
25. Sung-Hoon: ice prince
26. Sung-Min: quick character

Korean boy names starting with T, U, W:

1. Tae: incredible person
2. Taeyang: sun
3. Ta-Hyun: large; highest; good
4. U: a kind and gentle man
5. U-jin: universe; genuine
6. Un: grace
7. U-Rae: clever
8. Whan: enlarging
9. Woong: magnificence

Korean boy names starting with Y:

1. Yae-Joon: talented
2. Yang-Jin: sun and moon
3. Ye-Jun: talented; handsome
4. Yeo: mildness
5. Yi-Joon: harmony
6. Yon: lotus blossom
7. Yong: one who is courageous
8. Yong sun: the dragon in the first position
9. Yoobin: charming
10. Yoo-Joon: courageous friend
11. Yoon-Gi: shine
12. Yoon-Suh: thank you
13. Young: forever unchanging
14. Young-Chul: eternal wisdom
15. Young-Ho: dragon
16. Young Jae: prosperous
17. Young soo: keeping prosperity
18. Yun-Seo: allow


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